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Deep web blogs are the main sources for getting latest deep web updates, If you are interested in getting more information about the deep web then recommended ways is regularly explore deep web forums and also read active deep web blogs below I am presenting some dark web blogs onion links those are updated regularly.

The dark web has a bundle of the scammer, you can not trust anyone that’s why privacy protection is the main concern for every deep web or dark web users.

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Recommended: Before access the deep web blogs links, first, close all running apps then run your NordVPN server > connect any VPN server > Run Tor Browser > Disable your Tor Browser JavaScript > Security setting should be “Safest”> Ready for explore any deep web links.

If you don’t know who to setup given all configuration step by steps then you need to below-given article links, that’s article can help you to understand all necessary steps that I just write in the previous paragraph.

Warning: Without any premium VPN service, never explore the deep web links.

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Note: This information is provided for security and education purpose only, I am not recommending you, to visit any deep web links that I listed below, If you will visit then we are not responsible for any harm or damage, all your own risk. Here I am sharing only my thought about the deep web blogs, don’t take seriously this given information.

V3 Onion Deep Web Links:

z7qmjytz7idy5h4vituirkwt4jfmt6mdvtrnjg4phgkyrnsltaa63zad Blog Linux und Techik aus Worms – It’s a German blog, so unless you speak the language it won’t make a lot of sense to you. It primarily is about the Internet and Linux. It also has tutorials on how to use Excel and other similar software better. Raspberry Pi, Python, PHP are some other topics of interest. It’s extremely active, the last update was made on January 1st, 2021.

bvten5svsltfpxrxl72ukqxixwo2m5ek5svmcxgrmkta4tbmiemuibid Blog Beneath VT – It’s basically a blog which talks about the tunnels beneath the Virginia Tech college. These tunnels supposedly carry power, steam, communications etc. The site has very detailed maps and building information for those who wish to explore these tunnels. Do note that entering these tunnels is illegal and the site doesn’t encourage the same either.

pehotin2k266y3tkvadikrqhfzshf2yhhn3soyeur62yrx6kubqfwyyd Personal blog Alex Pehotin – It’s a personal blog by someone named Alex Pehotin. The person says he/she is a singer /songwriter and producer. The purpose of the blog is simply to get more ideas about what they can do with their music. It even has a download section if you’re interested. You can also donate to the person via a number of Cryptocurrencies.

reycdxyc24gf7jrnwutzdn3smmweizedy7uojsa7ols6sflwu25ijoydBlogsOut3r Space – It’s a personal blog run by an IT guy. He claims to be a hacker, pen tester, cyber sec consultant and a few other things. It has articles on security, Ubuntu, Windows, Linux commands and so on. There doesn’t seem to be a commercial angle to the blog. Moreover, everything it has seems to be legal. It’s not inactive either, every month there’s atleast one new post.

xmrguide25ibknxgaray5rqksrclddxqku3ggdcnzg4ogdi5qkdkd2ydBlogsXMR Guide – It’s a simple dark web site that teaches people how to setup Monero wallets on TAILS and Whonix. It also offers lists of XMR wallets, ATMs, and exchanges that accept XMR. It’s all free and doesn’t require any downloads or signing up. “Anonymity” being the prime goal, every wallet, exchange listed there doesn’t require registrations and is extremely anonymous.

5ekxbftvqg26oir5wle3p27ax3wksbxcecnm6oemju7bjra2pn26s3qdBlogsDebian – This is the official blog for Debian. Debian free and open-source and managed by the community. Do note that it’s not as good as TAILS or Whonix when it comes to “anonymity” however, it’s not as controlled as Windows or macOS. This blog basically updates users on changes, lets them connect, lets users contribute to the project and so on.

ukv7v65u5baxtpwdvaiuib6ycdubf2kilg746tjg4vtufjm7beyx6dydBlogsHow to make money – This is a dark web guide that supposedly teaches users how to make money on the dark web. In reality, it covers just one tactic “cashing out PayPal and credit cards”. The guide covers everything from Installing Tor to cleaning the carded funds and withdrawing them safely. VPNs and Socks are covered as well. It costs $4.99.

lpiyu33yusoalp5kh3f4hak2so2sjjvjw5ykyvu2dulzosgvuffq6sadBlogs – Tech Learning Collective – This is an informative site that claims to teach “Tech”. There are no certificates but it claims to make one “stronger than the most powerful adversaries”. Events too are held. Most of it is paid. System logging, subnetting, network file sharing, DNS are some of the available courses/topics it covers. Free sample modules are provided to demo what’s provided.

theyoshxgvcjm4s2xdt6zcjym4kgskibrlos6fai26yes4bhpia5z7qd Blog TheYosh.NL – It’s a blog that’s built to talk about specific projects, probably by the blog owner. Projects include a web SMS app, LED coffee table, automation apps and a lot more. If you’re not into tech, this isn’t for you. Despite being very niche-specific, it still has a few dozen posts and quite a few hundred thousand hits.

pr3ygifxd23xu43be2fegjjsk5jlb22q2va2h5apz76ejbvammeclkid Blog Denkbares – This is a personal blog which is primarily in Russian. Most of its posts are about Youtube videos! I also found a few posts involving Nazis, argument and some kind of evidence. I don’t do Russian but I guess it’s a blog/website for some kind of comment system. A few lines of codes and tutorials can also be found. Despite being on the dark web, doesn’t seem illegal.

tzmecwoh6mavhax7qwlieqtoaj3zrilfibtkm6ruokujd27d5bcfrcad Informative Blog Erowid Psychoactive Vaults – It’s a blog which aims to educate us on Psychoactive. It has FAQs, dosage, usage, history, drug test reports etc. for cannabis, cocaine, meth, alcohol and almost everything else. It actually links to a number of links to third-party websites, books, online journals etc. Most of the available resource is surpassingly well-documented and of quality.

ry3zuy6gbiwylaqyrzldfwphsnbo5nlsix25qweh7iit63ngyupcdfqd Blog Attaque Pass Sanitaire – It’s a French blog, that talks of politics and the Media. Its primary post however is about the French problems specially targeted towards unvaccinated people (COVID-19). The blog is essentially asking for financial help and donations for RDPs and servers. The admin is waging some kind of digital war against the French administration (probably).

eweiibe6tdjsdprb4px6rqrzzcsi22m4koia44kc5pcjr7nec2rlxyad Wiki The Tor Project – This is The Tor Project’s Wiki page. It has links to support portals, communities, bug trackers, volunteer recruitment, documentations etc. Can also be used to monitor or Analyze the status of the network. There’s an “issues” page which can be used to solve issues as a community. Wont’ make much sense for the most of you unless you’re a developer or are deep into Tor.

