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Do you love books and are looking for some active deep web books links? If yes, then this blog post can help you find active books tor links. On this post, I am sharing all active and self-tested dark web books links.

But sometimes, some of these links may be down. In that case, I’d recommend you to ignore those deep web books links and go for the other available links. You can also report such links to us via the E-mail address or the “contact us” page.

If you are new here and don’t know how to access the deep web links, then you need to visit this step by step access the deep web complete guidepost.

Note:  If you aren’t new to the deep web then you already know without the Tor browser, you can’t access the deep web links. But, it’s quite common for deep web .onion links to offer spammy/malicious content such as viruses and illegal porn. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that you use NordVPN premium services to make sure you remain safe and anonymous.

Note:  Before accessing the provided links, start your your NordVPN software and connect to any high-speed server (Recommended: Select any Onion Over VPN Server) then run the Tor browsers.

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If you don’t know how to create a highly secure deep web access setup, just visit this How to access the dark web anonymously guide. Additionally, you can read my best 27 privacy security tools that also can protect you from ISP, government tracking, and various other hacking attacks.

Deep Web Books Link | Dark Web Books Sites

libraryqtlpitkixBooks – /Index of Library- This isn’t the name of the website, it’s just the file directory and that’s a name which exist by default. Anyway, the website has a number of folders such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Space, Tools, Fiction, Games, Computers, Electromagnets etc. Clicking on any one of these takes us to the directory which host hundreds of books on the subject. To download the file, a single click is all that’s required.

savkhz37olwuub37Books – фантастика- A deep web books website primarily in Russian. The homepage has a number of search-filters, such as “rating of books”, “rating of authors”, “reviews”, “collections”, “genres” etc. A number of Genres can be chosen from such as action, adventure, romance, science and what not. Books can either directly be read online, or downloaded. Basic Russian understanding (or Google translator) required for easy navigation.

 bookszlibb74ugqojhzhg2a63w5i2atv5bqarulgczawnbmsb6s6qead Books ZLibrary –  It’s a darknet books link which requires registration. It’s anonymous, fast and instant. No email verification required. Advanced searches possible using book name, ISBN, author, publisher or even MD5.Hosts thousands of modern works and classics. Everything can be downloaded. The total book count stands at over 8 million! Over 80million “articles” can be downloaded as well.

biblvmvpxvyygpxz Religious BookBible4U – The Bible is banned in many countries. Even keeping a Bible is considered a crime. Or, maybe you’re from a different religion and the Bible isn’t accepted in your house? You can read nearly all the different versions of Bible on this site, and in over 20 different languages! No downloads required. The Bible is displayed in text-format on the site. The site is also available on Freenet, I2P, Zeronet and other anonymous networks.

f2vfjp3jc37gxgn4hum4uf2bhi2w3kp4jbzdwegrn6bvtezbhminobid Books VDare –  The site has magazines, e-books, bulletins and a lot more. It’s not a warez site, meaning, the books aren’t free. You can buy the books in either their digital or hardcopy versions. Also has a clearnet version- Almost all books are about America (and its problems, borders etc.). May be  controversial to some, especially the government.

meynethaffeecapsvfphrcnfrx44w2nskgls2juwitibvqctk2plvhqdBook and Poetries – MayVaneDay studios –  It’s a personal blog that’s owned by an author. He/she has linked 8 books which can be downloaded for free from this website. The books seem to primarily cover fiction and poetries. The site also has a blog that you can access, as well as another page dedicated exclusively to poetry which can be read there directly.

xdsmnn4jreo6z43yr2rixiiiom32rr6jcpzlojzd3lgx64gwtqbbgvadPersonal book Stories and Bitcoins –  As the name suggests, this darknet site is related to stories. It’s run by an author who claims to be the “first author” to accept payments in Bitcoins. He’s basically selling his book “L’HISTOIRE CRUELLE ET DÉSOPILANTE D’UN ÉCRIVAIN MAL ENGAGÉ” here. A contact email too is listed. The book is also available on Amazon though.

