Hansa Market Review and URL

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Hansa market is one of the most popular dark web markets existing in the industry today. If we attempt a rough rankings for the markets, it would without doubt top the charts with an impressive position.

Considering the numerous exit-scams the industry is experiencing these last couple years, Hansa market has taken special precautions to make sure that it’s just not possible with this marketplace.

It has taken quite a few measures to make itself stand apart from the crowd, its special multi-sig wallet and “no deposit required” features are part of those “innovations”.

We will discuss the security features in the later sections, but for now it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most secure and trust-worthy dark net markets out there.

Hansa Darkweb Market has been seized by the Dutch Police (20 July 2017) for Alternative Market use Dream Market

Hansa Market Overview

Before starting off, let us make it clear that the Hansa market that’s in existence today, the one we’re discussing over here is in no way affiliated to, or controlled by the same Hansa market which was hacked and shut down couple years ago.

The only similarity between these two platforms is the name, everything else is afresh, and much more secure.

  • Hansa Market Total Listings: 41,030 (as on 04.07.2017)
  • Primary URL: hansamkt2rr6nfg3
  • SubReddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HansaDarknetMarket/
  • Universal Official Forum: hansamkt2rr6nfg3

Alternative URLs:

  • hansamkt2rr6nfg3
  • hansamkt3iph6sbb

User Interface: 5/5

I like to start with the user-interface for all of our dark-web market reviews, simply because it’s the first aspect of any market anyone notices upon landing over there.

The user interface at Hansa market is fairly simple, and easy to use.

It’s made from a  first-timers’ perspective to be honest. And if you’ve ever been with any other dark web market, you’ll find that it resembles almost any other market out there, so you won’t be feeling confused that’s for sure.

The top bar like any other market consists links to some important parts of the market, like your account, forum, lottery etc.

The left sidebar is dedicated to the listings for easy access.

And they’ve played with creativity as far as the central part of the page is concerned, as it features “Top vendors” and “rising vendors”.

Services and Goods Offered: 4/5

Even though Hansa market doesn’t have listings as extensive as Alphabay Market or Dream market, it’s in no way a “lesser” option than those two.

It does satisfy any and all requirements you might need, or expect off a darknet market. And that’s only natural with over 40,000 products that the market is offering.

As is the case with just about any dark web market, Hansa market too primarily boasts its “Drugs” section.

In fact, nearly 50% of its total listings (18,889) is for Drugs. And the other categories include:

There are other categories as well with fewer listings like security, hosting, jewellery, counterfeits, services etc.

The drugs section being the majority “shareholder” in the listings on Hansa market begets our prime attention.

It basically is sub-categorised into 15 different types. Cannabis holding the top-most position with 6589 listings to be exact.

It’s followed by Ecstacy with 3022 and stimulants with 2784 listings. All the other types of drugs follow right behind with fewer listings.

After Drugs, Digital goods hold the most number of listings, 12,418 to be exact. It primarily consists of VPN accounts, Online accounts (Porn, bank details etc), Fake driving licenses, passports and what not.

It too is categorised into Software, Ebooks, Leaks, and Databases etc.

Basically, anything which can be delivered “digitally” to you can be found over in this section.

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Another one of the more frequented sections over at Hansa market is its “Fraud related” listings (2025) . Which consist of Credit cards, dumps, documents etc.

The “Erotica” section might be new to you, it was to me too. Well it’s just a specifically dedicated section for “Porn accounts”. You can also find the accounts in the “Digital Goods” section, but this one is made just for that.

Although I can’t discuss all the services offered over at Hansa market, I can without doubt claim that you won’t come back empty-handed from the marketplace.

Security 4/5

Security is definitely the most important factor you need to consider before jumping in and going on a shopping spree on a dark web market.

Considering how its “illegal” for the most part, it’s a good choice to make sure your account, transactions, identity and everything else are as safe as they possibly can be.

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I clearly stated that Hansa market is one of the most secure and trustworthy markets at the very beginning of this review, now is the time to walk the talk.

