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Deep web blogs are the main sources for getting latest deep web updates, If you are interested in getting more information about the deep web then recommended ways is regularly explore deep web forums and also read active deep web blogs below I am presenting some dark web blogs onion links those are updated regularly.

The dark web has a bundle of the scammer, you can not trust anyone that’s why privacy protection is the main concern for every deep web or dark web users.

Note: Privacy and identity protection are the main concern on the deep web. If you are highly interested to protect your identity on the dark web or deep web then you can maximize your privacy by NordVPN. that will protect you by double layer anonymity. NordVPN has dedicated onion over server, double VPN server for maximizing security, also offers zero log policy, internet kill switch, app kill switch for footprint protection.

Recommended: Before access the deep web blogs links, first, close all running apps then run your NordVPN server > connect any VPN server > Run Tor Browser > Disable your Tor Browser JavaScript > Security setting should be “Safest”> Ready for explore any deep web links.

If you don’t know who to setup given all configuration step by steps then you need to below-given article links, that’s article can help you to understand all necessary steps that I just write in the previous paragraph.

Warning: Without any premium VPN service, never explore the deep web links.

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Note: This information is provided for security and education purpose only, I am not recommending you, to visit any deep web links that I listed below, If you will visit then we are not responsible for any harm or damage, all your own risk. Here I am sharing only my thought about the deep web blogs, don’t take seriously this given information.

http://deepweb2teloq5cl.onion/Dark web blogs –  Deepwebsiteslinks –  want to read all information about the deep web also want to know how you can protect your identity on the internet, this blog offers all these information also regularly update active onion links on this blogs. All tor links also categorized according to category where you can easily find any deep web link that you want to visit on the dark web.

http://cripticavraowaqb.onion/Blogs  – Criptica – This is Catalan language based onion blogs which deliver Cryptic Tor Hidden Service, Cryptic Wiki, Slides, Presentation of the association, How strong is your password? Type tutorials. If you know the Catalan language, then you can understand this site stuff.

http://toranimdisxwggfw.onion/BlogsAsianime fr – Bonne Annee 2018! – This is the Japanese hentai comics based site, which has more than 20 blog post and each blog post presenting anyone popular hentai comics description and comics metadata information.

http://qx7j2selmom4ioxf.onion/Blogs/Directory/TorrentsParazite – Prazite is biggest and oldest community page that hold all information and documents links related to politics, hacking, emails, onion links, private sites, torrents links, and a lot of things. If you want to read ground level to advanced level information then all things you can find on this biggest community web page. You can access this community page on the clearnet, Here are some alternative source by that you can access Parazite (,,,, qx7j2selmom4ioxf.ONION, kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.ONION, zfopk3sfv…ONION, parazite2.I2P, s2kgme5ye…B32.I2P)

http://bbguhsx2zu2mqwuy.onion/BlogsNoxan – Noxan is a personal blog, where admin share his thought about any topics recently when I explored this link and found 5 articles. Those are “Facebook and third-party apps” “Kali Linux with windows 10” “my favorite social media” “Tor search engines” “where is the good stuff in the Tor net” etc.)

http://grenwtbfmktcindy.onion/BlogsIndymediaGrenoble –  The deep web blog that offers the latest news, press release article, researcher documents, Journals, and much more. Blog updated daily multiple articles, this site can prove helpful if you are looking dark web blog for news.

http://k3undzpdz43vd7qt.onion/BlogsInternet Privacy and Security Solutions – Deep web blog that offering information about internet privacy, like how you can protect your self on the internet and what type online tools or operating system you can install in your PC for more security.

http://e2byufqft24mg4wm.onion/BlogsKnowledge 4 Everyone – Onion site who is selling various hacking type software and tutorials related to carding, Amazon card hacks,  Credit or debit card hacks, online money making hacks, Bitcoin wallet hacks, iPhone hacks and lots of other things. But all tutorial price is very high.

http://deepdot35wvmeyd5.onion/ – BlogsDeepDotWeb is an anonymous technology blog which provides latest Darknet marketplace and newly launched Tor hidden web links information, Here you also can find some very beginner to advanced level Deep Web Tutorials and daily deep web news and updates.

http://76ssfjn22svo4vyl.onion/Blogs/NewsWikileaks – I think everyone knows about the WikiLeaks, here you can get the latest news about leaks, fraud, politics and various another source. This website collects information his resources every day and share with his readers anonymously.

http://daemon4jidu2oig6.onion/BlogBad Deamons is a non English dark net onion directory.

