Top 5 Carding Forums 2019

Trustworthy carding forums with good cards, and active members are a rarity, and it’s pretty hard deciding on which are the trusted and best ones out of the hundreds available. That’s what this piece aims to solve today.

I’m listing the top 5 credit card dumps forum existing in the industry today, where you can buy cards and/or join the discussion using their forums and buy/sell services or just learn tricks of the trade.

I’ve selected these forums based on their trust-level (established based on the forum’s age, my own experience and other user reviews on the forum) along with its activeness (based on the number of members, number of online members at any given time, number of posts, replies to posts etc).

Top 5 Carding Forums

Advertising rules (so as to make sure it doesn’t support or allow scamming and has adequate verification process) along with Registration fee and methods (keeping privacy anonymity in mind) too factor in and based on all these points I’ve combined this list of the best 5 best Carding Forums available on the web.

  • Carding.WS (Scammer)


Carding.Ws is one of the most popular and active carding forums with as many as 126997 members and 1.3 Million individual messages!

Carding Forums

If judged solely by the number of registered members, messages or monthly website traffic, Carding.Ws is without doubt the most visited carding forum included in this list.

The forum is divided into 7 primary sections:

  • Home Administration
  • Underground Market
  • Hacking Cave
  • Anonymity Cave
  • Darknet
  • Carders Cave
  • And VIP section.

Home administration obviously contains announcements and news from the administrators. The Underground market section, on the other hand is the “shop” section with three major threads-

  • Verified Sales: Contains traders who are verified and can be bought from safely.
  • Unverified Market: Just about anyone can start selling here, hence more chances of you being scammed, although not necessarily always.
  • Deal Disputes: In case you were scammed, this thread helps you get in touch with admins who resolve the issue for you.

It also has an “Escrow service” which lets you use the forum team as a third-party escrow for safe, unbiased, third-party escrow service.

The Hacking Cave is where you can showoff your skills, screenshots, learn about /download vulnerabilities or exploits.

The Darknet markets section brings to you news and links about Dark/Deep web, although beware as it’s free for all it’s one of the easiest spots for hackers to post fake links.

Registration is free, although it does have a “VIP” level which is priced at USD $50 generally, but is available for USD $25 for the next 22 days. This level has access to some special threads which the normal account can’t access such as “Cardable websites”, “carding tutorial”, “Carding equipment” etc.

The site does have advertisements like most other carding forums out there, they don’t matter a lot considering how you can get more trusted links from the verified section anyway.

It’s completely anonymous and doesn’t store your IP addresses when you browse as guest, rather it automatically lets you use Cloudlflare’s IP address. In other cases for registered users, logs need to be kept for proper functioning, but the IP is automatically changed to for all users.

Bottomline,  it’s active, has verified sellers, responds to queries and scams and is anonymous.

  • PrvteZone


Probably pronounced as “Private Zone” it’s a forum that is functional both on clearnet, as well as the Onion network.

It has 32,394 registered members in total and with 3,213 threads and 19, 662 total individual messages it does seem pretty active.

The forum does show ads on the top and bottom-bar, even though the ads can only be displayed with admin approval, their legitimacy still isn’t guaranteed.

It has total 5 primary sections, namely:

  • PrivateZone
  • Verified Section
  • Unverified Section
  • General Discussions
  • And Recycle bin.

The PrivateZone section contains thread which are from the official forum team, announcement, important messages and rules are posted under this section.

The section also contains news from around the world related to hacking so even if you’re not a hacker and aren’t here to buy cards, it still can be used for educational purposes.

Then the “Verified” section is basically like a shop, it’s where people buy and sell cards. It has threads such as “cashout”, “dumps”, “Paypal”, “documents” etc. The speciality of this section is not everyone is allowed to sell in this section, only verified, trusted sellers are allowed to do so.

The unverified section is where everyone else who isn’t verified can buy and sell, note that this doesn’t mean that it’ll always have scammers present, but the chances surely increase and you trade at your own risk.

The General Discussions section is for discussions related to carding and hacking, you can either learn hacking, or how to protect yourselves, or other users experience on marketplaces or with certain exploits and so on.

So all in all, as a carding forum it’s pretty well-organized and has covered nearly all arenas of trade as well as discussions. Now let’s get to the rules.

You’re allowed to register just one account/person on the forum, username can’t match or be similar to some other forum member and finally, you can’t advertise without the admins’ consent except in the “Blackmarket” section.

As for registration, it’s free if you have an invite-code, else it’s priced at 0.002 BTC. Also, the captcha problem during registration isn’t exactly user-friendly and needs some messing around before you can solve it.

It has a hierarchical membership tree, which includes Admin, Moderator, Vendor, Newcomer, Deer/Clown, Member, VIP, Carder and Rippers.

