Rsclub Market Review – Best Hansa Market Alternatives

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Rsclub Market is one of those deep web markets which has seen its share of positivity along with negativity as well.

In fact, according to most who have been on the market, it truly has the potential to be the next Alphabay but then again other aspects like Support and availability of products come into account.

So throughout this review, I’ll walk you through a first-hand experience of the marketplace, as well as my own personal review of the same.

Rsclub Market Overview:

RsClub market isn’t the “best” market out there, not yet, but if everything keeps on a straight path (as they’re often suspected of planning an exit-scam according to various vendors and buyers) they do have the potential to be.

The one feature which makes them worth a try is their “Autoshop” feature which we will discuss in details in the later sections.

  • Registration: OPEN
  • Multisig or PGP support for 2FA
  • Rsclub total listings: 1872 (as on 10.08.2017)
  • Primary URL: rsclubvvwcoovivi
  • Subreddit:
  • Universal Official Forum: rsclubzznck53v35
  • Full Escrow Support for Fund Security


1). User-Interface: 5/5

The dashboard has been divided into three primary parts:

  • Top Bar
  • Left-sidebar
  • Center-screen.

The Top-bar holds the five important options of:

  • Home: Redirects you to the homepage from any other page on RsClub market.
  • Forum: Let’s you access the Forum.
  • Become a Seller: This is what you need to click if you wish to be a RsClub Vendor.
  • Message Inbox: All and any messages you send of receive can be accessed through here.
  • Orders: It’s like the “My Orders” page on any normal E-commerce page, granting you access to all your previous orders.

The right-side of the top-bar holds three other elements, first it shows you your current balance in BTC, the “My Club” button is like the “My Accounts” page and let’s you control every bit of your account through the option, and finally, there’s log out.

The left-sidebar lists all the current available listings on the Rsclub marketplace, just below these listings is an advanced search-panel which can be used to search for products on the marketplace, and at the very bottom it shows the current exchange rates of various currencies.

The center-screen unlike many marketplaces doesn’t show products from vendors, instead is reserved for “Advertising”, and shows the products of only those vendors who opt to  go for the ad-placement.

2). Services and Goods Available: 2/5

Rsclub market doesn’t have an extensive product-library, period. With only 1872 listings in total, you should expect to “not find” most products you’re searching for.

Although it does keep the “Deep web marketplace trend” in place by offering 740 items in its leading category of “Drugs General”!

As far as categorization goes, despite their low quantity of listings, it has categorized drugs into sub-categories of:

  • Cannabis and Hashish
  • Stimulants
  • Ecstacy
  • Opioids
  • Benzos

And a dozen other sub-categories even though those have a negligible number of listings, in singular figures.

Fraud Related (386 listings): After Drugs, the most populated listing on Rsclub market is that of “Fraud related” items. It too is sub-categorized into:

So everything which is related to fraud is housed under this category.

Guides and Tutorials (308 listings): The third most populated category on Rsclub market is that of guides and tutorials. The four types of guides available under these category are:

These are devoted to help you “learn” the tips and tweaks of the above-mentioned categories. How to hack into someone’s accounts, how to cook meth, how to pick locks, get out of jail and so on.

So, in other words, its the “educational” section of the deep web markets, just slightly unconventional.

Digital Products (173 listings): The next category up in the spotlights is that of digital products. The sub-categories for this section are:

  • Legit Software: Cracked software, keys to premium software such as Ms-Word, Windows OS etc. are available in this section.
  • Game Keys: Keys to premium games.
  • Fraud Software: These are software which aren’t available on the clearnet. Keyloggers, game mods, Softwares used for hacking and other illicit activities etc.
  • Other: Ebooks, video-courses, Adult accounts, premium subscriptions etc are grouped over here.

Services is another section offering services which are hard to come by on the clearnet, heavily discounted plane tickets, hotel rooms, bank statements, templates for various documents, cloned websites etc are the products available here.

You can also purchase “Weapons” which is a bit too hardcore even for a deep web market because most other deep web markets do not facilitate the buying and selling of firearms.

Then there are other minor listings such as Carded Items, Security, and hosting, Counterfeit items etc.

So bottom line is, as a budding deep web market, it’s only natural for Rsclub market to be slightly thin on the “quantity” of listings in its initial days, and even now it “has” products on nearly every category or type you might need, the only thing is you do not get a lot of “options” in any specific category.

