Best VPN for Torrenting P2P And Filesharing

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Many countries made torrenting a cyber crime. Given that torrent gives us the access to paid and prohibited content, the government authorities have to take action.

Of course, they can track people, who try to access the prohibited sites. What if you want to get your hands on paid stuff and new movies for free?

Well, the easiest method for that are torrents. But you may get caught if you use torrent without any protection. So, what is the best way to use torrent without getting caught? There comes the importance of VPN. You must use a best VPN service for torrenting.

Best VPN for Torrenting

Yeah, I am going to share a few best VPN services for torrenting here. But before we dive into the core of the post, let’s have a look at how torrent downloading works.

How Torrenting Works?

We all know that torrent is a peer to peer network. Means users are the distributors as they download and upload files at the same time.

As a person who is searching for best torrent VPN, you must have the knowledge about the following terminologies.

  • Indexers: Simply put, Indexers are the websites containing tons of torrents. All of us download the torrent file for our purpose from such sites.
  • Trackers: Trackers connect peers together. And, it eases the connection by unzipping the file uploaded by a user and delivering the same to another user who wants to download the same.
  • Seeder: You are called a seeder when you upload the file you are downloading from the torrent.
  • Leecher: Leachers are those who download only and never upload. You need the best VPN for torrenting to do both processes.
  • BitTorrent Clients: Torrent is specifically BitTorrent. We need a client (read software) to get us connected to the network. BitTorrent clients do the same. The widely used client is uTorrent.

The working of torrent is simple. When you use a .torrent file to download something, the trackers help you find a peer with the best speed. Then, the download starts and at the same time, you will become a seeder. That’s it.

Now, we are going to the list of best VPN for Torrenting.

Best 3 VPN for Torrenting or Filesharing

During my quest to find the best VPN service for torrenting, I have come across multiple ones. My experience persuaded me to select more than one here.

So, here goes!


The first one in this list of best VPN for torrenting is NordVPN. They offer tons of useful features that facilitate the usage of torrents.

The primary and unique one is double data encryption. Means the VPN software encrypts the data two times for making it complicated for third-parties to perceive.

They have got 5600+ servers all around the globe in 60 different countries. So, you can virtually change your location to anywhere you want.

NordVPN follows a strict no log policy. For the same reason, you can easily use Tor over their VPN service.

In fact, NordVPN is the industry’s first VPN to get its No log policy publicly audited and verified.

Meaning, unlike most VPNs which simply “claim” that they do not keep logs (but actually do), NordVPN truly is logless.

And this isn’t just a claim, rather has been verified by an independent third-party auditing agency- PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It can do that because it’s based in Switzerland. So, when the law-enforcement agencies ask, it legally can shrug its shoulders and say – We don’t have any data, because it doesn’t.

The automatic kill switch is a useful feature that never hinders our anonymity. When the VPN connections goes off, NordVPN will shut down the software or site you use at that time (you should specify it beforehand).

There are a lot of features that make NordVPN the best VPN for torrenting.

E.g, Torrenting requires bandwidth and speed, doesn’t it?

NordVPN is truly “the” fastest VPN we’ve ever used. (Don’t trust us, we’ve provided data and screenshot-backed proof in our NordVPN review).

But, more importantly, they recently implemented the WireGuard protocol.

This boosts the already-fast NordVPN speed to unprecedented speeds.

So, even when Torrenting or P2P file-sharing, speed will be the least of your worries.

And because NordVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, no matter how much data you download/upload your speed won’t ever be reduced.

Similarly, your ISP too won’t be able to detect your use of P2P servers (because you’re using NordVPN) and hence the general ISP-throttling for such actions too won’t happen.

You can go for static or dynamic IP address from NordVPN. Owing to the fact that they are shared, it is literally impossible to trace the identity on the basis of just of the IP.

And, they follow an automatic IP address cycling to get you a random one every once in a while.

The VPN is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. So, almost all your devices will get the anonymity for torrenting.

NordVPN Price Plan

NordVPN offers six simultaneous connections and 30 days money back guarantee too.

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  • Surfshark


Surfshark is another P2P optimized VPN that has features which make torrenting easy and anonymous. For starters, it can be used on unlimited number of devices, simultaneously.

ISPs often throttle speed when they detect P2P sharing or other similar activities. With Surfshark’s Camouflage mode, that’s not possible. ISPs will have no idea you’re using a VPN.

