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  • Multiple device support
  • Responsive customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DNS leak solver
  • Zero logging policy

NordVPN Review: You know it is possible to track your activities on the web, don’t you?

And, your ISPs and other sites can know your background details like your location using which they provide region-specific content. That’s how Netflix used to be unavailable in India.

Say you want to visit a blocked website. Then, you need a Virtual Private Network aka VPN. It allows you to be the part of a private network that no one can track your identity let alone the nationality. So, you can access any site without any limitation.

But here my main focus on Tor access, definitely you are a regular visitor of deep web links or dark web links. If you are looking best VPN services for your security, then I want to recommend you NordVPN, because this is the only one VPN, which provides TorOver VPN servers, which offer military grade security.

Notification: NordVPN TorOver Server + Tor Browser both can make your privacy security bulletproof or untraceable anywhere on the internet, no one can find your real location.

Today, I’m here to introduce you to a NordVPN services.

NordVPN Review

You want to be anonymous on the web, don’t you? And, you need the best VPN service in your armory for that. That’s exactly why I am here with this NordVPN review.

First, I want you to have an idea of how to install the NordVPN and use it for the first time.

a. Installation and Configuration

NordVPN is cross-platform program that can work with all popular OS and hardware like Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device, DD-Wrt and Tomato Firmware. But I am sticking to the method of installing it on Windows PC only. Because I have windows 10 OS.

Note: Windows 10 has lot’s of privacy loopholes, that’s why before working on this OS, you need to fix all privacy issue, for more information please check out how to fix windows 10 privacy issues.

Let’s start! here you need to follow all below given steps for right configuration.

Step 1: Visit and, you can see a “Get VPN Now” button on the homepage itself. Just click on it without wasting time.

NordVPN Homepage

Step 2: You will be brought to the pricing page now. All you have to do is choose a package. There are three of them (monthly, yearly and 2 yearly). All the three plans are the same except for the price.

Choose NordVPN Pricing Plans

So choose one of them.

Now 3 Year subscription also available where you can save 77% of your money, only get $2.75/Month.

3 Year NordVPN Subscription only $2.75/Month


Step 3: I think you selected your plan, Now go ahead to check out page. There, you need to put your valid email address then select valid payment methods, here NordVPN offer 4 methods for payments like PayPal, Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies, and Others. Hope you selected your payment method then press check out button, I am paying fee via Bitcoin then I have “Continue to CoinsPayment” Button.

Note: If you are from UK, India or any Tax related country then you can save your 18 to 20% fee when you will select that type country where tax is zero like USA, Panama and etc.

United Kingdome Users Final Payout:


Panama Citizen Final Payout:


If your payment process has been completed then you can login your account on the NordVPN and can download NordVPN software in your computer.

Step 4: Open your account by valid username or password when successfully login.

Go to My Account>> Download Area. You can see numerous downloading options there.

Image 4

Two:– Scroll down to the bottom and, click on Download from the Navigation footer. You should choose the device platform to start the download.

Step 5: As I am using Windows 10 operating system in my PC then here I am clicking on the windows 10 section recommended link, After the hit on this link your software downloading process start after some waiting time. Your downloading has been done, this downloading process depends on your internet connection speed. 

Once it finishes, you have to open the downloaded executable file to start the installation. You can proceed to the process just like you install any other tool. Chances are you may be asked to provide administrative privileges a couple of times during the installation. Don’t forget to hit Yes at that time.

Image 5

After installing the software, you can see a tray icon on the task bar. Moreover, a desktop icon will also be visible. For the first time, you won’t have to use both of them as the tool itself gets opened on its own.

Step 6: The first thing you need to do here is login. Make sure you enter proper credentials and then, hit Enter.

Image 6

There you go. You will be logged into the software now. So, you read how to install and log into the software in this NordVPN review.

How to Connect to a Private Network?

I assume you are on the home screen of the app. You want to connect to a network here, don’t you?

Can you see a map on the software screen? The marked places indicate different servers on NordVPN. You can click on any of those to have an IP of that country.

Image 7

As you can see above, there are multiple tabs on the user interface. In case you are a neo in geography, you can access those for a precise navigation.

On clicking Countries, you can see different nations. Then a simple click will do all the magic.

Image 8

Servers tab is pretty much similar to Countries but with a recommendation on the right side of the interface.

Image 9

Hovering over any of the servers reveals a Connect button using which you can connect to them. It may take a while to establish the connection based on the server load.

Image 10

After establishing the connection, you can enjoy the power of anonymity.

Image 11

Don’t you want to go through these steps? Then, NordVPN provides you a unique solution to establish the connection.

You can see a connection wizard on the home screen of the application. Just choose your use there. Four choices are there; Security, Streaming, Torrents and Anonymity. On choosing one, it will show the recommended server for you. And, the connect button makes the process easier by connecting to that one within no time.

So you know how to establish a VPN connection from this NordVPN review, don’t you?

Understanding the Settings Panel

This is a most important section for every new NordVPN users because this option can make your privacy bulletproof.

If you logged on the NordVPN software then you can see setting panel on the software interface.

