Non-English Deep Web Links:

Czech / Cetina

http://qyy2n2lqpc5l524q.onion/ –  – Czech website based on Wikileaks
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Danish / Dansk

http://oj3nqbmyudyl4mgn.onion/ – DanishChan  – This focused on Imageboard and these boards are well managed and categorized according to category

http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/43f25a73/ – Danish Drug Trade

Dutch / Nederlands

http://ie4hf3qxzoazywoi.onion/ – Voetbalfan

Finnish / Suomi

http://zitanihpqsvi2lav.onion/ – Sipulilauta | A chan
http://zqiiraewuapgbsos.onion/ – Thorlauta | Successor to Torlauta
http://xxieg3mbvoh26pvs.onion/ – Blue Quarters | Advice regarding to BitCoins, Silk Road Online, ordering anonymously, staying anonymous in deepweb etc
http://r33rs4kqbjvdxuk2.onion/ – Blue Quarters Forum | Discussion forum
http://v7ovl2hciwt72lqi.onion/forum/ – Suojeluskunta | White Power Forum

French / Français:

http://l4tay4mx3vyjdn4i.onion/ – Je suis Kalila | Weird website

German / Deutsch:

http://6jzwxsoxmlefkkkl.onion/ – Das ist DEUTSCHLAND hier | discussion forum with no specific topic
http://7pwhaqsxbjdj27gx.onion/ – TAZ Archiv | A daily updated archive of the TAZ (German newspaper) starting from 2009-05 maybe with some days missing
http://7ymfzygewl4n6usp.onion/phpBB3/index.php – Hmm? | Forum for warez and uncensored talk
http://ar3ubs6cg6an4ylt.onion/ – beaglesnoop German tor blogs for hidden news
http://deurfnquin7mvni2.onion/ – Pyrowiki | Pyrotechnics and drug wiki
http://j4ddjgxetfx2ybcx.onion/ – Geheimkanal | Imageboard. (Partially 18+)
http://qdsuildbdofkrhe3.onion/ – Safety101 | Computer saftey board. Some English
http://jbsex4wngjpo5i27.onion/ – Jailbait Sex Forum | Jailbait Sex Forum
http://torlinq7wg2c3u4w.onion/ – Flachbrustkanal | Brett für flache Brüste


http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/samim/ – Samim.onion marketplace for sell and buy drugs in Israel(bitcoin)

Polish / Polski

http://vjelr2xdaqsgslzr.onion/ – Torowisko | Pilish Forum can access without registration
http://rzb5nlpvy5oqnket.onion/ – Fundacja Panoptykon | Foundation to generalized surveillance, and trends intensification of supervision and control over society
http://2wjsnwzoeiae4iyf.onion/1984_pl/Rok_1984.html – George Orwell | Polish translation of the well-known novel
http://pibn3ueheubjxv2z.onion/wiki/index.php/Start – Polska Ukryta Wiki | Polish Wiki Tor Community
http://uaga3aoawaj6hohg.onion/ – Backup NWO | Collection of most intrested article and News
http://cwesjxczvcvwvapz.onion/ – Ksiega Urantii | Only about true news
http://n2qxamb4ujm53cas.onion/ – Krzysztof Brejza | Interesting Stuff for enjoy
http://qubsrxat5qsaw5u5.onion/ – Polska Cebulka | Polish Network blogs and Deep Web Links Directories
http://ont6bv4bg7rtgaos.onion/ – Polish hidden site on the Tor network
http://nemlq3kd36frgvzp.onion/ – Torkazywarka
http://nemlq3kd36frgvzp.onion/forum/ – Forum about scams , virtually, weapons and hacking
http://xlmg6p4ueely7mhh.onion/ – TorKnight | Polish forum which can access only registred User
http://w56hjpxn45yzohqa.onion/ – 56 Dog Days | Ramblings
http://dts563ge5y7c2ika.onion/Onionsearch/ – Onioon Search | Poland Search engine, and can add your deep web sites links

Slovak / Slovenský

http://y4bzva6k3l2l7rla.onion/ – Child pornography : It’s just an excuse | Why is the fight against child pornography pretext for something else

Spanish / Español

http://2dn2dmxt5uwnxz3j.onion/ – Abusos | Abuses in Spanish
http://kd6qr7xh42coxooq.onion/ – T0rtilla | Chat platform in Spanish
http://s6ccouvybf3ysmb2.onion/ – CebollaChan | Tor Spanish collaboration platform
http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/tortilla/ – T0rtilla | Shoutbox webchat. (Direct FH URL)
http://uqtinqynmibpoa2s.onion/ – Forocoches 2.0

Swedish / Svenska

http://fcnwebggxt2d3h64.onion/ – Moral.Nu
http://wd43uqrbjwe6hpre.onion/ – KognitionsKyrkan Spritual Stuff
http://zce2gyru25cvynqc.onion/zg/ – ZG Projektet
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