Maybe you’re in China or some other heavily restricted area? Its NoBorders mode ensures you can use your VPN there as well, without restrictions.

It obviously has a “no log” policy that’s been publicly and independently audited. Furthermore, it’s based out of the Netherlands, one of the most privacy-friendly nations on the planet.

If you’re using it just for Torrenting, its bypasser lets you choose the torrent client so that only the torrent client uses the VPN and nothing else on your system. You can pick any software/browser/apps and selectively allow/restrict their use of the VPN.

P2P is known to be malicious and full of malware, Surfshark helps with that too. Its CleanWeb feature blocks ad & malware. The Kill-switch obviously exists. It ensures everything you download over torrent either passes through the VPN, or doesn’t get downloaded at all.

The VPN can be used on almost any device and OS.  If you do face a problem, they’ve got a live-chat support as well. Although, it’s not 24X7.

Finally, you get a 30-day refund policy across all its plans.

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  • AtlasVPN


AtlastVPN is another VPN that paid special attention to P2P and streaming. In fact, they’ve specially optimized servers so files can be shared and streamed without ISP restrictions.

Yes, you can use AtlasVPN on any number of devices simultaneously as well. Your entire family, neighbours, and even relatives could be torrenting without any bandwidth throttling or restrictions.

It’s not just compatible on computers and mobiles but also routers, AndroidTV, Amazon FireTV and many other devices.

As for speed, its WireGuard protocol ensures that’s not a problem. It’s the only VPN offering “SafeSwap” IPs. Meaning, your IP constantly changes as you browse the internet! Split Tunnelling is available too, letting you route specific apps via the VPN.

MultiHop+ is special. It’s not like the other Multihop features we’ve seen so far. So, instead of one specific second server, your IP is now changed a second time but this is done using a pool of rotating severs instead of just one specific server. Point being? It’s safer.

The data breach monitor while not a Torrenting-specific feature, does keep you safe. If your data is found up for sale on the web, you’re notified.

The 30-day refund policy ensures you only pay if you like the service.

They do have a 24X7 live-chat. The only restriction? You must be a paid member to use it

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Next up in this list of best VPN for torrenting is TorGuard. The name says it all. The VPN service provides you with complete protection over your identity when you are browsing Tor network.

Along with VPN, they do provide anonymous proxies and email services too. The right mix of features and price make them stand out as an excellent VPN provider.

At an affordable price, you can experience the power of anonymity without any limit in the speed and the bandwidth.

TorGuard has stealth VPN that overcomes any traffic filter, thereby giving you the complete control over anonymity and your identity.

One of the best features of TorGuard is its malware blocker. I hope you know the threats people hide in Tor network and torrent websites. The sneakers are so smart that they can fake being genuine. The strong algorithm of TorGuard identifies such threats and blocks them instantly to give you the complete protection.

The strong encryption coupled with secure DNS servers makes it a hard nut to crack for those who try to track your identity.

You can switch between more than 1600+ servers located in 50+ countries. So, legitimate torrenting will not be an issue for you. If your country doesn’t allow you to torrent, you can just choose one where it is legal and keep on downloading anything you want.

No, the features of this best VPN for torrenting don’t end here.

It supports multiple platforms and allows up to five simultaneous connections. So, you can protect all your devices while you torrent.

The automatic IP cycling of this best torrent VPN makes your identity tracking impossible. And, the kill switching closes the torrenting software or window when anything happens to the VPN connection.


Here comes IPVanish, another best VPN for torrenting. Though being an expensive one among the lot, its features look promising for those who want to have unlimited P2P traffic.

Logs are nightmares for VPN users. We use VPN to be anonymous. And, the anonymity gets broken when the VPN provider logs our usage details.  No, IPVanish doesn’t log your usage details.

Their 750+ servers are spread over 60+ countries. So, it won’t be difficult for you to fake your location.

The unlimited bandwidth makes sure your traffic never gets throttled. You can experience the data transfer as long as you choose to be an IPVanish customer. Even the P2P traffic is unlimited.

In case you prefer unencrypted usage, you can use SockS5 proxy they give, to mask your identity and IP address to keep on torrenting.

Do you want to fiddle with multiple protocols? Don’t worry! Being the best VPN for torrenting, IPVanish provides you with OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec protocols too.

According to my experience with over a dozen VPN providers, I have found out that some imposes a limit on switching the location even if we are paid users. IPVanish has no such limits and you can switch your location as many times as you want.