You can access it from the top navigation bar. There is a Settings link at the end of the bar which leads to the panel.

On clicking Settings, you will get a window like the one below.

NordVPN Setting Interface

It is possible to toggle between different categories of settings via the links given on the left navigation pane. As you saw, there are General, My Account and System Log.

First, I invite your attention to the General tab.

a. Software Update – Shows the information about running NordVPN software Version in Your Computer.

b. CyberSec – This option can protect you from various type phishing, virus, malware and various other harmful threads sites, If you will enable this option then some sites you cannot access because that type sites offers background running script program these programs can harm your computer or data.

c. Auto Connect – This option for auto connection at startup time, you can select any country or a specific server that you like. If you enable this option, you do not need to connect manually any server.

d. Start NordVPN on Startup – Option will help you run nordVPN at the PC start time or every time when you will restart your pc or on your computer.

e. Internet Kill Switch – Recommended enable, Internet kill switch make your privacy more strong, sometimes your internet connection failed then this option can help you stop your internet connection to establish by the personal internet. Now you can connect your internet by other NordVPN servers.

f. Invisibility on LAN – If you are using the internet in Office or any Local Area Network if you will enable this option then your PC is not visible in LAN.

g. App Kill Switch – Suppose you are using Tor Browser and your NordVPN connection has been disconnect then tor browser automatically access your personal internet connection which is not good. in this can this option can block app level internet connection.

h. Notification – helping to enable or disable notification.

i. Start Minimized – helping in minimize running

j. System of Measurement – helping to understand measurement between you and VPN servers.

So you have read about all the options of General settings here in this NordVPN review. And, it’s time to navigate to My Account.

Image 13

Change Password:- Changing the password is not an issue on NordVPN. You can change it here. Did you see the Change Password link beneath the email address? Click on it and you will be directed to their website. There, you can change the password by entering it twice.

Subscription:- You can’t change anything here. This option displays the validity of your subscription.

Logging out from your account is easy. You can see Logout option at the bottom-left part of the screen.

A search field is provided at the top-right portion, which helps you search for a particular server without wandering much.

Features of NordVPN

NordVPN is a Panama based company concentrating on making the web safer to the audience.

1). Easy-to-Use Interface

While writing the NordVPN review, I have checked some other VPN services as well. And, I found out that among those NordVPN is one of the best in terms of usability.

You won’t find any difficulty in switching between the options or establishing a connection. I have already explained the way through which you can connect to a foreign server.

Truth be told, connecting to a server is not a Herculean task on NordVPN. You can do it even without the help of a guide.

2). Multiple Protocols

Basically, NordVPN offers two protocols; TCP and UDP, of which the latter is proved to be the safest. You can use any of them as the connection is encrypted to the core and, your identity will never be revealed.

TCP is Transmission Control Protocol whereas UDP is User Datagram Protocol. In case you do any sensitive task on the web, you can use the first protocol because people prefer it as a reliable one.

Every NordVPN review you come across concentrates on their privacy.

UDP is proved to the fastest as it’s a connectionless protocol that transmits loads of data packets within no time and end the relation.

3). Double Data Encryption

Double data encryption is a unique feature in a VPN service program. Even without the double encryption, your web browsing is secured without even a loophole to trace your identity.

Here double data encryption allows you to encrypt the data twice in order to make the job of identity trackers difficult. In this feature, it first covers your identity with a VPN and then further adds an extra layer of security of another one.

I bet you will find this one useful. So, bookmark this NordVPN review

You can see an option called Double VPN under both Countries and Servers tabs that lead you to the double encryption.

4). DNS Leak Resolver

You know what a DNS is, don’t you?

The Domain Name System aka DNS is used to link the URL of a website to its server’s IP address. So when we enter a domain address, what the browser does is requesting an IP address from the server.

Instead of requesting IP directly from the browser, VPN serves as a channel between us and the target server so that it can mask our identity. Unfortunately, sometimes our browsers overlook the fact that we have a VPN to cover our identity that it directly contacts with the server which in term results in the revelation of our identities.

If you are a NordVPN customer, you will never face this issue as they have a dedicated DNS leak resolver to detect and solve such issues.

Don’t you feel it’s worth your time reading this NordVPN review?

5). Automatic Kill Switch

Why don’t you want anonymity on the web? It may because you do some sensitive tasks over there.

And, it’s your duty to make sure the identity remains private at any cost. That’s what VPN services are used for.

But, what if a VPN program ends abruptly? Or what if a server becomes unreachable? Of course, you will not be anonymous anymore. And, sneakers can get to know what you do online.

NordVPN’s automatic kill switch avoids such bizarre situations. They give you an ability to specify programs that needs to be quit when any VPN issues pop up.

And, this feature helps you stay anonymous ever. I wouldn’t have found out this feature if it’s not for writing this NordVPN review.

6). Unlimited P2P Traffic

Some VPN providers block P2P traffic. A large percentage of VPN users are consumers of P2P protocol. And, it will be a blow if you found out they block the same in case you want it.

Here comes another reason that makes NordVPN the best VPN service.

