How to Access the Deep Web


How to Access the Deep Web: These days many internet terms like Deep web, Dark Internet, hidden web, tor directory, best VPN services, darknet markets and many other are very popular into the technical industry.

Before telling you anything about some given terms or how to access the deep web, I want to give you a brief description of these terms like Dark Internet, Deep Web, Hidden Internet.

How to access the deep web

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What is Dark Internet?

Dark Web is the place, where Scientist put his all data, which they can use for scientific or analysis purpose.  I think now you question why scientist put his data on Dark Internet; Answer is simple “Security”.

Data always important for every organization, and every organization wants to make his private data more secure, and Dark Internet is the best place for these type data. This main reason is, without direct link or valid username or password, no one can access these type data storage sites.

Note: Basically we can say that Dark Internet Is a boarding place.

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What is Deep Web?

Deep Web is the collection of all web pages which search engine can not search and Indexed; normally we can say Deep web having all Dark Web(Collection of data which used only for scientific purposes) sites and also other protocol sites like email, Chat, Forums, Marketplace, etc.

Many Times I watched web hacking related movies and see various incredible stuff, but I don’t know. Is it possible? Or not. If possible then how I can do it?

Many times I have such types question in my mind but can’t able to find right answer. But today I am sharing my personal experience about hidden web with you.This is common sense question If you here then you already know something about the deep web or darknet.

That’s why, let’s go ahead; Truly it is real. The Internet world has black world where you can do anything what you want and which not legal on regular internet world.

In a simple word:  the deep web places, where you can do any illegal activity, which doesn’t allow in normal web world. Here you can buy and sell any type of drugs, guns, pirated software, games and music and all things which are not legal. But one thing you must know and take in your mind, if you are exploring the deep web then don’t use your personal information here. If you need to buy anything then always used Bitcoin. Here you can sell and buy anything by

Every dark web site accepts payment via Bitcoins and only bitcoins is the best way for payment transfer.

Best Bitcoins Articles that can help you:

Note: I request to you, all information which I will be telling you to below, all are only for education purpose, not for criminal activity, but if anyone is involved then it’s your own risk.

Note: If you are eager for technical skill then you can learn here a lot. I am saying this thing because this place can open a new door for you, where you can achieve anything which you want.

Now come to the point. After normal description about Deep web or Dark Internet now time for how to access the deep web.

This place is actually present in the internet world, but you cannot access this by using the normal browser, it’s not a secure way. I will suggest you if you want to access, please download Tor( Tor Browser).

What is Tor Browser?


Tor Browser is free open source browser software which use onion routing process. This browser can be able to work on all type internet protocol like HTTP, Https, FTP, gopher and etc. But most important thing is, this browser provide you very secure place. Since this software creates encrypt environment for you, means no one can access your data and not able seen it.

If you have questions like how to access the deep web then this browser can help you, only you need to install this anonymous internet browser into your computer and access the deep web and find the right solution for how to access the deep web.


Note: Tor Browser provides security from network surveillance, privacy security, footprint tracking, traffic analysis means no one can track you, what you are doing because Tor browser uses distributed the anonymous technology.

If you are a computer expert then you already know, under worldwide more than 5 thousand relays are available, and Tor browser is used these relays for internet traffic source to destination. That’s why Tor browser provides you security from malicious attack or tracking activity.

Note: You already know when you are working on the internet every website track your IP, he already know how you are? And where you belong from? If you access the internet by Tor browser, then anyone cannot track you and cannot know where you belong from? If you use Tor, then you are secure from all type such things. Now you are independent for access the deep web (hidden web world).

But these days technical expert found some loophole into Tor browser anonymous network, and they are recommending to use VPN network service to access deep web network.

VPN(Virtual Private Network) + Tor Browser both can make double layer security, which not leave any week security hole.

If you do not have any premium VPN subscription, and looking best VPN service for you then check out my best VPN Service chart which working excellent with TOR network, and you can access the deep web safely.

How to Access the Deep Web?


How to Install Tor Browser into Windows Computer

After some prerequisites and tips,  now come to the main point how to access the deep web? Or How to access .onion sites? Both question answers are only one which is I am presenting below.

Before access the deep web I want to tell you some necessary points by which you can make your privacy or security more secure.

1). Download Tor Browser into your computer, here I am using Windows computer that’s why I am downloading an executable file, make sure download tor bundle from website.


Note: Now always select bundle copy according to your operating system and download current updated version, always prevent to download old Tor bundle because old version does not have currently updated patches.

If you are Mac or Linux Users, then you can download your suitable Tor browser bundle by the help of highlighted area links.


2). If you have tor bundle download copy, now time for the installation process. Go to download directory and run your Tor bundle.


Double click on software execution file, if your download copy is correct then your installation wizard is running, now you will get installation language option, here you need to select your required language, Now I am using English language that’s why I am selection English option.


3). In the next wizard, you will get installation directory option, here you can install your tor browser anywhere into your computer. Also you can leave this option default.


Note: If you change installation directory at an installation time, this process will give you extra security.

4). If your previous step is successfully complete, then your final installation process will be start, and you will get like below given screenshot.


5). I think; now you also got final window just like me which I am given below.


6). If yes, then you have successfully installed tor browser into your computer.

How to create secure environment in your computer(First Time Users)

1). First, start your VPN service, If you not have then buy NordVPN, It’s very cheap as compared to another VPN services. I am suggesting this service because I am also using this service since four years, now NordVPN having more than 350+ global servers. Only NordVPN offering TOROver VPN servers means no one can’t track your identity.

More Information >> NordVPN Review

If you are looking NordVPN alternative then you can check best Tor support VPN service post, here I also categorized all features, Pros or Cons by which you can select any other best VPN service according to your requirement.

More information >> Best VPN services forever 2016

Here I am using NordVPN, that’s why I am running my premium VPN service like as given below screenshot.


2). If your VPN is successfully run, then go to your Tor browser directory, where you have installed, then run Tor Browser.

or, If you have Tor Icon at your desktop window then you need to click on this icon.


3). Before visit any deep web sites, make sure your JavaScript has been disable.

For Disable JavaScript:

Go to on your Tor browser on left side top corner, check here S symbol have red circle, If have then your browser javascript is disabled, now you can go ahead on the deep web.

If browser S symbol does not have red circle, then click on S, then client on ” forbid script globally“.

Java Script

If you are Android user and want to know how you can explore the deep web in Android smartphone. below I am showing you, all step by step process in full detail. For more information click on next button.