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Deep Web Forums: If you’re eager to get acquainted with the active darknet hidden wiki forum, and if you also require a deep discussion on this sensitive topic, and are looking for the best deep web forums and the hidden wiki forum links and if you are searching answers on how to access the deep web latest news and updates.

Deepwebsiteslinks is the best source where you can find information on all the popular(and hidden) deep/dark web topics/platforms/ ,the hidden wiki news and darknet markets updates. Every single day thousands visit us and take away the otherwise “not so easily” available information.”

Here I’m sharing with you some popular deep web forums and dark web community links. These will help you find more links, news, and information related to the Deep/Dark web. We all know that the Deep/Dark web has millions of websites. However, these aren’t stable. They’re often seized by law enforcement agencies, or willingly exit-scam.

But here, we update the links very frequently. Making sure only live and working links stay on the website.

Privacy Tip: Always use NordVPN Onion Over Server with Tor browser while you are access these deep web sites. If you think you’re using TOR and you’re protected. Well, you aren’t. TOR has been hacked by the FBI in the past, and while it has been patched and offers quite a bit of privacy, it’s not as secure and anonymous as a VPN.

Recommended Tips for Accessing the Deep/Dark Web:

First launch NordVPN or any other premium VPN + Tor Browser and disable the Javascripts on your TOR browser. (Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide on How to use Tor).

Disclaimer: Only YOU are responsible for your actions and activities on these dark web sites. We do not promote/support or encourage any illegal activity.

Deep Web Forums, Dark Web Forum, and Community Links

bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onionDrugs forumBreaking Bad – This is primarily an educational forum on chemicals but also has other uses. There’s a market (that also offers optional escrow) and mostly has drug listings. You can learn about different chemicals, drugs, their uses, affects etc. Anyone can list their products. There’s also a very different Wiki that has an unique navigation interface, teaches drug analysis ,purification, synthesis, effects etc.

worldrmuxgp5qbmxbr27sgmau6wma75l2vx7brsiftyibaaejfqot4qd.onionDarknet Market forum World Market forum – World Market is slowly growing to be one of the most well-recognized names in the darknet market industry, this is their forum. It’s special because it strictly prohibits all trades and transactions in the forum which decreases chances of users getting scammed. It has threads on tech, drug, carding, market etc. It was launched only recently and has doesn’t have many active users for now, will probably change with time.

suprbaydvdcaynfo4dgdzgxb4zuso7rftlil5yg5kqjefnw4wq4ulcad.onionDeep web forumsSuperBay: This community is having an outstanding amount of threads, and everyday lot’s of visitors use these threads, If you have some problem, then you can find the relevant thread, and can resolve your issue.

fiie73lpq2vnwkl2z2tbv7e42hwybz763othhxibv6vc2fx5katxoxid.onion Forum LS Magazine Forum – The tagline reads “only HQ legal stuff”. It has about 39000 registered members. Registration isn’t required to browse threads, it’s only demanded if you wish to post. A total of 116 posts available. All threads have some kind of downloadable files in them, they have titles such as “my childhood”, LS Dreams issue short skirts etc.

twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion/  –  Social Media Community –  Twitter –  Official Twitter link for access on the dark web, users Twitter username and password working similar here. But if Tor Browser has javascript disabled, the user needs to enable for Twitter access. But the recommended way is, don’t use a Clearnet username and password. Create a new fake account with the help of fake information.

xh6liiypqffzwnu5734ucwps37tn2g6npthvugz3gdoqpikujju525yd.onion/  –  Portuguese Community –  Brazilian hidden question and answer community, where users actively post his question. The community have more than 1K+ active question and answers related to every major category like the internet, hacking, politics, Music, Erotica, Movies,  Drama, Darknet tor and etc.

rudarkznow3mhg6kdbwvvpkzsupjfgrt6id5hae53fdm5iikf77t4pid.onionRussian Forum  – RUDark – Russian forum for finding your question right answer, but without registration, user can not contribute in RuDark community. But the general thread can be read by anyone, and some mazor thread categories are document, hacking, finance, power action and etc.

z5hy2nkb4to3fc5khzmgv57dot6wtzzrftzlgy3ngbxz2kk24ke4dtyd.onion Forum & Marketplace – Extreme Forum Marketplace – This is both a forum on the darknet, as well as a marketplace. The UI is similar to a forum, while its primary reason for existence is to facilitate buying/selling of items. As of today, it has 167 members who have posted nearly 1000 posts. While it does require registration, it does allow gibberish in place of e-mail IDs.

tedditfyn6idalzso5wam5qd3kdtxoljjhbrbbx34q2xkcisvshuytad.onion Reddit Reader INCOGSNOO – This unique site lets you read Reddit posts, without having to signup or share any personal details. In fact, its tagline reads- “privacy respecting Reddit reader”. It fetches nearly all the subreddits, including Politics, videos, animation, Bitcoin, Tails and everything in between. It allows reading complete threads, including all the replies for free and with privacy.

7police7ouqvf6lvpcivvzy5vipgpv327k74tnj7xee4gvhvkzcdggid.onion Forum Korum – The name probably stands for “Korean Forum”, the site sure is completely in Korean. It has an interface that’s identical to image boards. Anyone can post anything, no registration or signup is required. It has hundreds of posts but almost every single one of these is in Korean. There’s no “reply” interface, it’s more like a single thread being continued forever.

ioprv5oicidotqcvzgsqysscjycm3n55eq4joqlb4liuugeop4wzg6id.onion Forum Merovech Forum Club – It’s an unique forum which seems to be created with the goal of letting users communicate with each other. Doesn’t have many members though and is limited at 21 registered users so far. Does have 324+ topics and 800+ posts so far. Initially, only the “announcement” and “new members section” is accessible to new members. After making 3 posts, rest of the posts are unlocked.

