10 Best Deep Web Hacker Forums

Searching for the best hacker forums on the darkweb and/or the clearnet? If yes, you need to look no further, we’ve compiled quite a few of those here, along with a lot of other data related to the topic.

Hacker forums basically are exactly what the phrase translates into, forums made primarily with the aim of discussing topics related to hackers.

Before starting with these sites, let’s see why you’d need to visit such a site.

What can be found on these Hacker Forums?

Heard interesting things about these hacker forums? Wondering what dark worms it holds? Let me tell you; anything and everything that is shown in the movies, and then some!

The very basic use I’ve made of hacker forums is learnt how to protect myself, and remain anonymous on the Internet. And that’s a pretty positive use of these forums I’d say, don’t you agree?

Although these forums aren’t as negative as the media wants us to believe them to be.

The status of hackers has changed over the years as well, earlier they were mere criminals, today there are hackers working for social causes (Hacktivists), voicing oppression, unmasking govt. secrets and what not.

Edward Snowden is the best example of a “not so bad hacker” who revealed shocking truths about the American govt. and didn’t do it for any personal gain.

Although obviously not everyone is Snowden, and there are negative points to these forums as well.

You can learn hacking, get tools, stolen data, news of what’s going on out there, new vulnerabilities or patches which come up or basically anything that relates to hackers or wanna-be hackers in any way.

According to a report from Business Insider; there are sites which will hack into someone’s Netflix account, change the numbers in someone’s bank account, or simply mess someone’s digital footprints up for as low as $1-$100.

You could either learn these yourselves, or simply hire some of those “experts” from these underground hackers’ forums. Here’s a very real-life example of such a site: http://5eme2auqilcux2wq.onion/

The person here is offering a variety of services for Bitcoins. It’s been up for at least 4 years now, and it has been made like a resume + an e-commerce portal for buying hacker services.

Hacker for Hire is another such deep web hacker site which offers hacking services for a price.

Although note that I by no means encourage hacking, or any other illegal activity, neither online nor offline. The examples above are only and only to give you a first-hand experience of what’s available but do not buy those services, that’s a request.

On a more advanced level, the “invite-only” forum Trojanforge specializes in code-reversal and malware and it’s just a glimpse of what goes on in there.

Bottomline, how you use these sites is up to you, here we’re simply listing the top hacker forum sites worth really spending your time on (purely for research and “learning to protect yourself” perspective).

Secure Yourselves Before Accessing These Hacker Websites

Note that before you go on and click on any of these links (primarily the ones on the clearnet), make sure you have taken the adequate security precautions.

First of all, you’ll need the Tor browser, it’s an anonymous web browser without which you wouldn’t be able to access the .onion links listed here.

Tor doesn’t record your IP address, your web history or anything which can be used to link back to you.

And even though the clearnet sites can be accessed without Tor it’s not really a good idea to leave your digital footprints on such sites.

Secondly, in addition to the Tor browser, make sure you have a VPN running as well. A VPN provides additional privacy and security online by changing your IP address. I am suggesting you NordVPN service which delivers quality privacy security at cheap price also they don’t track any logs.

Get NordVPN only in $3.15/Month and save 68% OFF.

So that even if you do land somewhere where you shouldn’t be, you wouldn’t get the feds knocking on your doors cause Tor + VPN literally makes you untraceable on the internet.

Anyway, now that you’re all suited up, let me share with you some of the best forums related to hacking both on the deep web and the clearnet!

  • Torum – Non Profit Cyber Security Forum

Website: torum6uvof666pzw

Torum Non profit hacking forumTorum is a non-profit; absolutely free Cyber-sec forum built on the grounds of “lesser rules, more value”. Was established in May 2017 and already boasts over 6229 members in less than 2years.

It has three primary sections:

  • General
  • Commodities
  • And Main

The General section is where announcements are posted, or users can spark up new discussions. They also posts challenges and Puzzles in this section.

The Commodities section however can only be accessed after reaching 10 posts (total) in other sections.

Finally the “Main” section is the most important section which has all the educational and information posts accordingly categorised where they fit best; some of the threads are Cryptography/Malware, Network/Wireless, Hardware, Social Engineering, Denial of Service and so on.

  • Breaking Bad

Website: bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd

This isn’t exactly a hacker forum, rather, it’s an educational forum on drug manufacturing. It primarily teaches us how to setup labs, synthesize, analyze and market drugs.

