Deep Web Weapons Software Hacking Virus Cracking Sites Links

You are here right now and looking deep web weapons, deep web hacking, deep web software, warez, virus, cracking onion links for your awareness or research then below I am sharing some cool active tor sites links for you.

Every day, darknet performed more than thousands of weapons, warez, virus, hacks related deals, and these numbers still growing day to day. I am sure, if you are here, you already know about the deep web and looking some good deep web links, which offering such type services (Weapons, Hack, Phreak, hacking, technology, Softwares)

Below I am giving you only that type links that offer hacking, technology, software type services, Only put that type links that I found when I tried to explore the dark web and some people already dealing with these hidden wiki sites.

Warnings: You are not safe while you are browsing the deep web sites without VPN Software. For best anonymity and double layer security always use NordVPN with Tor Over Server with Tor Browser. If you are thinking, Tor Browser provides you total security, you are totally wrong. Tor Browser doesn’t provide you double layer anonymity and security. for complete step by step deep web access configuration check out below-given blog post link.

Must Read: How to access the deep web securely with Tor Browser

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Note: On the deep web mostly site are fake and scammer, before share your information with these type sites, make sure check his website status. For real reviews, you can try deep web community or deep web reddit links. Both are the best ways to discuss any hidden wiki links.

Table of Content:

Deep web weapons Store Links

http://weapon5cd6o72mny.onion/Deep web weaponsBlack MarketWeapons, Documents, Counterfeit: All in one deep web links. According to the website, here you can buy weapons and passport, driving license or counterfeit-related service. And site also offers drugs (Weed, Cocain, Hash). If you need any of these services then you can try this dark web alternative link.

Note: http://weapon5cd6o72mny.onion/ and http://blackmktxzue2hkz.onion/ both links offer same content, don’t sure which are the fishing page or who are legit, take your action based on your research.

http://armoryohajjhou5m.onion/WeaponsArmory: This is great weapons store, where you can buy all type weapons by bitcoin. And mostly time I saw here, weapons price is good and cheap.

http://gunsjmzh2btr7lpy.onion/Deep web weaponsGuns Dark Markets: This deep web markets having good numbers of guns or any other weapons-related listings. Available some broad categories are Pistols, Assault Weapons, Full Auto Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Grenade Launchers, etc.

http://gunsdtk47tolcrre.onion/WeaponsUK Guns and Ammo Stores: Unique sites where you can deal with guns. Available products are Glock 19, Walther P99, Bullets for Glock 19, Walther P99

http://2kka4f23pcxgqkpv.onion/WeaponsEuroGun:  when I visited this deep web links, I saw 3 listed product here which are Walther PPK, Kal.7,65; Desert Eagle IMI, Kal.44; SIG Sauer P226 AL SO DAO, Kal. 9mm, If you looking both type guns then check out this hidden website.

http://gunsganjkiexjkew.onion/Deep web weapons – Guns & Ganja Private Club: are you still searching any good deep web links resources for buy and information about weapons then you should try this darknet markets link. This Tor link also has a significant amount of listed weapons, which you can select according to your requirements. According to website status, the site already sold 3794 items. This status means are people trust on this site. Some category which products you can buy here (Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, Ammo, Optics, Accessories).

http://luckp47s6xhz26rn.onion/WeaponsLuckp 47 Shop: Another deep web links for buy latest high technology weapons, If you are planning to buy new weapon and still searching deep web URLs where you can easily buy these type weapons, then check out Luckp 47 Shop, hope here you can select any good weapon for you.

http://drkseidwayn6uc5x.onion/Deep web weaponsDrkseid: Another dark web vendor shop for weapons, this site also offers service related to Rifles, Handguns, Silencers, Body Armor and more. If you are interested into given these products, then you can try this the hidden wiki URL.

