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If you do, then you’ve landed on the right web page; here you’ll find every single category active deep web links.

Note: These are only being shared for “Educational Purposes”, I or our team do not promote or encourage the use of weep web to procure and/or engage in any illegal activity on the deep web. We shared only that type links, that I found on the deep web when I tried to explore. In some cases, these dark web links may not work because mostly listed links works from time to time.

If you already are aware of the deep web and know how you can access these onion links then you can directly scroll down to the table of content section.

But if you’re a newbie, or wish to learn what the Deep Web is? and/or how to access it safely, we’ve compiled a complete guide for the same.

Security Points for Beginner Deep Web Users:

1). Setup your secure deep web access network, For help, check out how to access the deep web guide.

2) Unplug your webcam or cover webcam by black tape.

3). Generate a second identity(Virtual Identity for Deep Web) that you can use them all over the dark web

4). Don’t use any personal information for your second identity like the real name, address, mobile no, date of birth or etc.

5). Always use anonymous email service for account creation.

Recommendation: only use emails that offer client end encryption or decryption. I am using or both are trusted email services and mostly user prefers both of these.

6). When accessing the deep web, close all other programs or software running on your system.


7).  Always check for Updates on Tor Browser, be quick to get the updates installed as soon as they’re available.

8). Check the Tor browser’s “Javascript Enable or Disable” status.

Recommended: always stop javascript when you are accessing any deep web sites. But in some cases, many sites only able to access in javascript enable environment, my suggestion doesn’t use that type onion links, find other alternative dark web links.

9). Before you access any hidden wiki links, you should use “New Identity” or “New Tor Circuit” setting using:

New Identity: Ctrl+Shift+U
New Tor Circuit for This Site: Ctrl+Shift+L

10). If 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) is being offered by any onion site or dark web marketplaces, make sure you use it. Most dark web markets allow PGP authentication If you are not aware of PGP and want to know more then check out PGP Guide for beginner users.

11). Only access the deep web on trusted devices, don’t use any other person’s laptop or desktop to access the Deep web.

12). Highly recommended point: For your security, first run your Nord VPN software client and only after a connection is established start Tor browser.

Note: If you are a security geek and wish to protect the security of all the members who are using your home internet network then you should use a VPN router for a VPN protected wireless network.  This is the best solution for protect your privacy or anonymity.

13). If you want to set up or customize your complete environment, and looking right informative source (Tools, software, operating system) of information then try to visit 27 Best Privacy Tools for Complete Digital Privacy Online and Offline

Now that we’ve discussed the mandatory key points, now its time to get down to the Table of contents, down here I’ve categorized onion links according to site status and services. You can select any one category, and visit the sites of that type.

 If you want to know the step by step information about security and setup for access the deep web then click here.

Also, you can read sequentially the following  quick Overview if you wish to access the onion links.

Anyway, here are the top dark web links according to categories, That you can explore right now!

Dark Web Links 2018 Updated

Deep Web Information (Step by Step Guide for Full Information):

If you’re on this page, then clearly you’re intrigued by the Deep Web.  In this guide, I will define and establish every single existing point, every nook and cranny that you should know before you set sail for the deep web.

Feel free to skip any sections below if you feel you’re already familiar with them. I’ll start with Beginner level topics, and then proceed to medium and finally the advanced level.

Beginner Level Topics:

In this section, I’ll be establishing the very basic points, such as what is deep web, dark web, facts about the deep web, also will define some key points that you should know before accessing the deep web.

I am also sharing with you, how you can access the deep web, and how you can set up your secure Tor access network on the computer, how you can save your privacy at the time of deep web links access along with some Bitcoins related beginner level articles.

Why Bitcoins? Because not only it has slowly overtaken Fiat (normal currency) in recent times, it’s also the currency mostly accepted on the Deep Web.

Medium or Advanced User Deep Web Links Topics

What is Deep Web?

Do you know how big the Internet actually is?  Yes. I think your answer is “very large” because the Internet has millions of sites, right?.

Get ready to be shocked! Because that “very large” internet you access on your general browsers such as Chrome / Mozilla/I.E etc consists of only 0.03% of the Internet!