/blog/ – DeepWebSiteLinks is fast growing blog, was established in starting of 2016. And now it has achieved ranking in top deep web blogs. Here you can find latest deep web sites links, reviews of various best VPN services  etc.

http://pnxauh22krzb5xso.onion/BlogsThe Hack Lair – deep web blog that offers lot or short hacking tutorials, if you want to learn these tutorials then you can read these short tutorials on the Hack Lair site.

http://awoo.tt3j2x4k5ycaa5zt.onion/BlogHeidenwut -Deep web blog where you can get latest deep web related news like Political Subversive Techniques, Mechanical Aspects Of Jewish Conspiracy, Forbidden & Suppressed Knowledge, Computer Security Tools & Tutorials, Information On Occult And Esoteric Subjects, Information That Can Actually Be Used! )

http://vjnyeolnofrwyrxh.onion Blog – This is another deep web blog. which is not updated since from long time.

http://cuandojlp3cgenep.onion/BlogsList de Tutorials – Spanish deep web blog where you can read some technology related tutorials, but content only available in Spanish language.

http://js27scjrosjfuviu.onion/BlogsCryptoblog – Do you want to read some tech articles on the deep web, this blog have right now 2 article at my explore time.. If you want to read this blog then you can click on the given link.

http://sonntag6ej43fv2d.onion/en Blog – This is a tech blog which is written by Benjamin Sonntag, Learn about latest tech tips and guide.

http://dragonso4dnzdshp.onion/Blog/FunDragon Soul – Where Dragon Soul Live, This is fun oriented based WordPress blog, if you want to get dragon images or dragon related information then try to visit here. This blog have more than 200+ active blog posts, those you can enjoy here.

http://6a3nny6zpg23dj7g.onion/BlogsAKTiFHABER – This is Turkish language deep web blog, where you can get latest sports news, political, galleries, magazine, economy, video gallery and much more.

http://ozawuyxtechnopol.onion/BlogsTechn0Plis – Deep web blog where you can read anonymous articles, available articles may be related to government policy, politics, crime or anything. The article is written in the French language, if you know French then you may try to explore given onion link.

http://nnksciarbrfsg3ud.onion/BlogsAktion Freiheit statt Angst – German language based deep web blog that regularly updated by the webmaster, website have more 500+ politics, government policies, and social topics, If you want to read a latest German-language blog, that is only for you..

http://tpq5sxk5cgdf35uq.onion/Blog/TechBestBlog: This is very good Tech blogs on Dark Net world, Hope you also enjoy this site stuff, I regularly visit this site.

http://lqdnwwwmaouokzmg.onion/Blogs – “La Quadrature du Net Internet & Libertés: This deep web blogs having some great general.

http://cjtjunfc4ykpdw5v.onionDeep web blogs – Eposing the Internet: This is the biggest deep web (dark web) information portal which having some advanced level projects information and Videos. hope you will enjoy great amount of dark web information generals.

http://shadow7jnzxjkvpz.onion/BlogsShadow Life: Here you can get latest deep web links news and updates.

http://qza32xuddl3guikc.onion/BlogsThe Tin Hate:  If you want to get information about some technical news or tutorials, this hidden wiki link can help you.

http://ol346fucnsjru223.onion/BlogsCryptoNote: Know information about CryptoNote, CryptoNote is also cryptocurrency.

http://3r7ailix2glqhrwb.onionBlogsFootball Money: These days Football fixing game on very hot, If you are looking latest football fixing news then it will proving helpful for you.

http://razhy6sxzjacjmk7.onion/Deep web blogs – Rebel Stronghold: Do you want to read something crazy on the deep web, if yes. Today I found one blog link which offers some great content regularly. This blog admin name is rebel stronghold and he is share content related to politics, tech, and security, philosophy. If you like these type stuff then you can visit this deep web links.

http://iz3yca2to2djxva2.onion/BlogsWubTheCaptain’s personal blog: another deep web blog, but not have many articles, I found here only four articles, This blog last post title is “fludatulpa blog is dead, but not gone.”

http://mpf3i4k43xc2usxj.onion/ Blogs: do you want to something crazy, If yes then I have one deep web links which had poems.

http://6xukrlqedfabdjrb.onion/Blogs2nd blog di Leandro: This is the great blog and updating regularly, here you can read some great post, but since from 2016 blog is not updated.

http://b2lqdo3v4tphyqbf.onion/BlogsCaught in the Crossfire: A wave of non-criminal users is joining the dark web and stepping into the middle of a privacy battle, This onion link offer only one-page stuff which you can on the homepage, that content look like a story about the dark web.

http://cbnujyutccrk267j.onion/posts.htmlBlogsThe Anonymous Gateway: This deep web blog offers anonymous gateway related updates and news.

http://ctzzqqimlfamyhrc.onion/ Free Information for Everybody, this hidden wiki blog having some good quality tech articles, have more than 100+ articles but that time this blog also not updated, hope available these articles can prove helpful for you

http://kxojy6ygju4h6lwn.onion/Blogs – Flashlight: This is the best deep web blog ever, everyday updating about latest hidden web news, bitcoins updates and many more.

