31 Illegal Websites – You Won’t Believe What They’re Selling!

I know why you’re here (yeah I can read minds), searching for illegal websites, aren’t you? Well, chill out; it’s not a crime to “visit” these sites and hence I’ve compiled a list of the top 31 illegal websites right here!

These illegal websites are only illegal because of what they encourage, promote and support, for e.g. buying and selling of drugs, uploading porn videos in some counties, selling or creating viruses, malware, fake documents etc.

31 Illegal Websites – You Won’t Believe What They’re Selling!

So, unless and until you involve yourself in those activities, simply “browsing” won’t get you in any trouble. In fact, you don’t even have to visit them because I’ve explained what they are and what they offer right here in this piece so you don’t have to go through the trouble.

So here are the top 31 illegal websites you can (but shouldn’t, if you can help it) explore on the dak web.

Warning: I am not recommending you to visit these onion sites, If you will try to visit these sites then make sure use premium NordVPN software and Tor Browser. If you don’t know how to access the deep web anonymously then visit below-given links. 

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Must read before visit sites: How to access the deep web anonymously complete guide

If you will involve any illegal activity on these sites then we are not responsible for your any activity, We are sharing that information for research or education, we are not motivating you to explore listed tor sites. Only you are the responsible your any type activity that you will perform on the deep web.

Dream Market

Website: http://ecleg2gwe2edwiuf.onion/  Category: Deep web marketplace

Dream market is another one of those top names in the dark web industry when it comes to buying and selling anything and everything illegal.

It’s a deep web marketplace, the very kind of thing the deep web is ill-famous for. Over here, you can buy literally anything (primarily illegal) such as drugs, hacked credit cards, cracked software, Fraud, Counterfeit, Electronics, Defense, Jewellery, Software, Erotica, Data Leaks and what not. Payout received by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Monero crypto coins. Depends on dealers what they want to get from the buyer also marketplace support Escrow service. but one thing you should know, only you can explore available listings after registration on this darknet market, do you want to know more about this darknet market then you much check Dream Market Review.

Alternatives Dream Market onion links:

WallStreet Market

Website: http://wallstyizjhkrvmj.onion/  Category: Deep web marketplace

This again is one of the most popular Deep web marketplaces which facilitates buying and selling of some of the most controlled products around the globe.

Even though there’s nothing unique about this, it does come in handy when Dream and Valhalla markets fail to meet your demands or requirements.

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Luna Market

Website: http://lunamarmge6dadag.onion/   Category: Marketplace

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to “deposit” funds to buy products from Darknet markets?

Luna Market makes it possible. Payments are only required for the one product you’re buying, at the time of buying, no advance needed.

It also has Multisig implemented which makes it impossible for the vendor or marketplace staff to access the funds before the order is finalized by the buyer! 2-Factor authentication makes it impossible to hack into user accounts.

And it doesn’t allow Finalize early either further eliminating chances of scam. With 1112 individual products in categories such as Drugs, Fraud, Electronics, Jewellery, Digital Goods and everything else most users would find what they’re looking for. Payment can be made in Bitcoins.

1A Quality Cards

Website: http://2222ppclgy2amp24.onion/ Category: Credit Card Marketplace

One of the most trusted card stores on the Deep web, with an established reputation and priced fairly at around $100 USD to start with.

The cards are real and physical, and hence can be received via Mail and used in ATMs or online purchases.


Website: http://sn2vwdleom47kzqp.onion/  Category: Carding, Bitcoin, Finance, Fund Transfer

One of the very few marketplaces with little or no negative reviews about themselves selling Cards and other financial services such as Bitcoin to fiat transfers (bank, card, Western Union etc) is what E-shop is. It does have a mandatory registration requirement. Comprises of over 2000 vendors and very low price as compared to other darknet markets stores. But E-shop doesn’t support Escrow service for payment.

Empire Market

Website:  http://empiremktxgjovhm.onion/  Category: Deep web marketplace

Empire market is an alternative marketplace of dream market, that also offers all categories like dream market or Wallstreet market, but the difference is, empire market recently launched before 3 months.

Over empire vendors also showing interest, within last couple month that gain more than 10 thousand listings related to hacking, carding, Gadgets, electronics, software, drugs, weapons, hosting and etc.

Here user also can protect his account by PGP 2FA protection, and marketplace also getting the fee in 3 most popular cryptocurrency BTC, BCH, XMR and his planing also they will support other alternative coins like LTC, ETH and so on. want to get more information about this marketplace then you may check empire market review.

Valhalla Market

Website: http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/  Category: Deep web marketplace

This top 23 illegal websites list can’t be complete or even started without the mention of Valhalla market.

It’s one of the most established marketplaces; being over 5 years in the industry now, earlier known as Silkkitie. With over 13,000 products available solely in the drug section, and another 50,000 in other categories, it has clearly earned its place as one of the top 23 illegal websites.

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The Pirate Bay

Website: http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/ Category: Torrent downloads.

I don’t suppose it needs any introduction, does it? The Pirate Bay was one of the most popular torrent download sites on the planet until its clearnet and .onion URLs were seized.

