Wallstreet Market Review – Alternative Darknet Marketplace

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Following the downfall of markets such as Dream MarketAlphabay, Hansa Market other Deep Web marketplaces rose to prominence and one such marketplace is the Wallstreet Market, which led us to this Wallstreet Market review.

A moment of Truth? Wallstreet Market isn’t as heavily stocked as some of its other competitors,  so it’s better to be honest, face the facts, and take this Wallstreet Market review for what it is- an alternative deep web market, and not a primary one.

But hey that’s alright, considering how it was established just about a year ago and already has a good user-base to speak on its behalf.

update – Scratch everything I said above; it’s been over 3 years now since the marketplace launched and a lot has changed since then!

For starters, with Dream Market about to shut down by this month (30th April, 2019), WallStreet Market will be the next logical choice for most users and hence it’s bound to skyrocket in its user-base, vendor-base, sales and everything else.

Wallstreet Market Overview

Even though we mentioned it’s not very big on the “quantity” of products, it does provide for some pretty advanced and competitive features which we will discuss throughout later sections of this Wallstreet Market review.

Here in this section, resides an overview of the marketplace, a general idea, a summary of what it is, how to reach it and other details.

As of right now, the Marketplace has 125.6K registered buyers, and 1152 vendors to be exact, which isn’t a “huge” number but it’s up for a good start isn’t it?

Update – the Marketplace now boasts as many as 1.04 million customers and 4800 vendors! The nearly 10x increase in its customer-base and 4x increase in vendor-base does speak volumes for its popularity and reputation which it has garnered over the past 2 years, doesn’t it?

  • Wallstreet Market total listings: 21335 (as on 03.04.2019)
  • Primary URL: wallstyizjhkrvmj
  • Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WallStreet_Market/
  • Universal Official Forum: x7bwsmcore5fmx56

Another little something worth singling out here is that, unlike most other “established, heavily stocked” marketplaces out there which have a ton of negative reviews on third-party websites, Wallstreet market surprisingly has less than 5-7% negative reviews on the whole of the Internet!

1). User-Interface – 5/5

So keeping up the traditional sequence of how we review things over here, let’s take up the User-Interface as the first aspect for this Wallstreet Market review.

The user-interface at Wallstreet market is as simple, straight-forward and traditional as can be.

Don’t expect to witness anything special, or different as soon as you log in. It follows the same pattern and placement of sections as 90% of the other Deep web marketplaces.

Here’s a sneak-peek of how the platform looks like:

1Wallstreet market review 2019

Now as you can see, there’s an overall hue of blue on the platform (if you care for the color-scheme anyway).

There’s the top-bar which features links to some of the most important pages of the platform, including:

  • Home
  • User Control Panel.
  • Support
  • Referral
  • Quality Control
  • Support

Apart from that, just like I said, following the traditional Deep web marketplaces placement of sections, Wallstreet market too has placed its products’ section on the left-sidebar.

For those of you who’re new, this is the sidebar used to navigate to the different sections of the platform and land on different product categories.

Just above the left-sidebar is the “Search bar” whose functionalities we will dissect to the core in later sections of this Wallstreet Market review.

The whole of the center-screen is devoted to “Featured listings” , and it keeps things simple by showing only 6 products on the homepage instead of cluttering it with 100s of them which serve no purpose.

And at the very bottom of the screen, lay a number of outbound links, specifically to other websites, verification links, forums etc.

They also recently added a Top-vendors section to their left-sidebar which lets users easily find the vendors who’ve an established track record on the marketplace hence reducing exposure to scammers.Wallstreet market review 2019

But why should only the already established vendors get exposure? The marketplace takes care of that by also displaying “rising vendors” which gives newer, consistent vendors a chance to earn their place in the “top vendors” section.

And then just below that is an auto-updated price display section which displays the current prices of Bitcoin and Monero.

So in a nutshell, the user-interface is extremely simple, easy and straight-forward. There’s no button or option that you have to fish out, it’s all right there on the welcome dashboard.