http://kzfzhi4nsvzx4rr3.onion/BlogsHackManhattan:  finding some good hidden wiki blog, and want to get some interesting articles then this deep web links will help you.

http://potatooezyf2aql6.onion/Deep web blogs – Go Beyond: This is another regularly updated deep web blog, where you can find some interesting blog post regularly. Currently, this active blog has more than 100+ blog post, hope you will enjoy.

http://j7hackfestgaeuvv.onion/BlogsHackfest 2016: Do you know about hackfest conference, if you are interested to know about hackfest conference then you can visit this site because here you can find all latest conference related notification.

http://matrixdirectory.torpress2sarn7xw.onion/BlogsMatrix Directory: I like this newly launched blog, because this site administrator expose daily some deep web links on his blog. Hope you also can get some good links here and can found your required links.

http://soupkso3la22ltl3.onion/BlogsOnion Soup: Another deep web blog link which regularly update deep web news, but only publish deep web stories direct links. Which posted on other websites, I think onion soup is the good source for latest deep web news.

http://libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Deep web blogs – Liberty’s Hackers – This website indicated hacker groups which is fighting for démocratisation and various social activities, If you want to participate then you may visit here.

http://6qcll3kmt7grddeo.onion/Blogs/NewsInternational journalism festival – According to this deep web sites, here you can get information about festivals,  program date and time, city, speaker, sponsor. The website also offers festivals related latest news.

http://apfront5qxkubpis.onion/Blogs/NewsAntipuritansky Front – This is the open community based deep web sites, which always updated news related to sexual freedom, against sexual violence, Here you can get videos, docs related to sexual freedom or violence.

http://kr5hou2zh4qtebqk.onion/Blog/Document/Research PaperEzines – FTP directory based deep web sites, where you can get hacking related text, pdf, research papers and lot more. All all files are managed in folders.

http://cpbeftwgsfw7jsyt.onion/Blog/Document/Research PaperIndex of/: Another FTP directory based deep web links, which have more than 1000+ chemistry, cannabis, pharmacology and Rhodium collection pdf, research paper and text files. And directory structure are sorted into well format.

http://tinhat233xymse34.onion/Deep web blogs – The Tin Hat – Tech blogs which everyday updating online privacy or security-related tutorials and guides. If you are interested in reading and looking some good tech content on the dark web then visit here and explore this informative deep web links.

http://264nglqbtqlabsxl.onion/Blogs/HackingCyber Guerrilla: this site having good amount of latest hacking related blog post, guide type tutorials.

http://4npgivcm6opyytjg.onion/DocumentPoison Database – This deep web site offer information about these guys who are released by Govt. who have involved into rear cases. If you have someone and want to explore front of all world then you can put that guy information here.

http://tgel7v4rpcllsrk2.onion/Deep web blogs – TorOnionoo – This blogs offer tor network information like ad error codes, how Tor network is working and every deep information about the Tor network. If you are interested in Tor routing protocol information, visit here.

http://tigas3l7uusztiqu.onion/Document/Research PapersSci-Hub -According to this site, here you can read any type research paper, but when I tried to search some term into given text field then every time result is “статья U-235 не найдена в базе | article not found”.

http://tigas3l7uusztiqu.onion/Blogs/PersonalMike Tigas – This is self-hosted personal blog, where Mike Tigas offer his service anonymously. If you want to hire Mike then you can explore this personal blog. Mile delivers his service in Hacker journalist, privacy advocate, photographer, developer fields.

http://7rmath4ro2of2a42.onion/ BlogsSoylentNews – Best Technology blogs which updates daily tech news. If you are tech geeks and like technology news, looking best dark web onion link for latest news then visit Solentnews blog. SoylentNews also offer latest science, business, digital library updates.

http://4bizi755upfnrgjf.onion/Documents/Service4Biz – This is a professional deep web site which offers service in 4 document, which is JS, Doc, Design, Translate. According to these service, you can hire 4Biz for Automates JS loader create service, Automatic doc loader service, spam service and translation service. For more information please explore this onion link.

http://3kyl4i7bfdgwelmf.onion/BlogsWe Fight Censorship – This is community site which fights for censorship, here you can read the document about latest censorship related news. If you want to join this deep web community then you can contact him/her by given information.

http://mguemoco2vddpeu5.onion/Blogs/Crime/Arabic – This is Arabic language site, here you read some gore pictures, videos collection. But if you know the Arabic language then you may like this deep web site, because the site has lot of informative things.

http://writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion/ – If you don’t have a blog and you want to write anything and want to share that type doc with anyone on the deep web anonymously, this site can help you, here you can write anything in blog post format. I love this site for anonymous sharing.

http://nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/Blogs/NewsThe New York Times – This is official onion version of New York Times, If you like daily news and privacy is the first choice for you then you can read the latest news related to politics, business, tech, Science, health, Sports, Food, Travel.

