Pax Romana Dark Web Market Review (Exit Scam)

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Pax Romana Review: Is it the new Silk road? Does it offer enough products? Is it secure enough? What makes Pax Romana unique (if anything at all)?

Done Exit Scam

I’m pretty sure if you’re a dark web enthusiast, these are some of the questions which go through your minds once you hear of a new marketplace. While not exactly “new”, Pax Romana certainly is a marketplace less heard-of.

So, as always, we did our fair share of research and came up with answers to the following questions:

Disclaimer: This Pax Romana review is only an “educational” piece. Trading on Darknet Markets is illegal. Do not engage in any activity including but not limited to buying/selling goods over any Dark web marketplace. Doing so will completely be your own responsibility.

Pax Romana Overview

Pax Romana seems like a new marketplace (based on the no. of available products). Yet, not one lacking in experience (based on all the available security features). The interface has been kept simple & traditional, without trying to re-invent the wheel.

Infact, it also seems to be selling a couple products “not” very common even for DNMs. Here’s an overview of the marketplace in its entirety before you proceed with this Pax Romana review:

  • Primary URL: paxromanarx4qxjb
  • Registration: Required.
  • Security: 2/3 Multisig / 2-FA/  Escrow/ 6-digit PIN.
  • Vendor Bond: USD $150.00 (refundable).
  • Payment: BTC, XMR, LTC.
  • Products: 1676+
  • Dread forum: dreadditevelidot.onion/d/PaxRomana

Final Verdict

We personally loved the marketplace even though we’re against “illegal trading” on Darknet Markets in general.

Pax Romana seems to have a very fast and consistent growth as far as “numbers of products” go. The security features are all there leaving no known loopholes.

What we didn’t like? The non wallet-less payment methods and the high Cryptocurrency rates.

But that’s not much of a deal-breaker if a buyer deposits only the exact amounts required for each individual order.

Do go through this Pax Romana review to get a better insight.

Pros and Cons

Here’s what makes Pax Romana great, and the bits which can still be improved.


  • 2 of 3 multisig transactions.
  • 3 Cryptocurrencies accepted.
  • Refundable vendor-bond.
  • Impressive security features.


  • Not wallet-less.

Starting to form an idea? Let’s get deeper into this Pax Romana review then?

Does Pax Romana need Registrations?

It most certainly does. Infact, we rarely come across marketplaces which don’t. It’s the speed, anonymity and overall registration process which will be discussed in this section.

So here’s the registration form:

Joining Pax Romana is free for all, and doesn’t need an invite. All you’ve got to do is fill the registration form, which again is completely anonymous.

Once done, the accounts are created and can be accessed instantly. There’s no “wait/approval” period either.

What products are available on Pax Romana?

The core of any Darknet Market is its products, wouldn’t you agree? Just like you’d only enter a shopping mall if it has the right products.

They say numbers speak louder than words, so well Pax Romana boasts exactly 1676 products as of today.

As is the tradition with DNMs, the products are divided in a number of sub-categories. These product-categories can be accessed from the left-sidebar.

As of today, it boasts the following categories:

Digital Goods, Drugs, Fraud, Counterfeit items, Apparel, Art, Services, Erotica, Drug Paraphernalia, Books, Tobacco & Alcohol.

The following graph has been designed based on the number of products each category houses as of today:

Needless to say, “Drugs” is the category with the maximum number of available products,  922 to be exact.

This is followed by “Fraud” with 249 listings, and then finally “Services” hosts the third-highest number of available products with its product-arsenal amounting to 123.

The other categories aren’t particularly product-rich for now. They either have product-listings in the low two-figures, or no listings at all.

However the categories do tell us that generally hard-to-find products, even for DNMs such as Art and Apparel (2 items listed) are available on Pax Romana.

Which Cryptocurrencies does Pax Romana accept?

Despite Cryptocurrencies gaining quite a bit of mainstream traction, they still are best preferred for Darknet payments.

While most other best Darknet Markets in 2020 have limited themselves to Bitcoin, Pax Romana offers a bit more wiggle-room to its buyers.