That’s right, the Surface web only is 0.03% when compared to the hidden, deep web!  The other 99.97% of the internet is available only on the hidden internet. This is the web space we generally refer to as the deep web/dark web.

Obviously, a natural question here is, if the hidden web consists of 99.97% of the Internet, what exactly does it consists of? What’s found there? That’s what I aim at answering through this guide.

The Deep web holds billions of gigabits of research docs, military databases, organization data, university research data, government data, Backups, data dumps, Records, Research Paper, Leaks and every other type of data that the world doesn’t wish to share with people on the clearnet.

That type of data only can be accessed by people who have the exact URL, access role, and in some cases the usernames and passwords of the sites.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a sub-section of the Deep Web. A Smaller part, a “darker”, “deeper” part of the Deep Web consisting of all the illegal materials which generally the whole of the Deep Web is accused of comprising of.

In order to access these sites, you’ll need the Tor Browser. It’s a browser designed to help you access sites on the .onion network, and that’s where the dark web sites reside.

Similar to surface web e-commerce sites, the dark web also has some very popular dark web marketplaces where users can deal with any and all types of products (primarily illegal) and/ or can offer his/her services anonymously.

Although, Privacy is a major issue on the Deep web as sites are quite often seized by the FBI raids, arrests and lot of other things. That’s why before accessing any onion links make sure you have a VPN and Tor Browser in the least.

Note: In July 2017, Dutch police department seized two big marketplaces (Alphabay , Hansa Market) and Trade Route also has been shout down. but since last 3 or 4 year, some marketplace also offering his service like Dream market, Empire Market, WallStreet Market and etc. 

If you want to get more information about these popular dark web marketplace then you can check these marketplace review blog posts under Review category.

Important Points that you Should Know

I’ve already defined the basics in this article’s start points because obviously, not everyone would read the complete article to the line.

Most only want to get the direct onion links and that’s natural.  That’s why I’ve put this information on the top; in case if you wish to read; click here.

How to Access the Deep Web

Throughout this section, I’ll be sharing how you can make a secure setup for the dark web.

But I’ll only be sharing a brief description because I’ve already written another piece where I’ve defined every step along with screenshots, If you are not a tech-geek, in that case, this step by step guide can help you through every setup. Throughout this guide, I’ve also defined how you can access the deep web on your Android Smartphone as well as on your computer.

Must Read: How to access the deep web complete step by step guide with screenshot.

Quick Overview Step by Step Process:

Security always is a major issue on the deep web thus you do need to focus on your security before accessing hidden Internet sites. 

Here’s a tip, never access the dark web links or tor links/hidden wiki links without running any one of the best VPN Services in the least.

You’ll also need a browser which supports .onion links, as the general browsers such as Chrome or Mozzila do not support these links. And hence, I’ll recommend going with the Tor Browser.

It’s a great idea to combine NordVPN along with the Tor Browser because they both provide you with awesome security.

1). Download Tor Browser and Install it on your PC(Computer).

2). After that, you’ve got to download the NordVPN software. Although it’s optional because it’s a premium VPN and isn’t free.

Recommended VPN: The reason I’ve recommended NordVPN is it’s cheaper as compared to its rivals in the industry, at the same time providing much better features and security.

With over 600+ servers in 120+ Countries with each server providing Fort-Knox level security features like double VPN server, Onion Over VPN Server, Dedicated Server, Anti DDos, Ultra Fast TV, Standard VPN and etc. The speed especially is noteworthy!

Here’s an in-depth NordVPN review.

Note: I’ve been with over 100 VPNs in the past half-decade or so, there obviously are other VPN services which claim to be the best, but honestly their service can’t be compared to that of NordVPN. 

It’s the only VPN I actually felt satisfied with.

Note: Always use NordVPN Onion Over VPN Server before accessing deep web links/onion websites.

Note: In case you’re on your home connection or in the office and wish to protect all the devices on the network from any outside threats, you should use a  VPN flash router for home or office. Here are some additional links to help you out:

3). If you have access to the  NordVPN Software then install it on your computer and then connect anyone onion over VPN server. Once the VPN gets connected, fire up your Tor browser.