45tbhx5prlejzjgn36nqaxqb6qnm73pbohuvqkpxz2zowh57bxqawkidBlog ParkWart’s Website – It’s a “not-for-profit” blog where the admin shares his own ideas. These ideas revolve around Tor, music streaming, Apache, web development and many other similar areas. The first post seems to be from around 2015 and the last update was in October 2017 however the articles have been updated more recently. The quality and details of the articles are pretty impressive.

ibcf6qlyirfnc6vcfuv4y7k6oowwqz4jmcjbrkxov43feyqj6cnyvcqdBlog Debconf5 – It’s more a website than a blog and is made for the Debian conference. Venue, accommodations, schedule, and other event details can be found here. It’s a free event without any registration fee. It details the amnesties and costs for transportation, mobile phones, electricity, climate etc.

sophos5pjgr3zfwijt4tpio6t742ynrt4abaohph3wgl6rp4exunnmydBlog Meditations – It’s a blog that primarily posts quotes. Most of these are motivational, however, a few political or controversial ones too have been posted. A few short snippets about life and its purpose too can be read. There’s no financial angle and it’s completely free or any and all sale, including ads.

hdiqojewplgup6iomlxwadocpmqkydv5imws7n72nsyup53olvfiyfqd Blog Tor Guide – It’s a one-page blog. I say blog because it has a single, pretty long article on the website. It’s completely text-based, no graphic elements are present. The guide claims to teach users how to shop on the darknet. It does mention a few very basic but generally unknown points about dark web safety.

xdsmnn4jreo6z43yr2rixiiiom32rr6jcpzlojzd3lgx64gwtqbbgvad Blog Stories and Bitcoins – The blog says it’s owned by the “first writer who accepted to be paid in Bitcoins”. Multiple big publications have already published the writer’s previous works. The blog also provides a short snean-peek into the novel that he’s selling, it’s about another writer who has seen 3 failures. A link to Amazon is provided as well in case you’d like to purchase the book via clearnet.

meynethaffeecapsvfphrcnfrx44w2nskgls2juwitibvqctk2plvhqd Personal blog – Welcome to MayVaneDay Studios – It’s a darknet website that has a “blog” section, as well as sections for poetry, tutorials, RSS feed etc. Also has a number of admin-authored books listed. The books can directly be downloaded for free. The poetry section has dozens of poetries, all categorized alphabetically. These are in notepad files and can be read online without downloading.

digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad Informative blog Dig Deeper – This is one of the very rare darknet blogs which actually has information that’s helpful to users. It has articles on anonymity, data encryption , society, secure e-mail providers, video games etc. Most articles are available in multiple languages. It’s available on the clearnet, I2P, Freenet, and even Atom feed.

sfimaert4c4xqd7h5bh4jqrhkxvuwmprsts2ytfdlxsi4f3cwziuryqd Blog Dark Web Official – It’s a blog which generally includes articles, tips and information about the dark web, red rooms, markets, privacy etc. It also has “trusted lists” and “scam lists” (based solely on its own discretion). There’s also a “shopping” section where card transfers, WU transfers etc. are sold.

alienswjstz7elk6v3x7trrbqmtkcocipqregx7kwzzu44rvs7kaftid Conspiracy theories blog Alien Forum – It’s a blog which as the name suggests deals with content primarily related to aliens. Hoaxes, photos, Area 51, and even parallel universes are some of the topics of discussion. It also allows anyone to add their own posts to the blog although that requires registrations.

lpiyu33yusoalp5kh3f4hak2so2sjjvjw5ykyvu2dulzosgvuffq6sadBlog Tech Learning Creative – It’s a blog focused around technology and anti-government tactics. It’s more like a certification program, which requires enrollment, but, without the certification. It has articles on creating onion sites, making yourself anonymous and other similar topics.

xjfbpuj56rdazx4iolylxplbvyft2onuerjeimlcqwaihp3s6r4xebqdBlog Sconfig – It’s a blog which talks about everything. Topics include Tor, OS, rants, music and what not. It’s on the Tor network primarily because they wish to stay anonymous. The admin claims to be an artist, and a writer in addition to being a blogger. The blog is a not for profit and hence a good info-heaven.

ebthewsq7cc4dhwarqsp25fodgki7ooaynipgib7q3a6r5y4vibgtiydBlog Rustic Cyberpunk – It’s a blog owned by some individual. He/she has a separate blog section, seems an account of everyday life, pretty recent as it has posts of the 2020 lockdown. The blog itself is over 7 years old. There’s link to a Youtube channel, a Github page, another blog about his/her “thoughts.

jgsddmoydcdgspb3amzsk4ejt2jphn25cdmps2hf6wba6gfbzgj5nqidBlog Patriot’s SHTF library – It’s a blog seemingly owned by a self-claimed American Patriot (who hates Joe Biden). 10,000+ files available, all fit to the category of a “survival guide”. It has military manuals, encyclopaedias, snare school etc. Most articles/resources are in a .zip format. There’s also a video on Gun control although that’s hosted on Youtube.

k56fvg3kwldqyx3gv2zgumst7qimiql2fg55l7hhoshquhx5raeiibidCrypto keys – It’s a blog where the owner publishes his crypto keys. Multiple other contact options are offered for the individual. “Anonymous” contact modes such as Matrix, Signal, OTR etc. We aren’t sure who or why the individual needs to be contacted.

axo6wll7qszvny5uksdmq6x6r2i7gfkbmc3vhxbgopor4fwlh3btqfydTimeline Blog Reason – It’s not exactly a blog, but it serves similar purposes. It’s more like a timeline, with little snippets of information, primarily related to drugs and the darknet. It starts in 1970 and comes forward all the way up to 2020. Also, the admin claims he hacked Pax Romana last year.