They allow five simultaneous connections. That feature along with the availability of VPN for multiple platforms allows you to protect all your devices while torrenting.

The company’s money back policy only lasts a week given that people exploits the same for fraudulent activities.

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4. Buffered VPN

Next best VPN for torrenting I have got here is Buffered. I used their service once and never had any issues.

The standout feature of Buffered VPN is the prolonged money back policy. Most of the VPN providers don’t offer money back policy over a week (given that people may use their service for fraudster activities). Nevertheless, Buffered VPN has a money back period lasting a one whole month.

Just like PureVPN, this one also has three plans, having no difference in features. You can choose any one from the list according to the budget you have.

You can virtually access the web from anywhere around the world as they have servers in 37 different countries. As I already told you, nullifying the illegality is easy with switching between the locations.

They don’t record any usage details of their customers. The strict zero logging policy increases your privacy.

Being the best VPN for torrenting, Buffered doesn’t throttle the network speed. And, you can enjoy unlimited traffic in and out of your system with their unlimited bandwidth feature.

They have VPN clients for all major platforms. So, it isn’t necessary to keep a specific device with you to enjoy torrenting.

The installation of the app is simple and straightforward like any other software. Once the installation finishes, you need to enter the credentials to get you started with the torrenting.

In case you face any issues, the responsive customer support is there every time around the clock to help you out of any chaos. As stated earlier, you can request your money back within a month if you don’t like their service as well.

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5. ExpressVPN


The second one in this list of best VPN for torrenting is ExpressVPN. If you searched for VPNs in the past, you might have come across this.

The availability of 145+ cities in 94 different countries (1000+ servers too) allows you to virtually change your location if you are afraid of your government authorities. By changing your location to a nation where torrenting is legal, you crushe even the 0.00001% chance of letting them know you use torrent.

But I don’t feel the need to do the same. ExpressVPN has made everything rock solid for the maximum security. So, not a single person can be able to leak the data.

The company clearly states that they keep zero logs. So, even they don’t have an idea about the sites their visitors use, making it the best VPN for torrenting.

You know there are multiple VPN protocols available, don’t you? Each one of them varies in terms of speed, security and ease of access. ExpressVPN provides you with all of them. You can choose from SSTP, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, or OpenVPN.

The 256-bit strong encryption keeps even the tiny bit of data like inside an unbreakable lock.

No matter what platform you use, they can protect every device. ExpressVPN is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and even routers as well.

The DNS leak protection avoids the occasional scenario of your browser contacting your ISP’s server. When any VPN server faces an issue, the automatic kill switch shuts down the software or site you use, thereby giving out no scope to expose your identity.

You can connect your three devices to ExpressVPN at a time. The round the clock customer support and 30 days money back policy makes the access of the best VPN for torrenting easier.

6. Private Internet Access

I know you may be new to this VPN provider. But their promising features are definitely going to impress you. They don’t even charge like those well-known providers as well.

So, what makes Private Internet Access a best VPN for torrenting? Let’s find out.

One of the unique features they offer is the ad blocking facility. As you start using their VPN service, they will block annoying ads for you. Along with the ad, they disable any tracker web admins integrate into their sites too.

We all know that most of the torrent websites have tons of ads, that too disturbing popups. The ad blocker of Private Internet Access doesn’t allow those to distract you.

They offer uninterrupted P2P traffic support for you. In order to add an extra protection, you can use SOCKS5 proxy from them.

Just like every best VPN for torrenting I have shared here, this one also follows a strict no logging policy. All they record is the amount of money you pay, not even the payee’s details.

Even though they have low number of locations (36 places in 24 countries), you can switch between over 3000 servers. In case you find any server is heavy, you can instantly move on to another one given that a large number of them are available.

Having own DNS servers, Private Internet Access, at any point, doesn’t allow your browser to make a connection with your ISP’s server, and it avoids DNS leaks.

You don’t want me again to explain the benefits of changing IP address regularly. Well, Private Internet Access, being the best VPN for torrenting does that.

The VPN client is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. And, they also give you a testing period of a week. You can get your money back within that time if you don’t like their service.

7. PureVPN

Next up in this list of best VPN for torrenting is a reputed one called PureVPN. I hope you might have heard about this service.

Being the best VPN for torrents, PureVPN has 750+ servers in 141 countries, most probably the greatest among all. You can go for unlimited location switching as long as you want.