These statuses are assigned automatically to members depending on their role and actions in the forum and have different set of privileges.

In a nutshell, it’s totally worth checking out if you’re just testing the waters of the carder’s world!

  • DarkPro


DarkPro takes its name quite seriously, and that’s probably the reason why the site has a dark black and green theme. It has 30,651 members and 55, 873 individual messages, so yes it’s pretty active as well.

Starting with the user-interface, most of the top-half screen is bombarded with ads and featured listings, which obviously the advertisers have to pay the forum for. In fact, the very bottom of the forum is what’s more useful than the top of it.

That’s so because the bottom of the forum has navigational links, support link and other useful links such as “Verified sellers”,  “escrow service” etc which you can use.

Anyway, the carding forum is divided into 8 primary sections:

  • Darknet Home
  • Carders Marketplace
  • Accounts and Database dumps
  • Carding Category
  • Darknet Marketplaces
  • Carding center
  • Anonymity socks and proxies.

Darknet home is where you can get in touch with the team, or apply to be a staff member, get news or announcements from the admins and so on.

Carders Marketplace is where you get sections such as “Trusted sellers and advertisements”, non-verified sellers etc. So it’s where you get to trade with verified, or non-verified sellers based on which thread you go to.

DarkPro also provides third-party escrow service for trades and it can be requested from the “Carders Marketplace” section.

Apart from cards, it also lets you buy forged documents, cheap air-tickets, cashout money etc.

Finally the “Anonymity and Proxies” section too is of importance as they’ve some really advanced talk going on about proxies and socks and how to be anonymous on the web or on other top carding sites.

Although it also has a “Notable members” section where you can directly get links to trusted members of the forum. And finally, a popup on the bottom-right of the forum always shows you “verified sellers” from whom you can buy with the least risk of being scammed.

The forum also has a support-staff which can be reached via Jabber. And as for registration, it’s absolutely free and you can also use your Google+ account (although not recommended) to login.

  • CrdClub


CrdClub is a Russian Carding forum which can be accessed only after successful registration, which is absolutely free.

Although the site can be translated to English using the inbuilt “English flag” on the top-right corner, or by using Google Chrome’s translate feature although note that the translation isn’t 100% and quite a few sections of the site still remain in Russian.

It has total 79,607 members with 161, 367 posts and 25,032 individual messages again establishing its activeness.

The sections aren’t that well organized and are rather jumbled, although you can buy cards, CVV dumps, cashout services, security services etc. on the forum.

It can also be used to learn carding and has topics such as “Beginners issues”, “Carding Tutorials” etc. which are purely for educational purposes.

Even though primary registration is free, it has three levels which have special access not available to the normal users:

  • Bronze Access: The level is attained automatically based on reputation, age of account and number of messages.
  • Silver Access: They hold voting for the access to this level.
  • And Gold Access: Can only be attained by the wish and approval of the admins.

It has a long list of rules and regulations which prohibit spamming, bumping posts more than twice a week, discussion of admin’s actions. Drugs and Psychotropic substances too are completely banned along with Carding CIS.

It has a “Who’s online” section where you can see other users who are online and contact them directly should you wish to do so.

It also has a unique, spam-free ad interface, you aren’t bombarded with ads like other forums, rather small tabs containing the ads are animated near the thread names which isn’t that intrusive.

In a nutshell, it’s the best carding forums for you if you’re a Russian, if not even then it’s totally worth a look.

  • CardVilla


Carding Forums

CardVilla is a carding forum with 92,137 registered members and 19,230 individual messages posted till date. At any given time, an average of 2,000 members are online which does speak for its activeness. Registration is mandatory in order to access the site, but is free.

It has five primary sections:

  • Card Villa
  • Hacking and Security
  • Marketplace
  • Carding Forum
  • Premium section.

CardVilla is the section which hosts all the official news and announcements from the admin team.

Hacking and Security hosts where you can again buy hacking exploits, tools or simply learn hacking and coding from the threads.

Marketplace is where you can buy or sell stuff, it has clear threads such as “I need” or “I sell”. It too has an “Escrow service” which you can use for third-party purchases, or even to purchase cards or other stuff from the forum from unverified sellers.

It too has two sections for buying/selling as well as advertisements one thread consists of verified users, the other unverified.

Its “carding forums” section actually consists of educational material or free stuff such as porn accounts, bank details etc.

Apart from cards and bank accounts, the forum can also be used for “drop services” in case you order things off the darknet and can’t take chances with your real address.

There is finally the Premium section which can only be accessed by premium members and contains premium carding tools and tutorials.

It also lets you directly E-mail other members from the forum, although the E-mail isn’t shown to the senders or other members and is kept a secret which is a pretty good privacy move.

