Luna Market Review

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We recently came upon another Darknet Market which made “security” its prime focus which made us think it deserved some attention and hence decided to scribble this Luna Market review down.

We’re basing this Luna Market review on the following factors:

  • What’s Unique with the Marketplace?
  • Order Placing Process.
  • What Products can be purchased from the Marketplace?
  • Who can sell on the Marketplace?

Note that the above three points regardless of how generic they seem, would comprise of everything from the marketplace’s security, UI, product-catalogue, to other important features.

Luna Market at a Glance

This is a pre-sum up of the market helping you get a perspective on the marketplace:

  • Onion URL: lunamarmge6dadag
  • Security Features: It offers 2-Factor authentication, Multisig Escrow, and Transparent vendor profiles.
  • How can you pay: Bitcoin
  • Who can sell on the marketplace: Anyone.
  • What’s required to sell on the marketplace: A small BTC deposit (around 0.02407640 BTC), or pre-established creditability on other marketplaces.
  • How many products does the marketplace have: 1,000+ Products.
  • Is it anonymous? – Yes.

Alternative Mirror Links of The Luna Markets:

  • lunamarmge6dadag
  • cbx3tb32p5w6wlyj
  • 4rkg4nekiwfuukbf
  • xicmpp6adwg3uftf
  • d5ufjttkclhvtdvx

What’s Unique With the Marketplace?

Unique may be an over-statement but some of its features surely are rare and not as easily found on other Darknet markets; the primary one being its “anti-exit scam” feature.

On most other Darknet Markets users are asked to first  deposit Bitcoins into the market wallet, which they can then use to purchase goods.

But in the above scenario, the user funds remain with the marketplace as long as they aren’t used and this gives the marketplaces an opportunity to exit-scam (run away with the user funds, as is speculated to have happened with Hansa and Alphabay).

Or, even individual darknet market vendors set up their own .onion markets, build some reputation or leverage their pre-established reps and then exit-scam, here’s just one such case-

This possibility is completely eliminated with Luna Market, as the marketplace doesn’t require advance deposits. Rather, deposits are only demanded in real-time at the exact time of the purchase, so there are no residue or extra funds in the user wallet.

Multisig Escrow is another one of the features not as commonly found with Darknet markets, it differs from the normal escrow as it requires the authentication of 2 out of 3 parties for the funds to be moved.

This feature ensures that neither the market staff, nor the vendors have sole access to the funds and hence they can’t be stolen.

Does it Support 2-FA?

Yes, Luna Market does support 2 factor authentication which is an additional layer of protection for user accounts in addition to the password. It basically shows users a PGP encoded message on the login page.

Users are expected to decode this message which can be done using only the personal keys of the users ensuring even in cases when account passwords are compromised, the accounts still remain locked.

Is it Anonymous?

One of the most important questions that I could probably answer in this Luna Market review is, if the platform is anonymous.

Well, user-identity on any marketplace can be tracked only via two leaks, first is the IP address or account data (such as name, address etc). and the second is via payment details (credit card details/PayPal details).

The first chance is eliminated considering how you’ll be using TOR (and optionally a VPN) so there’s no way your IP could be traced back to you.

Secondly, even though it’s a market which can be accessed only after registering an account, the registration process is completely anonymous and doesn’t need any personal details so there’s no tracing possible from there as well.

As for payment methods, the marketplace can only be paid using Bitcoins as of now, and BTC as is widely known is anonymous by itself and if you take extra security measures (such as using a Bitcoin mixer) it further adds to your anonymity.

So in a nutshell, the platform by itself is as anonymous as it could be; as long as users do not commit mistakes such as using real name as the username, or sharing shipping details without PGP encryption.

What Products are Available on Luna Market?

Another one of the most important questions for this Luna Market review is, which products are available, or not available on the marketplace.

Well, just about everything expected to be found on a Darknet Market except Weapons, Child and Animal Porn, Human and Organ trafficking, and snuff movies is up for sale.

The Marketplace has 1112 products today; nearly 50% of this number, 584 to be exact is dominated by “Drugs” which is the most heavily stocked product on just about any Darknet Market.

It has just about every kind of Drug that you could hope for, Ecstasy however is its most popular type and has 68 individual products!  Other popular types include Cannabis, Hash, Edibles, Speed, LSDs, RCs, GBL, GHB, Ketamine to name just a few.

If you’re more into “Fraud” or need products related to the same then too Luna won’t disappoint you as it has over 60 products in the category! Products such as Hacked Paypal accounts, Credit Cards, Netflix/Porn accounts, lifetime VPNs etc. are available in the category .

Or need Electronic goods which aren’t exactly available at local stores? Luna has got as many as 12 of them which include spy cameras, health devices, voice changers and so on.

Its Guides and Tutorials section comprises of e-books and tutorials on topics such as how to make free Bitcoins, How to hack, Carding tutorials, anonymity tutorials and so on.

Even though Hitmen services are banned on the marketplace, other services of interest are available such as Youtube views, Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers, encryption services,  caller-ID finders, soundcloud plays, and services as weird as “custom message on Boobs” are available.

Other available products include Hosting, Security, Counterfeits (notes/cash) etc. So is the market product-rich? Well that depends on what you’re searching for. If it’s drugs, chances are you’ll pretty much be happy with it, if it’s Nukes you need, well better luck next time.

How to Order on Luna Market?

This section is simply here on this Luna Market review to illustrate the process of how easy or hard is the process of ordering on Luna Market.

Once users login successfully they’re greeted with the following screen:

As is evident, you can either use the search option on the top-bar, or the products-category panel from the left-sidebar to find the products you’re searching for.

However you find the products, once you do; all the important information about the product is displayed right there which would include the shipping country, the shipping destination (and limitations) number of items in stock, price as well as accepted forms of currencies.

You need to click on the “buy now” button to reach the order page where detailed information about the products, terms and conditions, as well as Feedback about the product from other buyers is displayed.

The next page lets you enter the shipping information or other important message to the vendor (PGP Encrypt it).  Once you’re ready click on the “continue to payment” button.

The final step is sending the exact amount of Bitcoins displayed  on the address shown, within the time-frame provided.

Once it’s done, the order is accepted by the vendor and the product is shipped. If problems arise, the funds are sent back to your BTC Refund address which can be set from the account settings.

P.s-> Note that before being able to place an order, it’s mandatory to setup Multisig wallet which even though isn’t exactly complicated, is surely an additional step for buyers and something that should be optional.  This is the confirmation message you should get after a successful setup-

Who can be a Vendor on the MarketPlace?

Anyone who has an extra USD $70 (currently  0.02407640 BTC)  can be a vendor on the marketplace (not sure if this amount is random for each vendor, or exactly the same everytime considering how most of the time they say –“a small BTC deposit is required” without disclosing the amount).

Vendors aren’t allowed to sell the prohibited items, along with a number of other T&C which however aren’t that hard to follow.

There’s also the option of this vendor fee being waived if the user can prove his authenticity and reputation on other established marketplaces like Dream Markets, Wall Street Markets using PGP keys.

Final Words on Luna Market Review

That’s all I had to pour in for this Luna Market review folks. In my personal opinion it’s a marketplace with nearly all the features a decent marketplace should consist of, with just the right amount of limitations (such as on products, and vendor accounts).

The number of products too is acceptable and the security features are a lot more than just acceptable.

So yes, I’d urge you to give the marketplace a try the next time you need something off the darker side of the web. Did this Luna Market review do justice to the marketplace? Do let us know.