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ShadeYou VPN Review

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  • No Logs, 100% Anonymity
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP Support
  • Cross Platform and User Friendly.
  • 15 Countries Support
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Trial Available only for 24 Hrs
  • Limited Country Support

ShadeYou VPN Review: Identity theft, content restrictions, and privacy exposure aren’t a novelty in today’s web-sphere. That’s where this ShadeYou VPN review comes in.

VPNs aren’t a choice anymore. They’re a necessity; I’m not saying that just because this is a ShadeYou VPN review, instead I’ll be backing up my claims in the next section.

Nothing on the Internet is really private, and you’d be amazed how little knowledge is actually required to decipher information about you.

We all have come across the term VPN and might have even used it, but the general public conception of a VPN, and what a VPN can actually do are two very different things.

So before divulging you the facts and features that ShadeYou VPN offers us, let’s have a closer look at why exactly you might need ShadeYou VPN!

Why do you need ShadeYou VPN?

There are some reasons why you might be searching for a VPN and why ShadeYou VPN might be a weapon of choice for you.


First and the foremost reason most people take aid from a VPN is to protect their privacy.

If you’re on the internet and you do not want the Internet or the webpage you’re on to know where you’re from, a VPN is the simplest and best solution.

Once you install and employ a VPN to access the Internet, your real IP address is masked with an alternative IP address provided to you by the VPN.

And if your real IP address isn’t disclosed, your real location and identity aren’t exposed anymore.

Access Restricted Content

If you’re from a “not so digitally democratic country or school where not every website is accessible due to several reasons, Mr. VPN will be your savior there as well.

In a lot of countries, simple websites like Google and Youtube are banned. Well for me, those are just as important as the oxygen I’m breathing.

Now, these websites are “Geographically” restricted, meaning the visitors from a certain country or city aren’t allowed to visit them.

Again when you use a VPN, your IP address is altered, and you can virtually choose any other country of your choice to connect to the Internet from, hence unlocking every nook and corner of the internet.

Protection against Hackers and Government

On a simple level, hackers can break into your system and wreak havoc if they gain access to your real IP address.

They use your IP address and port to connect to a backdoor on your system and hence gain access to it.

On a larger scale, some governments are allegedly conceived to monitor and track the activities of Internet users from their country or a specific area.

But when using a VPN, you chose to be in a different country and location and hence you fall off the radar of your govt. Not to mention that the alternative IP address can’t be used to hack into your system by individual hackers either.

Strengthen Third-Party Connections

Third party connections like the Wi-Fi from a pizza shop or a bus-stand are one of them most vulnerable connections on the planet.

They naturally are the favorite hit spots for hackers and digital thieves looking to get into your cell phones, laptops or even real-life.

Having a VPN while connecting to an unsecured network helps you protect your system and makes it impossible for anyone to cause any kind of harm, while letting you browse the Internet without hindrance.

Encrypt Internet Traffic

ShadeYou VPN doesn’t only change your IP address but also encrypts your internet traffic with some of the strongest connection protocols in the industry.

That acts as an additional layer of security to your Internet connection. The military grade 2048-bit encryption will take billions of years for even the most sophisticated hardware to crack.

ShadeYou VPN Review

ShadeYou VPN Review: Detailed Features Insight

So the points above should’ve painted a clear picture regarding why ShadeYou VPN is important, right?

But just because it’s important and needed doesn’t mean you should get it with your eyes closed.

So here’s a ShadeYou VPN review for you which we’re documenting after spending considerable time with the VPN, and let me tell you we compared and analyzed three different VPNs at the same time, and ShadeYOU came out as the winner, that’s why this is a ShadeYou VPN review you’re reading and not of those other two products.

Easy Interface

The first and foremost point worth being mentioned in this ShadeYou VPN review is its extremely easy user interface.

Even if it’s your first day with a VPN, you won’t have to hunt for options and features. The most important buttons and features have been laid out right there in front of you.

ShadeYou VPN

There’s a simple on-off switch, a slide-down chart for country selection and everything else. So well yeah it’s newbie friendly.