bible4u2lvhacg4b3to2e2veqpwmrc2c3tjf2wuuqiz332vlwmr4xbad Blog – Bible4U – It’s basically the Bible, on the dark web. We aren’t sure how authentic or legitimate the contents of the blog are. However, the site was made with the aim of making the Bible available to everyone, even in countries where it’s banned. This Bible blog is also on I2P, Freenet, IPFS etc. You can either read the entire Bible in your browser, or download it which is free.

reycdxyc24gf7jrnwutzdn3smmweizedy7uojsa7ols6sflwu25ijoydPersonal blog 0ut3r Space – This is a personal blog owned by a self-claimed grey hat hacker. The posts are more like a diary, talking of gadgets he/she likes, Google hacks, pedal boards etc. However, a few free tools such as open source RATs and detailed guides on hacking and pentesting too are published. Doesn’t seem to be selling anything.

potatoynwcg34xyodol6p6hvi5e4xelxdeowsl5t2daxywepub32y7ydSocial blog Go Beyond – The blog talks just about everything. This includes society, encryption, politics, culture, violence and everything in between. It’s more of a personal blog and talks of the admin’s own views regarding the various topics. Despite the articles being short and not very informative, the blog does enjoy quite a following. It’s also very active.

ll3tycluyy5a37f7frr44uikk74lbtgftmsfi2l2atcaaezk2kaenpyd Darknet blog – DeepWebFeed – As the name suggests, it’s a blog that primarily deals with “deep web news”. Topics include Cryptocurrency, dark web, awareness about repressive govt. measures etc. It’s over spammed with ads though. Also has guides on PGP, Electrum, multisig etc. Is updated frequently even though it’s not everyday.

darkzzx4avcsuofgfez5zq75cqc4mprjvfqywo45dfcaxrwqg6qrlfidDarkweb newsDarknetlive – Is a dark web blog site in the truest sense. Covers news primarily related to the darknet. Such as vendors/buyers being arrested, laws being passed against the darkweb, Tor updates etc. Also has a dedicated “arrests” section.

p53lf57qovyuvwsc6xnrppyply3vtqm7l6pcobkmyqsiofyeznfu5uqd Blog Pro Publica – One of the most famous investigative journalism platforms on the planet. So much so, that it has even won the Pulitzer. Publishes news and stories which other govt.-controlled media outlets won’t or can’t.

jfuv4vxr5jkpqgrm55l7vkheukqupedjnf2e3x2ocvrkswc7jh42bdidBlogsRight Politics without Censorship – Are you a human rights activist and wish to contribute/collaborate/engage with the wold community. Then you can read some great political information related to Europe here.

ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstadBlogs/AuthorityCentral Intelligence Agency (CIA) – Do you want to contact CIA, check their latest updates or any other information on/about the dark web, here is the link that you can use.

offprivqqdxfmssktx3y5h3miqvceq6yy37s5sxkhz4mojvsz74ohqidBlogsOffensive Privacy – If you are afraid for your privacy and anonymity, and looking for information or consulting service that can advice you. Offensive privacy is the primary source that’s available on the dark web for your help.

3umbdqlq6ua5phshdybecnljfpo7mb7fn2zimio77uxjkbxezau5obidBlog/GuideBeginner Friendly Guide- An onion site which lets users download an anonymity guide on how to install and use a safer Operating system. Downloads possible both from Clearnet as well as Onion servers.

kisweamt332zyn56jgnnjdzfv25ocxfhwuzfzpwqvz27ldtycc25ufqdBlogsConhecimento Livre – Portu language blog where admin shares technology news but when I explored that blog, only found 5 posts.

riazaxyqknuilpea22o6pu2irsritbtnmo27fyjiqr5c6f77gef7daqdBlogsAbstract – Demo blog which is only hosted for theme design sharing, does not have real information, looking themes here you seen abstract theme design.

ttuxk75zaj2cpjfys4ppijhyb6ksqjr73ehk3daau3cmxolauzvcdqadBlogsUnited Christian Outreach – I think site is sharing Christianity to the world, also helping NGOs. Right now, site doesn’t has sufficient information.

sofljah76lvibznldvvedmirvynkl6wmw2v5l5kymxwknibynyt2u6ydBlogsPersonal Blog – Admin shares his personal resume and all information using which users can contact him, Admin’s name is John Doe, and he is a freelancer, always works on web technologies, If you’re looking for a candidate that can help you on such projects here you can contact.

ibdsu4xuqyze7fwhm4iuivbrllyq6ukjox22vjit5bn4h6uo5azztjydBlogs/PersonalAnonymous – Self service promoter blog, I think admin’s name is Jack Nahid, only site homepage has his thoughts, searching any hacker from Bangladesh? Hope he can help you!

Old Onion Links: (May be working or May be not)

khicksdkaloavedbBlogs/ – Personal blog where Kevin shares his thought and his projects information where he has worked. Also has his resume.

jamiewebgbelqfnoBlogs/TechnologyJamie Scaife – Blog’s admin shares his tech skills on this blogs and he’s been running that blog for a very long time, I did read some very informative articles on this site, Right now the blog has more than 30+ blog post.

daemon4jidu2oig6BlogBad Deamons is a non English dark net onion directory.

/blog/ – DeepWebSiteLinks is fast growing blog, was established in starting of 2016. And now it has achieved ranking in top deep web blogs. Here you can find latest deep web sites links, reviews of various best VPN services etc.

pnxauh22krzb5xsoBlogsThe Hack Lair – deep web blog that offers lot or short hacking tutorials, if you want to learn these tutorials then you can read these short tutorials on the Hack Lair site.

awoo.tt3j2x4k5ycaa5ztBlogHeidenwut -Deep web blog where you can get latest deep web related news like Political Subversive Techniques, Mechanical Aspects Of Jewish Conspiracy, Forbidden & Suppressed Knowledge, Computer Security Tools & Tutorials, Information On Occult And Esoteric Subjects, Information That Can Actually Be Used! )

vjnyeolnofrwyrxh.onion Blog – This is another deep web blog. which is not updated since from long time.

cuandojlp3cgenepBlogsList de Tutorials – Spanish deep web blog where you can read some technology related tutorials, but content only available in Spanish language.

js27scjrosjfuviuBlogsCryptoblog – Do you want to read some tech articles on the deep web, this blog have right now 2 article at my explore time.. If you want to read this blog then you can click on the given link.

sonntag6ej43fv2den Blog – This is a tech blog which is written by Benjamin Sonntag, Learn about latest tech tips and guide.

dragonso4dnzdshpBlog/FunDragon Soul – Where Dragon Soul Live, This is fun oriented based WordPress blog, if you want to get dragon images or dragon related information then try to visit here. This blog have more than 200+ active blog posts, those you can enjoy here.