thehubrysnv5i7mlaitavqjosqgcnbaimk2c4hesgamno7boyvxxokid.onion Forum The Hub – It’s a forum which currently isn’t accepting registrations. All the basic features such as threads, posts, user levels, calendar and so on. The about page seems like a promotion for the forum software (that this forum is using). Pre-existing users can still login and use the forum. The “auto logout” feature exists, protects accounts from being hacked.

us3xsdrhmhk4h3bkuq7ttkp6pocs4726esycpgwtogrpu3nfjj6eroqd.onion Forum Shadow Forums – It’s a forum that has just one topic of practical importance, it’s “clothing and footwear”. The thread has links to clearnet footwear and clothing sites. No registration is required for browsing or accessing the forum. Not very active. Has just 50 members in total and 30 posts in total. Posting new content is only allowed after being manually enabled by the admin.

ezdhgsy2aw7zg54z6dqsutrduhl22moami5zv2zt6urr6vub7gs6wfad.onionEvent forum DEF CON forums – It seems like the official DEF CON forum on the TOR network. The first registered user can be traced back to 2002! It’s free to browse, however, only registered users can make new posts. It has 22030 registered members as of today. It’s obviously very active, with the last post being just hours old at any given time.

altcoinexpx3on26hpsbu4b5ipojqetyla677xva66jnidyxhrxrizqd.onionCryptocurrency & markets Alt Coin Explain – The forum was initially intended for Crypto discussions. The official threads are about bitcoin and many different altcoins, however, the members have spammed to forum with posts about drugs, counterfeit items and darknet markets. It does seem active and has a few thousand posts in each thread.

frenchwltobamdhyq5y2egezkbnz53ws5kaa6wnscildhnegdw5nhsyd.onion Darknet forumFrench World – Claims to be the biggest French forum on the darknet. Has very extreme topics such as shipping weapons, carding , ransomware, cc live check and some services etc. A twist however is that the owner is selling the forum for 10K $/EUR worth of Bitcoins or XMR. (Buy Bitcoin using Cash/Cards/ or buy BTC with PayPal).

ehwcnzkhqsx4qcbsef4tupfnnewhkn52uxmcyieas3x34g6j45zoqzyd.onionForum Italian Deep Web – An Italian forum, and can be accessed only after registration. The registration form is pretty long and the captcha doesn’t always work correctly.

darkn5g756epq6t6fkqdo3mvkxlvwjtgabsbh3x47yhqg3uguiy5z5yd.onionForumsDarkway Forums – Most popular dark web forum that has biggest members community those are participating in the community every time, Forum has more than 30+ threads, available category for discussion are Fraud, Real Crime, Drogen, Web hosting, Coding, Social Engineering, Cryptocurrencies, Marketplace, Fake Id’s, Accounts, Payment Methods, Counterfeit. But one thing you should know about this forum mostly threads available in the German language, If you know German, then you may explore this site for more info.

aiojyf7ebv5oqyqz3jhpynescoygvh22kjtidfv6hf36zhnms4kthiad.onionForumTurkish Forum –  A Turkish Forum which is exclusively in Turkish. Seems dead for the most part and doesn’t have any recent threads, messages or posts. A total of 4 posts dated “Jan 1 1970” available. Has one single message saying “heyt be”. Doesn’t need registrations.

o3nqszgvtqwcc2mxqcqgeyulkh6spiv6yaahgu7znaphzmikfvpu5aad.onionForum Kick-Ass – Kick Ass is a forum related to hacking, carding, anonymity, privacy, reverse engineering etc. There are two entry modes, you could either pay a signup fee which is around $250.00 or another VIP member may vouch for you in which case the entry is free. BTC and XMR payments are accepted. The login URL too is private and only shared with the members directly.

cebulka7uxchnbpvmqapg5pfos4ngaxglsktzvha7a5rigndghvadeyd.onionPolish Forum – Cebulka – It’s a forum that’s primarily in Polish however switching to English is possible. The member base is impressive with 27000+ registered members. There are two primary sections, the first being a marketplace section, with sub-topics such as drugs, electronics, weapons, chemistry etc. The second is less extreme and deals with scientific discoveries, comic posts etc.

ksn5nqaie4bozit34yk5dnlxhdymd2fvusltutotvkamr5mv4kkmgzqd.onion Forum Core – This forum doesn’t have thousands of members though and currently only has 214 registered users. A total of 59 posts are available for now. Primary topics include hacking, scams, and darkweb markets. Despite having fewer members, sees a few posts every single day. Viewing threads and their content is open for everyone, making new posts or posting replies does require registration.

mtd4rkwh5r72r7meyjx7xt4n2nk7lwhbm3wrbg4igvfjc24spd5sgdid.onionForum – A French forum, not very active. Has 0 users, only 1 thread and 3 messages in the thread. Most of it can’t be understood as it’s dominated by banners of some kind. Although It has an “advertising agency” section, probably lets users place ads on the forum as well. Does have couple thousand views though.

kkljpzboverudawritcmp6vjfwbohoj7gwhowlg3gcscfs4htfvxusyd.onionForums – The site displays the following text (in French) on the homepage: “Welcome to the annex of the DFAS. You are not allowed to visit these forums“. The forum is about free-speech. Mandatory registrations. Useful links include guides about PGP encryption, Installing a BTC wallet, securing Tor browser and so on. Completely in French. Also links to the “French Hidden Wiki”. After Registration only found 3 threads, confusing titles.

nanochanqwrwtmamtnhkfwbbcducc4i62ciss4byo6f3an5qdkhjngid.onionChan BoardNanoChan – Discussions board where user can discuss on multiple topics like The Lounge, Technology, Board Meta, Politically Incorrect, Anime & Manga, Video Games, Archive, Random, Weapons and etc. The board does have some guidelines for user.

hchanu2or24rjm4dirxfo7uzbvd444uvg3uwdttdv4ikbabms6ddavyd.onionCommunityHiddenChan Archive – Right now hidden chain is not available but these links have old hidden chan all archive files, there you can find download links, these links included Adult porn, hacking tools, Software collection, Private videos or Pictures collection, Hacking, Music, Games, Anime, Politics, darknet markets old chan board collection.