You can even choose the connection protocols and port as well as get information related to your account without having to click a single time!

Extensive OS and Device Support

The second factor that lured us in was the fact that regardless of which kind of system we were using, like a cell phone, a tablet, a PC or a MAC, ShadeYou VPN universally supported our devices.

The same holds true for its OS support as well. It doesn’t discriminate on your choice of operating system and supports most major operating systems in the world, including:-

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOs

I believe that sums up all the OS(s) which are used across the globe on a large scale.

Although unfortunately, it doesn’t offer “Apps” for any other system except Windows. For all other options (Mac, Android, iOS etc). the user either has to use OpenVPN client or the in-built settings to connect to the VPN.

On Android for example, OpenVPN needs to be downloaded if you wish to use the same protocol. If L2TP or PPTP are to be connected, a user would need to go to Settings > Network > VPN (may vary based on devices) and need to enter the server details manually.

While it’s no rocket-science and can be completed easily by anyone using the detailed “How To(s)” provided on the site, it would just be much easier and simpler if there were native apps for the platforms.

25+ Countries

The most important part about any VPN, after its security and privacy, is the availability of locations to choose from.

That’s one aspect where ShadeYou VPN won’t disappoint you. It lets you choose from a list of over 15 countries!

You can choose from some of the most popular and digitally democratic countries on the planet, including:-

ShadeYou VPN Server Locations

  • USA
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Ukraine
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Hong Kong
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Romania
  • Australia
  • Singapore

And the best part is, the list isn’t where ShadeYou VPN stops! You can also choose from a number of different “servers” from the same countries, which guarantees that you won’t have to face a server overload or speed issues even if that specific country is experiencing a heavy load.

ShadeYou is one of the very few VPNs in the industry which has a variation in its “number of available servers” based on a user’s plans. It allows only 18 VPN Servers and 12 Locations on its Standard plan.

In order to unlock and access the entire list of 25 Servers and 15 Locations, a user has to get the Standard plan.

3 Different Connection Protocols

We need different connection protocols for different purposes. ShadeYou understands that and gets us three different connection protocols to choose from.

connection protocol

  • PPTP
  • LT2P
  • And OpenVPN

OpenVPN is by far the most secure and expandable connection protocol being used in the VPN industry, and it’s completely open-source.

Unlimited Usage

Most VPNs limit our connectivity after a specific amount of data being used up. The limit might be monthly, weekly, or even daily.

There’s no such bandwidth or traffic limit with ShadeYou VPN. You can use ShadeYou VPN as much as you wish, download as many videos, data and other stuff as you want, stream, browse, do whatever you wish for, they don’t mind.

ShadeYou believes in complete control and access to the user after you’ve paid for it. So they don’t interfere, in fact I downloaded over 20gigs of video couple days ago, and expected my speed to be capped in the least, but nothing of that sort happened.

So I must say this right here is an example of value for money.

Military Grade 2048-bit Encryption

Most VPNs I crossed paths with before being introduced to ShadeYou VPN used 256-bit encryption. Well, probably that’s why most VPNs didn’t make it out this far while this ShadeYou VPN review did.

ShadeYou offers 2048-bit encryption. The technicalities are quite complicated and would only confuse you, but feel free to Google it up.

In the simplest possible words, it’s an extremely strong encryption, and it’s next to impossible for someone, anyone, even with govt. Grade hardware to break into your system or intercept your online activity.

No-Speed Capping

One of the common misconceptions revolving around any VPN is that a VPN slows your internet connection down. And that’s also true to most VPNs.

But not ShadeYou. In fact it was one of the primary driving forces behind me scribbling this ShadeYou VPN review down.

I measured the browsing speed with Ookla, and being honest; there was speed loss. But then again, it was in KBs. Meaning if I hadn’t been using Ookla, I would’ve never noticed that it existed.

So in the real-world where it matters, I can claim that compared to all the other VPNs, ShadeYou is arguably one of the fastest.

Kill Switch

ShadeYou also boasts a Kill Switch. Well, it’s an advanced feature which makes sure that at no moment of your internet connectivity, are you left unprotected.