6a3nny6zpg23dj7gBlogsAKTiFHABER – This is Turkish language deep web blog, where you can get latest sports news, political, galleries, magazine, economy, video gallery and much more.

ozawuyxtechnopolBlogsTechn0Plis – Deep web blog where you can read anonymous articles, available articles may be related to government policy, politics, crime or anything. The article is written in the French language, if you know French then you may try to explore given onion link.

nnksciarbrfsg3udBlogsAktion Freiheit statt Angst – German language based deep web blog that regularly updated by the webmaster, website have more 500+ politics, government policies, and social topics, If you want to read a latest German-language blog, that is only for you..

tpq5sxk5cgdf35uqBlog/TechBestBlog: This is very good Tech blogs on Dark Net world, Hope you also enjoy this site stuff, I regularly visit this site.

lqdnwwwmaouokzmgBlogs – “La Quadrature du Net Internet & Libertés: This deep web blogs having some great general.

cjtjunfc4ykpdw5v.onionDeep web blogsEposing the Internet: This is the biggest deep web (dark web) information portal which having some advanced level projects information and Videos. hope you will enjoy great amount of dark web information generals.

shadow7jnzxjkvpzBlogsShadow Life: Here you can get latest deep web links news and updates.

qza32xuddl3guikcBlogsThe Tin Hate: If you want to get information about some technical news or tutorials, this hidden wiki link can help you.

ol346fucnsjru223BlogsCryptoNote: Know information about CryptoNote, CryptoNote is also cryptocurrency.

3r7ailix2glqhrwb.onionBlogsFootball Money: These days Football fixing game on very hot, If you are looking latest football fixing news then it will proving helpful for you.

razhy6sxzjacjmk7Deep web blogsRebel Stronghold: Do you want to read something crazy on the deep web, if yes. Today I found one blog link which offers some great content regularly. This blog admin name is rebel stronghold and he is share content related to politics, tech, and security, philosophy. If you like these type stuff then you can visit this deep web links.

iz3yca2to2djxva2BlogsWubTheCaptain’s personal blog: another deep web blog, but not have many articles, I found here only four articles, This blog last post title is “fludatulpa blog is dead, but not gone.” Blogs: do you want to something crazy, If yes then I have one deep web links which had poems.

6xukrlqedfabdjrbBlogs2nd blog di Leandro: This is the great blog and updating regularly, here you can read some great post, but since from 2016 blog is not updated.

b2lqdo3v4tphyqbfBlogsCaught in the Crossfire: A wave of non-criminal users is joining the dark web and stepping into the middle of a privacy battle, This onion link offer only one-page stuff which you can on the homepage, that content look like a story about the dark web.

cbnujyutccrk267j/posts.htmlBlogsThe Anonymous Gateway: This deep web blog offers anonymous gateway related updates and news. Free Information for Everybody, this hidden wiki blog having some good quality tech articles, have more than 100+ articles but that time this blog also not updated, hope available these articles can prove helpful for you

kxojy6ygju4h6lwnBlogs – Flashlight: This is the best deep web blog ever, everyday updating about latest hidden web news, bitcoins updates and many more.

kzfzhi4nsvzx4rr3BlogsHackManhattan: finding some good hidden wiki blog, and want to get some interesting articles then this deep web links will help you.

potatooezyf2aql6Deep web blogsGo Beyond: This is another regularly updated deep web blog, where you can find some interesting blog post regularly. Currently, this active blog has more than 100+ blog post, hope you will enjoy.

j7hackfestgaeuvvBlogsHackfest 2016: Do you know about hackfest conference, if you are interested to know about hackfest conference then you can visit this site because here you can find all latest conference related notification.

matrixdirectory.torpress2sarn7xwBlogsMatrix Directory: I like this newly launched blog, because this site administrator expose daily some deep web links on his blog. Hope you also can get some good links here and can found your required links.

soupkso3la22ltl3BlogsOnion Soup: Another deep web blog link which regularly update deep web news, but only publish deep web stories direct links. Which posted on other websites, I think onion soup is the good source for latest deep web news.

libertygb2nyeyayDeep web blogsLiberty’s Hackers – This website indicated hacker groups which is fighting for démocratisation and various social activities, If you want to participate then you may visit here.

6qcll3kmt7grddeoBlogs/NewsInternational journalism festival – According to this deep web sites, here you can get information about festivals, program date and time, city, speaker, sponsor. The website also offers festivals related latest news.

apfront5qxkubpis- Blogs/NewsAntipuritansky Front – This is the open community based deep web sites, which always updated news related to sexual freedom, against sexual violence, Here you can get videos, docs related to sexual freedom or violence.

kr5hou2zh4qtebqkBlog/Document/Research PaperEzines – FTP directory based deep web sites, where you can get hacking related text, pdf, research papers and lot more. All all files are managed in folders.

cpbeftwgsfw7jsytBlog/Document/Research PaperIndex of/: Another FTP directory based deep web links, which have more than 1000+ chemistry, cannabis, pharmacology and Rhodium collection pdf, research paper and text files. And directory structure are sorted into well format.

tinhat233xymse34Deep web blogsThe Tin Hat – Tech blogs which everyday updating online privacy or security-related tutorials and guides. If you are interested in reading and looking some good tech content on the dark web then visit here and explore this informative deep web links.

264nglqbtqlabsxlBlogs/HackingCyber Guerrilla: this site having good amount of latest hacking related blog post, guide type tutorials.

