mBitCasino Review – A Glance Behind the Curtain

mBitCasino is probably one of the oldest Bitcoin casinos on the planet, and in the 4 years of its existence, it has garnered quite a bit of reputation and fame for itself,  so well to make things transparent about the casino, its policies, trust-factors and everything else I bring to you this mBitCasino review.

It’s arguably termed as the best Bitcoin gambling site by many, how far is that term justified? Should you trust mBitCasino? What makes it better than the other Bitcoin gambling sites out there?

I’m sure you’ve got the same set of questions, and considering how every Bitcoin casino has a completely different structure than others, it’s only fair you get an idea of what you’re getting into before jumping in with both feet, right?

By the end of this mBitCasino review, there won’t be an iota of doubt or question left in you about what exactly the casino offers and how good (or not so good) it is, period.

mBitCasino Overview

Before embarking on the journey of this mBitcasino review, here’s a basic insight into the platform:

  • Website: https://www.mbitcasino.com/
  • Signup: Instant/No documents needed.
  • Games: 900+
  • Currencies: BTC/ ETH / BCH / Doge/ EUR / LTC.
  • VIP Loyalty Program.
  • Not Provably Fair.
  • Licensed under Curacao Laws.
  • Support: Live Chat / E-mail Forums
  • Rating: 4.5/5

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1. Trust-Factor

One of the biggest aspects to consider before starting to gamble on any Bitcoin casino is its trust-factor. Isn’t it?

Fortunately for this mBitCasino review, I don’t have to start from scratch. Meaning you and me aren’t the first players on the platform. They already have thousands of customers to vouch for them.

NordVPN 2

Company registration is another one of the factors I look into, well mBit is owned by a Direx N.V, a fully licensed company under the Curacao laws.

Curacao laws are what 99% of these Bitcoin casinos are licensed under so you know they can be trusted.

Although the one point I wish mBit introduces soon is a Provably fair page, which I must mention it doesn’t have as of now.

Provably fair is a method by which any Bitcoin casino lets you verify for yourselves the “fairness” of a game, making sure it’s really as random and unpredictable as it should be.

Any proverbially fair Bitcoin casino has a link to their verification algorithm page on their homepage somewhere, mBitCasino doesn’t. I’ve also read other user reviews, and so I conclude they don’t have a “provably fair” page.

But that been said, I can also vouch of its fairness. There isn’t a single report that claims any kind of cheat happening on mBitCasino, they maybe just haven’t put up the page yet.

The facts that they provide their registration license, and address (Stasinou 1, MITSI Building 1, 1st Floor, Flat/Office 4, Plateia Eleftherias, Nicosia, Cyprus) in addition to the fact that they’ve been in business for 4 long years itself is a guarantee of sorts of its fairness and legality.

Other than that it also has a “Trusted by SoftSwiss” logo on its Signup Page, SoftSwiss is one of the largest Bitcoin Casino developers in the world so yeah the badge means a lot.

2. A lot of Bonuses

Every Bitcoin casino worth its salt offers promotional signup bonuses to its new members.

Along with the Signup bonus, there also are other kind of bonuses, such as loyalty bonus, first deposit bonus and so on.

How much extra funds (bonus) a platform giveaway also is a major attraction for players like you and me, isn’t it?

Well, mBitCasino gives a flat 200% first deposit bonus to start with! No extra qualifications needed, a signup is enough to be eligible for this bonus.

After signup when you deposit for the first time, the 200% bonus can be availed which literally “doubles” your deposited funds.

The second-deposit also provides a bonus of 50% on your deposited funds, so if you deposit funds, you receive 50% of the deposited funds as an extra bonus.

The third time, the bonus is 20% of the deposited funds.

Although the maximum amount that can be received as the “bonus” is 50mBTC/500 EUR/ 500mBCH/ 300mETH/ 3LTC or 75,000 Dodge.

Apart from these, they also have day-based bonuses,  for e.g. “Power up Monday” which grants a 50% bonus, and “Cashback Thursday” which is 20% along with “Freedom Friday” with 50% Bonus again.

So every week there’s an additional 120% bonus, although these bonuses too have their own limits, let me just share them with you briefly.

Power Up Monday with the 50% bonus can be availed upto 200mBTC/ 200mBCH / 200mETH/ 2LTC/ 300EUR or 100,000Doge.

Cashback Thursday’s 20% bonus is applied upto 100mBTC / 500mBCH / 500mETH/ 5LTC/500EUR or 200,000Doge.

And finally, the “Freedom Friday” discount is again limited at 200mBTC/ 200mBCH / 200mETH/ 2LTC/ 300EUR or 100,000Doge.

But hey, that still is a lot of free money! In fact, I’ll say it’s probably the only Bitcoin gambling site that’s being so generous currently.

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3. 6+ Types/900+ Games Available

What does any online casino Bitcoin let you do?

Play games, obviously, isn’t that right? So the kinds and types of games available on mBit surely help us decide if we’ll be going with the site or not.

As of today when this mBitCasino review is being scribbled down, mBit has over a 1,000 games, divided into various categories, which include:

  • High Stakes
  • Slots
  • BlackJack
  • Live Games
  • Table Games
  • Jackpot!

Slots are without doubt the most popular type, not just on mBit, but in any real-world casino as well, aren’t they?

mBitCasino has over 162 games in the slot section itself! Now that’s a big number, but let me be honest there are other casinos such as Fortune Jack which have over 600 games in the slots section.