sblib3fk2gryb46d BooksСловесный Богатырь – The site is in Russian, the books aren’t. Books in English, and many other languages are available. Simply search for a book, and download it. Book thumbnails provided to better guide with the search-process. The books can either be read in an HTML format, or a text format. The database seems to be in the hundreds, maybe even thousands. Pretty recent and commercially-successful books available as well.

libraryfyuybp7oyidyya3ah5xvwgyx6weauoini7zyz555litmmumad Dark web library Just Another Library – This darknet site is dedicated to books, art and courses. The “courses” category gets you video courses for free. There’s a search-bar which can be used to search for any books you may need. It’s heavily stocked and every keyword brings a few dozen books. Anyone can upload books instantly without registration as well.

bmy37krrrioh26gr Onion FTP Database Index of /EBooks/Gentoomen Library/- This is not exactly a t traditional onion website for books, rather, it’s an FTP folder. In simpler words, it has a list of books which can be downloaded in one-click. No payments, signing up or anything else of the sort is required. There “is no interface”, it’s just a folder with books, simple as that. Just go to the “E-books” directory.

marxist7mbr3mbaj Social books Lenin Internet Archive – It’s a darknet book site dedicated to Lenin. It has books on communalism, tax, social democracy, capitalism etc. Most books are available as .epub, mobi or pdf and you get to choose your favorite format. Also has a page for the books in non-English languages. Instant downloads, no registration required.

duskgytldkxiuqc6 BooksExample rendezvous points page – Hosts two specific books, “Common Sense- Thomas Paine”, and “The Federalist Papers”. Click on either one of these, and start reading. Has a basic search feature which lets us search within the books. No ads shown, no registration or payment demanded.

PepaieloghlbloccBooksCalibre Library- Another deep web books link which seems to be primarily focused towards “tech/hacking/digital” subjects. It holds books on Bitcoin, Cryptography, analytical methods, computer languages etc. A basic-search bar is available. Books can be downloaded in a .pdf format and require only a single click.

azsdjxck6kqdm7oz – BooksHacking Book – “How to hack like a Pornstar” This is real life haking case study, where you can get every small and big steps information in full detail description If you want to know steps that you should know before hacking task then this guide can help you. Here is the direct download link only for

mx7rwxcountermqh – BooksBibliomaniac knows your onions: This deep web books sites offers onion links server, and all links are serving books, If you like reading books and always interested into new books then here you can find some great books collection. When I visit this deep web sites then I saw, site have more than 50+ active deep web books links.

52wdeibt3ivmcapq – BooksLiberated books and papers: Do you looking some deep web file servers, where you can find research related documents then try to explore mention deep web books link, that offers some great books collection and which you can download into your computer by the help of mention hyperlinks.

5h5ps743nnqsjq4l – BooksCalibre-Web – German language books library, If you know German language and like book redding then you need to explore Calibre web right now for a thriller, suspense, sci-fi books.

3wcwjjnuvjyazeza – BooksCensorBib – Tor site that have more than 1000+ books collection based on all popular categories and each book available in 3 formats( PDF, cached pdf, bib). Available mostly documents are related to a press release or white paper.

inclibuql666c5c4 – BooksThe Incorrect Library – Deep web library that have thousands of book collection, these books are shorted based of features like based on authors, subjects, tags, bans 1946, etc. also you can search anyone books by his name.

xsold3pvbxt4xblv – BooksLiberTORian – This is a magazine that covering issue regarding individual liberty. If you are interested to read that magazine recently published issues, here you can find, these issues available in text or PDF format, dependent on you what you like.

akmb7t5w56jcfgwf – BooksTor Service: Are you tech savvy guys and want to read some technical ebooks, for example, books related to programming (HTML, JAVA, JavaScript, CGI, ActiveX, Apache Server, etc.). Mostly books from Macmillan Computer Publishing. This deep web books link also offer some other stuff which is not browsable at a time when I visited this onion site. The external category is penisology, minet, nude shoots, home porn.