Although, it always comes back up, and the current working link of the torrent site is what I’ve provided here.

SmartMix Bitcoin Laundry Service

Website: http://smartmixnjmuoixj.onion/  Category: Bitcoin Mixing Service

I am listed SmartMix here because that site offers bitcoin tumbling service means they will change your dark bitcoins in white bitcoins (Bitcoins that not have real footprint). If you have any type dark crypto coins that you will earn by any type illegal activity and want to hide footprint then you can mix your coins by unlimited address.. If anyone will try to track actual source then they can’t find actual source. But for his service, they will charge some fee. Looking for more information about the SmartMix service check out the top bitcoin tumbler service blog post.

The Paypal Cent

Website: http://nare7pqnmnojs2pg.onion/ Category: Paypal account Marketplace

Paypal accounts are always in demand, especially when they aren’t your own. The Paypal Cent is a marketplace which lets you buy hacked Paypal accounts which you can use risk-free.

Its an “automated” service, so you pay, you get the details, instantly and that’s what makes it one of the top 23 illegal sites in this list.

The Paypal Bazaar

Website: http://upv3wvf6sikfiluy.onion/ Category: Paypal Accounts Store

Similar to the above marketplace, this one too is a marketplace which sells Paypal accounts.

It has a clear list of Paypal accounts, the amount of funds in those accounts, and the accounts’ price.

The site seems like a good Samaritan as it doesn’t only offer you the accounts, but also Socks5 (something which helps you mask your identity on the web) as well as cashing out guide.

Bitcoin Fog

Website: http://ninw54rm6dg5f36s.onion/ Category: Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin Fog is one of the most trusted Bitcoin mixers around. With a track record mixing over 95000 Bitcoins half a decade back, it’s trusted, it’s reliable and it works like charm.

It can be used to mix your Bitcoins so that they can’t be linked to any past transactions, hence helping people avoid tax, or hide the funds after some kind of scam, illegal deep web links? Yeah totally qualifies!

Onion Wallet

Website: http://ow24et3tetp6tvmk.onion Category: Bitcoin Wallet & Mixer

The Onion wallet claims to be a free Bitcoin wallet and money launderer. It helps you launder your Bitcoin through their platform, absolutely free, so the new Bitcoins you receive aren’t in any way linked to the Bitcoins you sent in.

The only fee incurred is the Bitcoin network fee, and the security measures too seem resilient enough.

The platform claims to store your Bitcoins in a secure facility offline and with enterprise grade security but then again it’s just what they say.

If you are looking trusted places where you can store your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies then below I am giving you best wallets that provided you full control on your cryptocurrencies.

Fake Bills

Website: http://uzpsnetq2lpx6pv6.onion/ Category: Marketplace for Fake Bills

This one totally tops the charts as probably “the” most illegal dark web links, cause hey fake bills? Yeah totally illegal.

So, this site basically creates and sells fake EUR and USD bills, and they ship from USA, Germany, and France as well.

Considering the site has been in business for quite some time now, it does seem legit (although it’s still illegal).

Counterfeit Factory

Website: http://count2lclhhckg6w.onion/ Category: Marketplace for Fake Bills

Another one of the illegal onion links specializing in selling counterfeit currency bills. Although unlike the site listed above, this one isn’t limited only to EUR and USD, instead has many other options such as GBP, SGD, RUB etc so your currency is most probably available as well.

They also verify each bill after its creation and only after satisfactory results and passing it through various tests admit it on the site, or so they claim.

Cash Lords

Website: http://cashloongjd7b6u4.onion Category: Marketplace for Fake Bills

This too is a site selling counterfeit bills, but its functioning structure is slightly different from the above mentioned illegal onion links for counterfeit bills.

Instead of creating these bills themselves, Cash Lords instead has “access” to disposable bills.

The govt. disposes of bills frequently for various reasons, and the marketplace claims to have access and these are the bills which are sold online.

Premium Cards

Website: http://slwc4j5wkn3yyo5j.onion Category: Buy Hacked Debit Cards

So far, we’ve seen these top 23 illegal websites selling Paypal accounts and counterfeit money, so naturally hacked or clones cards aren’t far behind, are they?

The Premium Cards site sells “Pre-paid debit cards”, note that these aren’t credit, rather debit cards which have been pre-loaded with funds.

Cards are available for various currencies including USD, EUR, GBP etc.

Euphoric Oblivion

Website: http://prepaid3jdde64ro.onion/ Category: Buy Hacked Debit Cards

Another site letting you buy pre-loaded Debit cards. Although how these cards are acquired isn’t clear.

According to the site, they “make” these cards, and these cards do not have any owners.

They sell both magnetic and chipped cards, and support cards for USD, EUR or AUD.

Low Balance Cards

Website: http://65px7xq64qrib2fx.onion/ Category: Buy Hacked Credit Cards

Another one of the sites selling cards, but this time it’s “credit’ and not debit, which would probably mean that these would have a more immediate expiry date.

The site simply has 3 basic products, low balance card, medium balance card and large card. Simply add anyone to your cart and checkout.

There are many other sites selling credit/debit cards on the deep web, so if you need more of these just connect with us on our Facebook page, and leave us a message or comment?

