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Uncensored search engines are nothing more than search engines, which help you, browse the censored part of the Internet.

It might already be known to you, but just in case you’re a new player to these grounds, let us share some enlightenment, what we generally access the websites, social media, download portals etc are the uncensored part of the Internet.

They’re easily available on Google/Bing/Yahoo or any other search engine and can be accessed with any general browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

What are Uncensored Search Engines?

Exactly what the opening lines of this article stated them to be. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Deep Web, the actual mass of the Internet (because the Internet available to the general public is just around 1% of the actual Internet, the rest comprises of the Deep Web).

So, obviously the Deep web can’t be accessed simply by keying-in the search term on Google, nope that won’t help, simply because the content on the Deep web is censored, and Google doesn’t allow such content to be available to users.

So, that’s when you’d need an uncensored search engine. A search engine which does not censor its content and let’s you access absolutely everything is what we’re talking about here.

And it’s not only limited to the .onion websites, anything and everything which isn’t accessible by those traditional browsers can generally be accessed with an uncensored search engine!

Additionally, Uncensored Search Engines aren’t essentially “Deep Web Search Engines“, we’ve got another article on those. Rather, at times these search engines are simply Search Engines which respect user’s privacy, and do not trace/track them.

Precautions/ Preparation for using uncensored search engines

Before visiting any of the listed uncensored search engines, I’d like to share something with you that can help you protect your identity on the internet.

As you probably know already, this website is dedicated exclusively to the deep web, or the hidden internet. 

Hence, I expect you to use the .onion versions of the search-engines listed below. The .onion URLs too have been mentioned along with the Clearnet URLs. 

If you’re new to the whole Deep Web or the Dark Web side of the internet, I’d like you to read this detailed, step-by-step guide on How to access the deep web links.

If you’re already aware of what the deep/dark web is, here are some security tips for you. Just so you don’t land on something illegal, and when you do unconsciously, you don’t get in trouble. 

Security tips before using these uncensored search engines:

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Note that we aren’t responsible for any search-results that pop up. They may or may not be legal.

Additionally, you also own 100% of the responsibility for all and any of your actions on any of these search engines, or on the links obtained from these search engines. 

Best Uncensored Search Engines for Anonymous Searching

So, here’s a list of the top uncensored search engines which help you dig the hidden (censored) websites from the huge Internet graveyard.

  • Duck Duck Go

Clearnet URL:   Onion URL: http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/  .Onion Pages Index: Yes

This is the default search engine provided with the TOR browser. DuckDuckGo is also available on, and for the regular web, so you can use it both to access the deep web, as well as your regular websites.

They are primarily in demand for the fact that they are anonymous, and do not keep track of your activities, search history, interests, or anything else for that matter.

Also, they are one of very few uncensored search engines which actually show deep web marketplace URLs directly on the search page.

That’s exactly the kind of uncensored search engine you need while accessing the hidden/censored parts of the web, isn’t that so?

Not only that, but DuckDuckGo also doesn’t show any Ads like most traditional browsers, and even though it’s not a deal-maker, relief from those ads is surely something I personally look forward to.

The Interface resembles that of Google Chrome and has similar features and filters, but obviously, it’s much more liberal and un-conservative as compared to Chrome. Duck Duck Go 100% offers to take back privacy to users and user free to access or search anything on the internet without any privacy or anonymity problem.

  • Torch

Clearnet URL:   Onion URL:  http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/    .Onion Pages Index: Yes

Torch is the combination of TOR + Search Engine. They have been around for a long-enough period of time,  which also accounts for the fact that they claim to have over a million pages of “censored content”.

Personally, I’m not a TORCH fan for the reason that it’s spammed to death with ads, even their homepages both on the TOR network as well as the regular net are brimming with ads and most-annoying of all, these ads are hidden and get clicked unintentionally.

But taking them in the light of “Uncensored search engines” and with a pinch of salt surely does the job and gets you one of the best search engines to stroll around the censored alleys of the Internet.

And it does compensate for its losses by providing us with a Media Grabber (which let’s you download just about any kind of video or media directly in the browser), Torch Video, Torch Music, Torch Games etc which are nice little add-ons provided along with the browser.

  • Ahmia

Clearnet URL:  Onion URL: http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/  .Onion Pages Index: Yes

It’s an uncensored search engines in the true sense, built specifically to help you find hidden TOR services (.onion URLs).

There’s a neatly placed search-bar on the homepage, just key-in your search term and it’ll get back to you with results.

It’s exclusively built for the TOR browser, so you won’t be able to land on the search results if you aren’t using TOR.

The only thing you won’t find on Ahmia from the deep web is child abuse material, it’s blacklisted (which is a good great feature!)

And the best part is that it doesn’t bombard you with ads either!

  • NotEvil

Onion URL: http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion/  .Onion Pages Indexed: Yes

One of the simplest censored search engines (or deep web search engines) in other words in existence. The homepage reeks of simplicity as you might have already gathered from the screenshot above.

It boasts advanced features such as searching only for “titles” or complete “URLs”. Also it publicly displays its index number of hidden URLs, which at the time of writing this piece is 24796867!

Another advanced feature includes the ability to chat to other users across the globe, on the search engine, without any kind of login or signup!

And obviously, it displays .onion results for searches. A completely deep web rooted search engine!