http://armoryohajjhou5m.onion/WeaponsDeep web guns store: I love this weapons store because store have good amount of listed items and all are highly related to advanced technology, If you want to buy some big weapons then this dark web links will prove best for you. Some modern arms that you can buy here AK47, Remington Defence, Savage Mark, Barrett, Colt M4 AR, Tavor Metro 21 Sar, FN PS90, FN Scar Heavy, etc.

http://pistolcqex2ecr5r.onion/WeaponsEuroGuns: This is another weapon dealer self-hosted site, which offers guns and some available items names are Walther PPK, Desert Eagle IMI, Sig Sauer P226 AL SO DAO.

http://5xxqhn7qbtug7cag.onion/Deep web weaponsHandguns-Alphaguns: the Good alternative site for weapons,  if you are looking deep web weapons store links for buy, handguns or a big number of guns category products, some favorite items which you can buy here Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Military & Law Enf.

http://kwlxvnmxiu2vfvcy.onion/Deep web weaponsGhostFox Firearms Hub:  Another deep web links which also providing weapons (Guns). If you are looking alternative .onion links for buy guns by the help of Bitcoins, then you can try this dark web sites.

http://swegunsh343s3drf.onion/WeaponsSweguns – Dark Web Link that offers guns, If you want to buy guns then you may try this site, according to website homepage They are selling guns in only $120 USD, means you need to pay only $120 Equal BTC. But I am not sure that site is generic or FAKE?

http://ijr246luczc74cgm.onion/Deep web weaponsUK Guns and Ammo Stores – Inside the Deep web weapons links section, I already mention various websites which also claiming the same name ” UK Guns and Ammo Stores .”  This Deep web weapons site also deliver Guns and Ammos in very low BTC. Site alternative onion link tuu66yxvrnn3of7l.Onion

http://armsmhmd4c3hb5xu.onion/WeaponsBlack Market Guns – Biggest deep web weapons marketplace which selling small or big type guns on the deep web, here you can buy Ammo, Guns. The website has more than 30+ listed items for more guns. For more information, explore mention deep web links.

http://hhnovpxmqrw4xaqg.onion/WeaponsBlack Market is a place for buy and sell guns, credit card and many other things in very optimal price hope this deep web sites will proving helpful for you, And you can find best Weapon here.

Software/Technology Deep Web Links

http://exoduockgfq3ikf7.onion/SoftwareExodus – Malware, Leaks, Exploits, Dumps and More – I love this deep web site because here you can get the latest malware, leaks, dumps, exploits, Botnets, Ransomware, Remote Administration Tools, Keylogger and many other type hacking tools. And updated regularly.

Recommended Tips: Don’t use newly download software or browser bundle into your personal computer, First test, If found application working fine then you can try on your computer.

http://darkdev5ibekblct.onion/SoftwareGogs – Go Git Service – This is opensource, cross-platform, lightweight application. You also can run this application in Raspberry Pi device, that can save energy and cost.

http://darkdev5ibekblct.onion/SoftwareGogs – Go Git Service – This is opensource, cross-platform, lightweight application. You also can run this application on Raspberry Pi device, that can save energy and cost.

http://sageranjccfovtn3.onion/SoftwareSage Platform – Do you affected by ransomware virus and do you want to decrypt your PC, looking cheap solution. Today I have one link that is claiming, they can decrypt your whole computer, but they will charge fee in BTC which is 3 BTC.

http://wdpwzykrrqq4p7w7.onion/TechnologyRedmine – Russian technology site which has some project information, but this site is not updated since from a long time.. If you are interested and want to know more about this site then explore give tor link.

http://darknetncj7k6wzk.onion/TechnologyPassage into Darkness – Multi-in-one platform on the deep web that protects freedome of speech, the right of humanity, also have his chat server, forum, tools links and much more, there you can get good information related to any issue.

http://hashrbaozir4ae6q.onion/TechnologyHashCrack – Search for MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hashes, this deep web technology site have more than millions of hash address records, if you want to search any MD5, SHA1, SHA256 records then you may search on this onion links.

