Deep Web Search Engine List [Dark Web] Updates 2016

4). Candle Deep Web Search Engine

Website: http://gjobqjj7wyczbqie.onion/

Candle is another alternative for deep web search engine; this is also popular into deep web community, everyday people use this search engine, I also try this search engine many time for deep web searching.

Candle home

Candle search engine does not allow parentheses, boolean operators; any type quotes into search query, if you put any of these types things into search query,  then you wouldn’t get required results.

Only you can try simple words, For Example, Today I am searching query “deep web links” then I put my query into search box then hit enter, now I am getting some results on my computer screen, but result have only those type sites which have .onion extension domain.

candle query

5). Searx Search Engine

Website: http://searchb5a7tmimez.onion/

Searx is another alternative search engine for deep web, This search engine also working on free information, if you search here anything then Searx not maintain your log file.

This is simple means no one can trace your all activity which you will perform on Searx search engine, Here you can search anything which you want.

Searx homeOne thing is very good in Searx, This search engine is open source seach engine, you can modify Searx source code according to you and also you can participate in search engine functions enhance program.

For Searx search engine more information visit at http://searchb5a7tmimez.onion/about

How to Searx search engine works?

Searx search engine is a great program which collects data from multiple popular search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. But here I saw one common thing if any website have high ranking into multiple search engine then searx give top position into search result.

Searx search queryNote: Searx search engine is not able to search .onion domain sites. If you try to search anything about .onion sites related then you can not get required result.

Searx search engine offer one great feature which is file related search, you can select any file related option which type results you want to get.

For Example Today you want to watch video then select video option and put your query into search box, and press enter then result.

video search query6).


Maybe this was the very first Deep Web Search Engine, I ever found. And also is the top of the most useful websites ever available on the Internet. According to them, they are the non-profit library of millions of this like books, movies, software, music etc. As mentioned on their homepage, they have about 466 billion web pages saved in their database. They have the screenshot of almost every website ever visited on the Internet. You can just image how big this database. Owing to its bigness, how precious and valuable it is.


On this search engine, you can know how different websites, which are now touching the heights of the Internet were actually looks like when they were in the starting days. You can see how Google looks when it was started. You can see how Bing looks when it was started. Similarly, you can see almost each and every site’s history webpages. This feature of this ultimate search engine is popularly known as the WayBackMachine, which may took you to the olden times of the Internet.

Let me quickly demonstrate this with the help of an example on the WayBackMachine search. Let us see how Google Search Engine looks like in 1998. I will simply search with the Google Domain, which is on the WayBackMachine and it will display me the dates on the calendar of various years when was this site captured as shown in the screenshot below. (Screenshot showing Google’s Homepage on 2 December 1998)

Moreover, you can search a lot of more things using this Deep Web Search Database or Deep Web Search Engine.