Is The Human Experiment on the Deep Web Really Exist?

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If you’re on this page, you’re here for the Human experiment on the deep web, maybe you just wish to know more about them, maybe you wish to witness one live, or maybe you just like reading?

In either case, that’s exactly what this piece is about. Similar to my last guide on How to use PGP, I’ll make this guide too extremely detailed and simple to understand.

Let’s start with what the Human experiment on the deep web exactly is!

What is the Human Experiment on the Deep Web?

As the term describes itself, they are basically experiments conducted on humans. That’s the simple version of it.

But, experiments conducted on humans, streamed live and tortured on request from the viewers is what describes these human experiments on the deep web to its fullest extent.

The “Deep web” part of the phrase comes from the fact that these sites showing the human experiment on the deep web are hosted on the (yeah, you guessed it right) deep web.

So, in order to avoid govt. agencies and the cops, the deep web is used which is somewhat harder for the govt. to get a hold of compared to the clearnet.

Also note that there isn’t a fixed version of Human experiment sites, creators might have their own features or ideas, for e.g. some sites may show pre-recorded videos instead of streaming it live, some may be free others may need a joining fee and what not.

Now let’s answer one of the most asked questions about these Human experiments on TOR.

Are these Real?

An ever-increasing doubt in the mind of every person who has ever heard of sites on the human experiment on the deep web is, do they really exist?

It’s rather gruesome and somewhat unrealistic to believe, isn’t it? At least, for those of us who aren’t psychopaths and do not enjoy other people getting slaughtered.

Especially not when it’s something that’s happening in real-life, to someone in some remote corner of the world, on live camera for the whole world to see.

Not to mention the fact that the viewers can not only watch the heinous act, but also take part in it, and even suggest methods of torture.

So how far real are the human experiment site (s)? There are claims of people being on these human experiment sites, and then there are people who claim it’s all fake.

Why they May Exist?

During my research for this article about the human experiment on the deep web, I found at least one such person who claims to know for sure the existence of these sites.

As you can see, the person in the above comment is certain that his friend was a victim of such a site.

Now, there are thousands of such claims, and fortunately, not a single person who can actually “prove” somehow his or her participation in these human experiments.

Apart from that, here’s a video which claimed to show a real human experiment site for the first time.

And then, there’s the undeniable case of Peter Scully, it’s probably the only real, existing case of anything even remotely close to human experiments or tortures.

Apparently, Peter Scully tasked his girlfriend (17, ex-prostitute) to get him 2 girls, one 9 and the other 12.

He tied them with dog-collars, and later started taking in other girls under the pretences of “taking care of them” and did all kinds of tortures on them.

He asked some of the girls to dig their own graves as well. And to top it all up, the murder of at least one girl has been confirmed, along with sexual abuses of the others.

The whole case is available here:

(What’s in the video: An interview of the girlfriend and Peter, along with the full story of his capture. Peter seems extremely cool, without an iota of regret of sorrow of what he did.)

The worst part of it was that he streamed it all live! The existence of that tape and video online has been verified by the Australian police, and it’s how Peter Scully was charged (along with a lot of other evidence).

The video-clip was named “Daisy’s destruction” and actually even had Peter’s company “No Limits Fun (NFL)’s” watermark on it. (Yeah that guy wasn’t normal, watermarking rape and murder?)

So yes, atleast this one site which conducted experiments and tortures on humans did exist.

Now, those points were dedicated towards proving the existence of the human experiment on the deep web, but let me also give you the points of why people doubt their existence.

Why they might just be an Urban Legend?

First of all, the video link provided above (of the “real human experiment site) was later found to be “not so real”, and just a “demo” created in order to explain what the human experiments sites looked like.

Secondly, the screenshots used in the above site, are the same screenshots you’ll find on Google if you Google for “Red Room” or “Human experiment site”.

