White House Market Review and Tor Links

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I’m a Dark web enthusiast, so when a new Darknet Market pops up it certainly piques my interests. This White House Market review is regarding this new marketplace which seems to be making waves recently.

While I’ve never traded on a Darknet Market (it’s illegal), I certainly like comparing and contrasting different marketplaces to see what a new market brings with itself. Or why it thinks it could survive amongst the fierce competition and all the legal hurdles.

I’m a curious reader, just like you hence I’ll take things up from your perspective and answer the following questions throughout this White House Market review:

White House Market Overview

Before answering any of the questions above, why not get you a basic idea of what the marketplace is made up of? So here goes:

Does White House Market Require Registrations?

Yes, it most certainly does. Registration is free however note that the site can only be accessed if the Javascript on your browser is disabled.

Here’s what the registration page looks like:

As is evident, it doesn’t require a ton of information and only the Username, and a password is all. No invites needed either.

Accounts do not have an “activation time” and rather are activated, and can be accessed instantly upon signup.

Although after Signup, the second requirement for a user is to setup his/her PGP key in the account. The market just can’t be used without this step being completed.

How Good is the White House Market User Interface?

As soon as you’ve Signed up, and saved your PGP key, this is what the page should look like:

The rectangle marked “1” is the top-bar. This is like the homescreen on a phone, all the other parts of the marketplace can be accessed using this top-bar.

It has listings (products-page), Messages, Support, Admin PGP Keys, User-Account, and Wallet.

The area marked “2” is the categories-sidebar. It lists all the product categories available on the marketplace ,and helps users choose the products they need.

Area “3” is what would let a user search for products directly using specific keywords and filters. (Search Functionality is reviewed in detail in the later sections).

And finally area “4” is the rest of the screen and it displays all the products that the marketplace boasts of.

I’d say it’s pretty easy to understand even for first-timers, isn’t it?

What can you Buy on White House Market?

A Darknet Market generally sales everything and anything that’s either illegal, hard to get or just “controversial”.

White House Market seems to accept that, and has the following product categories for now:

White House Market Review

  • Drugs – 9519 Products.
  • Forgeries – 162 Products.
  • Software – 1054 Products.
  • Services – 1130 Products.
  • And Forgeries/Counterfeit – 162 Products

Note that,  less than a year ago, the market had just 590 products when we first compiled this White House Market review.

Today, it has 15557 listings, which is a 30x growth since then.

Nearly 61% of the platforms total listings (15557) are dominated by Drugs which has as many as 9519 products in its arsenal already.

Clicking on a Category brings down its entire product-tree along, along with the number of products in each category.

Considering the marketplace is new, most sub-categories over there seem to have 0 products for now.

Yet the products which do exist are totally and completely Darkweb material. Everything from Hacking services, Botnets, Counterfeit cash, fake documents, bank and credit card details to Hosting servers are available.

I also believe that the products aren’t limited to these categories alone, and as time progresses more categories will be added.

What are the Vending Rules on White House Market?

Established vendors are eligible for a free vendor account.

Else, new vendor applications require a $400.00 vendor bond. 

This bond is completely refundable after around 40-60 sales, or when a vendor closes his/her account. 

Additionally, it also lets established vendors claim their “usernames” on this marketplace, even if they’re already taken by someone else!  Obviously vending isn’t completely free, the marketplace charges a 5% fee on all sales.

It doesn’t allow a Vendor selling items related to Child Porn, Animal brutality, Terrorism, Killer-for-hire services, and No Tutorials.

What I liked about its vendor-rules is that the marketplace seems to hold its vendors responsible for their products. So a vendor can’t sell “get rich quick” guides. They also are required to provide appropriate information about any “strong drugs” they wish to get listed.

It also requires “real photos” of the products and those downloaded off the internet aren’t accepted.

In a nutshell, the marketplace seems to be trying to create a more legitimate and authentic environment than those which already exist in the industry.

Is White House Market Secure?

