World Market Review – Trusted Empire Market Alternative

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In this World Market review, we’d see what World Market brings with itself, and what it leaves to be desired.

Do note that this is an update to our previous review of the market. We’ve seen massive improvements and changes since then. But, that’s exactly the point, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for a new market, this piece is for you. If you’re looking for an Alphabay or Empire Market alternative, this piece is for you. If you’re just curious what a darknet market is, this piece still is for you.

We’d discuss nearly everything that the market is made up of, which includes:

  • Registration
  • User Interface
  • Products
  • Banned products
  • In-built autoshop
  • Payment Cryptocurrencies
  • Selling on World Market
  • Security
  • Vendor-transparency
  • Search-Panel
  • And Official forum!

Those are just 11 of the many other reasons why this World Market review is (again) for you! Let’s get going?

Legal disclaimer

We aren’t promoting/encouraging or supporting “buying and selling” on World Market. This review should purely be used for educational purposes.

Any and all of your actions, including but not limited to illegal trades or financial losses (if any), are 100% your own responsibility.

World Market- An overview

World Market is without doubt one of the fastest growing darknet markets in the industry. It’s bringing in new features by the day!

Here’s a quick glance at some of them:

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Keep reading (it gets better, we promise).

Alternative Mirrors:


This is the first glance you’ll ever have at the market, isn’t it? It also is the first step you need to complete before you get to access the market. A perfect start to this World Market review, wouldn’t you agree?

The good news is, anyone and everyone can register at World Market. You do not need an invite, no payments are required either. In fact, you don’t even need an e-mail ID!

Here’s the registration form:

World Market registration

As is evident, you only need to enter a username, your desired password, and a 6-digit security PIN. (What’s the PIN? Scroll down to the “Security” section for details.)

Once you enter your details, the account is created instantly. The registration process takes 2-3 minutes at best and that’s pretty desirable.

Just after registration, a pretty long mnemonic code is generated and displayed. It’s only displayed this one time. It can be used to recover lost accounts.

For now, we’d rate the registration process a 5/5 based on speed, anonymity and minimal data requirement.


(Last updated: 30th Jan, 2022).

Previously, the market had an interface that was identical to the now-defunct Alphabay. It wasn’t a “copy” and rather a tribute as was announced publicly.

However, they recently changed and upgraded the interface.

Here’s the previous (old/outdated) interface:

And here’s what you’ll see when you log in now:

World Market new user interface

So, the placements are still pretty much the same. This ensures that existing users do not have to go through a “learning curve” as such. They’ve mostly changed the colour-scheme and fonts.

It’s just more modern, sleek and the buttons are animated.

The top-bar still exists that lets you visit the different pages/features on the market. Profile information and product categories are still on the left-sidebar. And the center-screen is still used to display products.

All in all, we’d obviously rate its UI a 5/5 as they’ve changed with time and honestly this upgrade is much smoother and better to work with.


Last update: 30th Jan, 2022.

World Market is currently one of the most product-rich darknet markets in the industry.

Since our previous update, the market has upped its product-stock by 400%. In other words, it now has over 40,000 listings!

Moreover, we love World Market’s product-categorization. It doesn’t slap you with dozens of confusing categories. Rather just 5 primary categories are used. They’re as follows:

Hey, we love eye-candy too, here’s some for you which explains the World Market product-stock much better!

Now, we said there aren’t many product-categories. That obviously doesn’t mean there’s no product-diversity.

Each of those primary categorizes house dozens of relevant sub-categories. E.g. the “Drugs” category alone will get you options like Ecstasy, Prescription, Stimulants, Benzos, Cannabis etc.

Even when you look into the “Fraud” category, you’d find Dumps, Bank logins, Cards and CVV and even personal data such as SSN, DOB etc.

World Market products

Similarly, need “Digital Goods”? World Market sells botnets, malware, exploits, and even guides (e-books).

All in all, we’d rate the World Market products a 5/5 purely based on the total quantity and variation.

Banned products

World Market has a very explicit list of items it doesn’t allow to be bought or sold on the market.

You can buy/sell almost anything on the market, regardless of how illegal it is, with the only exceptions being:

This too deserves a 5/5 rating because World Market fulfils the Darknet tradition of selling illegal products without crossing a moral line –“humanity”.

In-built Autoshops

It’s one of the very few markets in the industry offering an autoshop. In fact, World Market is probably the only darknet market which offers two separate autoshop sections.

One sells “cards” and the other sells “accounts”. Note that the accounts autoshop isn’t just for bank accounts, it can be used for buying/selling any other login data.

There’s also a very filter-rich search panel. It allows buyers to easily search for and instantly find the exact cards/accounts they’re looking for.

As shown in the screenshot above, buyers can filter for country, city, BIN, Zip, birth year, different banks, card types and even price!

The purchases made through the autoshop are instant. You directly get the cards and accounts without waiting for a vendor’s approval.

The market offers a generous 1-hour feedback time on the cards. The card autoshop also features an automated checker. When used, it can be used to instantly verify if a card is or isn’t working. Buyers aren’t charged on dead cards.

As for ratings, the autoshop clearly deserves a 5/5.

Payment Cryptocurrencies

World Market lets users pay using both Bitcoin and Monero. It offers in-built market wallets where deposits can be made.

Surprisingly both BTC and XMR have exactly the same confirmation requirement. They’re both accepted after 2 confirmations. Why “surprising”? Most other markets require a much higher number of confirmations for XMR deposits.