It has a “tech and analysis” section which discusses how to analyze different types of drugs such as Meth, Opioids, Cannabis etc. Other primary sections include “Chemical and equipment suppliers”, “ Narco medical support”, “Pharmacology”, and finally “Business support”.

The equipment list section has list of countries which can be used to source equipments in different countries. The medical support obviously has health related discussions.

Anyone can access these forums. You don’t need to register to view any of the threads (except the “Research Chemicals” thread which is invite-only).

  • KickAss

Website: kickassugvgoftuk

KickAss is one of the best hacking forums, specializing in malware, exploits, and accounts.

You can request to join the forum, although they’ve a really strict captcha system, and your request needs to be manually approved by an administrator.

But anyway once you’re in, they have a pretty interesting thread up, a kind of “A-Z” course which consists of:

  • Basics
  • Server Hacking
  • Malware
  • Anonymity
  • Smart Phone Hacking
  • Password cracking
  • And lot’s more, finally ending with Reverse Engineering.

As far as educational purposes go, the course seems pretty detailed and worth it. Even though nothing else can be accessed unless your account is approved, the course is free for all.

Wait, don’t get lost on the forum yet, we’ve got many others in store for you.

  • Hack This Site

Website: https://www.hackthissite.org/forums

As their description says, they’re a legal hackers’ forum, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, and tools only for educational purposes.

More than simply a forum, they have quite a few serious projects being developed, they also have a IRC server (chat box) all up and running.

In case you’re not a total new player in the game, they also have challenges setup which can be accessed from the dashboard’s left sidebar.

These challenges are categorized into basic missions, realistic missions, and many others. They also let their users create and post challenges if they wish to.

What I personally liked about their forum is the availability of nearly every aspect or element I could think of, from hardcore code penetration to social engineering, everything had a well-managed and active thread there.

Although note that you can’t just post stuff like “Need a virus”/“Need to hack Mr. X’s account” or anything which is directly illegal on the forum, that’s clearly banned.

  • Hack Forums

Website: https://hackforums.net/index.php

Hacker Forums

HackForums is a Hacker forum on the clearnet which can also be accessed without the Tor browser. As per the displayed stats, it has over half a million users as of today; 511,913 to be exact which is like one of the largest user-bases any of the Hacker forums on this entire list can boast of.

The entire memberlist can be accessed from the top-bar which shows usernames and links to the profiles of every single registered member on the platform.

Registration is mandatory in order to access the threads, the registration also isn’t as liberal as with some other platforms on this list and does require E-mail verification.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is because in addition to being a forum, it also is a Toolbox and offers a number of Security and Hacking tools absolutely free. These can be accessed from the top-bar > tools (wrench icon). Some of the available tools on the site include Base64 Encoder/Decoder, BIP39. Epoch Converter, Hash Encryption etc.

Users can access these tools even without registering on the platform.

The forum is primarily divided into only two major sections, the first is its Official Announcement section, the other being the the actual discussions involving hacks, exploits and so on. Some of the popular threads in the category are Basic hacking, advanced hacking, Website hacking, Hacking tutorials, Skype/IRC/ IM hacks etc.

Note that the forum pays special attention to always being on the right side of the law, hence doesn’t allow posting any personally identifiable information about anyone. It also logs, monitors as well as willingly shares IP addresses and other such details with the law enforcement agencies when asked to do so.

The staff also has the right to access your private message folder. Bottomline, it’s great if it’s just education you’re looking for although it’s not anonymous or privacy-respecting, not by a far stretch.

  • BHF

Website: https://Bhf.io

I found BHF while browsing through Reddit, and coincidentally just 3 days from now is the forum’s 7th birthday! That’s a lot of experience and reputation in the industry.

The age shows in its number of users, which is 227,094 to be exact at the current moment. As far as activeness goes, it’s overwhelming. At an average nearly 500 members can be found online which is an impressive stat. Threads too are updated almost every minute with one or more new messages.

It can be accessed without registering, including messages and threads; however registrations are required for replying, or accessing some protected messages.

Prime attraction on the forum is its “Contests”. A number of giveaways and competitions are held, which may include Bitcoin handouts, VPN accounts and other such items.

The primary sections on the forum are Programs, Articles, Market, Programming, WebMaster, and General Section.

