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This Disclaimer intends to explain the responsibility held by the content creators which include Admin(s), Editors, Designers, Sponsors and everyone else involved in uploading any kind of content on this site (www.deepwebsiteslinks.com).

Any aspect or scope of element not covered about the site’s content in this disclaimer would naturally mean – “No responsibility held” about that aspect or content by the content creators.

The words:

  1. We” appearing anywhere in this Disclaimer would again mean the content creators which involve the list of people included in the first paragraph of this page.
  2. Users” appearing anywhere in this disclaimer denotes the website’s readers and/or visitors, any person who uses the information provided on this website.

1. Interpretation and Use of Information and Articles

Any and all content found on this website, in the form of text, image, video, link, banner, popup or in any other form is purely and completely for educational purposes only.

Any use of the above said material, both legal or illegal (and in any other way possible) is completely and solely the responsibility of the user.

The content must be interpreted by the readers as is written, no hidden or any other kind of meanings ought to be interpreted, if so done is again the user’s own creativity and we take no responsibility of any such interpretations.

2. Control and/or Responsibilities over Third Party Websites

All the sites and links talked of in any article or section of this website are to be treated as third-party websites, on which we do not hold any control or influence.

The uptime, trust, services offered and everything else related to those websites are only reflected in our articles and other content as we see them at the time of us writing the reviews or article.

They may change at a later time; or may be completely a scam or facade put up by the owners of those third-party websites.

Hence, we do not claim responsibility for any action or consequence, both positive as well as negative associated with those third-party websites.

3. Financial Aspects and Services

Any and all discussion of sites/vendors/platforms or any other sources which provide financial services, such as Credit Cards, Paypal Accounts, Bitcoins and so on are again solely for educational purposes.

We do not know the sources of those services or products (credit Cards, Paypal accounts, Cashout funds etc). which may be legal as well as illegal and hence nor do we claim responsibilities for lost funds, scammed deals, or any other such financial losses, neither profits.

Any financial loss or profit incurred as a result of any type of content or information found on this website is solely the result of the user’s actions and will be his/her sole responsibility.

4. Recommendations

All the recommended apps, tools, websites, links or any other such content is completely based on our own experiences and opinions. They may or may not be sponsored, or as per the expectations or interpretations of the readers.

At times, the recommended apps or tools may be financially benefiting to the content creators of this website, however that does not indicate our blind-faith in the recommended links (leading to any type of content or product).

The final responsibility as well as decision of clicking or not clicking on any such recommended link lies with the users, all consequences as well as responsibilities arising from the users following the link(s) too are solely the users who clicked on those links.

5. Copyrights

We hold the sole right on all the content (textual) uploaded on this website, unless stated otherwise. Any reproduction without written consent of the content creators will be dealt as a legal offence, unless proper (mentioning the website’s URL with or without a clickable link) credits are provided to us.

We do use content (images/ videos) from other sources at times, unless our copyright text/logo is explicitly mentioned on any such image/video or any other type of content, it’s imperative that the copyright of that piece of content belongs to its creators and not us.

If you are the copyrighted owner of any such content found on this website, E-mail us at [email protected] or use the contact form with enough data to prove your ownership; if proven; the copyright of the content in question will either be mentioned with the content, or removed depending on the owner’s will.


Purchasing products/services off the Deep/Dark web is mostly illegal; the security of any user involved in any such activity is their own responsibility, neither educating nor aiding in any such activity or cover-up is our aim or intention.

These tips mentioned on this website are purely for educational and self-help usage, helping users create a safer, private and anonymous environment for themselves.

The security tips mentioned in any section of this website aren’t guaranteed, they may or may not work; the content creators of this website can’t be held responsible for any such failed performance of any tip or software.

Our Actions and Responsibilities

The final responsibility to check and verify any link or content found on this website rests with the users and not the content creators; we can not be held responsible for any and all actions of the users once they leave this website.

Our responsibility ranges from researching about any said platform/app/website to publishing and/or promoting the content best suiting our needs.

We may or may not have visited most of the Deep/Dark web sites listed on this website; however never have we ever been a part of any illegal or immoral activity and we condemn any such action or participation.

Scammers and Legitimacy of Entities

A visitor may find indications such as (Scammer / Fraud) etc. which indicate the status of a link/admin/vendor/exchange/platform/website or any other third-party entity. These tags/indications are only included or mentioned based on E-mails or other form of feedback we’ve received from other users.

These indications in no way or form mean or indicate our own personal experiences. We have not, do not and will not check a platform/market or any other entity out for its legitimacy or authenticity if it require us to get involved in illegal activities.

Note that all entities/links included on this site, are only presented here “as is”. Meaning, the reviews, article, graphics etc. have been crafted from the information available on those platforms by going through their advertised material, without us actually testing the products/company/platform. It may or may not be true and we hold no responsibility for them being otherwise.

Child Porn/ Terrorism and Other Content.

The mention of “Child Porn and/or Terrorism” anywhere on this website is in the most negative-sense of the word possible; we do not encourage, support, or even approve the existence of such elements on the Internet or in the society.

The articles or other content on this website related to either of those two types of content, or any other content is only to portray the negative effect/side of the content/subject.

In no situation, even if not directly mentioned on the articles do we encourage users to promote or get involved in any of those illegal activities, these are the worst of human sides and extremely immoral.

Participation in any such extreme activity is the user’s sole responsibility to which we claim no responsibility; the articles here on these topics (and on everything else) are meant as “information” and not as “encouragement”, “methods”, or anything else.

Concluding Statements:

Use of anything found on this website, for any purpose (legal or otherwise) is completely the users’ responsibility.

Nothing is guaranteed (including but not limited to trust-factors, price, performance) and may not be as interpreted by the users while gathering information about that website/link/platform/app/ or any other content, again the content creators claim no responsibility for such misplaced information.

This disclaimer is the ultimate disclaimer applicable to this website and overwrites any other overlapping statement found anywhere on this website.

This disclaimer can be changed at any time without any prior notice, it’s the responsibility of the users to check this page time and again in order to be updated with the Disclaimer.