Not only does PureVPN support the regular gadgets, but it can also be used for media devices like SmartTV, routers, Amazon Fire, Roku, etc. And, the five simultaneous connections or multi logins, as they call the feature extends the protection to all your devices.

Unlike some other providers, this best VPN for torrenting provides every user with all the locations. All of their customers get the servers in every location regardless of the plan they choose.

They didn’t impose limit on low-cost plan. The difference is only on pricing and the duration of the package. If you are crucial about your privacy, you can even choose BitCoin as your payment method.

What if you don’t want to use VPN for all the web traffic? Apparently, enabling and disabling the VPN over and over again is a tedious task. But being the best VPN for torrenting, PureVPN brings you a feature called split tunneling using which you can filter safe traffic to go through your ISP servers.

When you go with two years VPN plan, the per month costs goes the cheapest. You can get your money back within seven days in case you don’t like their service (unlikely to happen).

8. CyberGhost

best VPN for torrenting

The first reason why Cyberghost is an  adequate VPN for Torrenting and file-sharing is it has a torrent-dedicated page on its site. It even markets itself as one of the “best VPNs for Torrenting”.

It claims to have P2P-optimized servers which offer better speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

The company boasts 5700 VPN servers, and offers a country-list consisting of 90 countries to choose from. It also offers as many as 7 Simultaneous connections which is one of the highest numbers in the industry.

There is the Kill-switch, as well as DNS Leak protection. Uses 256-bit encryption for encrypting the traffic. Offers OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec. Supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Browsers, FireTV.

Stresses heavily on its No Logs Policy and claims not to store any shred of data whatsoever. The VPN doesn’t offers live-support however has a very detailed knowledgebase.

It also claims to offer the “fastest speeds”, however in my personal experience that’s debatable and I’d still say NordVPN performed slightly better.

Due to the illicit nature of Torrenting websites, those are breeding grounds for hackers and third-parties to insert malicious codes and malware. Cyberghost protects users against these by auto-checking the URLs against a public directory of known malware sites.

It offers 14-day and 45-day moneyback guarantees. Plans start as low as USD $2.75/month and go upto USD $12.99.


9. PrivateVPN

Next up in this list of best VPN for torrenting is PrivateVPN. You might not know about their service. But it’s worth checking them out given their impressive features at an affordable price range.

The strong encryption along with the wide range of protocols (six in total) never leaks your browsing history to anyone. And, you can play around with 34 servers they have in 21 countries. The server switching feature is an added benefit given you may go for country-specific services like Netflix along with torrenting.

Being the best VPN for torrenting service, Private VPN never imposes any limit on the traffic. Once you become their subscriber, you can use it forever as long as you choose to pay the fee.

They have developed VPN clients for all the three major platforms; Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. If you want to extend the support to other platforms, you will have to grab the OpenVPN configuration and upload the same to an appropriate third-party client.

Three plans are available for you to purchase the subscription. Not to mention, one with the maximum duration has the lowest price.

As the best VPN for torrenting, PrivateVPN gives you seven days money back guarantee too.

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10. StrongVPN

Last, but not the least in this list of best VPN for torrenting is StrongVPN. It has got everything you need to make the torrenting process the safest.

As the best torrent VPN, StrongVPN offers over 47 servers in 24 countries. The 2048 bit encryption acts as a semipermeable wall that allows incoming traffic and blocks outgoing data that leaks your identity.

You can download their client for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac. The availability of different VPN protocols makes sure you get what you pay for.

There are no limits on bandwidth or traffic as well.

Along with the VPN, they sell VPN installed routers too. If you buy a router from them, you can have VPN protection for all your devices. Other than that, the monthly fee is discounted for their router owners.

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11. FrootVPN

When you compare the price to features ratio of all the providers, FrootVPN comes as the best VPN for torrenting. For an at most cheap price, it offers feature that even the most expensive VPN services don’t.

You get three different protocols with this VPN, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. You can choose any of the three based on your usage and the speed you want. Needless to say, OpenVPN is the safest protocols. But you an extra step needed to configure it as compared to the other ones.

Yeah, it doesn’t log your activities. So, you can access any torrent you want, seed them, and download them without having the fear of getting caught by the governmental authorities.

The strong 2048 encryption provides double layer of security for all the traffic you send in and out of your router or whatever networking device you use.

Even though there are only four servers available on FrootVPN, you don’t find any downtimes. For the same reason, they are the best VPN for torrenting.

The multi-platform support coupled with three simultaneous login feature helps you protect all your devices from all the online surveillance.