The Programs section offers programs related to SQL, HASH, Proxy, Checkers, Bruteforcers etc. “Articles” is more of less the blog section of the forum, offering guides on how to make money, hack into systems and so on.

Market” obviously is the Marketplace, it facilitates buying/selling and exchange of services/goods. It can be used to exchange Cryptocurrencies anonymously, buy software, leaked databases, codes and every other imaginable item fit for the forum.

The “WebMasters” section is primarily for Digital Marketers, with tips and tools for SEO, Templates, Hosting, Domains etc.

Seems like a responsible forums and maintains a “Blacklist” of scammers and banned users. Although note the forum is in Russian, so you either need to be using Google Chrome (for auto-translates) or other similar browsers to navigate the waters.

  • Hack5 Forums

Website: https://forums.hak5.org/

The Hack5 forum is in true sense a hackers forum site, as in it’s founded, run and managed by hackers all across the globe.

Darren Kitchen, the renowned security expert is one of the administrators on the site and the forum.

Although my personal favourite aspect about this one is its activeness, you’re most likely to stumble upon a new hack/tool almost every week, something that’s unique and not known to the rest of the world.

Its “Questions” thread is especially helpful, with over 60,000 questions, and nearly to-the-hour updated answers it clearly is one of the best hacker forums.

They also have a “Leaderboard” with Leaders, top members and past leaders which gives people enough incentive to interact actively on the forum.

The homepage also has a very active video-feed, where new videos are uploaded twice or thrice every week.

It too is purely white-hat although it’s full of detailed researches and tutorials which can (but shouldn’t) be used for illegal activities.

  • Exploit.in

Website: https://forum.exploit.in/

Despite its .in domain, it’s not an Indian, rather a Russian site. Although language isn’t an issue anymore because you can simply translate it to English with one click.

It’s probably more active than Hack5 forums, and has most thread replies time- stamped with “few hours ago” which is a good sign.

As for availability of content, everything from bluejacking to cryptography is available over there.

In fact, the people posting replies there too do not seem script kiddies and their answers did impress me.

Apart from the knowledge-oriented threads, it also has a mega-active “purchase/sale” thread with over 210,000 replies there!

Bottomline, it’s one of the best hacker forums you could land upon.

  • 0x00sec

Website: https://0x00sec.org/

Okay, this one isn’t as “traffic-rich” as some of the other hacker forums on this list. But I’m still enlisting it here it does have some really good topics and tutorials.

It covers everything, right from the very basics to the advanced level. The forum doesn’t have millions of hits and has 10-15K views/thread, but that shouldn’t be a key-point in determining its quality, right?

It’s pretty active as well, and its most recent threads are almost never older than 48 hours.

With time, given it sustains this quality, it sure can be one of the best forums in the niche for people with a hacker’s mindset.

It’s free to join and signs you up instantly as well!

  • HackerPlace

Website: http://hackerw6dcplg3ej.onion/

It’s a deep web forum, and it’s rather restricted when it comes to communications as users can’t exactly talk there.

It’s more like a directory, consisting of various hacking and programming related materials.

But it’s still a forum, and is rather content-rich, both in quantity and quality. You can click on any of the links provided there and they redirect to download links for the said materials.

Although it’s not only restricted to hacking, and has marketplaces, search engines and other types of data as well.

  • Exploits Database

Website: https://www.exploit-db.com/

Exploit Database forums is a CVE certified forum and is totally legal. Its primary purpose is the gathering and sharing of known vulnerabilities.

So that those vulnerabilities can be studied, learnt from and avoided in the future.

That said, it has a really huge database of such exploits, vulnerabilities and scripts which would come in handy for anyone looking up for a challenge.

Although honestly, it’s more for advanced users and not for beginners, for e.g. you won’t find the stepping stones there, rather complex codes and terms which wouldn’t make any sense to you unless you’re aware of them beforehand.

But for the right audience, it’s a goldmine. For e.g. I found D-link routers arbitrary code execution and XSS taxi booking script just after couple seconds on the site.

If it matters, it has a total of 38518 exploits archieved, which I’d say is a lot! Even if you study one exploit every day, that’s enough food for like 10s of years!

