Deep Web Reddit Links List

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Deep web Reddit:  if you are reading this post then I am sure, you already knows about the Reddit. I am telling you what is the Reddit in brief description.

Reddit is the community-based website where you can post your links. You also can upvote and downvote any previously posted links. One thing is very helpful on the Reddit, you can join any active subreddit and can put your question and also can put your comments on what you are thinking.

Upvote and downvote directly impact on link karma, if your submit link gets upvote, then your karma will increase. If your link gets a downvote, then karma will decrease.

Here is the /r/deepwebsiteslinks/ Reddit screenshot, how Reddit subreddit look likes.

After some small description, now let come to the out main focus point, which is deep web Reddit links. If you are new on the deep web and want to know expert discussion or want to know the real person review, then Reddit is the best source where you can get real person review and can read real thought by Redditors comments.

Because deep web or dark web have lot’s of scam websites, that’s why before dealing with any website first read websites related available review, if you feel good then you can go ahead.

I am recommending you for always check review because many time I already read various Redditors comment on Reddit, those lost his BTC on the various Darkweb marketplace.  That’s why I don’t want to you also phase these type problems.

How Deep Web Reddit can Help You?

If you are new on the Reddit, then this section is only for you. Suppose you want to buy anything from any deep web site, and you visited this website first time.

In this situation, everyone has one questions in his/her mind. How can you believe on this deep web sites? How can you submit your hard earning money into website admin hand?

If admin dumps your money, there are no ways for money recovery that’s why before buying anything from the deep web or dark web then always check selected website review. You can check selected site review from various deep web forum or community, either you can try deep web Reddit.

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Reddit have more than 100+ deep web or dark web related Reddit which have more than hundreds of thousands of Redditors. If you want to know the real status on any website, then you can ask your questions in any relevant deep web Reddit.

Bellow, I am giving you best deep web Reddit (SubReddit) links, which you can subscribe and can participate into deep web Redditors community.

How to Join Deep Web Reddit?

Before giving you all Reddit subreddit links, first I want to tell you. How can you join these deep web subreddit?

For joining process you need to do some very easy steps, bellow is describing all necessary steps for you.

Steps 1:  First login your Reddit a/c by valid username or password. If you are not part of the Reddit community then first you need to register here.

Note: If you have a valid username or password then leave below given first step instruction, direct go on step 2.

For registration, Visit official Reddit website link then click on signup button.

After click on signup, you will get registration form pop up windows, just like bellow given screenshot.

Fill all relevant information and press signup button, then verify your email address. After verification, you are the part of Redditors community.

Step 2: After successfully login Reddit account, now start the main instruction for subreddit joining process. Which you need to perform right now.

Now select any bellow given subreddit, search into Reddit search box. Also, you can search your required term related subreddit. But here we are dealing with deep web Reddit that’s why you can search Deep web or Dark web text into search box.

But bellow I am giving you some popular Reddit deep web.

For Example: here I am selecting /r/deepweb/,  before posting anything or upload always read subreddit rule and regulation related to comments, uploads and links.

deep web reddit

Note: Every subreddit have own rules which decided by subreddit moderator. That’s why before do any activity in the community first reads subreddit rules.

Now time for engagement with other Redditors. Suppose you have any question which you want to ask for this subreddit Redditors, that’s why you need to submit your question into this deep web subreddit.

For submission, every subreddit have one submit button, just like selected deep web subreddit available button name is “Submit a new link”.

Click on this button, now you will get another popup windows for submission, just like given bellow.

Popup window has two options, one for link submission and another for text submission. Here you want to submit your question to this selected Reddit. That’s why you need to select link tab.

According to link tab, put your question into the blank text field, and choose a subreddit then press submit button. Now all things have been done.

