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Date: JAN 10, 2021; DarkMarket has been seized, for Alternative market check out World Marketplace.

The unique Interface and colour-profile at DarkMarket is just one of the factors which appealed to us when deciding to get this DarkMarket review done. Even though we do not support/promote or endorse Darknet activities, the creativity and USP these marketplaces come up with surely seems worthy studying.

Also the previous year saw the demise of quite a few marketplaces, A-Z market exit-scammed, Dream Market willingly shut down and many others were seized by law-enforcement.

That probably is one of the reasons why these marketplaces gained a tremendous boost in terms of a user-base. Let’s keep things traditional, so as always the primary factors we’ll be talking about in this DarkMarket review are:

  • User Interface.
  • Products
  • Security
  • Modes of Payment.
  • And Vending.

Isn’t it better if we get you a sneak-peek into the marketplace  without you having to waste minutes of your time?

DarkMarket Overview

Everything you need to know about the marketplace has been summarized here for your convenience:

  • Onion URL: http://darkmarketsomqvzqfjudpd6t5eabgvvpplrbtzq6prervyogenlrlqd.onion
  • Security: Escrow / 2-FA / PGP
  • Products: 14562
  • Vendors: Accepted for USD $500.00 Fee.
  • Payments: Bitcoin and Monero

Alternative Mirror:

  • http://darkmarkl7f5hz5f.onion
  • http://darkmarkmxukc633.onion
  • http://darkmarkhbh2xyel.onion
  • http://darkevuygggqkqhq.onion
  • http://darknet5kpf7i3kulnljiwvf3q4sm2z66kbrdeuxyyhxutyt3inp7fid.onion
  • http://darknet3ysxpbjtvbtyqorzuq3bp4pk3vt4fuhqxz6h2bzj2kyjbisqd.onion
  • http://darkmarketsomqvzqfjudpd6t5eabgvvpplrbtzq6prervyogenlrlqd.onion
  • http://a3lfvi25b732nf4djou63nw7k4fnzwfe753gva6zxew2ygj3e43ff3ad.onion
  • http://amjwi3ysvvfjjw4lcv3ql5xr2nqmdflksygxg26u35orfgp3zcyiu4ad.onion
  • http://ir3cibe7j5bp3rhdffzxtnlgfxnnpvw2wbndluco2cuyzyhgkiwampid.onion
  • http://qbim22o4xzp2veoea7hfikfltvhrqtlizabxupcu4fjoijb2tjugfzqd.onion
  • http://zrvimpjbqffyeucrnfidkz3nyb7izhjyiuwdpjd5gwmgamxvzjti7qyd.onion

Now if the above points interested you, let’s get you a closer look into the marketplace.


As mentioned in the opening lines of this DarkMarket review, the colour-profile at DarkMarket is pretty unique. It’s not everyday we come across a marketplace showcasing “Black and Pink” colours!

The rest of the UI however is similar to what other marketplaces put forward. For starters the top-bar traditionally contains the navigational buttons for the Profile, Cart and the Search-functionality.

Then there’s the left-sidebar showcasing the product-categories, and the centre-screen is dedicated to notifications.  Although unlike most other marketplaces, DarkMarket doesn’t utilise this centre-space for  product-listings.

The product-page UI however seemed incomplete. It does indicate the price of the product and the number of products left, however no indication for the accepted Cryptocurrencies is available.

Hence every product’s order-page needs to be accessed individually in order to learn if it accepts your preferred Cryptocurrency.

But overall it’s not a complete disappointment, is still easy to use and understand by most.


One of the most impressive aspects of DarkMarket that we can mention in this DarkMarket review is its product-arsenal. It boasts a total stock of 14,161 individual listings.

In my opinion, there are very few marketplaces existing in the industry as of today who may flaunt similar numbers. Let’s look beyond the numbers.

The available products on the marketplace are categorized into:

The exact number of products in each category isn’t mentioned, however judging by the looks of it and the DNM tradition, Drugs seems to be the most product-rich category so far.

It holds a number of sub-categories which include Tobacco, RCs, Stimulants, Benzos, Opiates and so on.

The “Digital Goods” category has 4 primary sub-categories, “Software”, “E-books”, “Erotica” and “Serial and Keys”. I personally felt some other items currently listed as primary categories could be shifted to the Digital Goods section, such as “Guides and Tutorials”, either way the products are all available.