So well those were the best hacker websites out there folks. Let’s divert our attention to something that’s equally important

  • 0Day

Website: http://mvfjfugdwgc5uwho.onion

Deep Web Hacker Forums

It’s one of the most advanced hacker forums that I’ve included so far, advanced in the sense that it’s not only a forum, but also a marketplace.

You can buy/sell exploits, they even have their own “currency” which can be bought using Cryptocurrencies and then exchanged for exploits or hacks.

It’s free to join, although you’ll need to register and load funds in order to trade on the forum. The term advanced is justified once more because it has dual-buttons for most trades.

Such as “Buy exploits/test exploits” making sure you do not waste your money on something which doesn’t work. There are reviews, feedbacks and everything else to help you as well.

Bottomline, if you already are a hacker and need a marketplace to sell your exploits or vulnerabilities, or even if you’re a newbie and wish to learn how to use some real-deadly stuff, this is the place to go to. (Although, don’t!)

  • SecList

Website: https://seclists.org/

best hacker forums

Founded by Gordon Fyodor who is somewhat of a celebrity in the hackosphere (Yes, I just invented the word) SecList is another alternative to a “quality” Hacker forum. Fyodor also developed the nMap Security scanner, has authored a number of books and even starred in comics!

SecList even though isn’t a traditional forum, does comply to most norms and features that a forum provides for and hence has been included in this list here.

For starters, its layout is significantly different than all other options on this list, but just like any other forum it too lets users interact using comments among each other.

It primarily is a mailing list archive, which monitors and makes some of the most popular mailing lists available to users such as Insecure.org lists (another project by Fyodor) and Bugtraq list. These list contain some of the most recent exploits, vulnerabilities and loopholes that the Internet ever sees!

These lists are updated in real-time whose web archives and RSS feeds can be obtained from Seclist. It also has a “Security Tools” section which has links to a wide range of established tools. They’re categorized into Password tools, Sniffers, Packet Crafters, Exploitation, Web Scanners etc.

It may take a second getting the hang of the site’s layout and all the options, but it sure is loaded with tons of information, docs, books, tools and everything else.

Absolutely no registration is required to access any part of the site. Note that while on SecLists.org, you may be redirected to SecTools.org, nMap.org and/or Insecure.org. All these sites look and feel exactly the same, just with different content and are interlinked with each other, a part of the same network.

  • Nulled

Website: https://www.nulled.to/

Best Deep Web Hacker Forums

Nulled is a Clearnet Hacking Forum on the clearnet, hence you don’t need TOR or other special tools to access it. It’s extremely popular and active, as of today boasts exactly 2,590,566 members and 18,311,066 individual posts.

At any given time, an average of 3,000-5,000 users can be found online, it saw a highest real-time traffic of 63,675 once further establishing its popularity.

It has a real-time chatbox on the homepage which you can use to share information with users, or get answers to your questions. There are only three primary sections- “Nulled”, “General & Off-Topic discussions”, and “VIP Area”.

The “Nulled” section houses threads which host nulled scripts/codes, feedback and suggestions, announcements etc. The second thread is for talking about Hacking, Gaming, Entertainment, Cryptocurrencies and even “Bragging” about your achievements.

The VIP Area finally is what provides access to VIP leaks and Dumps. These are quite active and have thousands of threads in them, each thread mostly offers a ton of leaks.

In a nutshell, you can get leaks (such as hacked Facebook/Insta/Twitter accounts, databases etc). Netflix accounts, money-making guides, porn-site access and much more on Nulled.

Note that registration is mandatory for any active participation, while it’s free (requires E-mail verification), most content of quality (such as accounts and leaks) is only available to “Premium” users which is a paid subscription.


Website: https://bitshacking.com/forum/

best hacker forums

BiTSHACK wasn’t on this list a year ago, when we published this piece. It recently earned its place on top search engines and communities and pulled our attention.

Its exact age isn’t known, although as of today it boasts as many as 285, 485 registered members. The activeness of the forum is established by the fact that it has a total of 139,572 individual threads. Over half a million individual messages have been posted in these threads (658,995) to be exact.

The site sees as average of 50 registrations everyday, yet another mark of its popularity. The interface is alike most other hacker forums on this list.

The top area of the website is covered with ads and banners, and then the actual forum follows. Viewing thread titles as well as titles of sub-threads doesn’t need any registrations, however to view the actual posts in them it’s mandatory.