List of Best Deep Web Reddit Links

r/Darknet/DarkNet – Basically for everything and anything related to the Deep/Dark web. It has users sharing their review and experience on other marketplaces, vendors calling out to buyers, advertisement of products, scam-warnings and everything in between. With 24.8K subscribers as of today it’s one of the best places to go to when you need to get some research done, either on an individual vendor, or a marketplace.

r/IntellectualDarkWebIntellectual Dark Web – This subreddit stands apart from all the other Dark web Reddits on this list, unlike others it doesn’t talk of Darknet markets, drugs and weapons, rather it’s more about the “intellectual” side of the Dark web, in other words people with logical, rational minds come together to discuss conspiracy theories, political views, agendas, hidden secrets and everything else which isn’t generally discussed on the clearnet.

r/Drugs/ – Drugs– What’s the most popular commodity on the Dark web? Without doubt it’s Drugs. Drugs is what dominates almost every single Darknet Market out there and is the most heavily stocked, as well as traded product. There are various types and kinds of drugs available on the Darkweb.

You as a user may not always be aware of the effects, both negative as well as positive when it comes to all those drugs. Or at times you may have bought something but aren’t sure what can or can’t be done or achieved with the drug. That’s what this subreddit is for. In other words it’s where you can research and ask basic questions about the Drugs.

Some of the most common questions I found there were- “Can I make Pancakes with cocaine?“, “Can Psychedelic help me overcome a traumatic experiences“? and so on.  It’s one of the most active subreddits with over half a million subscriptions. Although note sourcing Drugs in anyway (such as sharing URLs, Profiles of vendors etc). is completely banned.

/r/ReagentTesting/Drug Testing – It’s probably the most “practically useful” subreddit for Darknet users. It helps them learn how to test drugs, ask questions about drug testing, get help identifying something they took and so on.

It’s specially helpful if you bought something off the Darknet and would like to test it for its authenticity. The subreddit has a test kit for vendors, a “how to test” guide, results chart and everything else a complete newbie would need to learn how to start testing drugs.

Although note that the subreddit can only be understood mostly by those who actually have bought or used the Drugs, it’s good for reading but mostly didn’t make sense to me despite the photos and detailed explanations.

/r/deepweb/Deep Web – This subreddit allow link and text information, here you can join latest verified deep web information. Also, you can ask your questions. Subreddit have 33K+ active Redditors; this deep web Reddit have lots of very informative questions and answers.

/r/deepwebsiteslinks/Deep Web Sites Links – Are you looking active darkweb onion urls, this subreddit can help you, here you can get information latest working links. Deepwebsiteslinks have 100+ active members. This subreddit allow link and text type post. Mean you can share your link and also can share your questions.

r/DarkWebWebsitesDark Web Websites It’s not very active and doesn’t have many members. As of today, only about 4.2K members are in the subreddit. However, it’s clearly a deep web Reddit. It’s full of people selling cards on the dark web, tutorials, crypto wallets etc. Do note that there’s high scam probability and we haven’t verified the legitimacy of any of the vendors there.

r/VPN- Virtual Private Networks In order to access the dark web, you must use one of the most secure VPNs. This subreddit has articles and posts on VPNs, their protocols etc. You can also find answers to some of the most commonly faced VPN issues. Router suggestions, news, and even tutorials on build a VPN are available.

r/BTCA Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System – This is a subreddit which was found after the most popular Bitcoin subreddit, r/Bitcoin started being heavily censored. This subreddit too is over 10 years old and extremely active with over half a million readers. You can learn what Bitcoin is or how to buy Bitcoin here.

/r/deepwebexperiences/Deep Web Experiences – This is the great starting Reddit for know about the deep web, because here mostly Redditors share his real experience with all this subreddit members. Here you also can know about the some active deep web links means links are fake or not. Here you also can share links and text type stuff; subreddit have more than 3K+ active Redditors.

/r/DeepWebStories/Deep Web Stories– This is the best reddit link for scary and creepy deep web stories. The subreddit has threads detailing their scary experiences on the deep/dark web. Most of it is probably fiction, but a large part obviously also may be true. Some say they received murder photos/videos, others claim their computers were hacked, and some even reported physical scary encounters.

/r/onions/ Onion – The deep web is basically the onion network. This is a subreddit related to the same. It mostly has links to .onion sites. However, it’s also used to leave reviews for darknet vendors, check the status of marketplaces, or basically just to learn tips to stay safe on the deep/dark web. As of today, it has 221K members. A link-directory is available for anonymous email services, onion social networks, deep web hosting sites etc.