http://drkhsh5rv6pnahas.onion/TechnologyDRKHSH – According to this onion site homepage, this is a cryptographic hash function which makes is suitable for use in cryptography. It is a mathematical algorithm that maps data of arbitrary size to a bit string of a fixed size (a hash function) which is designed to also be a one-way function, that is, a function which is infeasible to invert. More info please explore listed onion links.

http://gvaslzwxr2ezognd.onion/TechnologySolar Display – I don’t know how you can use this site Solar Display info,  on the site homepage, admin puts some data in the form of Table. If you know about SolarDisplay and looking site like this, here is for you.

http://wpscanskzvjc4s2s.onion/TechnologyWPScans –  This is security agencies site that helping to users to protect his WordPress site from various type attacks, breaches. If you want to protect your site and looking third-party agencies then you may hire WPScans. But for an official site audit, deep web is not good solution

http://bptfp7py2wclht26.onion/TechnologyThe Tor BSD Diversity Project – This site helping to use of Unix operating system in Tor community. Every one knows Unix is open source operating system and for security perspective that offers high security to the use as compared to Windows 10.

http://steamsupp5wmhqko.onion/TechnologySteem.Supply – I am not sure what is offering this site, but according to the page they offer multiple type bots program like Cards Bots, Key Bots, 1:1 Bots and others. If you are aware from these bots program, then you may explore this tor link.

http://vnfwwpoh5v4vofes.onion/TechnologyLocker – I am not sure what type services you can get on Locker deep web site but his homepage have one file uploading option and Personal ID text field, If you know both information then you may explore this site.

http://squirrelzarhffxz.onion/TechnologySquirreIJME -This is the Java coding editor that help you to build java codes, and also offer a user-friendly environment that can also help you to java library.

http://iyeof5gg42xv2nao.onion/TechnologyAnonymous Web FTP Client – Do your privacy and want to make your privacy more strong while you are accessing any FTP server with hostname, username, password then you may connect any host by this tool anonymously online.

http://n7kr26tlb545urpo.onion/TechnologyI2P Anonymous Web server – Do you want to setup your web server on I2P, and don’t know how to setup your server? Looking right step by step demo, explore this links and know every small or big necessary point for I2P server host.

http://kotoqx6mdjabgumf.onion/TechnologyKotobank – This website run by a bunch of people that deliver some services on the deep web, Offer services are Wiki, FTP, Git, Kopaste, IRC, Komf! File hosting, Webcam live view, Satellite link status, Server control panel, Kotobank AI research.

http://w7pczrxaq6pamzov.onion/SoftwareISO Links – Deep web software onion link that offer MSDN software, if you are looking MSDN mirror on the dark web then here tor link can help you. But my recommendation is only to download any trusted application then use the program-related official site.

http://macspy423ho54vap.onion/SoftwareMacSpy – This is spyware program that works in Mac operating system, By this program user can capture victim monitor desktop screen, keylogging, iCloud Syncing,  Voice recording, Pasteboard, Invisibility and much more, for more detailed information explore listed deep web link.

http://kzpajyms6plr7wo2.onion/SoftwareiBoot Source Code Leak – Recently GitHub removed the iBoot source from his repository, If you are looking the place where you can download this application iBoot source code then explore this dark web site link.

http://54ogum7gwxhtgiya.onion/Deep web softwareDigital Pawn Shop: Best shop for buy cool stuff like software, script, apps, botnets, emails and lot of others. If you are looking any deep web links where you can buy these type stuff, then you can try Digital Pawn shop.

http://expressobutiolem.onion/SoftwareExpressVPN –  Before couple day ego, ExpressVPN also launched his VPN .onion extension dark web links, If you want to buy Express VPN anonymously then you can visit here can pay him directly by BTC.

http://pfoxkj3p65uyc5pe.onion/Software/InternetPrivateFox – The dark web links for Firefox profile optimization and configuration, but this site is not updated since from a long time, I recommend you, don’t download anything from here..