Meaning if for some reason the VPN connection drops, the internet connection is automatically terminated.

So if you’re browsing the internet, you can be sure that you have the VPN backing you up!

DNS Leak Protection

This isn’t an “exclusive” feature, but it’s not totally common with every VPN either.

DNS leak protection makes sure that not a single bit of your DNS information is being leaked out there on the web.

If you’re not sure what that means, well then I won’t explain that to you in this ShadeYou VPN review; because well it’s complicated.

Just know that with ShadeYou, you’re secure.

ShadeYou VPN Pricing Plans

After throwing all those abundances of features at us, one would expect that ShadeYou might burn a hole in our pockets.

Well let me tell you, it won’t.

They have two simple plans:-

  • Standard:- $25.99/year.
  • Premium:- $27.99/year.

There are some feature differences among them based on the price, which you can either check on the website or from the below screenshot.

ShadeYou VPN Pricing Plans

Payment Methods

Talking of anonymity and privacy, ShadeYou is armed to the teeth to get you a really anonymous and private way to pay.

That I’m saying because it accepts payments via Bitcoins! Well yeah, so you can pay them and they won’t ever know who you are.

Apart from Bitcoins, it also supports:-

  • Paypal
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • WeMoney
  • Perfect money
  • UKash
  • Payeer
  • Qiwi

And couple other payment methods.

No Logs

I was saving this for the last!

The final, and most important feature that I’m listing out here in this ShadeYou VPN review is the fact that; ShadeYou doesn’t keep any logs of any kind whatsoever.

Ironically, most other VPNs claiming to protect our identity, actually do keep logs. Well, ShadeYou isn’t like “most other VPNs.”

Doesn’t matter how great your VPN is, if it doesn’t grant you 100% anonymity, it’s basically a waste of your hard-earned money.

Moreover, it doesn’t ask for a user’s personal information either. Such as names, address (region), and the payment too can be secured using Cryptocurrencies. So in the very rare event of some logs being kept or leaked, neither the VPN nor any other party can gain access to a user’s identity anyway.

So for me, features come later, anonymity and privacy are what I place first, and with ShadeYou, you can be confident that your identity is just as anonymous as it can be.

Simultaneous Connections

No person or household is limited to one device only today. Every household has 2-3 devices in the least, while some may even have half or a complete dozen.

That is where the number of allowed simultaneous connections make a difference. This is the number of devices which can use the VPN at the same time in the same account.

ShadeYouVPN has a “dynamic” policy on this unlike most other VPNs we’ve been with. It allows for 3 simultaneous connections on its Standard plan, while as many as 5 are allowed on the Premium plan. These numbers aren’t very impressive but acceptable.

Torrent and P2P Allowed

Not all VPNs are the best VPNs for Torrenting and P2P. They require special servers, at friendly-locations to make that happen.

Fortunately, ShadeYouVPN is one of them. So you can access and use Torrents, as well as share files and data directly with other users without fearing censorship.  Its technical security features, as well as the No Logs Policy come to your aid in case of disputes.

Free Anonymizer

Apart from the VPN, the company offers a free anonymizer as well. It is a free Web proxy service which allows users to change their IP addresses and prevent websites from tracking them.

Over 10 countries-choices are available. Additionally, what a user wishes to unblock can be specified individually as well such as Games or apps, Webpage, Hulu/Netflix/Spotify, Video Streaming etc.

Then, there’s the option of further customizing the anonymizer. A user can choose to (or ignore) Encrypt address, Enable/Disable cookies, removing scripts, encrypting pages etc.

ShadeYou VPN Review:- Final Verdict

Is ShadeYou worth it?

Well, it costs less than $3/month regardless of which plan you go with. It still gets us all those super-advanced features and still protects our identity.

ShadeYou VPN does everything you will expect from any other VPN out there, and it still doesn’t cost a fortune.

So as far as my personal experience goes, I’d say yes it is worth every penny. But hey, don’t take my word for it, go out and try it out for yourselves to be the better judge.