/r/4Chan 4 Chan – 8 Chan was one of the most popular image-boards on the internet, before it got into a massive controversy. 4Chan is the second-best thing after that. However, this is just the subreddit for 4Chan. It basically promotes free-speech, freedom of opinion and anti-censorship.

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/r/deepwebpics/Deep Web Pics – Another the deep web screenshot subreddit, but one thing you should know about this subreddit only approved member can submit post here, member Redditors only can access posted status. Deepwebpics have more than 6K+ active Redditors. If you want to participate into this subreddit then you need to send message to the moderator for privileges.

/r/thetorbidreality/The Tor Bid Reality – According to this subreddit, here you can participate in this community by text or link, you can found here more than 1600+ active Redditors, and mostly I saw real-time engagement is 5+ Redditors, which is nice for your questions. This subreddit don’t allow any CP or Lolita type questions. Otherwise, you will permanently ban. If you are looking food deep web Reddit, then you can try this subreddit for discussion.

/r/DeepWebMarketplaces/ – Deep Web Marketplace – This subreddit also part the Reddit community, but according to this subreddit name “ Deep Web Marketplace” . But I didn’t seen any good thread in this subreddit only have 100+ Redditors which is very low also not have more active discussion threads. Here you can join and can share your questions and links by the help of link and text submit options.

/r/DeepWebMysteries/ – Deep Web Mysteries – This is invitation based subreddit, without invitation, you can’t join this subreddit, for the invitation you need to send a message to a moderator then if allow you then you can participate here. Here I can’t tell you more about this deep web Reddit links because I am not the part of this great subreddit community.

/r/TorMarketplaces/ – Tor Marketplaces – According to this subreddit, here you only can get marketplaces direct signup links, subreddit not have any active discussion thread. If you are looking deep web Reddit links where you can find darknet markets links then you can try this subreddit. This community have more than 500+ Redditors which are not huge.

/r/IntelExchangeReddit/ – Intel Exchange Reddit –  First of all I want to tell you a brief description about the Intel Exchange, This is the deep web forum, where you can participate in available active threads and you can ask any question. This deep web forum has more than 1000+ active threads; here you can found all type questions related to deep web. But this forum also have a lot of spammers that’s why Not reveal your identity on this forum.

Let’s come to this point, According to this deep web subreddit, you can ask questions and can share your links with all active subredditors. But in current time subreddit have only 64 Redditors and five posts.

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/r/DarkWeb/  –  Dark Web –  Darkweb subreddit also very popular into deep web community, this also allows links and text post. This subreddit have more than 2500+ active Redditors which are very good amount. Here you also can get some very good questions and answer which you should know before then visit on the deep web links. Hope you can get required information on this deep web Reddit which you want to know.

/r/DarkWebReviews/ – Dark Web Reviews –This is another great subreddit, where you can put your questions and answers same like as previous subreddit. If you have any questions about the various darknetmarkets and want to read reviews. Here is the best place for you on the Reddit. Also you can ask any questions about the deep web links. This deep web subreddit have 500+ active Redditors.

/r/DarkWEBforum/ – Dark Web Forum – Are you looking Dark web related subreddit on the Reddit, If yes then try this deep web subreddit, this is have more than 300+ active readers and also have more than 100+ active discussion threads.

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/r/onionscams/ – Onion Scams – I already told you in my all post, deep web or dark web have a lot of scam website, But Reddit also has one subreddit where you can get these type links update every day.This dark web subreddit have more than 400+ Redditors which are regularly participating in this Reddit community. If you have any fake link update and want to aware other readers then you can post your status here. But this subreddit only allow text links, you can post any links here. You can put any link into text statement.

/r/Dark_memes/ – Dark Memes – everyone love memes, If you like memes and looking some good dark memes then try dark_memes deep web Reddit and get best dark life memes and share with your friends. This subreddit also have a lot of active members which Is more than 800+ and you can post your status by direct link, text or you can upload any memes here.

/r/ADarkRoom/ – A Dark Room –  Do you have any myth about the dark web, If yes then you can share your myth here and can get right answer within very short time. This subreddit have 600+ most engaging readers. Which can resolve your myth within very short time span. This deep web Reddit allows post and links type post Also you can upload image here.