Worry not, sharing the links with you isn’t illegal on our part, as I do it only for educational purposes and do not encourage or want you to actually use these sites ever.

Fake ID Passport

Website: http://fakeids2okjdgxip.onion/ Category:  Marketplace for fake documents.

How can this list of the top 23 illegal websites be complete without mentioning these fake document marketplaces?

Fake ID Passport marketplace is a place where you can buy all and any kind of fake documents including Passports, Drivers’ licenses, ID cards and even VISA!

Although not “all” the countries are supported, but most are; including USA, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland so unless you’re trying to get to Mars, you should find your choice here.

US Fake Ids

Website: http://en35tuzqmn4lofbk.onion/  Category: Marketplace for fake documents.

A neatly designed fake document marketplace facilitating the purchase of Drivers’ licenses.

It doesn’t sell any other kind of document, but Drivers’ licenses solely. These licenses aren’t just plastic, but contain Holograms and are scannable if the site is to be believed.

Fake Ids and documents top the “illegal activities” list in just about any country, so obviously this is one of the top 23 illegal websites you’ll ever come across, don’t you agree?

Onion Identity Service

Website: http://abbujjh5vqtq77wg.onion/ Category: Marketplace for fake documents.

Even though it’s in the same category as the above site, this site has its own infrastructure, it doesn’t seem to “Create” the fake documents from scratch, rather it probably steals identities and matches them with your requirements.

That’s what I concurred after reading their description, but I may be wrong.  It sells Passports, ID cards and Drivers’ Licenses, and is somewhat more expensive than other similar services on the dark web.


Website: http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/ Category: Secret, restricted documents and texts.

Parazite is one of the most heavily crowded and data-rich websites if you need confidential, secret or restricted documents.

It has religious documents, drug-related texts, political documents, bomb-making tutorials and just about everything else.

The documents are available as E-books, simple txt files or even PDFs, although understanding the site may feel slightly complicated when you visit it for the first time.


Website: http://mrbrur4uh4pl6mxj.onion/ Category: Porn

Porn isn’t always illegal, at least not in most countries, but when a site uploads “real rape” videos and other extreme content as such, it does deserve a mention in a list of top 23 illegal websites, don’t you agree?

Brutual is a website which claims to provide unscripted, real rape videos and they’re available as packs and can be bought using Bitcoins.

It even lets people share their own videos and if they’re accepted, they get some kind of gift in return.

People’s Drug Store

Website: http://newpdsuslmzqazvr.onion/ Category: Drug Shop

The name said it all, didn’t it? Yeah, it’s a drug store. One with a lot of variety, and a much efficient user-interface.

Everything from Heroin, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Speed, to Cannabis Prescriptions, is available.

It has a simple “Product name X price” interface, you select your product and quantity and buy it using Bitcoins.

They even broke down their Heroin samples into different categories so to suit IV users, smokers and all other kinds of drug intake systems.

 Some other illegal drug stores on the deep web:

Digital Gangster

Website: http://digigang3lbqpfig.onion/ Category: Hacking

It’s one of the oldest “Rent a hacker” services on the deep web. The owner of the site has clearly indicated that he is ready for any and all kinds of hacking jobs as long as you’ve got the funds to pay.

He has even included a list of possible jobs such as changing grads in your school report, hacking organizations and institutes, hacking someone’s devices and what not.

Considering how old the service is, it may actually turn out to be legit, but obviously, I haven’t tried it out personally and never would.

Black Market Guns

Website: http://5xxqhn7qbtug7cag.onion Category: Weapons

Those stories of guns and weapons being available on the Deep web you heard about, weren’t just stories.

The BMG site is a living proof of that, it lets you buy just about any kind of weapon as easily as buying a cellphone from Amazon.

As for shipping, according to the site, they take apart the guns, and ship them inside power tools, computer parts and other such items.

Without doubt, it has earned its place as one of the top 23 illegal websites, hasn’t it? Here’s another site selling guns on the Deep web – http://2kka4f23pcxgqkpv.onion/

Apples for Bitcoins

Website: http://tfwdi3izigxllure.onion/ Category: Marketplace for Apple Devices.

Can’t afford Apple devices? Well, maybe now you can. This site sells Apple devices such as iPhones and Macs at quite the discount.

Obviously these devices aren’t acquired legally and buying them is illegal, but these sites do exist just in case you were curious.

Final Words:

I believe that’s a wrap folks, we’ve included Deep web marketplaces, drug stores, gun stores, porn sites, premium product marketplaces, credit / debit card stores, fake document marketplaces, hacker services and even Paypal marketplaces.

That covers quite a few illegal activities regardless of which country you live in, isn’t that so?

Let me just tell you that, these top 31 illegal websites’ list is purely for educational purpose to enlighten you on what’s available and possible on the Deep web.

I or my team in no way promote or encourage the use of these sites in any way. Any and all action by you on these sites is totally at your own risk and your own responsibility.

But, if you do decide to visit these anyway, you’ll need the Tor browser (without which the .onion links won’t work),  and NordVPN to keep your identity, privacy and anonymity intact on the Deep web.