There are in total around 4 screenshots which are believed to be of these sites, but it begs the question; how can only 4 screenshots exist of something as phenomenal (in a negative sense) and viral as this.

Third, it’s rather hard for someone to “Stream” over TOR, and in most cases would require them to enable Java or something, which would almost nail their anonymity to the coffins.

Also, if you my friend have used Tor, you’ll probably agree it’s extremely slow, isn’t it? So yeah streaming over it may not be that easy.

Now those where the points explaining why these sites showcasing the human experiments on the deep web may or may not exist.

But in either case an explanation is due regarding why someone would create, or even be on a site that shows such human experiments live.

“Why” would they Exist?

The only two reasons why people do anything are:

  • Financial Gain
  • And/or it makes them happy.

As hard to believe as it may sound, “sadism” is an actual term, it’s the mental condition where people derive pleasure, primarily sexual, from watching others suffer.

If such sites on human experiments do exist, this is the dominant factor. The perpetrator, in this case, derives immense sexual pleasures from inflicting pain on his victims.

The viewers on the other end derive pleasure because the victim is in pain. Note that both the perpetrator and the viewers need to be sadists to watch something of this kind, and not cry their hearts out.

On the other hand, if “financial gain” is the motive, the perpetrator may or may not be a sadist, and only do it because viewers have reportedly paid over $10,000 for experiencing one such human experiment on the deep web.

Either way, there are more than enough reasons for these human experiment rooms to exist. (The world is a twisted place, I know).

My Personal Take on these Sites?

Considering how I’ve been into the Deep web for over 5 years now (strictly for researchers and articles like this), I’ve formed my own set of opinion about these kinds of urban legends.

You and me, we both don’t want these sites on the human experiment on the deep web to exist, but I feel their existence might not be that hard to believe, let me share why.

Peter Scully has already proven that one such site existed in the least, so if one existed, there’s no denying the fact that in all certainty hundreds other can too.

Secondly, even though it’s very hard, it’s not impossible to stream over Tor if you have the adequate hardware and means to escape a raid.

Third, the primary reason why people debunk it as an Urban myth is because of its lack of evidence, which I consider to be only but natural.

I mean obviously if your friends or anyone you know is into these sorts of things, they wouldn’t exactly advertise it, would they? They wouldn’t snap screenshots, wouldn’t upload it anywhere and rather keep it anonymous.

Witnessing it live and not reporting will also make them accomplishes in the crime so it’s the perfect reason why no one ever has proven their existence.

So, it’s not unnatural for these sites to exist and still remain off the grid on the deep web. The human experiments also are rather expensive, if they do exist, reports claim them to be “pay to join” kind of platforms.

So not everyone has that kind of money either and hence it’s not as widespread as Google or Youtube maybe?

And lastly, the reason I’d say they’re so well hidden is, you won’t find their links on the Hidden Wiki or any other such directory. Most people on the deep web are actually simply on the Onion network and not the actual, “deeper” part of the deep web where these sites are hosted.

Although the one thing I’m sure of is, regardless of the existence or non-existence of those sites, there sure are a handful of “Scam” sites, which will lure you into paying them a fortune in Bitcoins, and then you’ll never see them again.

Infact, majority of the population believes the whole concept may be a scam in totality. They’re actually the perfect scam to be honest. For starters, these sites do not need to prove anything beforehand, they’ll cite “legal consequences” and hence not provide any proof.

Then, the human nature is pretty clear. A number of people would pay to witness such monstrosity and these scammers know it. The best part is, once the payment has been made, the sites are completely clear for the scam.

No user who has ever paid on one such platform will ever accept in public of his payment. Hence, no complaints to be found. You can’t just go on Reddit saying you paid to witness Rape and Murder, and the site scammed you now, can you?

The ease of setting up a scam Red room website is surprisingly easy.  Scammers need less than USD $50, and very basic web development knowledge. They just buy a domain, setup the server, and upload a countdown timer. The process takes less than 24 hours in most cases, and hence is a reason why these scams are widespread.