To answer that, I’d say it’s as secure as you can expect a weeks old marketplace to be. For now, the only available security features are:

  • Escrow
  • PGP. (2-FA).
  • Anti-phishing PGP verification

PGP as seen above is “mandatory” to be set up just after registrations. It’s used for 2-FA authentication for the user accounts.

Every single string of communication or message is required to be PGP-encrypted on the platform.  Even wallet addresses are displayed in an “encrypted form”. The Escrow protects users against fraud.

Apart from that, technically the marketplace seems to be pretty big on security. For starters, the code used on the marketplace isn’t publicly available marketplace script, and rather is claimed to be written from scratch.

The marketplace even has a “security guide” for newbies which covers all aspects of accessing the marketplace, storing funds, erasing fingerprints and so on.

It also has a “splash page” which is displayed every time you access the marketplace.

It provides a PGP-signed message. 

This  message can (and should) be verified before you enter your login information.

The market lacks “login phrase” but I believe this is a much more secure way of preventing phishing attempts. 

So “technically” it’s just moderately secure and seems to be missing a few features such as a PIN, a fund-password,  etc.

But in theory, if the guide is implemented and PGP employed, there’s little to no chance of a user leaking identity or order details through the cracks.

How can you Pay on White House Market?

In one word – Monero (XMR). It claims that Bitcoin isn’t private-enough, and that most users do not know how to, or just do not willingly clean their coins.

Not everyone will agree with the statement above, but in my personal opinion XMR does have couple benefits over Monero.

Its private nature being the primary point, followed by its fungi-bilit, future incorporation of the I2P layer for Monero and so on.

WHM also recently integrated third-party Bitcoin payments. 

These aren’t handled directly by WHM.

Rather, a buyer’s Bitcoin funds are sent to a third-party exchange.

The exchange then keeps the Bitcoins and sends XMR to the order-address. 

Note that it’s just a desperate measure, it’s not safe to be used.

Is White House Market Wallet-Less?

It wasn’t when it was first-launched.

However, as of 2020, the market has implemented a wallet-less structure.

Meaning, no “deposits” are required anymore.

You can pay for each order individually, on the checkout page.

Is White House Market’s Search-functionality Good?

I promised in the initial sections of this White House Market review that we’d get a separate section for its search-functionality, so here we are.

Well here’s how the search-feature looks like on the marketplace:

So the available filters are:

  • Category
  • Keyword
  • Search-location (Title/Vendor/Description)
  • Shipping Source
  • Shipping destination

In my personal opinion, it’s missing a min-max price range filter and a vendor-rating filter. But again, it’s just blooming so let’s cut it some slack.

To test it out better, I’ll be searching for “Ketamine” with the destination filter set to “UK” to see how accurate, fast and precise the search results are. Here are the search results:

As is evident, it did bring up two results which do indeed ship “worldwide”. So it may not be perfect, but the search-feature sure works.

Does White House Market Provide Support?

It sure does. Infact the support is available not only in English, but also in Spanish and French!

They’re available via Dread (The Darknet’s own Reddit) and can be contacted at- http://dreadditevelidot.onion/d/WhiteHouseMarket.


It’s time to put down our final words on this White House Market review. As researchers, we’d say the marketplace has quite a few green lights, its mandatory 2-FA for example, or extensive security guides. Vendor-accountability if continued can surely act as a boost for the platform.

There certainly are some red lights as well, the missing security features, lower number of products (the product-stock on WHM is now impressive) and so on. Although none of these seem permanent.

So I’d say let’s give this marketplace some time, we’ll come back to this White House Market review couple months later (if the marketplace is still there) and see what has changed?

Update 2020 : It has been over a year since the marketplace launched, and we’re back as promised.

I’d say it has seen immense growth, and also has established some repute in the industry. Even the product-stock and user-base is impressive.

Ah and I would love to get your opinion and feedback on this, so why don’t you let us know your thoughts on this White House Market review?