World Market Review – Trusted Empire Market Alternative

World Market review: 2020. Can this new marketplace make its mark in the industry? With Empire Market gone (and many others before it), there’s been a void in the dark web industry.

Now, there are certain aspects which make or break a marketplace. We take those aspects, analyze them, and present them to you.

We do not know if World Market is a good marketplace. We leave the decision to you, once you’ve gone through this World Market review.

World Market Introduction

The market was launched in November 2020. Hence, it’s fair not to expect fireworks from it just yet. However, here are its primary features:

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The market recently upgraded its interface. So, this update is true for January 2021 and beyond.

So, there’s the top-bar exactly as it has always been. We like to call it the “navigational bar”. It houses links which let you visit the other pages on the market.

World Market user interface

The left-sidebar displays your profile stats. This includes joining date, trust level, total orders, and disputes. There’s also a whole section on “Buyer statistics”. It shows the total number of items bought, total payment spent and the amount in Escrow. It helps vendors decide if they should or shouldn’t sell to a buyer.

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The real major change is the product-category. You can now find it on the left-sidebar. Just below the product-category are the search-filters.

The center screen displays “featured stores”. These are some of the best stores/vendors on the market. Just below that, it shows a number of random product listings.

All in all, the interface can be understood and used by just about anyone with or without any prior experience.

Available products

Probably the most important aspect of a Darknet market? Its product-stock, right? World Market isn’t currently big on that.

It only has around 600 products so far. But, it’s also pretty new so it’s still an acceptable number. Also, the product-stock seems to be growing by the second which is another positive indicator.

The available products currently are “Drugs” which has 300 listings, “Fraud” with 54 listings, “Digital Goods” with 78 listings and “Counterfeit” items with 5 listings so far.

Various services such as hacking, carding, fake documents etc. too are offered.

Do note that these numbers will change vastly by the time you read this World Market review. However, the product-categories will remain more or less the same.

 Restricted products

Darkweb markets are sure illegal, but, they too often have a list of restrictions. This helps keep the dark web a bit more “moral” if nothing else.

So, you can’t buy illegal porn, weapons, prostitution and hitmen services aren’t allowed either. Sure, some of you may have liked to see prostitution enabled, and others may need weapons.

But, these products aren’t allowed to be sold on the marketplace. Everything else not mentioned on this list is available for purchase.


One of the most unique features on this World Market review is the autoshop. Not even the most popular dark web markets feature an autoshop, well, World Market does.

It has two autoshops. One sells cards, the other sells account data.

It offers 1 hour of verification time for the cards. There’s also an in-built card checker which can be used to check the status of the cards. In case the card is dead, a refund is automatically initiated and sent to your account.

As is obvious, the autoshop doesn’t go through the normal marketplace Escrow (because, it’s automated and instant). However, because the card checker is owned by the market and not the vendors it still is pretty trustworthy.

Payment modes

This isn’t one of the finest moments on this World Market review. The market is limited just to one Cryptocurrency, that being Bitcoin.

Now, we’ve become used to seeing at least one more Cryptocurrency on markets. Especially XMR. However, that isn’t available with World Market.

Also, the market isn’t wallet-less. So, you can’t pay for each product directly on the checkout page.

Rather, you must first make a deposit to the centralized market wallet. Then, you can use the funds from your wallet on the checkout page.

After the Empire Market exit-scam, we sure are pretty sceptical about markets which aren’t wallet-less. But, hey, most popular or established marketplaces aren’t wallet-less. We guess depositing only the exact purchase amounts is the best bet for now.

Security features

Because it’s a new marketplace, also were a bit sceptical about its security. However, it didn’t disappoint.

For starters, it asked us to set a 6-digit PIN during registrations. This pin is required for withdrawals. This made sure that even when our password is compromised, the funds still can’t be touched without this PIN.

Then, it generated an automated mnemonic code after registration. The code wasn’t “words” as we generally expect. Rather, it was just a string of random numbers and alphabet, without any spaces between them. This makes it harder to guess. The mnemonic makes sure our accounts can be recovered lest they’re lost.

Obviously, the 2-FA too is available which can be set using PGP. This is the most basic, yet one of the strongest firewalls darknet markets provide, don’t you agree?

The 2-FA ensures that in case your password gets hacked, your account still remains secure.

Sure, we’d have loved to see the “login phrase” feature which is clearly missing. Hence, there’s a minor risk of getting phished. But, that can be avoided if you’re cautious on your own part.

It’s one of those rarest marketplaces which have a “Bug Bounty” program! Security researchers are encouraged to try  and hack the market. If and when successful, they’re paid a bounty for reporting the loophole.

This shows the market’s commitment to security, doesn’t it?

All in all, we’d say the security features are mostly there and not disappointing. Also, given that this World Market review is being written at an early stage of the market, more security features may be implemented in the future.

Confirmation requirements and fees

So, there’s no fee on deposits. Obviously, there’s the blockchain transaction fee. But, World Market doesn’t charge any extra amount on top of the transaction fee.

As for the number of required confirmations, it demands 2 confirmations to consider a deposit successful .In simpler terms, deposits get credited to your accounts in about 30 minutes, or less.

It obviously allows withdrawals. These are charged at an additional 0.5%/transaction. Going by the industry standards, we’d say this is pretty acceptable.

Vending/selling on World Market

The market, alike most other darknet markets, is just a “third-party”. It only connects the buyers with sellers. So, anyone can start selling on World Market.

The vending-fee is probably the cheapest we’ve ever seen. It only costs $50.00. That’s dirt-cheap considering how we’ve seen markets charge up to $1000.00 for their vendor accounts!

There’s no mention of the vendor-fee being “refundable”. This is why we termed it as “fee” instead of a bond. But, considering how it’s just $50.00 it probably  doesn’t matter much.

Also, once an account is converted to a “vendor” account, it can’t be used to buy products anymore. Do note that vendors also must have a PGP key in their profile.

In-built BTC to XMR mixing

World Market has patterned up with a third-party Bitcoin mixer– MiXo. It allows users to convert their Bitcoins into Monero before withdrawal.

This obviously will de-link the initial BTC deposit, and final XMR output. Do note that we haven’t verified the legitimacy or authenticity of the mixer. It just is recommended by the market.

World Market review- Final verdict

What do we think of the market? Well, it seems to have everything that a marketplace should have. Sure, things like a login phrase, and more Cryptocurrencies would be appreciated, but their lack isn’t exactly a deal-breaker.

It seems to be secure. The product-stock is increasing at an impressive rate and it has an autoshop.

There aren’t many reasons “not” to like World Market. Obviously, a wallet-less payment mode could have sealed the deal, but, let’s give the market some time? It’s still an infant so let’s not be too quick to judge.

All in all, we’d rate it a 4.5/5 for the purposes of this World Market review. That’s fair, right?