4npgivcm6opyytjgDocumentPoison Database – This deep web site offer information about these guys who are released by Govt. who have involved into rear cases. If you have someone and want to explore front of all world then you can put that guy information here.

tgel7v4rpcllsrk2Deep web blogsTorOnionoo – This blogs offer tor network information like ad error codes, how Tor network is working and every deep information about the Tor network. If you are interested in Tor routing protocol information, visit here.

tigas3l7uusztiquDocument/Research PapersSci-Hub -According to this site, here you can read any type research paper, but when I tried to search some term into given text field then every time result is “статья U-235 не найдена в базе | article not found”.

tigas3l7uusztiquBlogs/PersonalMike Tigas – This is self-hosted personal blog, where Mike Tigas offer his service anonymously. If you want to hire Mike then you can explore this personal blog. Mile delivers his service in Hacker journalist, privacy advocate, photographer, developer fields.

7rmath4ro2of2a42 BlogsSoylentNews – Best Technology blogs which updates daily tech news. If you are tech geeks and like technology news, looking best dark web onion link for latest news then visit Solentnews blog. SoylentNews also offer latest science, business, digital library updates.

4bizi755upfnrgjfDocuments/Service4Biz – This is a professional deep web site which offers service in 4 document, which is JS, Doc, Design, Translate. According to these service, you can hire 4Biz for Automates JS loader create service, Automatic doc loader service, spam service and translation service. For more information please explore this onion link.

3kyl4i7bfdgwelmfBlogsWe Fight Censorship – It’s a blog against censorship. It’s one the darknet due to the supposedly oppressive regime that rules in Vietnam. The site is available in English, French, Spanish and many other languages. It publishes accounts and information on police violence, corruption and dirty politics including names and photos which can’t be published on the clearnet. Has a “counter” which shows the no. of jailed and killed Netizens. The accuracy or legitimacy of the data isn’t clear.

mguemoco2vddpeu5Blogs/Crime/Arabic – This is Arabic language site, here you read some gore pictures, videos collection. But if you know the Arabic language then you may like this deep web site, because the site has lot of informative things. – If you don’t have a blog and you want to write anything and want to share that type doc with anyone on the deep web anonymously, this site can help you, here you can write anything in blog post format. I love this site for anonymous sharing.

nytimes3xbfgraghBlogs/NewsThe New York Times – This is official onion version of New York Times, If you like daily news and privacy is the first choice for you then you can read the latest news related to politics, business, tech, Science, health, Sports, Food, Travel.

toranimdisxwggfwBlogsAsianime fr – Bonne annee 2018! – This is Japanese hentai comics based site, which has more than 20 blog post and each blog post presenting anyone popular hentai comics description and comics metadata information.

ypyqkvgecfzq6mneBlogsFabio Casi Doxed – This is personal blem where Fabio Casi is side admin name, and here admin shared photos with friends Anna. If you are curious and want to see that pictures then visit deep web link.

pbbnzshcgemf3d5yBlogsScience Gallery – Do you like read science stuff and looking tight onion link there you can read science-related research paper and news or exhibitions information on this onion site. – Russian computer security blog which delivers contents related to server administration, computer security, and various other programming language.

5v6jwhjrcyxjjdfasrqtkwmvyqmrcm2m26tegjfhlwj5icetnp5ydoqdBlogLa rata tuerta – Spanish language blog where reader can read various laboratories experiments results, and these result are published in the Spanish language. If you know Spanish, then you can enjoy these experience here.

cryptomuvozeb5wwBlogCrypto4You – Crypto4you is a privacy or anonymity related site where site admin every day sharing technology tutorial, here you can read PGP, OpenSSL, Privacy of Digital Communication, Disc Encryption, Instant Messaging, Mobile Device, Social Networks, Malware: Origins and Evolution, Steganography.

kxojy6ypxmyhx5uuBlogsFlashLight – Dark web blog that day to day presenting dark web related news, links information and current available marketplaces updates. Every month site published approx. 10 to 15 news stories.

l637codyp4pzrkgdBlogsSyntex’s Site – Blog which offers some topic information like OpSec/PerSec, Security, Encryption and resources, only have a brief description about these topics and some relevant tools that can protect you.

zriokjwqb244oci7BlogsRedawen Systems – Blog only support two languages ES, FR, and All blog post are associated PLESK network, if you want to get latest PLESK update then you need to visit here.

bpo4ybbs2apk4sk4BlogsSecurity in-a-box – Dark web tech blogs where the reader can read technology related blog posts, available categories Linux, Windows, MAC, Android, Web, etc. Blog support all popular language means you can read these posts in your local language.

hackingwpzhxqe3aBlogsNoticias de – Spanish language hacking news blog which collecting every hacking related news. Looking any trusted source for hacking news then you may trust on this onion blog.

digitk5khbmoayhmBlogsResistencia Digital – blog that share skills about how to surf on the internet anonymously or secure without any crime, these you can get some great topics that you should know if you are regular internet surfers.

selfdevuilyolz3nBlogsSSD.EFF.ORG – Surveillance, Self-Defense based onion site, have more than 100+ blog posts, and all related to privacy or anonymity means how you can protect you while you are using any internet sites and various privacy anonymity step by step tutorials.

darkcannaqvqwkamBlogs/DrugsDarknet Cannabis Buyer’s Guide – This is dark net blog where the user can read various dark net related guides, these are related to bitcoins, PGP, bitcoin wallets, marijuana drugs, etc.