Here are some of its security features:

  • PGP Encryption: PGP encryption is a simple (for you) yet advanced and complicated (on the deeper level) encryption technique which makes sure that the messages you’re receiving or sending are being intercepted by only the people for whom they’re intended. With PGP encryption, only the owner of the PGP key is allowed to decrypt a message which was encrypted using his/her PGP key.So you can use Trader’s encryption keys to encrypt the messages while sending them addresses, transaction numbers or anything else. And they can use yours while communicating with you as well.
  • Anti-Exit Scam: Hansa market just can’t ever try the exit scam, it just can’t. That’s because your funds are “never” accessible by the Market staff. Meaning Hansa market never has access or control over your funds.
  • No Deposits required – This is something that’s unique to Hansa market, no other market not even the top ones including Alphabay or Dream market have these to boast of. You do not need to deposit or keep funds on your Hansa maket account. Instead, whenever you purchase something, your coins need to be sent from your personal wallet (or a temporary one if you set it up) to a temporary Hansa market wallet. From there they’re moved and locked in with Multi-Sig till the order can either be finalized, or cancelled.
  • Multi-Sig only – This is what makes Hansa an anti-exit scam market. It offers transactions not via normal escrow, but via Multi-sig only. What it basically means is, all transactions are made between either 2 parties (2 of 2 multi-sig – Hansa key & Vendor key) or 3 parties (2 of 3 – Hansa Key, Vendor key and Your key). So at any time, no party is in 100% control of the funds, and minimum 2 keys are required for the funds to be released hence its a better choice than normal escrow as well as a more secure one.
  • Personal Phrase – It’s a sentence or a phrase set by you and is displayed on your page every time you login. It makes sure you’re always on the legit Hansa market website and not a fake one.
  • 2-Factor authentication – “Password is the weakest part of your online security”- Matt Mullenweg. So basically the 2-Factor authentication makes sure that even if someone else gets a hold of your password, they won’t be able to access your account without proper authorization as they’ll be required to decrypt a message using your PGP key.
  • No Finalize-Early feature – Unlike Alphabay or Dream market, Hansa market doesn’t offer a FE option for vendors. So the only way for vendors to claim your money is to deliver the products you’re buying.
  • Vendor trust can be verified – It’s not a unique feature, but definitely an important one. Hansa market provides “trusted vendor” seals for vendors who have a successful, and positive history other leading marketplaces out there. Also the total number of reviews are listed along with total positive and negative ones. And there’s a “level” thing as well based on their total no. of sales or reviews so yeah any seller with a good number of those can be trusted.

Search Feature -3/5


I rate the search feature based on the “narrowness” it provides me with. The narrower the search criteria, the better I think it is.

The search panel over at Hansa market knows the importance of landing on the exact product its users are searching for, and hence it lets us narrow down our search with filters like:-

  • Shipping locations
  • Vendor reviews/level
  • The minimum number of vendor feedbacks.
  • Minimum and maximum price.

While pretty decent, its still not as extensive as that of Alphabay or Dream markets. Still, if you know what you’re looking for, the filters work well when combined with a descriptive keyword.

Currencies Accepted

Hansa Market accepts only Bitcoin as a mode of transaction. It’s actually a plus point in this exclusive case of Hansa market.

Having only one currency keeps things simple and fast, as well as lets them use “Multi-Sig” authorizations which go on to protect our funds.

Hansa Market Pros and Cons


  • No deposit required.
  • Only Multi-sig transactions supported.
  • No finalize early feature.
  • Anti-exit scam infrastructure.
  • Great security features.


  • Not an extensive listings library when compared to other leading dark web marketplaces.

Hansa Market Final Verdict – 4/5

The fact that Hansa market doesn’t require you to deposit any funds on the marketplace is a great trust as well as confidence booster.

Apart from that, the security features are impressive, as well as the user interface is simple at the same time. The listings too are satisfactory for most of us, unless we’re trying to buy nuclear launch codes for the American nukes, we’re well off.

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So yeah finally I’d say my own experience with them was pretty satisfactory, decent as well as comfortable. Why don’t you folks go ahead and use the comment box to let us know what you feel? I love hearing from you folks.