It accepts not just Bitcoin (BTC), but also:

  • Monero (XMR)
  • Litecoin (LTC).

Although unfortunately, the BTC-value on Pax Romana seems to a bit higher than the market-price.

What this means is, currently the Bitcoin price on the market (as per CoinBase) is exactly $6849.84. While on Pax Romana, the price I’m getting is $7281.27. This is nearly $400 on top of the market price, which currently is 5% according to the market-price.

Similar price-differences were found for XMR as well as LTC.

Note that Pax Romana isn’t wallet-less. So, it has centralized wallets on the market for each currency, the funds need to be deposited there in advance before they can be used. This is the most hurting downside which can be mentioned on this Pax Romana review.

Withdrawing any leftover funds is possible.

Is Pax Romana Secure?

We’ve always broken down a Darknet Market’s security in two distinct parts:

  • Account security.
  • Trade-security.

What are the account security features?

So the Account Security covers all the features which protect an account from getting hacked.

Pax Romana for starters offer 2-FA, which can be enabled via PGP. The standard and most common security measure in existence for DNM accounts.

Then, it allows users to set a 6-character, alphanumerical withdrawal PIN during registration. This PIN is required on the withdrawal page when you initiate a withdrawal request. It makes sure, in case your password and PGP both are compromised and someone gains access to your account, your funds still remain safe.

The hacker/third-party can’t reset your PIN even with the Password+ 2FA if they don’t have the current PIN. Or atleast the Mnemonic code.

The Mnemonic code, as is probably already known to you is auto-generated just after registration. It’s a random string of letters and numbers. This is like the “Master-password” for your account.

It’s used for recovering lost accounts/forgotten passwords, as well as in case you forget your PIN.

What are the trade-Security features?

In this section, we cover those security measures which protect a “trade”. In other words, the protection measures which prevent either party (The buyer/seller) from getting scammed.

Pax Romana is one of those very few marketplaces which offers 2 of 3 multisig-transactions. This is an advanced level of transaction-framework so to say, which requires the approval of atleast 2 out of 3 parties for a transaction to go through.

In other words, neither the marketplace nor the vendor/buyer can scam any other party without help from atleast one other party.

The regular Escrow too is available. However, the marketplace has shared that this will soon be decommissioned. So only the more secure 2 of 3 multisig transactions will remain.

All in all, the modern security features all do seem to exist with Pax Romana.

Does Pax Romana offer Vendor-Transparency?

Well yes, it does. Vendor transparency is another indirect security measure available which facilitates safe trades. The marketplace shows detailed stats for a vendor on their profiles and product-listings. Here’s an example:

This clearly shows the total orders, as well as “rating” for the vendor. Although if you head over to each vendor’s profile, you can also see:

  • Their total sales on other reputed marketplaces.
  • Ratings (Positive/negative/neutral) on other marketplaces.
  • Disputes (Won vs. lost)
  • Total orders.

These provide for good estimates of a vendor’s legitimacy/seriousness. E.g. any vendor with 1000+ sales on any other marketplace, generally wouldn’t scam you for a couple hundred dollars.

And then obviously the “Disputes” get us an insight into the vendor’s after-sale reputation. Any vendor with low numbers of “lost” disputes seems trustworthy in most cases.

And then finally, the vendor-profiles also show if the vendor is (or isn’t) F.E-activated.

F.E stands for “Finalize-Early”. Only those vendors with a reputed/established vending-history are offered this privilege.

Bottomline, yes the marketplace is pretty transparent with its vendor-profiles.

Does Pax Romana offer support?

Finally for this Pax Romana review, let’s address their support. They can be reached primarily via “Tickets” which can be found in the “My account > support” section.

Similarly, there’s an additional “Dispute-centre”. This is where you can get in touch with the marketplace moderators/vendors when you wish to raise/track a dispute.

Although the marketplace offers an extensive F.A.Q and “Tutorial” page. So it not only shares the answers, but also shows step-by-step how to implement something, e.g. multisig transactions.