So obviously, let’s rate the user interface a 5/5 for this Wallstreet Market review as there aren’t any major, or minor glitches for that matter that we encountered.

2). Services and Goods offered – 4/5

As mentioned earlier, the Wallstreet market isn’t big on quantity of products being offered, with just around 3,900 products in its arsenal, you aren’t up for a plethora of choices.

Since our last update on this Wallstreet Market review; the marketplace has gone up tremendously on its “quantity” of products and from just 3900 products earlier, it’s at 21335 products now! 

a). Drugs

Obviously, how could it be a deep web marketplace without placing Drugs on its top-most priority, ain’t that right?

I’ve never seen a marketplace on the Deep web which doesn’t have the highest stock of drugs, and that applies to most of them, and trust me when I say this, we’ve reviewed quite a few of them by now.

So the Wallstreet Market too has 1818 Drugs listings to be exact, which is nearly 55% of the marketplaces total listings.

WallStreet market as of today has as many as 12081 individual drug listings, which still accounts for nearly 50% of the marketplace’s total goods! 

Obviously, the category is sub-divided into various kinds of drugs, which include:

  • Cannabis
    • Weed
    • Hash
    • Edibles
    • Seeds
    • Synthetics
  • MDMA
  • Benzos
  • Stimulants
    • Cocaine
    • Methamphetamine
    • Speed
  • Harm reduction etc.

The above-listed types occupy the highest number of listings under the drugs section, but the overall list of available drugs is pretty long as the screenshot above well suggests.

c). Digital Goods

The Digital Goods section is the next in line, with 3339 products to showcase. It too is divided into several different categories, which include:

Basically, it’s the category which is dominated by account details, vouchers, coupons and discounted deals.

You’ll get accounts to Porn sites, ways to get free Pizza and McDonalds, spam tools, email bombers and such goods.

Obviously, eBooks and Gameplays are available as well which I’m sure do not need an explanation.

b). Guides and Tutorials

After Digital Goods, the category dominating the Wallstreet market is Guides and tutorials, with 2593 products to be exact, which is around 35% of the platform’s total listings!

The Guides and Tutorials section is divided into the following sub-categories:

  • Fraud
  • Drugs
  • Security and Anonymity
  • Hacking
  • Other

From the above-said list, Fraud occupies the highest number of product listings, as expected.

The fraud section basically contains hacked credit cards, bank details, and at times eBooks on how to commit these frauds (which isn’t a good practice and isn’t encouraged by us in any way).

The Drugs section doesn’t exactly sell drugs, but has ebooks and video tutorials on how to combine and make those products.

Security and Anonymity mostly have eBooks, eBooks on how to remain secure on the web, License to VPNs and other such stuff related to remaining anonymous on the web and increasing security.

Finally, there’s the hacking section which I’m sure you know the purpose of, and the other sections hold all the items which do not fit in on any of the above said categories.

Other Goods

So those were the best-stocked goods on Wallstreet Market. But considering we’ve got to cover other aspects of the marketplace on this Wallstreet Market review as well, let’s sum up the goods and services section.

You’ll also find

  • Jewellery
  • Carded products
  • Software keys
  • Hosting deals and so on.

These products to not have an “impressive” listing, and hence we didn’t get into much details here but I’m sure the terms are simple enough for you to understand so as to what’s being offered.

So bottom line is, even though it’s not highly stocked, it’ll still be able to cater to some of your needs if not most. Not to mention that new products are being added by the hour, so if it keeps up the good work, it might soon skyrocket to the top.

3). Security – 5/5

Now coming down to one of the most important aspects of this Wallstreet Market review- Security.

It’s of utmost importance for a deep web marketplace to offer the highest level of security especially between the vendors and the sellers to prevent the scams which are one the rise the last couple years.

One of the primary yardsticks to gauge how secure or trustworthy a platform is, to check if it provides for transparent vendor and seller profile details.

Well, the Wallstreet Market does. Here’s how a user profile, involving both the vending and buying details looks like on the Wallstreet market:

Now honestly, it’s one of the most detailed and transparent vendor pages we’ve seen in quite a while.