For regular network connection, your router uses a system called Network Address Translation aka NAT that involves a behind-the-scene process leading to your ISP, getting to know about what you use.

The one-month money back policy makes sure your money never get wasted. And, there are multiple methods available for making payment, including BitCoin to purchase this best VPN for torrenting.

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12. Head VPN

The VPNs on this list of Best VPN for Torrenting P2P And Filesharing aren’t just randomly selected. Each of these have one or more features dedicated specifically towards Torrenting and P2P.

For e.g. HeadVPN mentions explicitly that it supports P2P and Bittorrent. It also has specifically designed servers to handle P2P and Torrenting traffic. Additionally, it doesn’t measure or have restrictions on its Bandwidth either which is a necessity for Torrenting.

It even allows for Dedicated (not changing) IP addresses with all its plans. They offer a free 24-hour trial period as well to curb all doubts. Its servers are located in Netherlands, UK, USA, Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

It offers 5 Simultaneous connections which is the standard number across the VPN industry. There obviously is the No-Logs policy without which Torrenting wouldn’t exactly be ideal.

Offers 6 secure and well-encrypted connection Protocols, namely PPTP, OpenVPN, Softether +HTTP and HTTPS Proxy, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and SSTP.  The paid plans start as low as USD $1.99/month and go all the way upto USD $ 3.99/month.

Payments can be made using Bitcoin, or one of the many popular fiat payment methods. Its device and OS support is impressive, and nearly all the popular variations are supported including Windows/Mac/Linux/ Android/iOS/Xbox/Fire TV/ Apple TV etc.

What’s the difference between P2P/Torrenting VPN servers and normal VPN servers?

This piece is all about the best VPN services for Torrenting and file-sharing, isn’t it? So there must be aspects which differentiate these from the other non-torrenting VPNs out there.

For starters, Torrenting is largely illegal although that obviously depends on the type of file you’re working with. However, you’d need the utmost level of security and anonymity available regardless of what it is you’re seeding/leeching. Most of the VPNs listed above offer a “No logs policy” and in some cases these no logs policies have been audited/verified as well (e.g. NordVPN)

Secondly, browsing the internet normally and sharing files/ torrenting have two very different bandwidth requirements. While the former works perfectly well with standard bandwidths, the latter (Torrenting/ P2P file-sharing) generally require high-bandwidth servers and VPN accounts. The VPNs above have been chosen keeping in mind that they offer unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, the VPNs in the list above specifically allow P2P and file-sharing, making sure your account isn’t terminated/suspended for the act.

Then there’s the “speed” factor. Sure, we require fast speeds with all VPNs. But the VPNs above perform better than the average VPNs out there, considering how speed is a major factor for file-sharing or torrenting.

Also, because P2P networks rely on transparency and shared uploading/downloading of files, they allow for all the users on the network to see the IP addresses of everyone else. So without doubt, a VPN is the obvious requirement here, isn’t it?

Do you need a VPN for torrenting? Can you go to jail for Torrenting?

These exact questions seems to be making the rounds on the internet, hence we decided to answer them. No, you won’t go to jail for Torrenting. But, you totally need a VPN for torrenting (it’s scary otherwise, keep reading and you’ll see.)

Is torrenting illegal to begin with? Not at all. It’s just a P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing network. In simpler words, you download files from other users, and share your files which can be downloaded by others.

The reason torrents are frowned upon is because they do facilitate copyright infringement, don’t they? A number of you probably have already downloaded movies, songs, software and other copyrighted content over torrents. This is what’s illegal. Not the “act of using torrents”, but, using torrents to download or upload copyrighted content.

Do note that torrents are also used for sharing legal files. In this case, it’s 100% legal to use torrents.

So, the reason Torrents need a VPN is the IP-address transparency and logging. In a conference held in Italy, it was proven that anyone who has ever downloaded pirated music, videos, or any other similar content has probably had their IP addresses logged within 3 hours of the activity

It’s not just the law agencies. Torrent clients even display the IP addresses of the users for a torrent file. You don’t want that either, do you?

Hence, you totally need a VPN for torrenting. It isn’t a luxury anymore, rather, a necessity.

Wrapping Up Best VPN for Torrenting

I have presented ten best torrent VPN before you. It is up to you now.

Have a look at the pricing and features each provider has to offer. Then, you can definitely pick the right one for you from this list of best VPN for torrenting.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Let them escape from the clutches of online surveillance.