kglddfz2wnvt7wiohbm6g6m5x5flufghnc4zxqdn76svdd3mtjr672id.onionChan BoardTornado – Tornado is a chan board where lot’s of users sharing his thought about any topics, some users share various onion links, I tried to explore these type links some working and some not working.

bba3dvekkuetaax2swnrlxq7ym6brbrmjf25de3tpwvobzap4rcsaeqd.onionForumVagabond Forum – New forum that is recently launched, have few members but forum dedicated to developers. As of now the forum has only 27 posts, 26 topics, 7 register members.

fqdxyhefyfy5nq3bi75edyhmbmutnbpxbvkrpsb2veelic5gn332gmad.onionForums/Drugs/CardingFrench Deep Space (FDS) – French local community that offers threads related to drugs, carding, weapons, hacking, Trading, Armory and much more. Users can deals with these products by BTC, XMR, ETH.

gn2suqz5aewafkejelorsa7nhwk3o4kjrjc3wz5cs373dbqfodnihjad.onionCommunity/HackerSpiderax – Anonymous hacker community that’s fighting for anonymity or privacy, but right now the website is under construction, hope it’ll will live As soon as possible with full information.

askjlzkglwqle753c6jtl7ss4nul3jafxlgykbdqg7yh5ef7tmvox6id.onionBoardsNine chan Board – Chan board where you enjoy multiple threads, these threads are related to counterfeit, finance, Bitcoins, porn, drugs and etc.

okm5wpuh4hmuj4vcy7i72r7uumwwfmgeqjgy7b6qecv2aflaopqvfdad.onionForumRindexx- The forum has a tagline saying “For Girl lovers” and shows a female kid. Has threads such as “Spycam”, “Fetishes”, “Webcams”, “Non-Nude”, etc. Also has some animal-porn thread-titles. We did not, and you should not click on threads which seem to be illegal.

rxcm6gcgzenjvucid7pnh4tjnkdis553oem34tbqubdf6uv5jlezpayd.onionForumSecret City – Registration only forum, registered 2 accounts, couldn’t login. Photos of Children in the header. Has a T&C stating that it’s completely legal and can only be used for legal purposes. Has a total of 34708 members.

4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onionImage board 8 Chan – Probably not the official 8 chan, however does have 912396+ posts and averages 50 posts/hour. Posts can be found in categories like Hentai, liberty, technology, test board, delicious, video games, spooky etc. No illegal content is allowed. Deletion-passwords can be set, generous file upload sizes of 32MB allowed. It’s completely anonymous and doesn’t require registrations.

frchano4z7wr37nlzogiboypoc7hvwrtskkexk2chtjmbioysevmetad.onionImage board Frchan – As the name suggests, it’s an image board primarily in French, however, quite a few English posts are found as well. Isn’t ultra-active but does have a total of 16838 posts. No. of chans too are limited, for now only has politics, international, “filles sexy” etc. Does have an edge for adult content. Posts are anonymous, deletion possible.

5z57imdllhxv4lssagb2b3vrmbju3rt6kvjl3raakgtdzrxfh4obxdad.onion – ForumsDeutschland – Informationskontrolle, nein danke – Dutch forums that have more than 8000 members, also has good amount threads, like drugs, counterfeit, services, hacking, warez, etc.

hell2ker5i3xsy6szrl2pulaqo3jhcz6pt7ffdxtuqjqiycvmlkcddqd.onion – ForumHell Forum – Deep web forum where every member to need to pay some fee to the forum admin for registration. And sign up fee you can get the return after sign up when you create any post on the forum and Fee price is 0.1 BTC.

jungsmj4w5z7jpoy4e5q5lj4csn3gmektmaflbvfv47syygfdxpbblad.onion – CommunityJungsForum – Deep web community for that type people who love to boys, This community have chat server for real-time discussion, forum, blog, wiki, gallery(2000+ photos), Pastebin(Anonymous sharing) and PAD and much more.

dwforumuugiyderhybcpfxmlmoawgq6z3w6hk45nrnem3p7kwszhybad.onion Dark Web forum Dark Web Forum – That’s the name of the forum, we aren’t claiming it to be the best. As of today, it has just about 7000 members and about 4000 posts. Isn’t super active but does have 50 posts on average in each thread. Anonymity, Hacking and Carding are the primary discussion topics. Also has a section titled “marketplace”, can be used to buy/sell products and services. Does offer an official escrow for these trades.

3otgxq7d33rwspxfquwkqlp7r4yoicofniypk7hcxxqefrwhptqp7zad.onionForumsDark Net Free Chat – Dark web forums which provide anonymous and open conversation between forum members, here user can discuss on any topics, Available categories are General. Technology. Information, Advertise, Shit Posting, Music & Art, Entertainment, Site Improvement, Opinions & Theories, etc.

na67g442t5fg26elh2vcnwtttrq5hwjsjvfsge6ckc2h573ducgtuqid.onionCommunity/ForumBytechan – Dark web forum where you can directly contact to various drugs, counterfeit, service, carding dumps vendor via by his threads, but all discussion available only in the Russian language, if you know Russian and need your package in Russian origin, then register your profile on this community.

commudazrdyhbullltfdy222krfjhoqzizks5ejmocpft3ijtxq5khqd.onionForum/community Tor Community – It’s basically a book community. It fits both the bills of a forum and a book site. Does have a dedicated, separate forum as well. The forum seems pretty active, most threads have 20,000+ replies. Common topics include author discussions, proof reading, discussion on individual books, technical topics etc. Accessing the topics/threads is open to everyone, no registration/signup required. The entire forum is in Russian, with no official English version.

mfclubxckm7qv3bjee6dquzb4b3wbv3tnxhsuvjm2brx53vgacgp5ryd.onion Forum/Community  Muzafaka Forums – The site resembles both a forum, as well as a marketplace. It has dozens of ad-banners spamming the homepage to death. Also has a ton of products listed such as weapons, fake documents, drugs, counterfeit items etc. Has a “claims” section which acts like a forum. People leave their opinion about products and vendors there.