Clearnet URL:  Onion URL: Down  .Onion Links: YES (Not Clearnet Links)

This is deep web links directory that holds mostly available active deep web or dark web links, also managed these links according to based on his category, only user need to select required category and find his desire link then explore onion site. I am writing this site in the hidden search engine list because offers bit amount active tor links with full description.

  • Uncensored Hidden Wiki

Clearnet URL: Onion URL: http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/   .Onion Pages Index: Yes

The Hidden Wiki is, in my personal opinion, literally the best answer to “uncensored search engine”, well I’m saying so because 90% of what appears on a Hidden Wiki search is censored, hidden content.

The links do not exactly lead to full-fledged websites, but to simple, not media but the content and text-rich single-pages.

You can literally find everything, from links to blogs and essays to drugs and weapon stores.

In fact, a major part of its existence is dedicated to helping you find hidden pages, for e.g. you simply choose “Drugs” from the table of contents on the right-side of the main page. And you’ll be taken to a section full of such links to Deep web markets and deep web forums.

  • WWW Virtual Library

Clearnet URL:  .Onion Pages Index: No

The virtual library doesn’t need much of an introduction, apart from the fact that its creator is the same person who created the “INTERNET”!

So that’s all the testimonial, trust-booster and everything else right there. Apart from that, it’s literally one of the oldest existing uncensored search engines, probably older than some of you reading this article, it’ll turn 27 at the end of 2017!

Although, it differs slightly from the other search engines as it doesn’t grant you a direct pathway to the Deep web links or marketplaces, but it surely hosts a number of resources which aren’t available on the general search engines used by us.

And what makes it “uncensored” is the fact that it doesn’t have a centralized ownership, instead is run and maintained by users like you and me.

  • Gibiru

Clearnet URL:  .Onion Pages Index: No

Gibiru’s tagline itself says “ anonymous uncensored search engines ”. So what they’re basically offering is anonymity, which means they do not track your data and activities similar to DuckDuckGo.

Apart from its public disclaimer, it can also be paired up with a free plugin which helps increase your security and anonymity by letting you :

  • Delete the natural cookies on your computer.
  • Offers 25 free International proxies.
  • User agent spoofing

Although unlike DuckDuckGo, they do show ads which might be a bummer for some of you.

  • TOR Links

Onion URL: http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/    .Onion Pages Index: Yes

It’s officially one of the best places to stumble upon in case you do not know your directions through the censored web (deep web).

It’s a links’ directory, and you’ll find links to nearly anything and everything which isn’t available on the clearnet.

You can either directly click on the tabs on the header to land on specific sections of the page, or you can scroll down till you find the section you’re looking for.

Basically, the header says it all, doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Gambling portals, adult websites, drug stores,  or anything else, it’ll have the address, period.

  • StartPage

Clearnet URL:  .Onion Pages Index: No

They market themselves as “World’s most private uncensored search engines”, although we can neither confirm nor deny these claims.

As far as the search engine goes, they do not list .onion URLs directly. Although they do have an inbuilt “proxy” mode, which works the same way as Chrome’s Incognito mode, but in this case, they do not store any data (cookies, history, IP address etc).

This proxy mode slows down your searches a bit, but it’s worth it if you’re a privacy geek.

Another factor worth singling out here is that, they do show “Ads by Google” (Adsense),  but it doesn’t mean Google has direct access to their back-end, user-queries or any other data.

  • Candle

Onion URL: http://gjobqjj7wyczbqie.onion   .Onion Pages Index: Yes

Candle is basically the “Google” (Unofficial, in no way affiliated to actual Google except its functionality) for uncensored sites or pages which I’m stating based on its logo which is an exact Spinoff from Google. It indexes only .onion sites which makes it an uncensored search engine.

Its UI is almost alike Google except the fact that it has a black background whereas Google has a white one, the results are displayed in a similar manner as on Google, with the URL as well as a description for the site.

However, it also adds additional information about the sites displayed such as the last uptime and downtime, exact to the hour and minute which is impressive. Also displays results in thousands which proves its indexation of quite a bit of the Darknet!

  • SwissCows

Clearnet URL:     Onion Pages Indexed: No

SwissCows is based in Switzerland (obviously). Switzerland is already a financial and data-heaven and needs no praises that’s for sure.

What makes this search engine stand out is its Semantic search results. Something that not a lot of other options on this list offer. It basically is the ability of a search engine to understand the “context” of a searched keyword. It results in faster, more accurate and precise results.

They’ve also made it family-safe, as in it’s completely void of Pornographic/Violent/ Sexual content. (Adult content, related to health and other similar topics are still available).

SwissCows doesn’t stores searched-keywords, IP address, or any other details. Neither do they provide users or track any of their other activities.  No Geo-targeting is done either (location-monitoring). Obviously there’s no data to be sold or shared with third-parties.

They’re subject exclusively to Swiss Laws which is a major setback for all major data-collecting governments, including the U.S

Final Words:

So those were the top uncensored search engines existing in the industry today, which also at times are used interchangeably as deep web search engines.

Obviously not all of these search engines index .onion links, but most do. And even those which do not, they still get you the benefits of an uncensored browsing experience, for e.g. they do not keep logs, and provide links to resources which otherwise might be hidden.

So that’s a wrap up folks, do let me know your verdicts on this piece.