3). Security: 4/5

As far as security goes, Rsclub has surely taken quite a bit of motivation from the other existing markets and has made sure that there are easy-to-implement, yet firm security measures for the users.

The Security is one of the most concrete building blocks of any deep web market, isn’t it? All other factors or features are blurred if the security has loopholes in it, because your identity, privacy, and activities on the deep web marketplaces aren’t something you’d like to publicize, would you?

Some of its security features are:

  • Login Phrase: You’re asked to enter a “login phrase” (optional) during the Signup process. This phrase is displayed on the dashboard every time you login. This makes sure that you’re never a victim of “phishing websites”, because phishing websites won’t be able to display this code hence alerting you that you aren’t on the original marketplace.
  • Mnemonic Codes: They automatically assign a 5-word mnemonic code to all their users instantly after signup. This is the code which can be used to recover your account in case your forget your password or lose your account. Considering how “powerful” this code is, it’s expected to be written down on a paper and stored somewhere safe and there’s no way to recover this code once it’s lost, hence offering us unbreakable security.

  • 6-Digit Code: It also let’s you configure a 6-digit code which acts as an added layer of security for your funds. No funds can be moved out of your account even if you have the password without these 6 digit codes.
  • Vendor Verification: Rsclub really makes the vendor reputation transparent by offering the following data :
    • Total Sales
    • Positive Feedback %
    • Verified / Non-verified Seller
    • Trusted / Not-trusted seller
    • Payment modes accepted (Finalize Early / Full Escrow).
    • All Feedbacks

With the help of the above-mentioned data, you can get a clear picture of how serious and trusted the vendor is, any vendor with good positive feedback % as well as total sales is a good choice to go for.

  • MultiSig Available: They recently announced that they’ll be allowing multisig transactions from 14/07/2017! What this means is, now you can make use of their 2 out of 3 multisig transactions, in which the keys are shared between three parties (the vendor, the buyer and the marketplace) and the transaction can only be moved forward if minimum 2 parties agree to it. This makes sure that exit-scam isn’t possible nor can the vendor scam the buyers.
  • 2-Factor Authentication: Rsclub market also supports 2—factor authentications via your PGP key. You’re displayed a text which you need to decrypt using your PGP key in order to login once 2-FA is enabled.
  • Full Escrow Available: Full escrow makes sure that funds aren’t released to the vendor unless the trade has been confirmed, it’s the opposite of Finalize Early and even though FE is helpful and fast, Full escrow is much more secure.

4). Search Functionalities: 5/5

Rsclub market hosts one of the best search panels I’ve ever seen on any deep web market, it lets you choose from:

  • Product Class
  • Product types.
  • Minimum price & Maximum Price
  • Origin country.
  • Ships from.
  • Seller level / Trust level.

The parameters are really effective and help you land exactly on the product you’re searching for.

5). Other Aspects of Rsclub Market

  • Minimum Deposit: A deposit of minimum 006 BTC is required for the funds to successfully arrive to your marketplace wallet.
  • Withdrawl Fee: In case you wish to send BTC from your Rsclub marketplace to any other third party BTC address, a fee of 0.0001 BTC is required.
  • CC-Autoshop: This is something that makes Rsclub unique. Not many marketplaces offer an automated CC shop. Basically it’s a hacked credit card shop, fully automated (meaning no “vendor” is at the other end of the purchase, it’s the Marketplace itself who is the vendor in this case) which let’s you buy credit cards of your choice directly and instantly from the shop.

  • Referral System: Rsclub also offers a referral system via which you’re paid 30% of the “fee” which the marketplace charges to the users referred by you.

6). Rsclub Market Pros and Cons


  • Great security features.
  • Great search functionality.
  • Easy interface.
  • Satisfactory support.


  • The extremely limited quantity of products.
  • Downtimes and Transactions related issues have a high presence.
  • No vendor “Security deposit” is required, which might facilitate the presence of scammers on the platform.

Final Verdict: 3/5

As for the final words, all I can say is, it’s a good subsidiary option in case other marketplaces aren’t panning out for you.

Obviously I wouldn’t recommend Rsclub market as anyone’s first choice when it comes to deep web marketplaces, instead Valhalla Market is a much better choice.

But anyway,  it’s a good enough option especially in terms of security and search functionalities. Do try it out and let me know your verdict on the marketplace.

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