2bu5puxp6afwjgqlBooksZ-Library – Biggest onion network library where you can download any available book free without any fee, also can read an available article related to any topics, also without registration, you can download these available books. The website has more than 2.5 million books related to all popular topics.

sonofgod5u4eafyvBooksThe Holy Gospel! Bringing Light to the Dark Web,! – This is the place where you can read the Holy Bible in Multiple languages. Translated books version are Written in Persian, Written in English, Arabic, Korean, Somali, Khmer, Malay, Lao, Tigrinya, Turkman, Vietnamese, etc.

libertygb2nyeyayBlogsLiberty’s Hackers – Deep web hacking blog that have more than 20 security or hacking related blog posts but since Jan 2017 blog was not updated. If you want to read this hacking blog, then visit tor link.

darkweba6le5w52wBlogsDarkWebNews – This is the deep web blog that offers daily dark web information, news, marketplace, stores information. If you are interested to find that type information, then you may try to explore this link.

cosmistljwunnzgrBlogsilcosmista – Italian onion blog that offers contents on social ad political issues, if you know the Italian language then you can completely understand what site talking about.

estbdbp22h6ywcj5BlogsWikiLeaks – Tor links which have mostly WikiLeaks all docs dump, if you want to read any WikiLeaks documents for research or information purpose then you can get all these type document information on this tor site. According to the site, here you can find 75000 secrete reports information.

zilion4h6dxztyskBlogZillion – Deep web blog that has only one blog post which is “Surface vs. tor” but written in another language. Hope soon site admin will update well amount of contents.

douppikaupp4yy7pPersonalDouppikaupan infosivut – I don’t know what type of service admin is offering here because all written in “Finnish language” If you know that language then you can visit here.

stariusluxrdfjchPersonal BlogBoris Nagaev – a Personal blog where admin shares some codes related to various languages, If you want to get recent updates and coding information then you may visit here.

Deep Web Blogs Links Those are Sometime Working And Sometime Not

wi7qkxph22wlks42/en/index.htmlBlogs/TutorialsA/I (Autistici/Inventati, pronounced [au’tistiʧi]-[iŋ’vɛntati], or [iŋvɛn’tati]) was born in 2001 from an encounter of individuals and collectives of the autonomous anticapitalist movement who were interested in technology and active in the fight for digital rights.

dustriic3kdutvvcDeep web blogsArtificial Truth: This Julien Voisin Personal Deep web Blogs, Julien Voisin is a contributor of Radare2 project, If you want to know about Radare2 project, you can check this given link.

r67i45zfqjqd2nldBlogsAsoziales Netzwerk

3il6wiev2pnk7datBlogZwitterion’s Domain: Are you curious for Deep web skills then check out this deep web blog.

kobrabd77ppgjd2rBlogs – Scott Arciszewski: This is the place for latest software, privacy, security, innovation-related Articles And News.

rgeo5wj7gneidzh3Deep web blogsGreat Empire of Earth: I don’t know what is this blog have, if you want to check this website and want to know more about this blog then check out this deep web links.

2wlpflhgqygpen7qBlogsDraim Production & Entertainment: This is the entertainment related blog, I think this website indicate any company, but not having too much content

3redy3uikv2cmd75BlogsSalty Planet: This anonymous website offers latest updates and news, This blog has everyday updates

e5kv65bgeaudo7bkBlogsZombie Extrapolation: Here you can read some interesting about Zombie, If you are interested into Zombie related stuff then check out this tor onion links

kaosp6nojakjyufg/kaosroolz.unpacked/Blogs/GuideKaos Roolz Unpacked: This deep web links having tons of information related to Entertainment, drugs, stealing, hacking, cracking, documentaries, weapons, pornography, adult, and lot’s of other.

eqac56hh4ppxzy27Deep web blogsSimon Ramsay: This is a deep web blog which admin name is Simon Ramshay. Ramsay regularly updates this blog and writing here tech stuff. If you are like tech blog post then you can visit this deep web blog.

pornpetscauod443BlogsHeidenwut ** Politics, Occultism, Spy vs Spy, Revolution!! – I love this website because when I visit this website then I found some good stuff related to everything. If you want to get some good information on the deep web then you can try this website. This website offers Blogs, Books, Games, Media, Popular deep web links, and tools related direct links. If you are looking best deep web URL for meaningful information, Heidenwut is best fit for you.

oa5mvvk4idcxh5woBlogsGettings Started: Another self-hosted dark web blog, which only have some links with very tiny text, but mention links are related to some popular deep web wiki, and deep web search engines.

2cndnuufyzgwkcct – Blog – Fragment x6 – It’s a blog which seems to have articles about everything. You can learn how to stay silent during police interrogations, there are articles about Cryptocurrencies, revolution, darknet culture etc. It’s updated frequently however seems to be a new darknet blog and doesn’t have many articles published. The posts can also be downloaded as PDF.

deepweb2teloq5clDark web blogsDeepwebsiteslinks – want to read all information about the deep web also want to know how you can protect your identity on the internet, this blog offers all these information also regularly update active onion links on this blogs. All tor links also categorized according to category where you can easily find any deep web link that you want to visit on the dark web.

emrawijhwegozfze Blog – EMRAWI – It too is a German blog. There sure is a page for “English Articles” however those too are in German. It primarily seems to talk about global news, deportation, govt. oppression and other similar topics. It’s completely non-profit and hence is without ads. It’s updated frequently as well, almost every day. It allows anyone to publish material as long as they confirm to the site’s ideology (of free, anonymous and decentralized speech).

currencyyphgehc7/blog/all Blog Cryptocurrency – As the name hints, it’s a crypto blog. Most of the articles are about Bitcoin, the Lightening Network, or BTC servers. However, articles about onion routing, Ubuntu tutorials and other areas are explored as well. Unfortunately, it isn’t very active. The last post was about 1.5 years ago and we all know BTC has come a long way since (you can learn to invest in Bitcoin here).

superkuhbitj6tul- BlogSuperkuh SuperKuh is a personal blog focused on “Electric currents”. Some available interests include 70-1000mAh Radio, Pyroelectric Particle accelerator, Broadband Antenna, 11Ghz Radio filters, Spiral Antenna etc. The admin offers to help his readers build cheaper alternatives of some of these items related to electric current. Other topics include Conical spiral antenna, Dense plasma focus, K-Antenna TEM horn etc.

psychonaut3z5aozBlog/Wikipedia Psychonaut- A Wikipedia-styled blog focused on Psychonautics. It talks about everything, ranging from effects such as lucid dreaming, sensory deprivations, meditation etc. to more direct causes such as Psychedelics, dissociatives, Opioids etc. Also features tutorials on extraction, creation and manufacturing of a number of related products. A perfect dark web blog talking of topics you wouldn’t find on the clearnet.

55uiisia4xo5tyuaMystery How will you tell the world – It sure is a blog, however, the purpose isn’t really clear. It has a few sentences posted, which sound mystical, mysterious and puzzling. “SEEK AND IT SHALL BE FOUND“, “YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN” and many other similar sentences are written. There’s also a link, it too has puzzling sentences, clicking on it initiates a download of a “the message.wav” audio file. The rest of the website has weird shapes, lines, drawings etc.