breached65xqh64s7xbkvqgg7bmj4nj7656hcb7x4g42x753r7zmejqd.onionForumsBeach Forum – Deep web forum for sharing intelligence, database leaks and dumps, Doxes, Government Documents, and all type underground intelligence. At my exploration time forums have approx 12 active threads, and all have active posting by users.

rambleeeqrhty6s5jgefdfdtc6tfgg4jj6svr4jpgk4wjtg3qshwbaad.onion –  Community –  Ramble Community –  Dark web community that have two primary categories that is forum and wiki, forum has recently updated multiple users question and reply from other users. Ramble community is similar like Reddit because here you can join multiple subreddit like AskRamble, Guns, I2P, Linux, Tor, Videos, WebGuides, Freenet, Cryptocurrency and much more.

qyvjopwdgjq52ehsx6paonv2ophy3p4ivfkul4svcaw6qxlzsaboyjid.onion –  Forum –  AbyssForum –  This is the hidden community that offers some illegal categories content like Organ Market, Human Trafficking, Drugs, counterfeit. But these threads are locked for premium users only for some forum members. Some other topics that you can enjoy on this forum are Hacked Database, Hacking tools, Hire a Hacker, Carding, Porn, Drug Stores, Gun Shop, Banknotes,  CryptoMixer, Money Laundering and much more.

jqdrguseajc6nruzy6silfe7zvotqan6wv66sklbdlbbbcyio43fh7ad.onion –  CommunityOverflows –  Hidden Question community for ask any king question to anyone anonymously. For community contribution, first register his account with anonymous information and ask questions and reply to anyone’s questions.

jkie5viyrmymttownlksylz5vipyxxvs6qgy2yybgbssoiuf7a7klpqd.onion –  Forums –  French Deep Web –  This is a French forum. If you are from France and looking, for a local community forum where users discuss in the French language. But anyone can access this community thread without login or signup. French deep web has approx. 1K registered members and 6K threads.

g3rzig6perhzmqepfx7zneaqmwjvmnvw53cxcgl7jjl7sp5gdbd5tlyd.onion –  Forums –  Feed – ACIEEED FORUM that offers thread related to topics like Paypal – TikTok coins Western Union – Bitcoin – Visa Card Master Card – Chat Rooms – Free CC. But the user only can access these threads after login or registering his account. This is a highly active forum because the forum has more than 120K members and post approx. 975K threads.

coqhgexmcthsuirhll6guwtvtdsu46wbygd6go6g74u5grekwrt6jtyd.onion –  Forum –  Cryptostorm’s  community forum –  Are you a guy who is looking cryptostorm token, if yes then this is the Cryptostorm for you, there you can find more than 500+ different cryptostorm token-related topics.

Deep Web Forum / Dark Web Forum Links Those Some Time Working Some Time Not

rrcc5uuudhh4oz3cDeep Web ForumIntelExchange is my favorite the dark web community because here you can find information thread and also can ask your question, I like this because here you can find mostly pre-discussed thread which having lot of meaningful information like best dark web search engines, dark web browser, most trusted the hidden wiki URL.

realpissxny3hgylForum/PornRealPiss Voyeur Community real uncensored female pee spycams: community for real girl piss videos and pictures, If you interested in such type content then you can try to visit a realpiss site.

zzq7gpluliw6iq7l/threadlist.php?Dark web forumsThe Green Machine: Another deep web forum which provides discussion threads, do you have any questions and want to know the right answers then The green machine dark web links can give you correct information. But If you’re going to participate in available threads, then you need to register yourself on this deep web forum.

pncldyerk4gqofhpForums自由國度 – Deep web chinese forum, but the user can access available threads, question and answers after registration here. Do you know the chinese language and want to interact with chinese local deep web community then here is the site for you.

doxbwurbe475dm5iForum – A platform which publishes “Doxed” information about users, primarily Darknet vendors, website admins, members of a cult/group etc. Seems pretty active and detailed, has views in the thousands. I found information which includes License plates, Twitter handle, SSN, and complete address for some of the users! Has 442 approved doxes, and 135 failed ones. The Dox data is verified before being made public.

qmb46vc7qzmwvb5hForum – Another forum on the Darkweb which seems to be dead. Is a registration-only forum, although all topics are filled with “Test threads” by the admin. Does have some visitors, 20 an average a day although they do not seem to register or post on the Forum. Doesn’t seem to have “rules” as the Tagline reads “There are no rules if you’re god“.

summer77sop5nvjyForumSummer Weed is a forum with only two primary categories, a “Summer Weed Category” which basically has topics about everything, such as Drugs, BDSM, Erotica, Hacking, Guns and Explosives etc. While there’s a drug-dedicated topic which only has drug-related topics. Only 21 members have registered in total, not very active. Does have “for sale” threads which act as a marketplace. Browsing is open to everyone, replying does require registrations.

zoovillez7yc3pa3Forum Zooville – This is probably the most popular and active forum on the dark net about Zoophilia and Bestiality. Basically, if you like animal sex, you’d like the forum. It has nearly 75,000 members and an average of 200 members can be found online at any time. Some threads include topics like “female and animals“, “solo animals“, “trans and animal” etc. It has language-specific threads available in 5 non-English languages as well.

wwhclublci77vnbi Carding forum WWHClub – It’s a forum completely in the Russian language. We’ve seen it sell PayPal data, proxies, card data and even servers. For now it has over 188, 804 registered users. A total of 1,632,651 messages on the forum make it pretty active, its 154,826+ topics are proof of that. It also has as many as 4 clearnet domains! Access to forums does require registration.

z2hjm7uhwisw5jm5Dark web forumsWallStreet: If you are having any query about Tor or Looking some hidden web related answer then you can try on this deep web link.

support26v5pvkg6Forum/CommunityPedo Support Community: This Deep web forum has more than 10K+ threads, like links, personal support, pedo literature, child love support, etc.