Leftover funds can be withdrawn from World Market as well. BTC withdrawals cost 0.0003 BTC. XMR can be withdrawn for a 0.01XMR. The fact that this fee is “fixed” and not based on the withdrawal amount (percent) is another winner here.

We’d rate the payments at World Market a 4/5. It accepts two Cryptocurrencies which is desirable however there are no wallet-less payments which may hurt some of you.

Selling on World Market

Last update: 30th Jan, 2022.

Anyone can start selling on World Market.

Since our last update, the market has increased in value, a lot. As a result, they’ve also increased their vendor-fee. It now demands a whooping $3000.00.

This is probably the largest vendor-fee currently in the industry. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to stop scammers from signing up.

. Note that it’s not a “bond” because it’s not “refundable”. This is a one-time fee.

On top of that there’s a 4% commission on each sale for the vendors (buyers do not pay any additional amount on top of the listed price.)

Ratings? Definitely a 5/5. Why? Well, the vendor-fee is rational and enough to restricts scammers from joining.


Let’s discuss the available security features before we criticize them? So, World Market definitely offers the 2-factor authentication via PGP. This means simply access to your password doesn’t mean your account can be accessed as well.

Remember the “Six digit PIN” required to set during registration? It’s required for withdrawals. It’s basically 2-FA but for your “funds”.

The Finalize-Early requirements for vendors is a security feature as well.

By default, vendors aren’t allowed F.E. They’re required to reach at least level 5 before applying for F.E. That would also require minimum 250 sales, over $25K in sales and 90% positive feedback.

In other words, if you go with F.E-enabled vendors, the chances of you getting scammed are nearly non-existent.

Finally, there’s an “auto-logout timer”. It’s set during each login. You can choose from 20 minutes, 1 hour or 60 minutes. The account is automatically logged out when stays inactive for the chosen time-frame.

As for account-security, World Market deletes accounts which stay inactive for over 1 month. Manual account-deletion requests are entertained as well.

We’d rate the security features a 4/5 as far as this World Market review goes. The one star is lost because World Market doesn’t support a login phrase yet.


Wouldn’t it be great if buyers could verify vendors’ history and legitimacy (and vice-versa) before making a trade? That’s what we’d discuss in this section.

So, users can click on any vendor’s username, and it would show a screen as follows:

World Market vendor profiles

As is evident, this includes data such as:

  • The vendors level (the higher it is, the more sales the vendor has made.)
  • Joining date
  • Last login date
  • Positive /Negative and Neutral feedback, going back up to 12 months.
  • of disputes won vs. lost.
  • And finally, World Market even shows the no. of sales the vendor has on other established markets.

Moreover, even the listings are pretty transparent. Whenever a product is shown, it also includes additional information such as:

World Market product information

  • no. of total sales on the item (more sales = lesser chances of a bad quality/scam listing).
  • Views on the listing
  • And available stock.

And hey, why should only the “vendors” be criticized? Vendors too get access to a buyer’s total purchase amount, joining date as well as no. of won vs. lost disputes. That’ll help vendors accept and reject trades as well.

This is more than enough information to form an idea about a vendor or a buyer. We suppose a 5/5 rating is fair at this point?


One of the last features we’d discuss on this World Market review is its search-panel.

A good search-panel is desirable because it eliminates the need to waste hours shifting through the hoard of available products, doesn’t it? A really good search-panel even helps find trusted and legit vendors directly! Let’s see what World Market offers?

World Market search panel

So, the filters as shown in the screenshot above include:

  • A product-type.
  • Minimum-maximum price range
  • Category
  • Origin country
  • Shipping destination
  • And Payment type (selecting “F.E-only” ensures you only get the most trustworthy vendors on the market).

The only reason we’re rating it a 4/5 is because it lacks a “cryptocurrency” filter for now.

Official forum

One of the other attractions on this World Market review is its forum! It was launched only recently but serves a pretty useful purpose for the industry.

The first benefit being, it strictly prohibits “buying and selling” on the forum. That means you’d not be scammed as is common for most other similar forums.

It hosts informative discussions on drugs, carding, tech etc. You can learn what you should and shouldn’t do on the darknet, or while dealing with specific products.

Similarly, there’s a section on “reviews”. You’d find reviews about drugs, counterfeit, software etc. These help you make educated decisions especially when it comes to product-quality or vendors.

You can even use the forum to report bugs, scams and offer your feedback.

Moreover, who doesn’t like free money (Cryptocurrency) eh? The forum hosts giveaways and contests. You can earn free money just by joining the forum and participating in the events!

Do note that the forum does require a separate registration. Although, the exact same details you used for your marketplace registration can be used.

World Market pros and cons

You’ve invested so much time on this World Market review, let us sum it all up for you?


  • Dual Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • No minimum deposit requirement
  • Acceptable vendor-fee.
  • Acceptable security features
  • Autoshop
  • Responsive support staff


  • Not wallet-less.

World Market review- Wrap up

So, if we pick the individual ratings for each of the World Market features discussed above, it’s easily 4.5+ on average. And we’ve also pointed out the problems wherever they existed.

In a nutshell, the product-stock and autoshop are World Market’s biggest marketing points. Then the fact that it accepts both BTC and XMR, allows withdrawals for a negligible fee, and offers (nearly) all the security features just add to its creditability.

The only two major areas of improvements, in our opinion, are the “wallet-less” feature and a “login phrase”. But hey, being honest? Those aren’t deal breakers either.

Lastly we’d just say that we’ve seen World Market since the day it was born (give or take a week). The market does seem to put in efforts to make its UI and features better with time

As our last words on this World Market review, we’d say it’s pretty trustworthy for now and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.