http://tpvj6abq225m5pcf.onion/SoftwareIndex of/ – FTP directory that has multiple operating system image files and software. That also have application and text documents. If you want to download OS image then visit here and explore FTP directory.

http://elx57ue5uyfplgva.onion/Software/File SharingOpenShare – This is the open source software, which works with onion routing protocol. You don’t need to setup your server, only you can directly share your file from your computer. For more information explore this excellent software website.

http://qubesos4rrrrz6n4.onion/Deep web software/Operating SystemQubes – this is first most secure operating system, This deep web link is an official anonymous deep web link. If you want to download Qubes operating system then here you can, by the help of Tor browser. Here you also can access Qubes documents and Torrent file.

http://fz474h2o46o2u7xj.onion/Software/OSHeads -The Libre Privacy Distro – This is an official website for heads Linux distribution. If you are interested in Heads latest news or any other current notification, then you can regularly visit this great dark web site.

http://wqfhdgpdelcgww4g.onion/Software/VirusX3 Ransomware – website have a login page and you need to put user valid personal Id, if you have personal id then you may explore this ransomware deep web links otherwise not.

http://kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion/Software/OSWhonix – Whonix is well trusted, open source operating system, which you can run by the help of VM or live boot CD. This operating system has advanced security, privacy tools which make your browsing more secure. For more information or download links, you may try to visit this dark web links.

http://bskoid4l5redrw5m.onion/SoftwareSmuxi – Smuxi is an application that can handle IRC server also some other server information, for more details try to visit given onion links.

http://jvauzb4sb3bwlsnc.onion/Deep web softwarePrivoxy -this is a program for advanced filtering or non-caching web proxy, Privoxy can work with both type PC like standalone, multiuser system. If you are looking Privoxy deep web information, visit here.

http://nz544wppkixoqajp.onion/SoftwareTrueCrypt –  this is most popular storage encryption and decryption software, but before couple days this software found some bugs in his encryption process that’s why people don’t use this application. Looking TrueCrypt alternative software then you may try VeraCrypt application.

http://3pq7hs3cxj7xzuqn.onion/SoftwareLogitheque – This deep web links has some great resources which most people used every day in his life. Here you can download various software, operating system ISO files, development software and crack programs. If you want to download any of these then you may try to visit here.

http://4qt45wbulqipigwa.onion/SoftwareKeyringer – This is an encrypted and distributes secret sharing software. That can manage to encrypt, decrypt, create key pairs, etc.

http://5j7saze5byfqccf3.onion/Software/Operating SystemAppStream – I do not understand, what is appstream is? but according to my understanding, this is Debian OS based application which can help you to generate web page.

http://aaouiyrt23njidey.onion/Deep web softwareLands of Sheraga – This deep web links offer his service in polls making, If need polls and you want to collect some people opinion about anything else then you can create your polls here. More info, please explore.

http://fqnqc7zix2wblwex.onion/SoftwareOONI – Open Observatory of Network Interference – This software build for detecting censorship, surveillance and traffic manipulation on the internet. This is free software available for Android, Linux, Apple, Raspberry Pi, OS X.

http://gl3n4wtekbfaubye.onion/Deep web softwareBrowse  WNPP Bugs – This website offers reports about WNPP bugs, and all bugs are managed in folders. If you want to get these bugs information, visit here and explore this deep web links.

http://jratiejtelswmbov.onion/SoftwarejRAT – Java Remote Administration Tool, This software can help you to manage all remote servers in one place, you can run this software in desktop, laptop. jRAT also supports Windows, Linux, MacOS, BSD and some on. If you want to buy this software here then you may try to explore this deep web links.

http://nbybwh4atabu6xq3.onion/Deep web softwareIndex of /Debian-ports –  This is FTP based deep web links, which have Debian package files, these files you can download here with the help of single click, directory has an operating system architecture based folder which though you can search any required package.