Registration is free, as well as anonymous. No verification or personal information is asked for. It consists of a number of sections, such as Announcements, Staff Application, VIP Area, Money Making Section, Community, Hacking and Security, Carding, White Hat, Anonymity, GFX, Mobile Mania, Marketplace, Coders etc.

Your area of interest would probably be the “Hacking and Security” which shares tutorials, tools, discussions etc. The white-hat section comprises primarily of legal hacking discussions, such as PC Protection, How Tos etc.

It even holds Hacking contests and offers prizes from USD $100 to USD $1000+ to the winner. It also has a Paid, VIP plan starting at USD $20.00 for one month, and goes upto USD $150.00 for one year. It offers tools, guides and many other private material to users.

Payments can be made using Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payza, Web Money and Western Union. Minimum amount differs for each method.

  • Carding Team

Website: https://cardingteam.cc/

best hacker forum

Carding Team is another forum. Despite it’s name, it’s not limited to “Carding”, rather a number of non-carding related topic, info and tools are available.

Let’s start with the fact that it has as many as 163399 registered users. That speaks for its popularity. A total of 33171 Topics and nearly quarter million replies on threads top it up.

The primary sections include “General”, “Carding Market”, “Carding Forums 2019” and “Hacking Forums”. The “General” is basically just for Intros and Notices. What’ll probably interest most is the “Carding Market” section.

It clearly is the marketplace for the forum. Even has a topic titled “Verified Sellers”. This is where vendors who’ve proven their legitimacy and authenticity can sell hacks, scripts or direct services. Then there’s a secondary, unverified seller topic as well.

The forum also provides “Escrow” so the sellers do not scam users. The Escrow accepts Cash, Perfect Money as well as Western Union.

Carding Forums” section is the free content on the platform. You can get tons of scripts, dumps, databases, accounts, Tutorials, Guides, Proofs etc. If you wish to “learn” hacking, this might be a good place to start.

The section next is titled “Hacking Forums”, another freebie section. It has threads sharing hacking tools, Crypters, Botnets, RATs, Trojans and even tutorials on E-whoring!

Inside these threads, we found a detailed step-by-step Kali Linux guide, a list of Cardable websites, Card Checkers and other similar content. In a nutshell, it not only is one of the best Hacking Forums, but also a marketplace.

You can either go for the freebies and learn hacking yourself, or hire someone to do the deed for you. Registration is currently free.

  • Jean Valjean forum

Website: vdkraqdnx2nlpt5v.onion

It’s a forum on the darknet. Not the most active or successful hacker forums, but a hacker forum nonetheless. Has 80 or so registered members so far, with the total post-count standing at 2146.

Unlike most other forums for hackers, this one doesn’t use the hacker-like templates/interfaces. The forum looks pretty clean and simple.

Some of the available topics include Hacking, Credit Cards, Counterfeit Money, Accounts&Gift Cards etc. The “hacking” topic reveals a number of threads.

Some interesting ones include Hacker for hire, buy fake documents, and even some other non-hack related threads such as Hire a hitman, drug discussions etc.

Hacked/tampered IELTS, TOEFL, ESOL certificates are available as well. No “verified vendors” feature, yet buying and selling seems to be allowed.

Any of the threads can be accessed/viewed without registering. Registration is only required if you wish to interact (post/comment/reply).

Despite its low number of members, seems pretty active and all the threads have replies going back not a few hours.

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk, some actions may be illegal.


Website: kfwkebrtj3s72qpgbkhiamlfy27tplzibwqsynzhezoehm7vpsdcx5id

This isn’t the same as the one mentioned earlier even though they’ve exactly the same name. So, this darknet hacker forum isn’t free.

There’s a $250.00 invite fee (it earlier was $450.00). It can be paid both via BTC and XMR. Do note that we do not guarantee the legitimacy of the forum or its claims.

It claims to be the biggest English forum. It’s not automated and you must contact them via e-mail to get the invite, or even the wallet address. Once you’ve paid, the login URL is mailed back to you.

Some of the topics/threads on the forum include malware, anonymity, smartphone hacking, reverse engineering, carding and so on.

Do note that it also has a marketplace, as well as a market forum. The invite for the normal forum includes access to these as well.

  • Dark Web Forum

Website: dwforumsmrcqdnt3

It’s extremely rare to be able to find professionally-designed websites on the onion network.

