Facts About the Deep Web Which You Should Know

Facts About the Deep Web: The Deep web is like the unsung hero of the Internet which makes up for almost whole of the Internet, uncovers what most people don’t want us to, and still stays in the dark, not reciting the song of its glory on a microphone.

That’s one of the reasons why I took to scribbling this facts about the deep web here in this article. We will be discussing some of the most bizarre and deep web stories unheard of from the Deep web, just make sure by the end of this article you don’t start doubting your own existence.

But before embarking on this adventurous journey of facts about the deep web, let’s see what the Deep web is and why you need to invest your time understanding it.

Disclaimer- Accessing the Deep/Dark web may be illegal. We do not encourage it. It’s your responsibility to establish its legal-nature before clicking on a link, or getting involved in any activity anywhere on the Internet.

Facts about the deep web

What is the Deep Web?

Before telling you that, let me tell you that whatever it is, it’s “not” the Dark web. I do understand that the words “Deep Web” and “Dark web” are used interchangeably most often, but nope those words don’t represent the same meaning.

The deep web is that part of the Internet which is not indexed on any search engine, which doesn’t have any specified URL, but it does exist all the same.

And as Wikipedia says “the biggest weakness of the Deep Web is also its greatest strength: it’s really hard to find anything“.

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It’s the direct opposite of the “Surface Web“, meaning the normal web that we browse and use in our day-to-day life.

Well it’s not possible to understand the deep web entirely without understanding what the dark web is and how it’s different from the Deep web.

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Deep Web VS Dark Web

There’s a very thin silver lining between the deep and the dark web. The “Dark Web” is the “worst” version of the deep web, something you might seriously consider avoiding.

Now, the deep web is just “Web Content” that’s hidden. It might be previous update records of a mobile App, government databases, sealed online wikis etc.

It’s not necessarily the black-eyed demon the internet portrays it to be. It’s just chunks of data that’s not on the surface, is not indexed by Search engines, and maybe the owners don’t want you looking at it.

Let’s say you want to leak a document that has proof or a solid theory of how Kennedy was killed, you can’t post it on a blog called whokilledkennedy.com, right? The government organizations have quite a number of agencies to keep this kind of stuff off the internet.

So that’s where deep web comes to your rescue, you can publish your content on a deep web forum, people would take notice and the govt. won’t poke your nose over there.

So basically the deep web is accessible generally without a lot of layers of protection. A simple TOR browser generally does the trick.

While the Dark web is the hostile, violent, illegal and restricted part of Dark-web that needs special browsers and proxies to access it. Also, it’s not just “documents” you find on the Dark web, you might as well find the nuclear launch codes, that probably gives you an idea of what’s available over there.

Positive Uses of the Deep /Dark Web

Well not everything out there on the Deep/dark web is malicious. One of the “positive” facts about the deep web is; the best uses the deep web has ever been put to is leaking govt. sensitive documents, (which you need to know but the govt. doesn’t want you to), or maybe whistle-blowing about a certain case involving someone you can’t risk exposing yourself to.

Facts about the Deep Web

Anyway, this is an article about the Facts about the deep web (don’t miss #5!), so let’s not stretch this much further.

1. Size

The Deep web, although is the “hidden” part of the internet, it actually comprises of the “whole of the internet”, while the surface internet, the Internet which we use, only compares to about less than 4% of it. (Refer to the above picture!)

In other languages, the “deep web” is around 500 times larger than the surface web. Imagine a pond, imagine it ten times, 100, and now make it 500, I’m sure you’re getting the picture now.

2. Accessing the Deep Web

You can’t just search for “The deep web” on Google and click on a link to it. It’s like the basic(est) fact about the deep web. That’s the whole point of it not being “indexed”.

You need the TOR browser to access the deep/dark web. They basically are “browsers” with VPN features built in. In short, you won’t be risking your privacy or location while using TOR to access the deep web.

3. Credit Card Marts!

What if I told you, there might be someone selling your complete credit card details on a forum made specifically for that very purpose?

Well they do exist, there are people who sell credit card details on the deep web for pennies. And the most uncomfortable fact about that is, you might land on such a forum and you wouldn’t even know how tempted you’re going to be!

And no it’s not as if you’re going to have to learn hacking or something, it’s as easy as posting a forum status saying “I want American express credit cards”, or maybe “looking for CC dumps”, and you’ll get replies even before you finish typing that sentence.

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4. Buying Weapons

If they can sell credit cards, who’s to say weapons can’t be sold? Well yes just like you might have bought your juicer from Amazon, there are people and groups who buy weapons off the deep web and probably with a lot more ease.

Some people have even tried the recent, unfortunate Paris attacks to weapons bought off the deep web! After all whose going to resist if there’s a weapon for the taking at just couple hundred dollars?

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5. Spirit selling!

This is the most bizarre fact about the deep web that I have in my arsenal. Weapons, credit cards that’s all okay, cause they exist and they’re sold at one place or another.

But what if I told you that even “spirits” are sold over the deep web? Yeah, spirit of the dead ones! And the worst part is, normally the “souls/spirits” up for sale aren’t from someone’s grandmother who dies at 99, instead they’re of “child miscarriages” and “suicide deaths”!

And the selling isn’t even the worst part, the worst part is those “products” even get sold at quite a high price! Can you imagine yourself buying the soul of a unborn child? Yeah I didn’t think so!

6. Hitman

This really is the 21st century, after all we can buy everything online, can’t we? And the prior statement is a fact rather than just a fact about the deep web, we “really” can buy everything online!

And nope, I’m not talking about groceries, cats, or even private jets!