Although around 80% of the top-screen is bombarded with ads which may be an inconvenience and you’ve to scroll down o be able to get to the forum.

Bottomline, I’ve gone through its posts such as Carding basics, security tips for starters etc. and it seems the people there do know what they’re talking about, atleast most of them, so yeah take your time over there.

  • 4 Carding


best carding forums 2019

4Carding is one of the oldest Carding forums in existence being established back in 2002, as of today it has as many as 484,814 members which is nearly half a million speaking for its reputation. 

As for its activeness it recorded as many as 18,805 active members at the same time on 2nd January, 2019, and the registered members have scribbled as many as 140,216 total posts on the site.

Note that even though it’s currently free; due to its huge member-base and ever-growing reputation it’s closing free registrations and public-viewing soon as per the homepage disclaimer.

Its primary sections are:

  • Home Carding Forum.
  • Carders Market Place.
  • Hacking and Carding section.
  • and a Recycle bin.

The “Home carding forum” section consists of official announcements, news, and discussion-topics from the team. The announcement thread is only limited to the admins, however there’s an Introduction section which is where new members can introduce themselves.

There’s a “Help Desk” thread in the Home section as well followed by a Discussion desk where members can discuss on various topics (preferably related to Carding).

Then the “Carders Market Place” section is what acts as the marketplace and consists of threads such as an official “Trusted and Verified Sellers Advertisement” thread which lists a number of ads from vendors who’ve proved their reputation on the marketplace.

Then there’s their escrow service which facilitates trades between two parties for a profit/commission.  The same section also consists of a section called “I want to buy” this is where buyers may requests items which aren’t up for sale on the marketplace yet.

And then finally is the thread which lets users dispute deals and report scammers. Although note that despite these threads having specific purposes; quite often members ignore the purpose and post random “buy from me” posts in each of those.

After the marketplace section; it has a section oriented towards free information and includes threads such as Hacking Tutorials, Accounts and Db dumps, Backdoors, RATs, Toolkits, Showingoff Hacking skills and so on. 

Registration isn’t mandatory however available along with advanced options for hiding account from “who’s online list“, hiding E-mail and so on.

  • Pirate Ship


Pirate Ship, abbreviated as PRTShip is unlike most other best Carding forums on this list pertaining to its modern and graphic-rich layout; while the others are mostly just basic when it comes to aesthetics.

It has well-designed icons, color-coded member usernames and just a better interface overall. 

best carding forums 2019

It’s however not as member-rich or established as 4Carding or most other carding forums on this list and currently only has 32,886 members, activeness however isn’t doubtful considering how the members have already posted over 11,000+ threads and sent over 97.000 messages on the forum!

Does require registration for posting on; or even viewing most official threads, it’s free anonymous and instant. 

The primary sections on the forum are:

  • Latest Posts
  • Verified Services
  • General Section
  • Forum information
  • and Unverified Advertisements

The “Latest Posts” section as the name indicates simply pulls the most recent posts on the forum and displays them here. Then the “Verified Services” section is what acts as the Marketplace for this particular forum; it only has two primary threads- CC+CVV and Dumps.

Users seeking to buy Cards or Dumps can go to these two threads and deal directly with verified vendors who have an established track-record on the forum. I personally checked the posts and the thread does seem active, with couple sale-posts coming in every hour or so (the last was 38 minutes ago from my current time).

The “General Section” is mostly open-for-all and doesn’t need registration for the most part however you can’t post and/or view some of the hidden text without registrations. The section is completely educational and has primary threads such as Newbie Questions, Virtual Carding, Bank Carding, Real Carding, CryptoCurrency, MoneyMaking, Adult Zone, Game Zone and so on.

It even holds competitions and offers prizes such as real money (mostly in BTC), VPNs, free cards and dumps and so on. Freebies too are provided in its “Forum information” section.

Then there’s the “Unverified Advertisement” section; it has two primary threads they being “Escrow” and “Unverified Ads”. The Escrow thread is where you can request escrow for your trades and is priced at 5% of the transaction amount.

The Unverified ads thread is where any user can post ads about his/her products and the forum doesn’t guarantee safety or legitimacy or those trades/vendors. These are typically the types of trades you can use the Escrow with.

Final Words

So that’s me signing off folks. Now I by no means may claim these to be the ultimate best, ultimate underground credit card forum (s), but they sure top the charts when it comes to a ranking system.

Note that not all the forums have provided their anonymity policy, and hence the “No IP logs policy” may not be available with all the sites, and hence it’s advised you use a VPN while accessing these forums or buying anything off of them.

Do let me know if this piece on Carding forum helped you out, or if you think there’s some other forum that deserved a seat at the table using our social media channels!