http://vcahcomoh2aji6dl.onion/SoftwareDigital Privacy and Anonymity Consultant – Are you searching private communication resources for highly secure B2B conversation, then you can hire Digital Privacy & Anonymity Consultant, they can develop that type environment for you.

http://6nefp5kt5yibi25s.onion/SoftwareIndex of / – Do you want to download some particular operating system with latest patch image, This FTP based site offer three most popular Linux based OS, Here you can download Archlinux, BlackArch, Kali.

http://kzspryu63qbjfncp.onion/Software/DumpsDigital Thrift Shop – Looking script, data dump, apps, ids, botnets, emails or any other digital good then Digital thrift can help you for buy these type digital stuff. They only accept fee in Bitcoins

http://secrdrop5wyphb5x.onion/SoftwareSecureDrop – securedrop is open-source software, this software works like dropbox means you can upload any file in the securedrop remotely and can share with anyone anonymously but you need to host this open-source software on the server.

http://qkjscem7kksghlux.onion/TechnologyHoe Chi Meow – This deep web links offers hack data dumps, restricted material, political, diplomatic , anonymous data leaks. If you are interested in that type information then you may visit Hoe Chi Meow deep web link.

http://raasbrrypzkuj5cy.onion/SoftwareRaaSberry – Ransomware as a Service, this deep web software onion links which offer customized ransomware packages. If you want to download ransomware for your victim system then you may try to explore RaaSberry.

http://ranionjgot5cud3p.onion/Software/VirusRanion – This is another deep web hackers site who build ransomware and sold to his clients, if you are looking ransomware and want to earn money by ransomware then here you can get right, highly secure code. They offer three type packages like 1 month/90$, 6 Month/460$, 12 Month/$900.

http://satan6dll23napb5.onion/Software/VirusSatan – Satan is a malware program which encrypt victim computer all file, folder or data, if you are looking satan malware, here you can get this program code and can demand ransom from your victim for decryption. For more info check out Satan deep web link.

http://cfudbizo5i5r6lf6.onion/SoftwarecFUD – I don’t know what type service offering by this program, but I think this is related to the transaction between sender or receiver. If you know the Russian language, check out mention dark web link.

http://fauftpffbmvh3p4h.onion/SoftwareWillkommen Auf – Do you love Linux or Debian based any other operating system and looking repository for package downloading, here I have one very good dark web link which delivers all popular operating system packages, let’s enjoy.

http://sn4do42tm2hlnxeh.onion/Software/Hacking ToolsSn4do Leaks – Sn4do Suite provides a comprehensive and intuitive workspace that you can use to perform complete penetration tests. Sn4do Suite handles all the 3,000 plus modules already available in the Metasploit archive (publicly known exploits, 0days, remote exploits, shellcode) and about 200 new modules for custom attacks based on last security research.

http://7tm2lzezyjwtpn2s.onion/SoftwareMischerari Press – this is official blog that delivers information about the Mischerari press, OnionScan, Queer Projects. OnionScan is open source project that can help you investigate the dark web, This also can help operators of hidden services find and fix operational security issues with their services. For more information visit this onion link.

http://offpriv2kalk6oya.onion/SecurityOffensive Privacy – Are you eager for your privacy and want to consult about your privacy with any privacy experts, here I have one deep web link that offers privacy consulting service, for more information visit tor link.

http://nfkrkvghv75xsf26.onion/SecuritySKS OpenPGP Key Server – This is centralized PGP key server which has millions of PGP key database there you can submit your PGP key or you can search any available PGP Keys.

http://greynoiselgbq2l2.onion/TechnologyGreynoise – This is official greynoise affiliate site where you can listen to audio or video podcast. If you like to access any site in tor network then this link only for you.

http://fbitipsu2i6rqii5.onion/TechnologyFBI Darknet Tips Portal – If you and anyone near you are in danger and looking for help(only for USA citizen) and you want to get tips about the dark web, here FBI also have his onion site where you can file your complaint. Also you can find FBI PGP key on this page.