http://toranimdisxwggfw.onion/BlogsAsianime fr – Bonne annee 2018! – This is Japanese hentai comics based site, which has more than 20 blog post and each blog post presenting anyone popular hentai comics description and comics metadata information.

http://ypyqkvgecfzq6mne.onion/BlogsFabio Casi Doxed  – This is personal blem where Fabio Casi is side admin name, and here admin shared photos with friends Anna. If you are curious and want to see that pictures then visit deep web link.

http://pbbnzshcgemf3d5y.onion/BlogsScience Gallery – Do you like read science stuff and looking tight onion link there you can read science-related research paper and news or exhibitions information on this onion site.

http://poofegruzqmggbqc.onion/ – Russian computer security blog which delivers contents related to server administration, computer security, and various other programming language.


http://libertygb2nyeyay.onion/BlogsLiberty’s Hackers – Deep web hacking blog that have more than 20 security or hacking related blog posts but since Jan 2017 blog was not updated. If you want to read this hacking blog, then visit tor link.

http://darkweba6le5w52w.onion/BlogsDarkWebNews – This is the deep web blog that offers daily dark web information, news, marketplace, stores information. If you are interested to find that type information, then you may try to explore this link.

http://cosmistljwunnzgr.onion/Blogsilcosmista – Italian onion blog that offers contents on social ad political issues, if you know the Italian language then you can completely understand what site talking about.

http://estbdbp22h6ywcj5.onion/BlogsWikiLeaks – Tor links which have mostly WikiLeaks all docs dump, if you want to read any WikiLeaks documents for research or information purpose then you can get all these type document information on this tor site. According to the site, here you can find 75000 secrete reports information.

http://zilion4h6dxztysk.onion/BlogZillion – Deep web blog that has only one blog post which is “Surface vs. tor” but written in another language. Hope soon site admin will update well amount of contents.

Deep Web Blogs Links Those are Sometime Working And Sometime Not

http://wi7qkxph22wlks42.onion/en/index.htmlBlogs/TutorialsA/I (Autistici/Inventati, pronounced [au’tistiʧi]-[iŋ’vɛntati], or [iŋvɛn’tati]) was born in 2001 from an encounter of individuals and collectives of the autonomous anticapitalist movement who were interested in technology and active in the fight for digital rights.

http://dustriic3kdutvvc.onion/Deep web blogs – Artificial Truth: This Julien Voisin Personal Deep web Blogs,  Julien Voisin is a contributor of Radare2 project, If you want to know about Radare2 project, you can check this given link.

http://r67i45zfqjqd2nld.onion/BlogsAsoziales Netzwerk

http://3il6wiev2pnk7dat.onion/BlogZwitterion’s Domain: Are you curious for Deep web skills then check out this deep web blog.

http://kobrabd77ppgjd2r.onion/Blogs – Scott Arciszewski: This is the place for latest software, privacy, security, innovation-related Articles And News.

http://rgeo5wj7gneidzh3.onion/Deep web blogs – Great Empire of Earth: I don’t know what is this blog have, if you want to check this website and want to know more about this blog then check out this deep web links.

http://2wlpflhgqygpen7q.onion/BlogsDraim Production & Entertainment:  This is the entertainment related blog, I think this website indicate any company, but not having too much content

http://3redy3uikv2cmd75.onion/BlogsSalty Planet: This anonymous website offers latest updates and news, This blog has everyday updates

http://e5kv65bgeaudo7bk.onion/BlogsZombie Extrapolation: Here you can read some interesting about Zombie, If you are interested into Zombie related stuff then check out this tor onion links

http://kaosp6nojakjyufg.onion/kaosroolz.unpacked/Blogs/GuideKaos Roolz Unpacked: This deep web links having tons of information related to Entertainment, drugs, stealing, hacking, cracking, documentaries, weapons, pornography, adult, and lot’s of other.

http://eqac56hh4ppxzy27.onion/Deep web blogs – Simon Ramsay: This is a deep web blog which admin name is Simon Ramshay. Ramsay regularly updates this blog and writing here tech stuff. If you are like tech blog post then you can visit this deep web blog.

http://pornpetscauod443.onion/BlogsHeidenwut ** Politics, Occultism, Spy vs Spy, Revolution!! –  I love this website because when I visit this website then I found some good stuff related to everything. If you want to get some good information on the deep web then you can try this website. This website offers Blogs, Books, Games, Media, Popular deep web links, and tools related direct links. If you are looking best deep web URL for meaningful information, Heidenwut is best fit for you.

http://oa5mvvk4idcxh5wo.onion/BlogsGettings Started: Another self-hosted dark web blog, which only have some links with very tiny text, but mention links are related to some popular deep web wiki, and deep web search engines.