librarymdiphasqwForumsLibraryMD – Torrente din Moldova in reteaua Tor – Forum which offers a great platform for discussions on any popular topics like technology, books, hacks, Porn and much more.

trololo7zq2dkwwlForumsTrollodrome – Forum which supports only french community, and all thread contents are also available in French language. Forum has politics, Philosophy, science, Spirituals, Information Technology, Publicity related threads.

anonymzn3twqpxq5Deep web forums – Do you love DBA task and want to discuss on DBA related topics then check out this forum, hope this will prove helpful for you.

tumbachegvyaadyqChan BoardTym6a4 – Russian anonymous imageboard where user can share his arts, images or anything that he or she wants, That imageboard have 4 threads /a/, /art/, /b/, /mu/, /vg/. If you know Russian language and love arts then must explore this chan board.

gf2juatsqdph6x2hForumsTorum – deep web forums that sharing tutorials, questions and answers, discuss any IT topics, right now Torum have programming, web development, Hardware, Web Apps, Server/Devices, Wireless, Social Engineering threads.

qd73mvvc7v7zewwlForumsCebulka – Polish language deep web forum, where you can participate in Tor related threads like onion links, tutorials, Chat server and much more.

thundersplv36ecbForumThunder’s Place – Deep web forum that dedicated to men sexual health like increase penis size, tutorials like hos to grow, review about various penis enlargement creams and devices and videos demo.

turkiyex6fkt46raForumAnonTurk – Anonymous Turkish Society – anonymous deep web forum which runnings is the Turkish language, are you turkian and looking that type forum then here is the forum for you.

s6cco2jylmxqcde/hw/ForumsCebolla Chan 3.0 – Onion forums which interface user can access after successful registration that’s why I can’t tell you what type information or threads you can get on Cebolla Chan 3.0 forum. But according to this forum have 70000+ active members and 100000+ post that is big number.

4gj66ltkilkyutyw Carding & Hacking forum – ATN Reloaded – It primarily is a carding and hacking forum, discusses ways on making money from the internet, mostly illegal methods. Malware, carding, programming are some of the popular topics. Is extremely active and generally has 100 or so online users at any given time. There also are sections for verified sellers, escrow and other darknet services.

rhe4faeuhjs4ldc5Forum/Community – Do you have any query related to white hate hacking or black hat techniques, and you want to know some secret hacking tips then this hidden wiki community will prove helpful stuff and journals. having more than 20+ active threads.

avengersdutyk3xfForum – A “Darkweb Police” of sorts. It’s a forum which tests darkweb products (primarily Drugs) and verifies vendor legitimacy. Vendors use approval from the forum to increase their sales, marketplaces use them to increase trust among users. Only available to registered users. Free registrations. Also offers discussion-topics. Basic forum-interface, no technicalities.

crypnk5dn5eqa2ujForum – A forum with the exact same interface as DNM Avengers. Basically a free-speech forum which allows everything except Child Porn, Terrorism, fact-less fear-evoking posts, Direct deals on the forum etc. Is registration-only. Has categories such as Drugs, Technology, Resources, Marketplace etc. Not very active and only has 77 members so far who’ve contributed 52 posts. Soon launching its own Marketplace.

gerkipwhfuqeeizlForum Gerki ­­- A Russian forum, with around 9500 members. Primary topics include Cryptography, Proxies, money-making guides etc. Wouldn’t make much sense to you unless you understand Russian.

phorumserwxwww7pForum The Unethical Forum – The name says is all. It’s a forum where you can discuss and learn best ways to shoplift, steal, deal drugs, growing weed and others of its like etc. Also has an informative section sharing legal advises, tech support etc.

ubmmtdu2q6oni33nForum/Stock Market The Stock Insiders – A darkweb forum focused on “Insider trading” (Extremely illegal). Users can either monetize their own insider information, or sell it with other users on the forum. New users need to prove their info in advance, then they’re vetted via Private Messages. Explosive and Weapon Forum, This hidden wiki link has some perfect weapons and Explosive-related Documents and treads.

zw3crggtadila2sg/imageboard/Deep web forumsTorChan is darknet forum where you ask and participates in running chat thread, but If you are first time visitors then you don’t know how to visit this website then simple type given URL and after press enter you will get one popup on screen then you need to put given Username and Password into both fields, ByDefault Username or Password is torchan2, torchan2. this is most popular the hidden wiki forum, where every day more than thousands or visitors visit and share something exciting.

rzb5nlpvy5oqnketCommunityPanoptykon Foundation – Site running by a group that fighting for protecting freedom, human rights in this surveillance society. Panoptykon established in 2009 and still offering his service continuously.

iaypjcyn2twign5qForumZonaCar0 – deep web forum that has only technology related threads, if you have any questions about any tech related topics like Operating System, Software, Utility, tools then you can register here and you can enjoy many informative threads. This is very popular deep web community, every day more than 1000+ visitors visit this onion site and share information. Here most popular thread is Torrent, Movies, General Discussion, TV shows, documentaries, etc.

rutorzzmfflzllk5Forum/RussianRuTor: Are you looking Russian forum, If yes then RuTor forum can provide you some great questions answer, but this forum not have a more active thread, when I visited this deep web sites then I saw, website have an only limited thread and also not have users engagement.

fbcy5ylyoeqzqzcrDark web forumsMoneybook: Another dark web forum where you can discuss all popular topics related to the dark web like as onion links, dark web markets review, PayPal accounts, music movie sites and much more, hope here you can find some good thread for you.

zyuzqglpmne5pkoiForumsAnonimTurkForum – Turkish language based onion forum that is under construction right now that’s why forum does not have sufficient content threads.

rzilaygoiqfvmmclCommunityHispaTorChan – Chan board based deep web community where you can find more than 400 threads. Site have Anime, General, Hentai, Politica, Paranormal, Armas, Doxeos, Drogas, Hacking, and Erotica(CP).