Hacking Software/Hacks/Malware/Virus Deep Web Links

http://6dvj6v5imhny3anf.onion/HackingCyber-Guerrilla: this site having good amount of latest hacking related blog post, guide type tutorials. Today you want to get information about the hacking tips and tricks then you can visit this dark web links.

http://hackerrljqhmq6jb.onion/Deep web Hacking – Hacking: Do you have any technology or non-technology related problem and looking some great guy which can resolve your problem. This is the best alternative for you, here you can get services related to Hacking, Social Media Threats, Computer Spying and Surveillance, Remove a Link, Locate missing people, Background Check, SSN Trace, Online Dating Scam, Tracking, Password, Cyber Fraud and many more.

http://hackcanl2o4lvmnv.onion/HackingHack Canada: This is the hacking blog but has lot more information, here you also can read some great hacking related generals and also can access the database library, if you want to access direct libraries then visit given deep web links http://hackcanl2o4lvmnv.onion/canadian/index.html

http://vb75uj2ap3hyyava.onion/Deep web hacking – Hacking is Art: Read some great technology tips and tricks. The Website has some modern Linux distribution documents information. If you are eager to get information, then try to visit mention onion link here.

http://nfs6e454oyvajfro.onion/HackingDHS – Need hacking service for any type hacking related project and looking someone, that can execute your project in the right manner then DHS is the best place for you, this dark web site admin have more than 10+ year experience in black hate technology. According to DHS, They already offered his service on most trusted platform alphabay, Hansabay and WallStreet Markets and completed more than 100+ projects successfully.

http://y2mpszcco2xuii4s.onion/HackingRats Army – I think this website is associated with the hacking activity, I am writing “I think” because I am not sure, This site doesn’t have sufficient information. If you are highly interested to know more about this site then you may hit site onion link.

http://dwyqfuzdvdxyi6tl.onion/HackingWelcome to Blackmailer –  This is black hat hacker site that helping to collect data like pictures, photos, videos or anything related to your ex or any other person. By that data you can hack or extort them, looking that type service, hope they will offers.

http://pirateif6v33chtt.onion/HackingPirateSec – This onion site offers hacking service to a required person, Site run by hackers group and located in united states. Hacking services include web servers, FTP servers, web applications, custom malware, custom Trojans (RAT) to social engineering

http://aeris4pryl7r6x7yuqztr6pizv7pflb73wi6rqq7ty7f6sn5nvnmqdad.onion/HackingExtremiste Inside – Deep web links that Self-radicalized individual crypto-terrorist group on the digital darknet, That site have all information about his projects, conference, interviews. If you interested in these information, here you can find related webpage links.

http://grhacheapdtcawau.onion/HackingHack Group – Deep web hacking site which delivers services like Social Media Threads, Computer Spying, and Surveillance, Remove a Link, Locate missing people, Background Check, SSN Trace, Online Dating Scam,  Cyberbully, cyberstalked, Computer security training, Cyber Extortion, Relationship,  Tracking, Password, Cyber Fraud.

http://r44debe5ynev2udn.onion/ – Hacking – – This is independent freelancer hacker that offers his service anonymously on the deep web, looking that type service you can find his contact on this onion site.

http://i3gg5dfzj5leiect.onion/HackingDigital Cleaner – This dark web site is associated with white hat hacker and who offers his service in programming, cyber security, databases, IT Networking, Encryption and Decryption and lot more. Need that type service on the dark web then you may try to explore Digital cleaner onion link.

http://hhhuwppvm3fbuipb.onion/HackingMr Robot Shop – Dark web site that published by the anonymous hacker group, that hacks users bank a/c, credit cards, debit card, PayPal accounts, data dumped and much more and sold this information on this store. If you need that type information or want to know more about this onion link, explore given a link.