clivl6rf3vft7ihw – BooksNon-English: I don’t know anything about this deep web books site, because this is not written in the English language, hope you can find your required stuff on this site.

genotypeinczgrxr – BooksLibrary Genesis – This is the most significant collection of all type books, torrent, magazines, comics, Fictions books, Erotic Comics, Russian Comics and There you can find every topic related web content. If you are interested reading books, magazines, torrents, i2p links, Usenet(*.ngb), database dumps and other type contents, then you may try to explore this excellent site.

kgycm2bjsc75u4ac – BooksThe Crazy Bastards Cookbook – This is exciting and crazy stuff related books where you can read something funny, untrustable or stupid but if you have free time and want to learn something interesting then you must read this book.

clockwise3rldkgu – BooksLibraries: According to this dark web links, here you also can find some good books and can download mention books. If you want to read these books, then you can read comfortably but when I click on given hyperlink then I saw windows same as website http://mx7rwxcountermqh.onion/

fb2lib3argrtulnw – BooksFB2 Lib:  Today are you looking some deep web books websites for reading some interesting stuff on the hidden internet. Now I have this deep web books link which has more than 10 supported ebooks; available books are in Russian, Italian, English, Germany language. Total available books are 342053; this is the huge number, Hope you will enjoy something interested here.

c3jemx2ube5v5zpg – Books – Jotunbane and Friends – do you like reading books and looking some alternative source on the deep web where you can read online ebooks, here I have one onion link where you can read all categories books online without download complete ebooks.

flibustahezeous3 – Books – This deep web sites look like as another deep web forums, But this forum have some active threads If you can understand what site is offering? And how to access the offer services then share with us.

hackerw6dcplg3ej – BooksHackerplace: I love this deep web links because this site has a significant amount of data related to magazine, books, torrents, shops, hacking books and some active dark web links directory. But here I found one problem, If you visit this deep web sites into Tor browser then whenever you click on download button then everyone links automatically open in Bitly. This process is very irritating and risky for security reasons.

k2r5psouiawfu6jy – BooksIndex of/: This deep web site offers directory view but having a lot of content related to videos, books, software, games, music and much more. If you are still finding tech related ebooks then, visit this site and download any required ebooks.

papyrefb2tdk6czd – Deep web books – LA RENACIDA BIBLIOTECA DE PAPYREFB2: This site also has the big amount of ebooks. Available ebooks numbers are 28086, here, you can find your required book with the help of character filter option. Here only you need to click on a relevant character then select your requested ebook.

kpynyvym6xqi7wz2/files.htmlBooks/DocumentsParaZite is a directory, which has a huge number of secret papers and files. By the help of given links, you can access these files and Documents. Main Categories (Porn, Documentaries, History, Hacking, Weapon, Adult, etc.), This site has some illegal stuff like CP related document, Drugs related research papers and much more. Before access ParaZite deep web links, make sure you have double layer security (NordVPN+Tor Browser).

zlibraryexau2g3p – BooksB-OK – Biggest deep web books search engine, which has 2,780,670 Books, 52,429,917 articles and all are free, if you want to download any type books from the deep web then B-OK is the best place for everyone. Before downloading any book, you need to register first, and only you can download max 5 books in 24 hrs.

xfmro77i3lixucja – BooksImperial Library of Trantor is the biggest deep web place for books; here you can find all major categories books, and if you want to find any specific category ebook, then you can easily filter by the help of tag system which you can see on the homepage. This deep web books site has more than 101640 Books in digital format and library size still growing day to day, hope here you can find your required books. Some available popular category which mostly people like here Fiction, Science, Mystery, Action & Adventure, Horror, Suspense, Thriller, Paranormal, General, Crime,  Thrillers and so on.

bookssutzsay4so3/cat/BooksMobi Library: Still deep web books alternative links then here is another one for you, which also offers big amount books library. The site Mobi Library has more than 10000+ books, which you can filter according to works or starting character.

wis45idjhhbgemez – BooksCalibre Library: This dark web links also offer books library, if you are still searching book for reading then you may try to explore Calibre Library, hope here you can get your required books.