Fraud” is another popular category on any Darknet Market and sells Bank drops, Data Scans, Card details, online accounts etc.

Software and Malware” is used to host Hacking-related products such as exploits, botnets, Malware and so on.

All in all, the marketplace isn’t limited just to “Physical” goods and does allow the sale of Digital goods as well. Even quantitatively it’s impressive.


The marketplace security does factor-in when deciding the overall worth or quality of a Marketplace, doesn’t it?

Well, DarkMarket isn’t the most impressive platform in this aspect, but doesn’t leave any major loopholes open either.

The available security measures on the marketplace are:

  • 2-Factor Authentication.
  • PGP
  • Escrow

If you go through almost any other Darknet Market review, you’d agree that none of this is exclusive or unique. If anything, it’s missing a couple features (such as auto-logout on short-term inactivity).

But 2-FA is one of the simplest, easily understood and pretty secure authentication protocols that a user can enable for his/her account using PGP. Additionally, PGP is also used to encrypt communications.

Infact, it’s mandatory for Vendors to have PGP enabled for their accounts ensuring there’s no leak through the gaps.

And then the Escrow as always does what it always does, acts as a mediator and protects one party from being scammed by the other.

Modes of Payment

One of the most impressive aspects deserving a mention in this DarkMarket review is its “Wallet-Less” deposit feature.

What this means is there’s no central-wallet on the marketplace you need to deposit funds into. Rather, payments for each order can be made on the checkout page without having any leftovers.

This prevents or minimizes the chances of a market exit-scamming with user- deposited funds, as there are no funds to exit-scam with.

As for the payments, the marketplace accepts two Cryptocurrencies, which are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero

The two most anonymous, secure and trustworthy coins in the market as of today.


Vending means “selling” in the common language. DarkMarket like most other established marketplaces is a platform which allows independent individuals/groups to sell their products on the marketplace.

The vendor bond on the platform seems to be confusing, at the homepage it’s mentioned to be USD $100.00, while on the actual bond-payment page only USD $99.00 is demanded.

Either way, the USD $1.00 difference shouldn’t really matter. There also is a “Waiver” possibility. For any vendor with a minimum of 6-months of positive feedback the bond may be waived.

While “Finalize Early” is available for sellers, it’s not activated by default and is only activated for trustworthy vendors. As in, the vendor must have a minimum of 6-month experience on DarkMarket, or a minimum 1,000+ reviews on other marketplaces.

Finalizing Early allows vendors to receive payments as soon as a order is placed, without having to wait for the Escrow-release of the funds. Hence untrustworthy vendors may scam their buyers is the reason why it’s not activated by default.


DarkMarket is one of the few marketplaces we’ve ever come across which isn’t available “Globally”. These marketplaces are generally not concerned about laws and legality and hence do not care of their users’ geographical base.

DarkMarket on the other hand does seem to care about where a user is based off. Hence, it’s not available to the residents of:

  • UAE
  • Russia.

No users from the above two locations, neither buyers nor vendors are accepted. This naturally means users aren’t allowed to ship products to the two locations eithered.

Although it does seem to offer  a solution to users from the two countries if and when manually contacted.

Although fortunately (for some), the marketplace explicitly mentions being available and open for U.S users and it may be counted as a positive for this DarkMarket review.


The marketplace seems to have covered all the angles. It has a dedicated support team to cover all the questions and queries that the users may have.

Obviously there’s no telephone line, but they can be contacted via tickets from the user-accounts.

Although it has this advanced feature of pushing notifications from the marketplace directly to a user’s BitMessage accounts!

So to some extent, BitMessage acts as the Marketplace’s own app (atleast for notifications) and makes life easy for users.

Summing this DarkMarket Review Up

You did invest quite a bit of your time on this piece, and we hope it was worth it. We’ve tried to provide as much detail about the marketplace as possible, starting from the UI, products, payments, vending-requirements, security and everything else.

Although obviously we do not want you to start using DarkMarket for any illicit/illegal purposes. This review should only serve as an educational insight into the marketplace.

Is it the absolute-best marketplace out there? That’s doubtful. There certainly are marketplaces with more products, better security features, maybe better UI and so on.

But as an underdog, even without a lot of mainstream coverage DarkMarket seems to be on a roll. Do let us know if you think it may pose as a worthy competitor for the other marketplaces out there? That’s all folks, I take my leave from this DarkMarket review for now.