http://fsv2bgli7wk4hkvl.onion/HackingTeam Hacking – Leaks and Dumps, Are you looking some leaks, Dumps, onion Links information then you can get on the Team Hacking onion site. This site page also has his Jabber, mail address for contact.

http://jokerbuzzhyhl5cl.onion/Data DumpsJocker Buzz – This is an anonymous exchange where you can deal for any private or sensitive information, if you any time-sensitive information and want to sale on the deep web, Jocker Buzz can help you to find right buyer for your information.

http://blackhost5xlrhev.onion/HackinglackHost – This is Italian programmer website that can offer you any program source code, if you are interested in software program code then Blackhost can help you.

http://4xzg7em4btak4lnu.onion/HackingHackers Collective – This website also builds by hackers group, these hacker sales his service anonymously for his clients, If you need any type hacking service and looking any hacker for your task, then you may try Hackers Collective, but his job price is very high.

http://yukoni2bjn5woljf.onion/eng/HackingYukon – This is deep web hacking group sites where you can get hacking service and also can hire a freelancer for your project. They can perform the hacking related activity for you, Service like creating a virus, phone flooding, website hacking, Hacking VK, mail, creating viruses, Blind SQLi KUPIVIP.RU, Manual for driving eBay + CC, Android bot, Selling 10 BTC, Hidden mining bitcoins, Hacking VC, Copywriter for writing Test and lot of other things. This site available in the Russian language.

http://hackarmgq2n2erux.onion/Hacking/SoftwareHackermoury |You it back : After a long time hackermoury come back, if you are finding some hacking tools then this is the best place for you, but one more thing without access username or password you can’t download these software. For download hacking software try link and by default username or password is [secure:password].

http://netflixxb32gnsvy.onion/HackHacked Netflix Account: Everyone knows about Netflix website, If you are looking Netflix premium account then this site can help you, here you can buy two unique Netflix account in 0.025 BTC(approx 15$). According to site status, If you bought Netflix account and anytime your account don’t work then you can get new account.

http://hackharhoaw3yk5q.onion/Deep web hackingHacker for Hire: This is a great deep web links for hire hacker service, If you are looking someone, who can do these type task for you then this is the right place for you. Available services for which you can hire hacker (website hacking, tracking,  social media account hack, computer spying,  remove bad links,  locate missing people, background check, SSN Trace, Online dating scams, computer security training, cyber extortion, relationship, cyber fraud, etc.).

http://sipherl2xokvirou.onion/HackSipher Project –  Big Data Analysis – I don’t know what type information you can find here, but on my skills, I think website offers some log records. If you want to learn more about this site then you need to explore this deep web links.

http://edfbn5gfuaj2bc2w.onion/Hack/SecurityCrypter – Are you looking deep web site for encrypting or decrypting the message, cryptor can decrypt your message which you can send that message anywhere. But here first you need to enable your Javascript.

http://6f6ejaiiixypfqaf.onion/Hack/SecurityDebian Backport – This is Debian based site here you can get the latest Debian package news, instruction and package information. If you are interested in Debian or Debian news then visit here.

http://mre36vzwos4nng3h.onion/Software/HackingTools Auto Hacker – This is an auto hacking tools website where you can directly run these available tools. But I am not sure this website truly offers tools service, they might be Fisher and can execute the backdoor script in your PC. That’s why take your decision. Available tools are Zone-h Mass Notifier, Wp-Brute Force, Bing Dorking, Com_User Scanner, Shell Scanner, Reverse IP, Cms Scanner Vuln Online and more.

http://mvfjfugdwgc5uwho.onion/Software/Hacking0day.Today – Do you want to buy exploit tools, hacking tools, virus, script or any other type program code then explore Here you also can sell your developed exploit in various cryptocurrencies. By this process, you also can make some good amount of money. Available programs (Remote Exploit, Local Exploit, web application, shell code, Dos).

http://oshix7yycnt7psan.onion/HackingOstrich Hunter – If you want to check your website and want to resolve security vulnerability, or some hack your website and want to recover your database. Oustrich Hunter can help you, they always work for rewards, according to the website, they already resolved many internationals companies data.

