VikingShop Admin Interview – First Blockchain Based Deep Web Drugs Store

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vikingpkipyehyyq (VikingShop) seems just like another shop on the darknet, selling drugs like amphetamine and coke. But after reading some posts on clearnet and become member of the site we noticed this shop seems like they are using new technique, providing a higher security level then other drug markets. Is it possible? If it is, how? We have been privileged with an interview with the staff of VikingShop.

VikingShop Review

Who are you?

We are a team, consists of many people expertised in a different field. In detail, we have more than 10 people involved in the drug industry for many years, our deliveries, two coders and two hackers. All these mentioned, together is what you see in front of you, while browsing our shop. We work very hard each one in his field.

Can you tell us about the shop?

It was an idea came across our minds, when we saw that all of us can work together in something professional designed from scratch. We are doing, what we know to do better, our deliveries to carefully send the packages, our coders who work all day for new and improved techniques, which are going to take your underground experience to the next level and finally our hackers to monitor the security of our shop and the members/visitors activity.

Whats so special about it?

The professionals we have in every part of this shop. Our products may get some time to add in the shop, that’s due to the lab tests every new batch we get needs to pass. We are not going to sell shit for money and be responsible for overdoses, deaths due to our products. So we would like to inform our members to be patient, when a product gets out of stock. We need to pass step by step all the required standard tests before having a product available again.

Denarius (DNR) seems like a relative new cryptocurrency. Why don’t you use Bitcoin (BTC)?

We believe that BTC nowadays should not be a payment method anymore, instead is a storage of value with huge potential. We prefer fast transactions with low fees and of course safety, features bitcoin doesn’t have anymore. There are many coins out there which have the above mentioned, one of these is Denarius (DNR).

For how long have you been on darknet?

We, the drug dealers don’t have any experience at all with Darknet, but our coders and hackers do have a lot. They are in many underground hacking forums under different aliases.

When and why are you going to close the doors for the public?

We are going to a massive members’ cleanup after we reach a good number of orders. Then we are going to move our shop in a restricted access mode, the invitation system.

What does it take to become a “trusted member”?

We have a full control on everything in our shop (messages, orders, members’ activity etc), so we will come in contact with those we believe are trustful to make a professional business relationship. The same of course applies to those, who want to join our team. Somehow like vendors to our shop. And sell their products, of course in the categories are not covered by us. They don’t have to pay anything in order to be vendors to us. Just prove to us you want to do professional business, as we do. We are not going to risk our reputation if a kid wants to play around. If you made it and become vendor, expect working for yourself and getting 99% of the earnings directly. More information to become a vendor can be found by contacting us.

What other services/products are you providing the “trusted members”?

There are many features, specially prepared for our trusted members. In this point, we would like to reveal only one of them, as more and more ideas come day by day. The built-in function, which is going to change the products price, based on the member looking at it. Meaning that the prices are not standard, if you are a newbie, you should expect the price to take some time to change for you, but if you a regular member, who respect our work, doesn’t try to cheat us by missed packages etc and order from us more and more large quantities the prices can vary significantly. Our top rule is, it’s all about trust and respect.

We seen you only ship in Sweden. Are you having any plans to ship worldwide?

For now, we don’t have any plans to ship worldwide.

Law enforcement seems to get rougher against markets like this. It was not long since Alphabay and Hansa taken down by the feds. Sometimes we even hear about customers information that also leaks. Don’t you fear this will happen to you?

If we, the drug dealers, decided alone to be online to something we don’t know, we are sure we would have already been caught. That’s why we have hackers in our team. As we said each one in our team is expertised in his part.