5vvb4hixkejp5p47ForumsHackweb – onion forum that launched just before couple days, right now only have categories, not have any threads, according to forums. That onion site will hold content about Ethical hacking, cryptography, hardware, illegal hacking, programming, other and so on.

3f66az7af6ckuhbrCommunityPetition of Qualified Voters (Virginia) – deep web community that works in Virginia state, If you are from Virginia and want to participate in any future petition voting then subscribe this site newsletter.

arhivachovtj2jrpCommunityАрхивач — Архив тредов имиджборд – This is Russian archive community board, which have more than millions or threads and each thread have well amount engagement, on this community board you can read every popular category stuff. But all stuff is available in the Russian Language.

dchanqquavltpzcoCommunityDopeChan – Anonymous community that has multiple threads related to movies, games, music, ebooks, audio ebooks, Funny, documentary, paranormal, wallpaper, random stuff, etc. If you are looking stuff like that, you need to visit this community link.

dkzerogt6z6ybhcjForumRetroBBS II – Bringing Network Together – RetroBBS is most active dark web forum that has more than 5K+ active member, and that forum has all categories related threads there you can ask your questions also can help to other members for resolve issues.

x7giprgefwfvkeepCommunityHidden Clubs – This is the anonymous community board where you can contribute on the available threads and can join any available clubs, each clubs only share information related to the category. Hidden Club has more than 50+ active clubs related to Onion links, Hacking, cryptocurrency, Social, Adult+, File Sharing, Drugs, Hacking, Services, News and Gaming.

ukmafiao6elqbltkForumUK Mafia Forum – Dark web forum that has threads related to Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency, Tutorials & Guides, Security & OPSEC, Darkweb Markets and vendors discussion. But that forum doesn’t include a lot of active members.

bm26rwk32m7u7recDeep web forumsThe Majestic Garden: This is another deep web forum, which provides free forum SMF software solution, If you have any questions about this software then you can visit this deep web sites.

vrimutd6so6a565xDeep web forumsThe Dark Lair: Forum for anonymous messaging, like as Twitter. Here you can share your status globally; Everyone can saw your status on this website. If they visit dark Lier, but you can’t post a status on this site. Because you are not the registered member of Dark Lier, that’s the main reason. First your need to register on this website. The site also offers thread service and some good deep web links also.

answerstedhctbekForum/CommunityHidden Answers: I think you already know about the yahoo questions and answers, This site offers the same service just like yahoo questions and answers, If you have any questions and want to get your questions answers then you can try this deep web links.

dnmavengeradt4voForum/CommunityDNM Avengers: Another deep web forum site which provides communicating portal for deep web users anonymously. The forum already has more than 100+ active threads. If you have any questions and want to know right answer anonymously. You can participate on available relevant thread. Also, you can share your skills in these running threads.

i2vzg7f44bj4l3r7Community Deep web linksThe Alliance – Another deep web social community sites, where users can share his though with all alliance community member or personally with your friends. One more thing, site also offers bookmarks service, by which you can tag any links on the Bookmarks category. Which every site readers can read and visit anonymously. web forumsS&M Place BDSM forum – Great Adult porn community for girls and boys, have all type threads where you can share adult porn videos and pictures, and also you can upload your videos and pictures collections. The forum has more than 70000+ active members.

start.jungswtfwgjwile2Forum/CommunityGuys.WTF is primarily a community for people who love and love guys and feel sexually attracted to them. However, every interested person is expressly welcome. Here you want to help and support each other.

bfvfq7hjcdoinzo4Deep web forumsDarknet Erotic Forum – This deep web forum offer threads related to hot, geil, horny, porn, pervers, etc. If you want to discuss these topics, then you can participate on available threads. But without registration, you can’t participate in this community.

rfwtogljhrrzxyrlDeep web forumsLolita City – Another deep web forum, which offers HQ legal stuff. Today when I visited this site, here only I found 2 threads. Hope here you can get your required information.

wayawaytcl3k66flCommunity/Forum/RussianWayaway – Russian deep web forum, if you know the Russian language then you can try to visit this community. Wayaway Community updated regularly and has a good amount of active member those always participating in available threads.

joincgmc55oplangCommunity/Forum/DrugsCannabis Community: Do you love cannabis or interested in cannabis as a profession then this community is the best place for discussion and getting the latest information about the cannabis quality or security.

wpzvprpnhhcypnn4Deep web forumsFreeColor – FreeColor dark web forum is supported the Russian language. If you are looking any of these type community, then you can explore freecolor forum. But when I explore this dark web forum then I found only three threads and looking forum is not active.

answerstedhctbekCommunity/ForumHidden Answers – Highly active deep web forum, this hidden wiki forum have more than 100+ active threads. If you have questions in your mind and looking right answer, then register here and participate in the community and get the right answer.

rsclubzznck53v35Forumsrsclub market – This is an official forum about the rsclub market, if you have any confusion or questions about any vendor or listing on this great marketplace then you may try to explore his official forum.

giw2dn4hkyajnuvwForumOnion Streets – This deep web forum provides drugs related threads, if you want to discuss Cannabis street, Heroine, Cocaine, LSD Street, Ecstasy street and some general questions. But you can only access available threads after registration.

b7beezxbwccrwye2ForumsRats Army – This Spanish deep web forum, which is highly related to technology, Hacking, Cracking, Programming, Weapons, Drugs, Software, Gore. If you know the Spanish language, then this dark web forum is only for you. Hope you can learn something good here.

onionlandbakyt3jForumsOnionland – Deep web forum where you can discuss and can get information about the deep web, anonymity, dark web, security, OPSEC, PGP Guides and many other guides. If you want to read something informative, then this forum is the best fit for you.

thehub7xbw4dc5r2ForumThe Hub – Alternative deep web forum which delivers some great topics related threads, Here you can enjoy some guides related to cryptocurrency, marketplace, Shipping, Drugs, Security, Vendor Review. This store has more than 34K+ active members which are the very good amount.