This dark web hacker forum is sure one of the exceptions.

In addition to being a deep web hacking forum, it also is a marketplace.

As in, there are forum members who’re verified to be trustworthy and legitimate and are allowed to sell tools and services related to hacking. (Unverified members can sell as well.)

Even if you don’t speak English, its “International- No English” thread will make sure you can learn hacking on the forum.

There’s a “paid section”, which lets you directly buy products and items.

It sells cards, PayPal accounts, cracking programs, Socks and Proxies etc.

Then there’s another “Carding Zone”. It’s the free section on the forum related exclusively to “carding”.

This is where you will find free carding tutorials, tools, bins, and even a “proof/showoff” thread.

There’s a more generic “Hacking and Cracking zone”. This deals with hacking databases, systems etc.

It offers tutorials, viruses, malware, remote administrator tools and others which can be used to hack into systems.

Then finally, there’s the “DWF Marketplace”.

It has sections for both verified sellers, as well as unverified sellers.

You can also trade/exchange with other members.

The forum also provides a free Escrow service for the trades/purchases.

The forum seems new, but is extremely active. As of today, it has 2424 members and 5910 threads.

Registration is mandatory to access any of the messages on any threads. It’s free, but isn’t instant. Admin approval is required and takes time.

Is Accessing them Illegal?

As far as my knowledge goes, simply “being” on any of the above-listed websites, neither of the deep web nor the clearnet is “illegal”.

Although using the information provided there to hack into something totally is. Therefore, unless you actually commit a crime, “browsing” these sites won’t land you in jail.

But then again, your presence on these sites can surely be used as evidence, or proof of past intent or can be manipulated and used in other cases against you if you face or are facing any.

That’s the reason why I recommended those simple tips to make sure your anonymity and privacy remains intact on these sites, as long as you follow what I’ve said and guard yourselves, you should feel free to browse these sites.

Can The Sites be Trusted with Payments?

Most of the sites listed here are nearly half a decade old, or even older. With tens of thousands of payloads and exploits available on them. Also, as per the review and feedback by other users, most of these sites are legitimate and can be trusted when buying tools or payloads off them.

Although just like purchasing anything off any Darknet website, I’d advise you to invest only the amount of money you can afford to lose. Infact, it’s best not to pour in money before you’re really serious and know what you’re doing.

As for personal security, most sites accept payments via Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies and do not require any personal information while registering hence your personal security remains pretty safe.

Can these be Honeypots?

First and foremost, note that we aren’t encouraging you to use these deep web hacker forums for illegal purposes. They have a plethora of educational guides and members you can learn from. It can and should be used to protect yourselves, not harm others.

To further my point of why you shouldn’t use these for illegal purposes, let’s talk of Honeypots.

The word basically means a website which has been set up by Law enforcement agencies or other third-parties . There may be agents who’d teach you how to hack and then trace you. Or sell you tools which would have backdoors installed in them. These alike RATs may grant these agents access to your system and even real-life activities (via your webcam). In the very least, Honeypots can help interested parties track your browsing habits, IP addresses and other details.

If you aren’t careful, even your Cryptocurrency payments might be traced. (Although you can use the best Bitcoin mixers to avoid that).

All in all, Honeypots are very real and hacker forums are one of the ripest targets for the law. So be sure to take into account all the precautions even when dealing with legitimate hackers, but let’s not break the law to begin with?

Final Words

So let’s wrap this piece up. I’ve compiled this list of 10 hacker forums which should be more than enough to lift you off the ground, and by then you’ll probably have a hacker forum of your own running (or maybe not?)

Every single one of these forums listed here are extremely content-rich, if even a single one of them is read carefully for couple weeks, you’ll be pretty close to calling yourself a cyber expert already.

Although let me warn you, not all sites claiming to be “hacker forums” actually are what they pretend to be, some are created with the sole purpose of scamming you, either in the form of donations, or services which you’ll never get.

So, the best practice is not to trust every hackers forum site you land on, and most importantly never to buy “hacking services” online, especially on the deep web, and more importantly not without proper protection (Tor + VPN).

Whatever links I’ve shared here, are only shared to expand you knowledge in the field, and not with the intent to actually arm you with knowledge which may land you in jail.

Anyway, do let me know your favorite hacker websites or forums on our Facebook page, and I’ll try to get a glimpse of them.