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In this Tor2door market review, we’ll discuss every aspect that the market is built up of.

To be precise, this is what I’ll be answering throughout this review:

  • How easy/hard is it to use Tor2door market?
  • What products you can and can’t buy on Toor2door?
  • What can’t be traded on Tor2door?
  • Who can sell on Tor2door market?
  • How can users pay on Tor2door market?
  • Is Tor2door wallet-less?
  • What are the fees on Tor2door market?
  • What are the available security features?
  • What is the in-built exchange on Tor2door?
  • Which escrow modes does Tor2door offer?

I do believe that covers about everything you need to know, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s get started then.


This Tor2door market review, and all other content on this website are published solely and exclusively for research and educational purposes.

Buying/selling of illegal goods and/or using illegally obtained funds on dark web markets is illegal.

We do not support any trades (both legal and illegal) on any dark web market, including Tor2door.

All and any of your actions will solely be your own responsibility.

Security tip:

It’s recommended you download NordVPN before proceeding further. It makes you truly untraceable (verified independently by third-party firms). It’s also dark web optimized.

Tor2door market in a nutshell

Before we start with this Tor2door market review, let’s highlight its primary features?

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How easy/hard is it to use Tor2door market?

At this point, I’m assuming you’ve no previous dark web market experience. I’d still say you wouldn’t be the least bit troubled when on the market.

The interface on T2D is extremely simple, easy to understand and traditional. This is what you see:

Like any other e-commerce store, you can select your products from the left-sidebar. The centre-screen shows notifications and featured products.

At the very top, you can find the navigational links. These let you access the different sections of the market such as orders, messages, wallet, notifications etc.

All in all, I’d say it’s extremely easy to use Tor2door market.

What products you can and can’t buy on Tor2door?

By definition, a dark web market sells items which are illegal or just can’t be found on the clearnet.

Naturally, Tor2door has a product arsenal of products such as:

  • Drugs
  • Fraud: These primarily sells items such as cards, bank logins, dumps etc.
  • Digital products: These are products which will be delivered digitally, as in a download. Common items include guides, software keys, digital renders of fake documents etc.
  • Counterfeit items : Knockoff/copies/duplicates for govt. documents can be found here.
  • Services: In this category, individuals sell their skills of hacking, carding, fund withdrawal etc.
  • Software & Hosting: Here you’ll find pirated software, VPNs, SOCKS, hosting accounts etc.

All in all, the product-stock is pretty diverse and impressive. All in all, the market has over 15,0000 products listed.

What can’t be traded on Tor2door?

Yes it’s a dark web market. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely without limits.

There’s a moral and ethical boundary that even most dark web markets do not cross. So, the following items can’t be bought or sold on Tor2door:

Who can sell on Tor2door market?

The doors of Tor2door (pun intended) are open for everyone. There’s a basic vendor fee set at $500.00. Anyone who pays this fee can start selling at Tor2door.

Now, I believe this is a perfectly set vendor-fee. It’s neither too expensive for legit vendors, nor too low for scammers willing to join the market.

Obviously I’ve seen markets with much higher vendor bond. However, this I believe hangs right at the border of perfection.

Anyway, there’s also a “bond waiver” feature. This is pretty common for most dark web markets. For vendors who have an established reputation (on other markets), the $500.00 vendor fee is waived off.

Either way, regardless of how a vendor signed up, they’ll be paying a 5% fee on each sale.

How can users pay on Tor2door market?

The answer is obviously- Cryptocurrencies, isn’t it? However, “which” cryptocurrencies does it accept?

Well, Tor2door market allows users to pay using both Bitcoin and Monero. While Bitcoin gives you faster transactions, Monero gives you more anonymous ones. The choice is yours.

Is Tor2door wallet-less?

Unfortunately, it isn’t.

The market offers account wallets for each Cryptocurrency. All funds must be deposited to this wallet before they can be used to purchase products.

Now, this does increase the chances of an exit-scam. However, I’d recommend depositing only the required amounts each time, with minimum or no leftovers. While an exit-scam is still possible for other users, this will guarantee safety of your personal funds.

What are the fees on Tor2door market?

So, what fees would you be paying to use the market? As a buyer, the market is essentially free to you.

The signing up and depositing funds is absolutely free. However, withdrawals are charged.

For Bitcoin, you get to choose the amount of fee you’d like to pay for the withdrawals.

Depending on the chosen fee, the speed of the withdrawal differs. This is the same for most Bitcoin transactions from most wallets.  The minimum fee however is 0.0001BTC.

For XMR, adjusting the fee isn’t possible.  Rather, the fee is set at 0.000025 XMR/withdrawals.

In my opinion, it’s still cheap regardless of which coin is being withdrawn.

There’s also an “exchange” fee which I’ve discussed in the later sections on this Tor2door market review.

What are the available security features?

If you aren’t secure on a dark web market, you may lose more than just your account. For starters, your funds may be stolen. Someone can even place orders using your account landing you in trouble.

To protect against all of that, Tor2door offers the following safeguards:

  • 2-FA: When enabled, a PGP-encrypted message needs to be decrypted every time a user logs in. This makes sure your account stays safe even if the password is compromised.
  • PIN: This is primarily required for withdrawals. However, you can also enable it to be required for all “orders”. That makes sure even if your PGP and password are both compromised, orders can’t be placed and funds can’t be stolen.
  • Mnemonic: This is the traditional account recovery phrase that most dark web markets provide. However, the mnemonic on Tor2door is also required when changing passwords and PIN. This makes sure even full unauthorized access to your account can’t result in any loss to you whatsoever.

Now, if does lack the login phrase. This would’ve prevented phishing attacks. However, the other available security features make a phishing attack moot anyway.

What is the in-built exchange on Tor2door?

This is a feature that’s extremely rare for a dark web market.

So, Tor2door has a feature that lets you swap coins. You can swap Bitcoin for Monero or vice-versa.

The exchange fee is set at 2% of the transactions. This is at par with what normal Bitcoin tumblers charge anyway. You get the coins in your Tor2door wallet which can then be withdrawn to any other third-party wallet(s).

 Which escrow modes does Tor2door offer?

We all know of the normal escrow and finalize-early payments that most dark web markets offer, don’t we?

On top of that, Tor2door is also a multisig market. Meaning, each transaction needs to be authorized by at least 2 out of 3 parties. The said parties include the buyer, the seller and the market.

This helps prevent scams from any one party’s end.

Tor2door market review- Final verdict

Let’s sum this Tor2door market review up  then?

I’ll say its product-stock, security features and accepted cryptocurrencies are very acceptable if not outright impressive.

In the “what can be improved” area, we can talk of the login phrase implementation and definitely a wallet-less mode of payment.

Apart from that, it’s a pretty okay market. So, I’ll rate it a 4/5 before signing off this Tor2door market review.