It lists:

  • Involves both Buying + Vending details: Why should only vendors be subject to scrutiny!
  • Last online data: Helps you gauge if the vendor is active.
  • Open VS Completed Orders: A great metric to calculate efficiency.
  • Disputes involved data which is broken down neatly into “Won/ Draw and Lost” Helps calculate how often the certain vendor gets into conflicts, and the win/losses thing provides a great insight into his work ethic.

And to top it all up, there’s a detailed review section as well, which shows the ratings, comments, buyer’s name (partially hidden) and date as well.

In other words, the platform is extremely transparent and gets you a good idea of how the person you’re trading with is; before actually initiating a trade.

Quality Control

It’s one of the only 2 marketplaces I’ve ever crossed paths with which has entered into a partnership with DNM Avengers (DNM stands for Darknet Market), it’s a forum which can  be accessed here avengersdutyk3xf

The team there tests products sold on DNMs in physical labs and assess their authenticity, legitimacy and quality. 

The forum is independent and hence can serve as a neutral party. You can find information about certain vendors, or certain products being or not being trustworthy. You can even get your samples tested, or make complaints about vendors on the forum which they then vet from their end and provide a verdict. 

Other Security Features

Obviously, transparency is just one of the security features, here are the others being offered by the platform:

  • PGP Login: You can secure your account y employing a PGP encryption. Upon doing so, you’ll be asked to decrypt a message using your PGP key and only then you’re granted access.
  • 2 of 3 MultiSig: Multisig transactions have always been a favorite of ours. The 2 of 3 Multisig transactions are those transactions which need 2 signatures, out of 3 signatories minimum for the transactions to go through. The signatories are Vendor / Buyer and the platform generally.
  • Escrow Supported: The platform acts as an Escrow preventing fraud and exit scams quite a bit.

So it’s not extremely secure and is missing some features for sure, but for the general you and me, these features do make the cut and are enough.

So as for this Wallstreet Market review is concerned, let’s content ourselves with rating it a 4/5.

4). Search Functionalities – 5/5

Nearing the conclusion for this Wallstreet Market review, the last of the features we would take into consideration is its search abilities.

How easy (or hard) it is to land on your desired products is a factor of platform efficiency as well, isn’t it?

So for the purpose of this Wallstreet Market review, I keyed in “Hacking eBook” in the search box, and here are the filters it provided us with:

  • Results per page
  • Minimum / Maximum rating.
  • Ships from / Ships to
  • Vendor activity
  • Method of transaction
  • And the currency as well.

So bottom line, the search features are impressive and help us narrow down most of the aspects of our search.

Wrapping this section up, let’s rate the search functionalities a 5/5 because honestly, it deserves it!

5). Currencies Supported – 2/5

As of now, Wallstreet Market supports only the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero

Even though the list is pretty short, the acceptance of Bitcoin nearly eliminates all the other competition anyway.

Pros and Cons

For the final section of this Wallstreet Market review, let’s just sum up the overview of the platform in terms of its Pros and Cons :


  • Good security.
  • Extremely transparent vendor/buyer details.
  • Negligible amount of negative reviews.
  • Good search functionality.


  • Low number of available products, it’ll be increased for sure in the future, but the current situation demands this to be listed.  The number of products has grown up by almost 10 times now and hence the above statement (that the quantity of products is low) isn’t valid anymore.
  • The platform is somewhat “slow”. You click on a link, and have to wait minutes for the page to load, regardless of your internet speed. They’ve upgraded their systems massively since the last time we were here; there is no speed or interface issue at the moment either.

Final Verdict on Wallstreet Market Review

Wrapping this Wallstreet Market review up, all we can say is, even though the platform is in its infancy right now, it holds all the probabilities and the potential to dominate the market once it reaches adulthood.

The only negative point right now is its lower number of available products on the platform, apart from that everything else including the security, currencies and everything else seems on the up and up.

So personally, it’s a 4/5 overall for us, but that’s a subjective choice, so we urge you to go out there, try the platform out and then reach a logical verdict.