There are certain forums over the deep web where you can hire HITMEN! Well yes, you can choose your target, choose your price-range and they “claim” to get the job done.

You can even choose the “quantity”! (What I don’t get is, how can “Kill Mr. X: Quantity 2″ be delivered? Will they kill him two times?).

Anyway let me tell you, if you ever come across such a forum, you should see a red X on the top right corner of your screen, click on it immediately and take shelter in the Himalayas for couple weeks.

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6. Explosives

Well this doesn’t really come as a shocker. If you can buy weapons and hitmen, you can totally buy explosives no doubt! Why I’m mentioning this separately because one of the journalists from a leading media-firm actually confirmed the authenticity by buying C-4 explosives off a deep web seller.

7. Speed

The deep-web actually grows faster compared to the surface web. That’s surprising, considering the billions of Facebook /Twitter / Gmail / Blogs / Video contributors like us exist.

So if the deep web is growing faster, you can only imagine how much of data gets added to it per day! And that begs the question, how much data is “not being crawled” by Search Engines and being missed by the general Internet users.

8. Strict and narrow Forums

One of the facts about the deep web that distinctly separates it from the surface web is that, it’s not multi-niche and over there you won’t find “Mike’s life blog” or maybe “Harold’s all in one grooming tips”.

The forums on the deep web are extremely narrow and specific. Meaning, if there’s a blog selling spirits, it’ll be dedicated to that specific purpose. Same goes for the E-hitman we talked about, or anything in particular.
Bottomline, the deep web has specific forums for every topic, so there’s no “everything here” forum.

You may also check >> Forums and Community ( The hidden wiki url)

9. Silk-Road (The Illegal E-commerce for everything illegal!)

Talking about the facts about the deep web and not mentioning Silk-road is just an insult to the deep web. Silk road was one of the most “successful” deep-web platforms which was made for buying and selling everything that you can’t buy and sell in the real-world market. Including:-

  • Top-grade hackers.
  • Guns.
  • Counterfeit money.
  • Document forgers
  • DRUGS (Caps because, this was the most-selling product on Silk-road!)

You could find almost any kind of product, specifically drug there, untill recently when the FBI arrested the founder of the website and shut silk-road down.

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10. Fake-IDs

Again, listing it here simply because it’s one of the many facts about the deep web, but honestly I’m not shocked with this anymore. Ofcourse people can buy Fake IDs from the deep web!

11. Facts about Cats

Well, you wanted “absurd” facts about the deep web? Here it is! And it’s not absurd or bizarre because it’s about cats, but because it’s on the deep web!

I mean who would want to “secretly” pass cat information, right? But well, these forums do exist sharing just some basic, interesting cat facts, nothing serious!

12. Chat with the dead!

One of the many “creative” aspects of the people from the deep web is the fact that there are forums and sites which actually teach you how to “chat with the dead”!

Yes, they teach you how to summon spirits, how to talk to them and what not! Just creepy!

13. Like Spaghetti? How about human intestine?

This falls under one of the creepiest facts about the deep web. Forums which discuss how to slice, cook and then eat human-flesh! And they don’t just stop there.

You can even find comment boxes or chat boxes down there where people talk to each other on “how a specific human part felt” when they ate it!

Humans eating humans? This is the end of the world!

Bonus Fear:Here’s the link to a web archive of the Cannibal cafe! (It’s like an “offline/saved” version so nope it won’t harm you, and isn’t illegal! But let me warn you, the content is REALLY offensive, creepy, horrible and all the other words you can think of, so proceed with caution!)

14. Screenshots

Here are some real screenshots off the deep web for you, of some of the Marketplaces and products you might find over at the deep web helping you grasp some more facts about the deep web.

“Atlantis”- It came up as an alternative after Silk road was shut-down.

Organized Criminal group for hire.

Is it Illegal to Access the Deep Web?

Obviously if you went through the points above, the one question that’ll hit you for sure is, is it legal accessing the Deep Web?

To answer that, you need to know that the Deep Web is a larger pond, and the Dark web is just a part/section of that pond.

It’s not illegal accessing the Deep Web. Even your bank account details are deep-web content (not indexed on Search Engines). Although the “Dark Web” is basically the “illegal” part of the Deep Web.

The Darknet markets, Hitmen sites, Drug-sites we talked about are all part of the Darknet.

Now a couple years ago, it wasn’t that big of an issue simply “accessing” the Darknet. But now the governments and law enforcement agencies are coming in hard on this part of the Internet.

It’s still not “officially illegal” to stumble by mistake on a Darknet market or Hitman site, but getting involved in any activity (buying/selling/using) any of these Darknet platforms totally is.

In other words, as long as you’re on the “Deep Web” (legal sites/forums/ social networks etc). it’s not illegal to access the Deep Web. But if you’re on a site which offers illegal goods and services, accessing it may land you in trouble.

Note that simply using TOR isn’t illegal either. No matter what, as soon as you launch TOR it’s a very good idea to launch a VPN simultaneously as well. In my experience, NordVPN is the best VPN out there. 

Final Words

So that’s all I could dig up as far as this facts about the deep web article is concerned folks. But I’m sure you’ve heard stories too, so why not make use of the comment box and share them with us?

Although let me tell you something, the silver lining between the deep and the dark web is a very thin one. So if you ever find yourself on the deep web. You might not know, when you’re stepping into its darker version, hence it’s better to avoid it as long as you can hold your temptations.

Disclaimer: The marketplaces and products discussed on this article are just discussed as “Facts about the deep web”, the owner and/or the writer of this website or article respectively do not take responsibility of how you use that information, and we in no way encourage buying/selling illegal goods off the deep or the dark web under any circumstances.