3m2tlhjsoxws2akzBlog Debconf5 – This seems to be the official darknet blog mirror for the Debian Conference. Unfortunately, the last update seems to be nearly 5 years old. It holds the schedules, talks, schedule and other important information. When nothing else, it still can be used as a basic tour guide, has information on good living and laundry.

jqs44zhtxl2uo6gkTor blog – This is basically a git list for the Tor project. You can access the entire Tor build using the link and it’s updated very frequently as well, the last update we found dated back to just about a week. The entire structure including refs, logs, commits, trees and everything else can be found.

2222ry3ivwykjufvforumDarkNetForum – It’s a very active darknet forum with 1943215 registered members and over 70million posts as of today. Topics include Bitcoin hacks, porn, guns, drugs, software Boy/girl, discussions on Islam etc. It’s almost completely unregulated except the Marketplace, which is regulated to ensure no or fewer scams for either party. Registration is mandatory, nothing can be accessed without registration.

f2tfsob4btdpitpi Business blog Logand – It’s a blog for a company which seems to be marketing a PDF viewer and editor, along with a CMS which can help with e-commerce. The admin also seems to offer his web services. There’s no real reason why it’s on the Tor network though, seems completely legal. There also is a dedicated blog page even though it only has 3 entries, the oldest dating back to 2009!

7pd3i34noxnxolh Cyber Security Cypherpunk – It’s a blog which discusses encryption, cyber security, password security, OS optimization, and even memes. It’s not for profit and purely educational. Topics include WordPress, Linux, Android, Coding etc. Does have a decent number of articles even though isn’t updated very frequently.

jesblogfnk2boep4 – Blog James Stanley It’s a blog owned by an individual names James Stanley (if it’s the real name to begin with.) So, the blog primarily is dedicated to coding and has topics about CSS, Cryptography, programming, making games etc. It also has hardware related posts about controlling speedometers, keyboards etc. Even topics about Bitcoin are covered. Basically, you won’t find it very interesting unless you’re a sucker for technology or codes.

lfwvfcnxkyp2t3aj Blog on freedom Frontline Defenders – It’s a blog which talks about freedom, rights, human rights violations etc. Basically, everything that most governments wouldn’t want on the clearnet. However, the blog is pretty professional and may even have serious backing, meaning, it’s not just a hobby project of a basement blogger. It has a number of tools, campaigns, reports etc. helping us retain whatever little semblance of “rights” and “privacy” we have.

dstormer6em3i4kmBlogsThe Daily Stormer – Seems to be a blog which talks openly about corruption, hate crime, religion and other such controversial issues. Openly criticizes presidents, govt. officials and even entire countries at times. Has a real-time counter of “white population” over time, seems to record data as far back as 23 years. Says it believes in “revolution through education” and not violence. Doesn’t even allow violent comments.

mphvik4btkr2qknt News blog Diymedia – This is a German blog and doesn’t exactly look like a blog at first glance. However, once you click on a category, you’d see tons of articles. Some of its topics include free speech, biopolitics, education, net activism, print, repression, social culture, globalization, gender, social struggles etc. It’s updated multiple times almost everyday. It’s free to read and anonymous.

konkretzdxpqygowMagazine blog Konkret – It’s a German blog, for the magazine Konkret which was first published in 1957. Its alliance openly lie with the far left. There aren’t many articles though. A few links to downloadable material are available. It’s completely in German and hence won’t make much sense to you unless you speak German.

yip2pklv6nivtzrq Blog S.Dock – It’s a blog which seems to talk about everything. We found articles about Tor, deep web, entrepreneurship, dating, hacking, carding and everything else. The last update however was nearly 5 months ago and hence it isn’t exactly a “daily dose”. There are no direct ads so that’s a relief.

radiosvqf2b7qycqUncensored newsRFE/RL – It’s a legal news site which publishes uncensored news which the journalists can’t publish on the clearnet or in their own countries. I found news articles on honest politicians being jailed, false treason sentences, exiles being killed and basically everything which the govt. doesn’t want out.It has a top-bar using which you can read news for specific countries.

cripticavraowaqbBlogsCriptica – This is Catalan language based onion blogs which deliver Cryptic Tor Hidden Service, Cryptic Wiki, Slides, Presentation of the association, How strong is your password? Type tutorials. If you know the Catalan language, then you can understand this site stuff.

toranimdisxwggfwBlogsAsianime fr – Bonne Annee 2018! – This is the Japanese hentai comics based site, which has more than 20 blog post and each blog post presenting anyone popular hentai comics description and comics metadata information.

qx7j2selmom4ioxfBlogs/Directory/TorrentsParazite – Prazite is biggest and oldest community page that hold all information and documents links related to politics, hacking, emails, onion links, private sites, torrents links, and a lot of things. If you want to read ground level to advanced level information then all things you can find on this biggest community web page. You can access this community page on the clearnet, Here are some alternative source by that you can access Parazite (,,,, qx7j2selmom4ioxf.ONION, kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.ONION, zfopk3sfv…ONION, parazite2.I2P, s2kgme5ye…B32.I2P)

dwnewsvdyyiamwnp – News blog DW News – DW News is actually a pretty major news publication on the clearnet (and, the world, ofcourse.) This is the brand’s onion domain. This lets users access, read and gain information without having to worry of being traced and tracked. The portal shares news of everything. Some of the topics include politics, sports, business, science, culture etc. It’s updated with news multiple times a day.