avengersdutyk3xfForumDNM Avengers – This forum also provides threads related to Marketplace News, Vendor Updates, Philosophy, Technical and Security, etc. But this forum does not have more threads and active members.

vwlkx7ovcnvagl6qForumEvilWeb Forum – Dark web forum which provides threads related to darknet marketplaces, drugs stores, deep web information, tutorials, extra notification. But when I visited there, I am not found many threads only 10 active threads were available. But one this good on this forum, you can read all open threads without registration.

answereratuhgmphForum/CommunityDarknet Questions and Answers – Good dark web community where you can ask your questions, and also you can share any questions answers if you know.

fcnwebggxt2d3h64Deep web – Swedish language based forum that provides all type contents related threads for discussion, here you can find information Traditioner, VUXET, Humaniora, ArbetsLiv, Media & Internet, UNGDOM, GUDFins. But forum does not have the good amount of members, at my explore time; has approx 88 members.

pmwdzvbyvnmwobk5CommunityBrmlab – This is a non-profit community, that running in Prague, If you want to join his team or want to read his latest workshop journals then check out his official community page.

ocu3errhpxppmwprForumAnonGTS – do you love arts, paintings or anime and want to discuss with anonymously on the deep web about these topics, AnonGTS is a best fit forum for you, This forum have 3D Rendering, Drawing and Comics, Manga, and Hentai, Non-GTS/FMG art related threads.

exe2gut5zya5cfqhCommunityexe2gut5 – Anonymous community board where you can discuss any topic within available community board. This site have 3 boards, which is /b/ – Random, /r9k/- Robot9001, /meta/ – Meta.

brchanansdnhvvnmForum/BoardLolifox – Alternative deep web forum that also has multiple boards, these boards look like 4chan interface, this community has art, random, international, my little pony, Russian, game dev, programming, software, video games, Russian edition boards.

bodytomind5hql5rForumBody to Mind – This is Russian deep web forum that has all categories threads for discussion like as Labor exchange, Drugs, Extra Services, Business Start, Production, Chillout zone, and a lot of other things.

drugbbadtrrr5v5bForumsDrugBB – this is a new forum that has only 44 members at my visited time, but there you can discuss the all type drugs like Cannabis, Psychedelics, Stimulants, Research Chemicals, Steroids, Prescription, Opiates, Tabacco & Alcohol, Dissociatives, etc.

hellamz4kpl26ltrForumHell Forum – Deep web forum, where you can only see forum threads after login, If you are excited to want to know what type stuff this forum is delivering then first register your account on this forum.

kbyz2vu3fnv2di7lDeep web forumsItalian Deep Web – Do you from Italy? And want to contribute to any popular Italian forum/community then you may try to register on this forum.

fdwmarkvokb5i7whForum/CommunityFrench Deep Community – This is another regional-based community I mean this deep web forum works in French language and all threads also about France local dealers, drugs, marketplace, and stores.

yulxt5toyxavkb7rCommunityWelcome to Japanese anonymous group – This is the anonymous a group of hacktivist, if you are interested such type groups and want to join this great community then you can visit given mention link.

6piogx66d26o7hydForumsDeep Web Morocco – Morocco based forum who has 12 category threads at my visit time but all threads have some common contents. The forum has hacking, free premium account, credit or debit card dumps, documents, hacking tools, VPN service, etc.

zyuzqglpmne5pkoiForumsAnonimTurkForum – Turkish language based onion forum that is under construction right now that’s why forum does not have sufficient content threads.

highkorea5ou4wcyForumsHigh Korea – This is Korean language forum that holds drugs and cryptocurrencies threads. This is a highly active forum, have more than 1000+ threads. If you have any query, then you can ask here.

cebollaw3p37wrsqDeep web forumsCafé – Cebolla – onion forum which can help you to find best answers related to Aportes variados, manuals, links, libros, información, Política, Leaks/Filtraciones, Hacking, Carding, Hacktivismo, Inteligencia, Programación. Right now the forum has more than 3000+ active members. on nntpchan – 4chan based board that offer threads like animation, porn, technology, hacking, cyberpunk, life. Looking source for discussion then you can use this 4chan board.

zzq7gplcs5avm6tzCommunityThe Green Machine – This community has more than 60+ active threads, but you can get access these available threads after registration.

bm6hsivrmdnxmw2fCommunityBeamStat – deep web community which holds all bitmessage state and channel lists, there you can find more than 20+ channel list and each channel have more than 100+ active threads. If you want to contribute to this community, then visit mention dark web link.

tq2ghppfea4hz7nnForumBlackMarket (BMBR) – Portuguese language based deep web forum that has tutorials, information-based guides, programming related threads. If you have any question and want to find that question answers, then visit here.

leb3rkvqzw2qd4dgCommunity64Chan – Looking chan board on the deep web, here I found one link which is newly launched before couple days, But this board doesn’t have more threads.

zzq7gpluliw6iq7lForum$$ The Green Machine $$ – Deep web forum that has big amount of threads and that forum still surviving since from a long time. The user can ask any markets related questions and can share his experience with any marketplace.

lk77akehj7cjj2qpForumLS Magazine Forum – Dark web forum that is popular for only high-quality legal stuff, Right now forum have more than 25K+ active members. The only user can watch available threads for contribution; user needs to register his profile.

mllpfi3dsfp7wjmsForumKreeptor Forum – Darkweb porn forum where you can find multiple threads related pictures, stories, and videos. Keeper have 400+ members right now. If you want to enjoy something interesting then here is the right place for you.

babyixntjlabwkpiForumBaby Heart – Dark web based forum which has lot of daily engagement, have more than 155K+ members, and post 23K+ which is huge, that forum have more than 10 TB+ data.

bchz4vggexx63qvyForumRockSolid Light – Do you like learn new technology?, and searching right place, where you can find these stuff, Rock solid Is another good source which has multiple topics forums, here you can discuss dancing, i2p, Linux, entertainment, Freenet, general, encryption, news, rock solid, security, tor, test, and much more.

csrinru3c2ownkepForumSteam Underground Community – Dark web steam game official site, which updating his regular news, also user can join his forum and can discuss any steam games topic, I think this is the most using game forum on the dark web.

