Samsara Darknet Market Review

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Dream Market shut down in the early quarters of 2019 and many marketplaces sprang up to bridge the gap. Samsara Market, the subject of this Samsara Market review is one such marketplace which had a much targeted approach as will soon be clear.

Now there are a couple reasons why we think this may become, or arguably already is the next Dream Market. Without spilling the beans, let’s just say the marketplace has achieved in less than 5 months what it takes most other similar platforms years to get to.

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Samsara Market Overview

Let’s get you a glimpse of what the marketplace holds before asking you to dive deeper into this Samsara Market review:

  • Onion URL Text: samsaraccrn2jmin
  • Age: 4 Months.
  • Security: PIN/ Escrow / 2-FA / PGP
  • Products: 32914 (as of 21st 2019).
  • Vending: Allowed (Requires a refundable Vendor Bond).
  • Accepted Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin only.

We’ll start with the User-interface, and go all the way down to its products, security features, vending-requirements and other minor features.

Samsara Darknet Market Mirror List

The marketplace suffered major DDoS attacks recently and was down for a long period of time.

To combat the same, among many other security precautions they also came up with a list of Mirrors for the marketplace.

These ensure availability when the primary URL isn’t available for one or the other reason, here are the currently active Samsara Market Mirrors Links:

Each of these URLs can be independently verified to be legitimate using the marketplace’s PGP key.

Samsara Market User Interface

This is the prime reason why I termed it the next Dream Market. Right from the registration page you’d notice striking similarities between Samsara and Dream Market.

It’s almost like an identical clone. Although note that the marketplace isn’t trying to “Scam” users or mislead them, rather it has an entire blog post tributing Dream Market and SpeedSteppers (Dream Market Admin).

The marketplace alike Dream has a left-sidebar displaying the products, followed by the Mirrors.

The product-categories too offer a number of search-filters on the top-bar, followed by the product listings. These listings surely will make most nostalgic about Dream Market and are displayed in a similar manner.

As for the practicality, a thumbnail of the product, shipping source as well as possible destination(s), Price, and availability (or the lack of) Escrow are indicated right on the product page.

This has personally been one of my favourite type of Darknet market interfaces. It imparts all the important information about a product without me having to click on each individual product and check its individual listing.

The top-bar as always is used to navigate the marketplace and reach the other important sections such as the Profile, Wallet, Inbox etc.  If we go deeper, the colour, spacing, placement of the elements (both text and graphics) too is pretty well optimized for us as users to understand.

Bottomline, even if a user has never been on Dream Market, using Samsara Market isn’t exactly rocket-science.


The marketplace is only 5 months old, generally we’d expect products to be in low three or four-figures quantitatively. Well, Samsara isn’t one to confirm to the average standards.

It already has garnered as many as 32914 individual products on the marketplace. Comparatively speaking, this number far exceeds the number of products even on some other older and more established marketplaces.

The currently available product categories are:

  • Drugs
  • Digital Goods
  • Paraphernalia
  • Services
  • Other goods.

Which category do you think has the most products? You guessed it right, it’s Drugs! Nearly 50% of the total product-stock is dominated by Drugs, exactly as many as 18758 products are available on the marketplace for now in the category.

The sub-categories under Drugs are of a wide variety, including Cannabis, Dissociatives, RCs, Steroids, Stimulants, Ecstasy etc. And each of these are pretty product-rich and mostly have listings in the thousands.

The second most popular category on the marketplace is “Digital Goods”. With 129867 listings it provides for everything you’d expect in the category, including  E-books, Data, Hacked/leaked accounts, Software, Fraud-related products etc.

Even the “Services” category has 700+ listings and offers services such as Hacking, fund cashout, fake document creation etc. Finally the “Other” category is for everything which doesn’t fit in with any other category on the marketplace.

All in all, the marketplace is pretty well-stocked, and it’s even more impressive considering its short period of existence so far.

Security Features

I always emphasize greatly towards the security features any marketplace on the Darkweb offers to its users. That’s primarily because Darknet Markets are a prime target for hackers and other parties with similar intent.

Fortunately, Samsara Market didn’t come unprepared. The security features available on the platform are:

  • 2-FA
  • Inbox Encryption.
  • Security PIN
  • Escrow

These are the standard security measures we expect in any Darknet Market worth investing our research time into.

The 2-FA can be enabled using PGP, and as is usual it’ll then require the users to decrypt a PGP-encrypted message in order to successfully login.

Apart from this, the marketplace also offers automatic PGP-encryptions for communications and data-sharing within the marketplace. While not as secure as independent encryption, it still can be beneficial for those who’ve absolutely no knowledge regarding PGP.

And finally the Security PIN. It’s nothing we’ve never seen before, just a string of number each user sets during registrations. This PIN is primarily required during withdrawals making sure even if your password and PGP both are compromised, your funds stay safe unless the PIN falls in the wrong hands too.

Needless to say, the marketplace offers a full-fledged Escrow which reserves the funds from a buyer’s profile as soon as an order is placed, but is only delivered to the vendor upon order completion. This ensures security for both the parties.

Payments and Fee

The marketplace is currently limited to Bitcoin only. No other Cryptocurrency is accepted for payments as of now. I personally believe BTC is more than capable of preserving ones anonymity.

However it brings a number of exclusive features with its payments:

  • User-Controlled, Dynamic Fee.
  • In-built Mixer.

The marketplace offers 4 different fee-types that a user can pay on the marketplace during withdrawals. They range from “Fast” to “mixer”. Fast is the fastest option and also is the most expensive. It costs 0.00100650BTC/withdrawal.

The last option is the “Mixer”, this costs 0.001BTC/withdrawal, with an additional 2.5% of the withdrawal and provides more anonymity than normal withdrawals. There are two other modes in-between the “Fast” and “Mixer”.

Note that on top of all this, the marketplace also charges a 0.5% fee for  all withdrawals.

So in my personal opinion, it does seem a bit more expensive than other marketplaces out there but that price seems worth the other security and features being offered.

Selling Products

Obviously this Samsara Market review doesn’t only deal with buyers. It’s a vendor-accepting marketplace and accepts third-party, individual vendors/sellers on the marketplace.

The Vendor-bond currently seems to be priced at 0.1BTC. This is a refundable fee and is refunded to vendors after 31days of the vendor account being closed.

Wrap Up:

So let’s wrap this Samsara Market Review up folks. If you ask me, I’m more than impressed with its massive growth despite law enforcement agencies’ tremendous crackdown on the Dark web recently.

The kind of product-stock, user base of Vendor-accounts it boasts aren’t just numbers, it seems to be doing something right which the Darkizens (It’s a term I invented, for the Citizen of the Dark Web) seem to be liking.

The withdrawal features are exclusive and unique, and hence the slightly higher fee doesn’t hurt much I suppose. As far as the vendor-bond goes I suppose USD $99.00 won’t burn a hole in the pockets of serious vendors either.

Bottomline? It does seem prepared to carry forward the Dream Market legacy, but will it be able to do so? Only time will tell. Do let me know if this Samsara Market review helped you gain an insight into the marketplace, or if you’ve got your own set of doubts and questions using the comments.