They don’t block the P2P traffic that you can share or download anything via it. And, you will not find any speed throttle on accessing P2P clients as well.

Everything remains the same even when you transfer P2P traffic. Isn’t this NordVPN review useful?

7). Supports Multiple Platforms

We are living in a mobile era that the number of mobile internet users has been exponentially increasing. That’s why they support both iOS and Android. You can download apps from respective app stores without any hassle.

When it comes to computers, the support has widely spread over Windows, Linux and Mac. On the download page inside the profile, you will get the link to grab the in-house program, OpenVPN program and the configuration file too.

If you face any issues with their own app (unlikely to happen), you can choose the configuration file and OpenVPN to use NordVPN.

You have got more than half a dozen reasons here in this NordVPN review to avoid any other VPN service.

Brace yourself! You are going to read more.

8). Free Privacy Tools

Along with the top-notch VPN service, NordVPN provides some extra privacy tools as well.

Encrypted chat is the one I like the most in it. You can access the same by going to Tools& Information>> Privacy Tools>> Encrypted Chat.

Image 14

You will have to click on Start Chat button first. Then on the next page, you will be asked to enter a chat name.

Image 15

Just do it and boom! A chat box will be appeared soon before you.

Image 16

Your GF, wife or business partner can enter the URL of the chat room (look at the address bar of the browser) to take part in the secret chat.

Sometimes, you might have come across with ‘This video is not available in your country’ on YouTube. Of course, it is disappointing. But not anymore!

NordVPN’s free YouTube proxy allows you to watch any video with zero constraints.

Another free service of NordVPN is their free proxies. They have about 29197 free proxies at this moment. You can choose one after selecting a country, proxy and protocol. With their proxies, you can hide your IP address.

Web proxies are similar kind of service where you can access the web directly without configuring anything (unlike the previous one).

In case you want to encrypt the entire traffic from a router, you can buy a VPN router there as well.

After reading this NordVPN review, you can try them out.

9). Zero Logging Policy

Unlike some VPN providers, NordVPN keeps no information about what you surfed on the web. They do keep a few details; your email address, username and payment method.

And, they do not keep track of the websites you visit, the time of surfing, bandwidth or anything. So, you stay anonymous all the time no matter what.

You can use NordVPN along with Tor browser for maximum anonymity also.

All the companies are subjected to reveal any personal details of their customers on court orders. But here NordVPN is headquartered at Panama. So it is far away from US and UK jurisdiction as both the nations has the habit of digging through people’s internet usage.

I swear through this NordVPN review that you are going to love this provider.

10). Not Much Speed Compromise

Have you used a VPN service yet? If you used, you would know there occurred a speed drop.

NordVPN do decrease the speed of your internet connection. But not on a serious scale! You will not recognize the speed drop until you perform an internet speed check.

I know NordVPN was a bit on the slower side in the past. But the recent updates they rolled out seem to be spot-on that all the speed related glitches have been disappeared out of the blue.

You should also aware of the fact that the speed depends on the server you select. If you go for a crowded server with heavy load, your speed will be comparatively lower. So, always go with servers of small load.

11). Supports Almost all the Web Browsers

You may think that this is common to every VPN provider. But no! I have seen some with limited browser compatibility.

NordVPN supports almost all the web browser available today including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge and of course, Tor too.

So no matter what web browser you use, NordVPN is promised to secure all the web traffic with a layer of anonymity.

We are approaching the 12th feature in this NordVPN review. Don’t you think it is the best VPN service provider?

12). Unlimited Bandwidth

You know there are restrictions imposed on users when using VPNs, don’t you? Most of the VPN providers kept on focusing on the bandwidth constraint.

But NordVPN doesn’t limit you from accessing the web with the layer of anonymity. So, you can visit any website and stream anything. And, you don’t have to worry about transferring data through P2P protocol as well.

I recommend going with this provider through the NordVPN review especially if you deal with large data consumption per month.

And, I guarantee that they will never throttle down the speed even though you cross a whopping number in the amount of data.

13). Multiple Device Support

Say you have multiple devices (including mobiles) for which you want VPN. But I can assure you through this NordVPN review that it’s not the case here.

In such a scenario, NordVPN is the best pick for you as it supports six devices simultaneously. That means you can use NordVPN with the same account to access the web anonymously on six different devices.

Moreover, NordVPN can secure your game consoles and network routers too.

14). Responsive Customer Support

A 24x 7 live chat support is available using which you can seek the expert help any time. Most of the time, their FAQ section is enough to solve your issues.

An email support ticket feature is available on the Contact us section. You will get timely response for every ticket you raise.


  • Multiple device support
  • Responsive customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic kill switch
  • DNS leak solver
  • Zero logging policy
  • Free privacy tools
  • Multiple protocols and platform support
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Final Verdict

I hope you found my NordVPN review useful.

I truly think this VPN service can be a great tool in your virtual armory by keeping yourself anonymous and safe.

I have tried them and found good. If you want to try them out, you can ask for a 3 days trial period through their live chat feature.

Stay anonymous with NordVPN!