So, I’ll ask you to not venture too deep with your researches, especially never to pay someone to access such a site.

Anyway here are some of the real-life examples of sites either claiming to be sites on the human experiment on the deep web, or just being pure scams.

Real-life Sites on Human Experiments on the Deep Web

They may or may not be real, but sites “claiming” to be red room sure have existed, here are some of the most popular sites which claimed to be those.

1. A.L.I.C.I.A

Website: 5fpp2orjc2ejd2g7 (Not live now).

Note: If you are beginner on the deep web and not know how to visit Deep Web links then check out complete beginner guide

It was a site which showed a countdown and played the sound of females getting tortured in the background.

Apparently, those sounds were believed to be live, and were pretty freaky to be honest.

There was no video though, only the clock and the sound. Even though you can’t access the site itself, someone recorded and uploaded a 5 minute video on Youtube showing what actually happened.

2. Shadow Web

This one was a pure scam. Basically some guy with enough internet knowledge read about the buzz around such sites on Reddit, and went on to create actual sites pretending to offer such sadistic pleasures.

Shadow Web Links: Visit Link

Although on the site, only a notice was hung up, asking people to transfer 0.05BTC (A lot in today’s worth) and to download some random software.

Bottomline, it wasn’t real.

3. Bacon Room

This one was another such “venture”, although Bacon room didn’t demand any money.

They launched a site stating that they’d be live-streaming some execution when the countdown ended, a troll video was uploaded instead along with a FBI notice.

4. Red Room

Website: redrdpopd4omwuaw

The title of the website is Red Room. It has two “Join” or “Leave” buttons on the homepage.

Clicking on join takes us to an order page. It has 3 paid plans. “Spectator” costs 0.2BTC. Currently, 1 slot is being shown as “available”.

“Commander” lets you “command” the actions. These are then carried out on the victim. This plan costs 1BTC. And finally, the “Master” plan costs 5BTC. It’s currently not available and shows 0 available seats.

Downloadable videos of the last event can be purchased for 0.02BTC as well.

5. Red Room 2

Website: redr6igfawon5gkz

This looks like a spin-off the the site above. (or vice-versa) However, it shows a “timer” on its homepage. X days, Y hours and Z minutes left.

The plans however do differ. 0.1BTC is what the “spectator” plan is priced at. The Commander plan costs 1BTC and there’s a “Grand Master” plan being sold for 2BTC.

Last event’s videos are sold for $100.00.

6. Red Room Fing

Website: redroomfing27toi

I’m not sure if “Fing” is an actual word, or just a random collection of words mined for the .onion URL.

Anyway, this sure is a “claimed” red room site.

The interface is identical to some other red room sites mentioned above.

It too shows X number of days, hours and minutes left for the room to go live.

Spectator plans cost 0.1BTC, Commandar costs 1BTC and Master costs 2BTC.

The last video for “Saitama Japan” is available for download as well and is sold via a third-party video selling website for $300.00, even Escrow is used for the transaction.

7. Red Room

Website: redrooaujxcjyohj.

Yet another Red room link, and again, an identical interface.

The prices however  differ.

Spectator plan costs 0.2BTC, Commander costs 1BTC and Master is priced at 5BTC.

Offers discounts to returning customers.

No videos available for download.

4. DarkScandals- A 2020 Proven Example of a Human Experiment Site

Not all human experiment sites are fake and scams. Dark Scandals was very real and legitimate human experiment site which was seized just this week.

It was a site operating since 2012, speculated by many to be fake and just another scam. However, the collective effort by a number of law enforcement agencies including the Interpol, Bundeskriminalamt, Homeland Security Investigations etc. finally led to its seizure.

It used to sell REAL rape/blackmail/torture videos. Not just that, buyers could even pay using their own real videos of similar nature. Or obviously BTC and ETH was accepted.