/r/Darknet_Markets/ – Darknet Markets –  Today are you searching any deep web markets Reddit links, If yes. Here is the best Reddit link where you can ask your darknet markets related links. This subreddit have more than 1600+ active Redditors.

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/r/AlphaBay/AlphaBay Market – If you are regular explorer on the deep web then you already aware to the AlphaBay. This is the biggest darknet market which offers everything, also you can list your product here for selling. If you have any question about the dark web then you can ask here. You also can participate into available threads. This deep web Reddit have more than 6000+ Redditors which big amount of regular readers.

/r/AlphaBayMarket/AlphaBayMarket – This subreddit is official AlphaBay Reddit directory, If you have any problem with Alphabay and want to contact his support then you also can contact by the help of this subreddit. By the way, this Reddit also have many threads related to Alphabay site problem, if you have any problem which is directly related to these threads then you can directly comment on the threads. This subreddit have more than 7000+ regular readers. Same as some other subreddit, here you can put your status, links and also can send message to the moderator.

/r/Dream_Market/ – This subreddit dedicated to dream market, if you facing any problem with dream market and want to find right solution then this subreddit can help you. The Dream Market have 2574 subscriber. Here you only can submit your status, link submission is not allowed.

Note: Dream Market shutdown exactly a week from today. Was it an exit-scam? Why did it shutdown? What are the alternatives? We’ve answered everything here.

/r/SilkRoad/Silk Read Anonymous Marketplace – This subreddit have huge amount subscriber list, those always contributing this great community. But you already know Silk Road has been seized by FBI. But if you have any issues and want to contribute here then this subreddit allow status and links. By which you can share any links or also can put your status front of large community.

/r/HANSA_Market/ –  Hansa Market – This community not has more amount of active Redditors only have 211 subscriber or only 4 status. This subreddit only can help you, if you only want to get Hansa market direct link.

/r/TOR/Tor – This subreddit is portal for TOR browser, Tor routing, Privacy Protection, Network Surveillance related discussion. If you have any questions about the Tor browser then you can ask here also can participate into previously available threads. This subreddit have big amount of subscriber family, current number of the subscriber is 34,014. Like as other subreddit, Tor also allow link publishing or status posting service.

/r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs/DarkNetMarketsNoobs – This subreddit is dedicated to cryptocurrency, operating system and Darknet markets. Here you only can ask questions and subreddit contributor will give you right answer. This subreddit also have more than 30000+ active Redditors. Subreddit already have more than 100+ active thread by given technologies.

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/r/DarkNetMarketsLinks/ –  DarkNetMarketsLinks – If you have problems with Alphabay, Dream Market, Abraxas Darknet markets then you can put your problem here, also can get information these three website onion links. Darknetmarkets links have 210 subscribers. Also, this Reddit allows links, and text posts. If you want to share any darknet markets link then you can share with all these subreddit readers.

/r/DarkNetMarkets/Darknet Markets –  Very Popular subreddit but this subreddit moderator hide new post submit or link submit button, means you can’t post here. If you want to read something new then you can subscribe this subreddit.  This subreddit has 132815 subscribers.

Conclusion- Deep Web Reddit Links List

Reddit is free, easy to access and open to everyone. This makes it a prime target for hackers and Law Enforcement Agencies. Anyone can post a link, claim it to be of anything on the planet, and unsuspecting users may put themselves at risk.

I found a good warning from a Reddit bot which explains the situation best:

deep web reddit links

As is clear, all Deep web reddit links should be considered to be phishing links. Once you find a link, manual verification via PGP signatures, press-releases, blog posts or other such sources is a must.

Simply because the .onion links posted on Reddit aren’t easily tracked to the user who post them, or the owners of the websites on those links. Hence, if you get scammed on one such website even if your purchase was legal there’s not a lot the law can do to help you.

Also note that Reddit has got a lot stricter in the recent days. A number of Controversial Reddit links have been shut down permanently. So, it’s best to use a VPN + TOR while accessing Reddit even for the first time, or signing up on the forum.