3). Before accessing, any deep web link, first disable your tor browser’s ” javascript “ feature. This is extremely important and make sure you’ve done it before hitting up any .onion links.

Once that’s done, your Tor browser setup is complete!

After the browser setup, you need the .onion links, don’t you? Yeah, I read your minds!

In the table of content above, I gave you some .onion sites or the best deep web sites as I perceive them, But let me also tell you that I’m not responsible for any mistake or crime committed by you on the Deep web; that’s totally your own responsibility and at your own risk.

Also note that if you feel your computer doesn’t have the latest Antivirus updates, firewalls or  NordVPN client then my suggestion to you is do not visit the Deep web at this time. for right tools information make sure you need to read top 27 privacy tools that can push you on the next step security.

Note: If you are using windows 10, then I will recommend you first you need to fix your operating system breaches, for more information check out windows 10 privacy fixer tools

The Dark Web Links Status: Before including these links here, I’ve manually checked all the links personally and have made sure they’re online as of now.

Recommendations: If you are deep web maniac then I’ll recommend you these deep web forums and these deep web subreddits, because these forums are the best source on the internet to find the best information about any dark web marketplace, deep web links, new dark web links and also you can share your thought, experience about deep web marketplace/the hidden wiki and you can read what other’s think about the dark web or specific marketplaces.

It can tremendously help you to find the best markets or onion sites by yourself.

Some very common and useful deep web links directories.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoins is a cryptocurrency, it’s the modern times’ currency, digital currency that doesn’t need to be printed. The best part is, it’s NOT CONTROLLED by any govt. or any other centralized agency/group.

It acts and works just like everyday fiat currencies, you can send it to people, buy anything you want with it, or convert it to Fiat (normal currency) and cash it out. For security reasons, every transaction is performed on public ledgers and can be verified on the ledger.

People prefer Bitcoin because they can transfer their money to anyone without any tracking, interference or even tax deductions.  Here are some other detailed guides I’ve done on the topic:

How to Use Bitcoin?

This section is dedicated to helping you learn how to use Bitcoin to send/receive or buy things with it.

Let’s start, you probably already know that it’s a digital currency and can be stored in Bitcoin wallets digitally.

These wallets are available both for your Smartphone’s, as well as computers, and are totally secure. Although among them too, some wallets are better than others and that’s why we’ve done quite a few detailed pieces helping you chose the one which fits your needs the best:

Although, if you have higher funds, and aren’t comfortable storing them in these software wallets,  in that case, I’ll recommend using a Hardware wallet. It’s the most-secure kind of wallet available to humans, and works like your real, physical USB-sized personal bank.

Here are some of the best Hardware wallets I’ve used and reviewed for your benefit:

Don’t have Bitcoins yet? There are many Bitcoin exchanges, trading platform, and marketplaces which offer easy buying and selling of Bitcoins.

You can directly buy Bitcoin from these platforms. Although Bitcoin can also be bought from the Deep web, I’ll not recommend you using them as many of our readers have reported them to be scams. And, it’s much easier now to buy Bitcoin than it was half a decade back. 

So use any of those surface web platforms and you should be alright! Here are some of the most trusted platforms to buy Bitcoins from.

Note: This website has only my own thought, opinions and research about the deep web, I only share my experiences here, what I saw or found on the dark web explored it.

I do not highly recommend you to visit the listed dark web sites unless you know what you’re doing, If you desperately wish to know what is the deep web, in that case feel free to scroll through my experiences.

Note that, participation or involvement in any kind of activity that’s legally or morally incorrect is totally your own responsibility and at your own risk, I’ll not be liable to any damage caused by or to you on the Deep web.

 There are some extremely mind disturbing or creepy content on the deep web,  but you don’t have to “visit” the sites in order to learn about them, I’ve visited them and shared my experiences here for you to get a risk-free experience.

I do explore all types of websites on the deep web, It may be related to drugsweapons, or porn. But I’ll recommend you not to “visit” these yourselves without proper research, as you can learn about these sites and their function simply by reading through my posts as well.

Finally, all and any action taken by you either on the clearnet or the deep web is 100% your own responsibility.

Again recommendation: Use premium VPN(recommended Nord onion over server) + Tor Browser