2222ry3ivwykjufv – Forum Darknet Forum – This isn’t exactly a blog and is rather a forum. It has a user-database of over 1943215 registered users and is extremely active (at times, has had 28,000+ real-time users online). There’s a ton of content to read in its 70189734+ posts so far. Popular topics include drugs, guns, hacking, porn, Cryptocurrency etc. Can only be accessed after registration. Registration starts at 0.0005BTC, more expensive packs available.

rvy6qmlqfstv6rlz.- blog C3D2 – The acronym stands for Chaos, Computer, Club, Dresden, that’s the name of the blog. It’s completely in German. So far we’ve seen, it has posts on coronavirus, warez, Robot workshops etc. It isn’t the most entertaining blog, however, it’s a darknet blog nonetheless.

bbguhsx2zu2mqwuyBlogsNoxan – Noxan is a personal blog, where admin share his thought about any topics recently when I explored this link and found 5 articles. Those are “Facebook and third-party apps” “Kali Linux with windows 10” “my favorite social media” “Tor search engines” “where is the good stuff in the Tor net” etc.)

lanternioavat3n3Personal BlogLantern – Personal branding blog where site admin offers his services, according to the blog, admin can help you in coding, searching for vulnerabilities, finding malware etc.

grenwtbfmktcindyBlogsIndymediaGrenoble – The deep web blog that offers the latest news, press release article, researcher documents, Journals, and much more. Blog updated daily multiple articles, this site can prove helpful if you are looking dark web blog for news.

xeuvthyv6itppf7a Blogs Test site – It’s a test-site for a free Tor hosting company. The free hosting company offers free .onion domains and hosting. Although this website is a static, one-page website created purely for testing the servers.

7rmath4ro2of2a42 – BlogsSoylent News – It’s a news-portal/blog, one which is dedicated to censor and judgement-free articles. It talks about sightings and reports of UFOs, health-related problems, secret settlements by big corporations and everything else. It’s absolutely free and functions on user donations. It’s volunteer-run and is open-source.

recipeshtx3vpqjy BlogsRecipe Roulette – A blog in the food niche, well not an everyday food blog. It shares “secret” and unconventional recipes. For e.g. I did find KFC’s secret recipe although I’m not sure if it’s legit. There’s a “shuffler button” marked as “recipe”. Clicking on the button shows different articles/recipes, no other functions or features available.

k3undzpdz43vd7qtBlogsInternet Privacy and Security Solutions – Deep web blog that offering information about internet privacy, like how you can protect your self on the internet and what type online tools or operating system you can install in your PC for more security.

e2byufqft24mg4wmBlogsKnowledge 4 Everyone – Onion site who is selling various hacking type software and tutorials related to carding, Amazon card hacks, Credit or debit card hacks, online money making hacks, Bitcoin wallet hacks, iPhone hacks and lots of other things. But all tutorial price is very high.

deepdot35wvmeyd5BlogsDeepDotWeb is an anonymous technology blog which provides latest Darknet marketplace and newly launched Tor hidden web links information, Here you also can find some very beginner to advanced level Deep Web Tutorials and daily deep web news and updates.

zazoid7vqqxcxhtmBlogsZazoid – Russian site but I”m not sure what type of information users can find here. If you know the Russian language then you can explore here, hope you find something informative on Zazoid.

kigjxjrgfzgug25lBlogs/CookingNorth Korean Cookbook – Blogs which share cooking recipes, Do you like cooking and are searching for some new stuff for cooking? Here you can find related information.

ezinecczeuqhxt3qBlogs/GuideDeep Web Ezines – Magazine site where you can download all 5 available versions, These 5 magazines can help you get advanced training about the deep web, or dark web.

kwv7z64xyiva22fwBlogs/HackingDeepSec – (In Depth Security conference Europe, the imperial riding school vienna) – Tor site where you can get latest security conference updates, you can also read latest blogs which are written by security experts.

76ssfjn22svo4vylBlogs/NewsWikileaks – I think everyone knows about the WikiLeaks, here you can get the latest news about leaks, fraud, politics and various another source. This website collects information his resources every day and share with his readers anonymously.

torifysmuvxesu6uBlogsTorificate – Do you know Spanish and want to learn best privacy or anonymity guide related to Tor Node such as how to configure, Type of Nodes, How these nodes works etc.

opnju4nyz7wbypmeBlogsAlpha7Bravo – Dark web blog where site admin promotes his service, Also users can discuss with site admin using the provided chat server.

wk3vttvmhwwdeepvBlogsSRLE Extended legacy of the dragon born – Tech blog which offers module related guides where you can get information about modules, how to install, Guide mods, guide tools, extra files, direct access or modules and etc.

xmrguide42y34onqBlogsXMRGuide – Blogs which help users to set Monero wallets in various operating systems, the blog has guides for Trails, Whonix OS complete configuration guides.

cyruservvvklto2lBlogsCyrusfrv Blog – Personal blog where admin shares security, anonymity, OPSEC, Survival related articles. Interested in the above-mentioned topics? You can explore the given link but blogs are not regularly updated, last article was published at Feb 2019.

6nhxqcogfcwqzgnmBlogsDebConf 16 – Old blog which has deconf 2019 Capetown event videos, although since 2016 the blog doesn’t have any latest conference news.

ibpj4qv7mufde33wBlogsTaz, die tageszeitung – – Dutch news blog, everyday you can get daily news, although only supports Dutch language, categories are sports, politics, tech, entertainment and etc. – Offers free time stamp authority, need electronic stamp, signature, digital seal and much more. Homepage has some basic tools like TCP based client, online signature, url screenshot, url screenshot online.

darknetq7skv7hgoBlogDarknet Live – A Darknet Educational and News blog like ours. Posts all the latest news, has a list of arrested vendors, also has a links’ directory for Darknet markets and popular Forums. Pretty active and has daily updates.

tapeucwutvne7l5oBlogsTape – A Magazine-style website which posts Darknet news and information. Has a “Arrested Vendors” list (from 2018) as well. Isn’t super-active but does get updated once or twice every month.

wflfw5frtp5it4xkBlogsEarlGray’s web server – Russian site which offers technology related notes, documents, these notes may be related to SSH protocol, network security, nmap and much more.

wkb6b4xtsvjdbc2qBlogsBlack Cyber Xone – Dark web links which have three different services like Mygiow cloud storage, chat room, our forums and etc.

bfnews3u2ox4m4tyBlogsBuzzfeed – Biggest trending news platform, which is pretty popular on the clearnet, if you want to read that blog on the deep web, check out this link.

57mmvpy7cvt6a27jBlogs/MagazineKonkret – This is German magazine which was founded in 1957, if you want to read all the issues of the magazine then here you can download in zip file also can access html version. Available issue from 1974 to 2009.