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Table of Content:

1). Introduction and Security Tips
2). Best Darknet Markets Links
3). Tor Search Engines and .onion links directories
4). Forums and Community ( The hidden wiki url)
5). Email/Tor Chat/Messaging Deep Web Sites
6). Drugs Deep Web Links (Deep web drugs Markets) 2016
7). Blogs/Education (Deep Web Blogs Links Updated 2017)
8). Erotic 18+ Uncensored Hidden Wiki Links
9). Services/Hitman/Escrow Darknet Site Links
10). Bitcoin, Money, Credit Card, PayPal Accounts and Finance related Marketplace Deep Web Links
11). Movie, Games, Torrents, Music Deep Web Links Directories
12). Weapons, Hack, Phreak, Anarchy (internet), Warez, Virus, Crack Deep Web Links
13). Commercial Deep Web Links (Tor marketplace) Hidden Wiki Directories
14). Gadgets/Tech Products deep web links (hidden wiki)
15). Non-English Deep Web Links (dark net links)
16). Extra Popular Deep Web Links
17). Hosting Service Deep Web Links (dark net links)
18). Deep Web Sites Links for Books
19). Facts About the Deep Web

Security Tips for Users: Security always a major issue on the deep web thus you need to focus on your security before accessing hidden Internet sites. here I suggest you that never access the dark web links or the deep web links/hidden wiki links without best VPN Services, Before accessing the deep web links, you need to use anonymous support browsers.

Since regular browser doesn’t support tor onion links or deep web links, Here I am suggesting you Tor Browser( Tor Browser is an Internet anonymous support browser), Here I also want to recommend you VPN for double layer security.

Use any VPN with Tor Browser because both will give you awesome security.

Tips to Follow While Accessing Deep Web for Every Beginner Users:

1). Download Tor Browser and Install into your PC(Computer).


NordVPN 2

2). If you are using windows then use best VPN service for more security, because windows operating system having some loophole.

Recommended VPN: I love NordVPN because, This is very cheap and more secure as compered to other VPN service, Another reason to recommend NordVPN is that it offers more than 500+ unique servers into 100+ Countries and each servers provide security level features like double VPN server, TorOver VPN Server, Dedicated Server, Anti DDos, Ultra Fast TV, Standard VPN and etc. And speed is also awesome. To know about depth check out NordVPN review.

Note: I have tried many other VPN services which claim they are best but I have worst experience with them except NordVPN. This is only one VPN service which fulfill all requirement into very cheap price.

Note: Always use NordVPN TorOver VPN Server before accessing deep web links/onion websites.



3). Always disable Java Script before access deep web links (.onion links).

Bellow, I am giving here some .onion sites or best deep web sites. I am not responsible for any type misshapen. This is your own risk. If you feel your computer is not having updated antivirus or any other security products like antivirus, Proxy or VPN then I will suggest you, please leave this page.

The Dark Web Links Status: Before Adding below given deep web links, I manually checked all deep web sites/hidden wiki links. All hidden wiki, deep web marketplace, .onion urls are working and phishing free.

Recommends: If you are deep web maniac then I recommend you, Reddit DarkNet Market, because this is the best place on the internet where you can find the best information about any dark web markets place, deep web links, new dark web links and also you can share your thought about deep web marketplace/the hidden wiki and also can read the review of other users about the deep web/dark web. Which can help you to find the best place for you?

Reddit DarkNet Form: https://www.reddit.com/r/NetMarkets/

Some very common and useful deep web links directories.

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