The investigation lasted for more than a year. The involved agents finally sent in Bitcoins to validate the site’s legitimacy. To their surprise, they did receive very real and working download links which led to the owner’s (Mr. Michael Rahim Mohammad) arrest.

This without doubt proves that human experiments sites and red rooms are 100% real and they exist to this very day (regardless of when you read this website). Sure, majority of them are fake (fortunately) however sites like Dark Scandals have and probably will forever exist.


Most of these sites (not all of them though) are fake and pure scam. Browsing them isn’t illegal or a crime. But, never make a payment or purchase any of the plans/videos.

You’ll probably be scammed and pranked, or worst, you’ll be committing a crime if the sites really make true on their claims.

Any of your actions on any of these sites (and every other website on the internet) is solely and exclusively your own responsibility. This article is purely for educational purposes.

Some Images of Human Experiment Sites on the Deep Web

Hey,  in case you’re still curious, and wouldn’t want to leave us without having a glimpse of what actually happens on a human experiments’ site, I’ve got something for you.

Here are some images which depict the kind of content you may find on such sites, although note that these aren’t taken from real human experiment sites, and were rather found on an interview which rather seemed fishy (so I wouldn’t link to it here).

In the above image, the girl is being tortured and is finally murdered if the interview is to believed.

In this one, a girl’s tongue is being pulled out with a pair of tweezers. Yeah I’ve seen enough and I’m sure you have too, so let’s wrap this piece up.

Movies That Proves Humen Really have that type Things in His Mind:

  • The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)
  • The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)
  • The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2015)

If you want to download these movies by Torrent then here is the page where you can download all of them in the single place. Torrent Download.

How do People Supposedly Access these Human Experiment Sites?

If these Human Experiment sites are indeed for real, these can’t be accessed over Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any of those everyday browsers.

Although note that there have been instances of murders and people being shot live on Facebook live-streams, those isn’t red-room content.

Instead, while accessing (or trying to access) these websites, users would need a VPN along with TOR. The VPN while is optional for most other dark web content, it’s not for human-experiment sites.

Simply because if you do manage to find one such site and fail to report it you’re committing a crime. Without the VPN, TOR isn’t very secure and there’s a chance of your activities being monitored and linked to you.

Not just that, you need a VPN also because of Red room trollers. These are users/groups who monitor the Tor network (deep web forums/blogs/link directories etc). for users seeking Red rooms, then use that information to scam/blackmail the curious minds.

Most serious red-room seekers generally employ anonymous Operating systems along with the other tools to ensure 100% anonymity.

What Should be Done if you do Find Such a Site?

Beyond all doubts and questions, there does exist a small chance of any of you folks tumbling on one of these real Red Room sites by accident.

In such a case, you should know that it’s illegal to even be on the site, and being on such a site and not reporting them makes you an accomplish to whatever crime is being committed (murder, torture, rape etc).

Hence, it’s advised you take a screenshot (or video-proof) of the site’s existence, and report it to Cyber Security, or if you wish to go international and keep your identity safe at the same time you can use services such as SecureDrop!

It’s a site for journalists and whistle-blowers who can report major crimes without revealing their identities to major portals such as NYC Times, The Guardian etc.

Final Words:

Wrapping this piece up on the human experiment on the deep web, all I’ll say is these sites may or may not exist currently, but as they say there’s some fraction of truth behind every “urban legend”.

So probably these sites have been exaggerated, but the existence of similar sites can’t be totally discarded.

The very simple reason why they may exist is, there’s motive (financial or mental happiness)¸ there’s demand (sadistic viewers), and there’s means to make it possible (TOR or other technological advancements).

So with so many “yes it’s possible” points, I find it hard to totally shrug off the possibility that these do exist.

But either way, I’ll leave the final verdict up to you, do you think these sites on the human experiment on the deep web exist? Do let me know your views on our Facebook page.