http://4sf3dqfwpcpdnj6g.onion/Deep web hackingFHT – Free Hacking Tools is another website which offers some free hacking tools like as Hack Facebook Account, Crack Wifi Password, Netflix Account Generator, Hack Paypal Account, Mafia 3 PC, Ms Offile 2013 Crack, Automatic Porn Downloader. Note:  If you download any of these software, make sure don’t try that software into your working environment, because it may be a virus, exploit or any other danger program code.

http://bylu6d6nx3og7shy.onion/HackingSecurity without borders – This is the cyber security volunteer groups, those are fighting for corruption, fight racism, justice or democracy. If you have any problem related to these then you can hire that groups. If you also have skills about programming, cyber security then you also can join him.

http://jihad7malo6oabuj.onion/HackUCC & Cyber Khilafah – This website looks like an Islamic terrorist because something wrote in Arabic, but when I tried to explore this deep web links then I found website have big amount U.S Military And Government Emails, Passwords, Names, Phone Numbers, and Location Information.

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http://o4eahdlslz2y6j2q.onion/HackingIsraeli Cyber Army –  This is anonymous white hat hacker group that defense of Israel, State sites, Jewish citizens. This group name is ICA(Israeli Cyber Army) If you want to contribute to this group then you can find his social media account links for discussion.

http://wqekut2pocn45hwp.onion/Hacking/ForumsBrotherhood Hackers –  Deep web forum which totally dedicated to hacking-related threads. If you want to discuss hacking tools, hacking books, doxing, hacking related help then this forum can prove helpful for you.

Deep web weapons | Deep web Hacking | Deep web software | Anarchy (internet) | Warez | Virus | Crack Deep Web Dead Links

Below mention links are working sometimes but sometimes not work, If you are looking alternative onion link then you may try below-given links.

http://mggenoj6brpkt3je.onion/Software/MoneyMoneyGram Generator –  This is the software which generates original transaction into MoneyGram database by the help of SQL injection. I don’t know this software is really working or not.

http://mtcngenbbypcakoh.onion/Software/MoneyWestern Union MTCN Generator –  This website claim for, his software can generate valid western union transaction for you, you can make $1000 to $5000 daily, but I don’t know this information is accurate or not.

http://ytutzbser3ons3kf.onion/Software/MoneyAutomatic Faucet Bot – According to This Darkweb link, this is the bot software, Means software for automatic collection Satoshi start scrolling and learn more about bot. If you are looking this type software for Satoshi collection then you can try automatic faucet bot.

http://distropbucaekpgf.onion/SoftwareDevStaff Crete Destro: Here you can download software, operating system images, Tor Software and Browser without paying fee.

http://atlas777hhh7mcs7.onion/Technology/OthersAtlas: This is a web application program by which you can know about currently running relay, and running port.

http://ttagroupnnowjzzx.onion/Deep web weaponsThe Tor Armory – Another website for buy guns, this website dealing with multiple category related weapons, Available products are Ammunication, Assault Weapons, Full auto rifles, optics, Pistols, Sniper rifles, submachine guns, suppressors. You can pay for these weapons by BTC.

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http://tordoxov3jitflky.onion/HackTorDox – This is unique concept based deep web links. if you want to know person information like as Name, Email, DOB, Phone, Address & Location, Employment Info, SSN, Bank Infor, etc. you can get all these information and can buy information according to your budget.

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http://aeriszyr4wbpvuo2.onion/Hack/SecurityIndependent crypto-terrorist group self-radicalized on the Internet Digital Executor digitizer amateur of bad faith Network peasant and onion grower

http://atlantispvza4ylp.onion/HackAtlantis | Search for hacked Data – This dark web site provide hack data information, you can find hacked records by first name, last name, emails, IP, phone no. and also you can download database dump by pay some fee to site owner.