3cvpkfx4gdnkcduj – BooksNon-English: Do you want to download some ebook with the help of deep web books links. I have another one dark web link which offers big ebook database; database size is 159.457 GB, here you can search ebook by the help of text, suppose you are looking ebooks related to sex then put your text into the search box then result will be front of you.

3cpleimu2getp5q7 – BooksStrategic Intelligence Network:  I love this site because here you also can find a big amount of all type books related to tech, weapons, security, engineering and much more, and the website is browsable just like as directory(FTP) structure. For Directory library access, you can try http://3cpleimu2getp5q7.onion/library/ link. Key-Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Electromagnetic Attacks on PCs: This site offers research paper about Low-Bandwidth Electromagnetic Attacks on PCs, If you want to get lot more about this technique then you can visit this deep web sites.

ibgk7stvp6bov6x6 – BooksAnonlib – The Site is related to most religious books like The Koran, The Bible, Panchatantra and lot of others. If you want to access these books on the hidden internet, then Anonlib site can help you.

castorz2lijmrc5f – Books/Study/journalsBiblioteca Castor: This is the big books library. I love this library because one the website screen you can see some ebook pictures, and all books which are showing on your display all are top-rated. This site also offers multilingual ebooks, here you find some other language books like Russian, Dutch, English, etc.

dembtxtlnu2cospb/index.htmlBooks/Adult/StoriesDark & Extream Boy Stories: Do you like Adult stories and finding some excellent Tor onion links then this deep web book site can provide you great amount of adult stories, here you can choose stories according to authors. Hope you will enjoy these stories.

h2am5w5ufhvdifrs – Books/Study/journalsCryptome: Do you want to get information about some true journals related to government agencies, check out this hidden internet site, here you also can download these generals and can read locally into your computer.

v3bpt2x7iuz3gr2n – BooksHumen Iteration: This deep web book sites offer some experts document, if you are looking some research document and want to know more about these documents then you can try this deep web links.

yuxv6qujajqvmypv – BooksBeginner Anonymous Guide – Are you a beginner on the dark web and want to know how you can securely visit the deep web then here you can get all necessary information by that you can create highly secure deep web access network.

r6rfy5zlifbsiiym – BooksComics Book Library – Comics books related onion links there user can read 1196 color drawing comics and these comics you can filter according to the title, publisher, year, added date and also in random format.

b2fxrnttdue72ntq – BooksAnarchist Bookstore – Deep web books place where you can find some security, privacy or training based books. If you are looking that type secrete books, this Anarchist Bookstore onion links can help you. Some books example: A Recipe for Survival, Ditch Medicine, How to be Invisible, Improvised Radio Detonation Technique and much more.

avaxhome5lcpcok5 – BooksAvaxHome – This is media sharing deep web site which delivers all type contents like ebooks/learning, music, TV Series, Video, Magazines, Software, Comics, Newspapers, Games, Graphics, Girls, etc.

muflax65ngodyewp – BooksLies and Wonderland –  Site that delivers hypergraphics content, that deep web site have muflax mindstream, muflax become a saint, The Unchanging Gospel, Crackpottery, Meta-Ethics, Language. If you want to interested in these type stories, visit here and read what you want.

a534p6bdxbf2niq7 – Books/TutorialsBig Fraud Bible – Website which is selling big bundle of docs like tons of ebooks, hacking tips, bitcoin methods and many other ways to make a money in one package. And This bundle price is 0.02 BTC.

dembtxt2izv4tnpb – StoriesDark & Extream Boy Stories – Do you like stories and looking place where you can read text stories then here you can find more than 100 Boys related stories without any premium subscription.

twgl3hdma6bqbcyq – StoriesStory of My Life – Blog where site admin sharing his life story means how he is living and how he is living. He is also requested to readers for donation. If you want to donate some BTC then here you can.

omzbcj77hyizzfir – StoriesYEFA –  Your Erotic Fiction Archive –  Store where user share his stories, it may be related to porn, adventure or any other topic, when I explored here then I saw website have 10 stories and mostly related to porns.