Not that it means anything, but if “slots” are the only thing you’re here for, in that case, there are other options with more games than mBit.

It offers 3 and 5 lines slots with the availability of nearly all the games that exist for slots in any real-life casino out there.

Another popular category is “Table games” with around 75 games in the category. As a total the platform has around 900+ games which I’d say is more than satisfactory.

Live Games

It’s one of my favorite types of games available on mBit, quite unique in itself as it uses a live-stream to let you play with a real dealer, on a real, physical table with real cards and tables.

The dealer and his equipment is setup in an exclusive setup, or a real-life Bitcoin casino as well.

You can use your computer to bet on whatever it is you’re betting on, and the game is played live, in real-time.

This also minimizes any doubts or questions you may have about the fairness of mBit as it all happens right infront of your eyes and there are no “algorithms” running.

4. Lightening Fast Registration

Registration too comes into consideration as we’re talking about this mBitCasino review, doesn’t it?

How easy or hard the process is, what data is required, how long the process takes and everything else does matter.

Well let me tell you the registration process literally is as simple as it possibly can be, there’s a simple form you’ve got to fill out, which takes no more than 2 minutes even for a 5th grader.

That’s because there are just two field to fill out! Yes, just two, simply enter your E-mail ID, and a password you wish to set.


There are no activation waiting periods, no documents required, those two fields are all that’s needed.

And I must confess in this mBitCasino review that the registration process for mBit is much faster and simpler than nearly “all” the other casinos out there, including Fortune Jack which additionally asks for a “username” as well as “country”.

Not that it’s a big deal-breaker or maker, but hey a review is a review and I believe in including everything, as transparently as possible.

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5. Supported Currencies and Payment Methods

Another point of my interest for this mBitCasino review is its support of currencies and payment methods.

I’m sure you’re well aware of Bitcoin’s pocket-breaking transaction charges, no matter how small or large your transaction is, spending so much money simply on “transaction” isn’t practical don’t you agree?

Not to mention its hours of wait time for the transaction to be confirmed.

To counter the fee and the wait time, mBitCasino has incorporated within itself some much cheaper and lightening fast altcoins as well, which include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Doge
  • Or the fiat currency- Euro!

The preferred currency can be changed at any time in a second, and then you’re provided with a “deposit address” and the minimum amount that needs to be deposited for that currency on your dashboard itself.

6. Minimum Maximum Deposits and Withdrawals

This too factors in when it comes to any Bitcoin betting site as any platform with ridiculously large minimum deposit, or extremely low withdrawal limit probably won’t be your favourite, right?

The minimum deposit for every currency on mBitCasino is different and is shown along with the deposit address so you never make a deposit lower than the required amount.

Currently, here are the minimum deposits accepted for the following currencies:

  • Bitcoin: 0.0003BTC
  • Ethereum: 0.01ETH
  • Bitcoin Cash: 0.01BCH
  • Litecoin: 0.01LTC
  • EUR: 10 EUR
  • Doge: There probably isn’t a minimum limit, or it has never showed for me at least. Although I’ll say deposit minimum 0.01Doge just to be on the safe side.

And what makes it exceptionally attractive is its “no maximum withdrawal” limit, so no man how much money you win, they won’t ever run out of funds to pay you.

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7. Support

Now finally down to the last section of this mBitCasino review, let’s take a look at their support.

Support is one of the other very important factors, specially on a Bitcoin lottery site, if you ask why, well it’s because Bitcoin isn’t an autonomous body, and you’ll be gambling with Bitcoin on the site.

So it’s important to know there’s someone you can talk to, someone to help you out if something gets stuck, or there’s some kind of error, after all it’s money we’re talking about isn’t it?

mBitCasino’s support is primarily available via a live-chat system on their homepage, as well as E-mail.

Apart from that, they also reply to questions posted on their “Ask Gambler’s” thread, as well as on a dedicated mBitCasino support forum on LCB.

8. VIP Program

This is something that makes them unique, exclusive and grants them their own flavour of magnetism.

They have this VIP program which is like a “Loyalty program” of sorts, you don’t need to join or signup anywhere, but are simply rewarded for being a loyal, continuous player at mBitcasino.

You get Loyalty points, which you can exchange for real, physical (expensive) gifts, or even cash it out as Bitcoin! Yes.

They also offer a dedicated VIP manager once you reach a certain level! This is like the most prioritized support you’ll ever get.

The VIP program has 4 tiers, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Black, and each one of these has its own rewards, cashbacks and bonuses, here’s a glimpse:

So yeah, this is one of the most appealing feathers in the cap of this mBitcasino review.

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Final Words about mBitCasino Review:

So where do I stand when it comes to mBitcasino? At the very top! Yup, they are one of my most favorite Bitcoin casinos out there.

With over 900 games, a wide range of currency support, great customer support, and the VIP program, they really haven’t left much scope for anyone to “not” like them.

Think of what you’d want in the best Bitcoin casino on the planet? And I’d wager they probably have the feature included already, that’s what makes them one of the top names in the industry.

Although hey that’s my personal perspective, do let me know what you think of this mBitcasino review, why you think it’s better, or not better than any other casino of your choice and what you’d like to change on the casino.

You can use our Facebook page to get in touch with us. Oh hey, do share this mBitcasino review with your friends, it’ll help us get more exposure and that’s all we ask from you.