4irggmmtsjlgo2su.onionForumsThe Fallen – Deep web forums for open discussion, do you like that type discussion and looking good forum where you can share your experience with other members than here is the onion link that you can use.

kpdqsslspgfwfjpwForum/CommunityA Chan, I think this deep web links are having Russian language stuff, I can’t tell you about properly this site, and what type stuff this deep web sites have.

intelex7ny6coqnoForum/MirrorRead Only IntelExchange Read Only Mirror – This is online mirror of IntelExchange Forums, Here you only can read threads but can’t open your accounts or comment.

darksellerocxsuvForumsDarkSeller – Another dark web forum which is totally dedicated to the Russian community, if you are from Russia and wish to discuss on various topics like SEO, Hacking, Digital Marketing, Hosting and etc. this forum would prove useful.

piratanibanankocForumsForum Pirata – Italian forum that offers every day news but when I checked it out, was unable to find any latest updates. But still has more than 50 news. If you’re still interested and trying to explore for the first time, you may find various informative stuff on the Forum Pirata.

frcanna7xgjv2zjqForumsFrench Canna – French Forum which has various marketplace and drugs related threads where you can discuss about popular marketplaces such as Dream Market, FDW-Market, Wall Street Markets, Drugs Threads, Cannabis Threads and etc.

s7ozxgjjhti43czgCommunityTiny Voices – Site related to group of people and freelancer writers who fight for freedom of speech. This is official link of tiny voices community.

b72yp5z6cnufoowaCommunityDeep Answers – That darkweb site offering question and answer posting anonymously, here you can but launched before couple of days ago. Still, only three questions site has. Hope site community will grow asap.

ou3ef7wgvt3gqmpcCommunityLuminosity – This is the dark web community that is fighting against darkness, that community based on three pillars, honesty truth, justice. But when I tried to explore given forum link then showing 404-page error.

psb4ukrhoqqcdubrCommunityМИРОТВОРЕЦ – Russian authority which is responsible for center for research of sign of crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, humanity and international laws.

e4unrusy7se5evw5ForumExeLab – Forum for research programmers but only in Russian language, if Russian is something you understand the site will be of help, else it’s just gibberish.

47s7obvdgdpj6fkcImage board 16 Chan – This is another image board with a total of 77487 posts as of today. Culture, tech, library, weapons, 200 acres are some of the available topics. It’s anonymous, allows uploading 5 files simultaneously,maximum file size limited at 50 MB. No registration required. Completely legal, doesn’t even allow suspicious links (e.g. URL shorteners).

6u5fl53xixndup2zChan BoardTinyIB – Chan board where users can discuss on any topic but mostly threads have hentai, anime stuffs. But this chan board doesn’t have that many sub threads.

communpfaucdnxeiCommunityOnion Community­- A site which offers an open IRC server. On the left-sidebar has many other links to onion Social Network, Hacking sites, Cloud, Video Streaming sites etc.

turkiyex6fkt46ra/forum/Forum/Community/Non-English – Are you from Turkey, and looking your region related deep web forum then check out this hidden wiki forum link.

vvvvvvvv766nz273Forumsvvvvvvvv766nz273.onion – This is Russian forum, if you know the Russian language then you may explore here and can get information. For more information explore given link.

hty3epcxja62jlxmForumsAvenoel – French free forum where the user can contribute any topics but some topic automatically migrate in moderation section. Forum have more than 214K+ topics, 27K+ forums members.

nanochanxv2lxnqiChan BoardWelcome to Nanochan – Deep web chan board where user can create his threads anonymously and can comment on any available threads. Right here you can discuss on multiple topics like random, politically incorrect, board meta, technology, anime & manga, video games.

oxwugzccvk3dk6tj/cctor/index.htmlChan Board/actor/ – CebollaChan: El 4chan en Castellano – Chan board that is sharing interesting stories and contributing in the dark web community.

suicidio5364lj2lChan BoardIdeas Suicidas – Dark web chan board which where the reader can discuss about the suicide, if you have any idea or skill about these topics then explore here and share your thaughts.

anonywebix6vi6gzDeep web forums – This is a newly launched dark net forum. This hidden wiki link also will be proved helpful for you, if you want to discuss the deepweb, darknet markets or any others.

arcadian4nxs3pjrForum/CommunityArcadiaNode is a dark net forum, this deep web sites is not in the English language, that’s why I don’t have more idea about this forum.

5dhf54nxiuuv6jvsForum/CommunityAXAHis Community: This is another deepweb (hidden wiki) community where you can share your questions and knowledge, also can interact with related people.

Note: For access first time need registration.

p22i3mcdceionj36/index.php – Forum/Community – XenForo: This deep web marketplace is a forum, but here you can buy Pfizer and GG249 Xanax products.

npdaaf3s3f2xrmloTor CommunityTwitterClon(Phishing) is just like twitter sites here you can share everything which you want in form of tweet, hope you also enjoy this sites, but mostly time I saw this site down.

rekt5jo5nuuadbie/hiddenchan/Forum/CommunityHideenChan – If you don’t know about the hidden chan. HiddenChan is just like as another community forum, here you can participate in current active threads. But hiddenchan is very engaging community here you can see every illegal activity related thread and also you can watch available videos and pictures which are uploaded by various current members.

saefjmgij57x5gkyForum/CommunityTorStack – Q & A Community – Same Yahoo Questions and answer deep web sites, here you also can find right answers for your questions anonymously.

krainkasnuawwxmuDeep web forumsDark Web Community: This is the next Russian forum, where you can discuss dark web community. If you have any question and want to know the right answers, then you can sign up on this forum and can find some easy solutions.

ji7nj2et2kyrxpshForumDark Web Forum: I don’t know what you can find here because this is non-english forum but as per my guess, hope you can discuss about dark web and also can participate into active threads.