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Welcome to this Liberty Market review. If you’re someone who looks into new darknet markets, the market is exactly for you.

Alike all other darknet markets, it too facilitates trades of hard-to-get or illegal products. Allows paying anonymously for them. Also tries to ensure the trades go smoothly without any scams involved.

As a vendor, users can try expanding their business by selling products over here. Is this a market that’s capable of overtaking the bigger names out there? We aren’t sure. Going through this review may help you form somewhat of an idea though.

Liberty Market at a glance

It’s a very new marketplace. We point that out so you know what to expect. For starters, be considerate with the product listings, they’re negligible so far. However, the other features still lay out the foundation for its success (or failure), right?

Here are some other key factors:

  • Onion URL: liberty6o7lubin4t2nzyebylmk4l4xfw6kk2o5xhg3fahqoatfiprqd.onion
  • Wallet modes: Centralized wallet deposits
  • Launched: January, 2021.
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin & Monero.
  • Vending: Allowed
  • Security features: Security PIN, 2-FA, Mnemonic code
  • Login phrase: No.

Let’s see how the market compares to the other established names out there then?

Legal and security tips

Accessing Liberty Market isn’t illegal. Buying/selling illegal goods on Liberty Market (and anywhere else) is illegal. Do not do so. If you do so, it’ll be 100% your own responsibility. This article is purely for educational and research purposes.

For your own security, do not access this or any other market without a VPN. Just TOR isn’t enough. It has been hacked previously by the FBI and other parties. Make sure you get a VPN with independently audited no-log policy, safe jurisdiction, fast speed and TOR support. E.g. NordVPN.

Let’s finally get started with the review then?


This is exactly as you’d expect it to be without any surprises. They kept things largely  traditional with a few minor changes.

There’s the top navigational bar, this lets users easily browse the different section/pages on the market. The change is that they moved the “product-categories” sidebar to the top. So, users can access the different products on the market using the second top-bar.

Liberty MArket review 2021

The left-sidebar displays a user’s funds, and the options to deposit/withdraw. Just below that is a search panel which lets us easily narrow down our searches.

Finally, the left-sidebar displays a few official mirrors. The entire center-screen area is used to display products.

At first glance, we’d say the market is newbie-friendly and doesn’t really require a lot of “expertise”.

Available Products

As mentioned earlier in this Liberty Market review, it’s a new market. Actually, it’s less than a week old at the time of writing.

Hence, the current product stock is pretty low. The market only has 33 items listed in its Drugs category, followed by 1 listing in “Fraud”.

However, the product-categories are still important. They’ll help us understand what products can be expected to be found on the market in the future.

So, the available product categories include (in addition to “Drugs” and “Fraud”) Counterfeits, Software, Digital Products etc.

Obviously, each of these categories have their own sub-categories. E.g. “Drugs” will get you Cannabis, Benzos, Opioids, Stimulants, Steroids etc.

Similarly, “Digital Products” include porn, databases, ebooks, software etc. Counterfeits for jewelry, documents, notes and even clothes are available.

Do note that more categories will probably be added by the time you read this liberty Market review.

Restricted products

The current product categories may impart the idea that the market allows anything and everything. Well, fortunately that’s not true.

It prohibits vendors from selling (and hence consequentially buyers from buying) the following items:

  • Weapons (knives, guns, explosives or basically anything that can be used to harm anyone physically).
  • Fentnayl
  • And Underage porn

One surprising restriction exists on the sale of “personal information”. While the darknet is generally known exactly for this kind of commodity, Liberty Market seems to disagree.

Payment/deposit policies

So, the question arises, how do people pay for these products? Cryptocurrency is the obvious answer, isn’t it?

So, the market accepts payments via Bitcoin and Monero. While Bitcoin sure is anonymous, new studies and research seem to be siding with Monero more. Point being, the buyers and vendors on Liberty have more than one option and both of these are anonymous.

The unfortunate factor here is that Liberty Market isn’t wallet-less. Meaning, buyers can’t pay directly for each order from their external wallets. Rather, they first have to deposit funds to a centralized wallet on the market. The funds can then be used to pay for orders.

Personally, it’s not a deal-breaker. In fact, a majority of the established markets today aren’t wallet-less. It’s more of a personal preference really.

And, the market allows withdrawals anyway. So whatever funds are left after a purchase can always be withdrawn out of the market.

Another important aspect about deposits is  the minimum deposit requirement. Do note that all deposits must be minimum 0.0005BTC. Sending funds lower than this wouldn’t work.

Multiple transactions to the same wallet doesn’t work either. Each market wallet is only valid for a single transaction. So, every single deposit must be equal to or more than 0.0005BTC.

Security features

So, does Liberty Market offer enough security features to keep your account and funds safe?

Here’s what the “Security” tab on the market looks like:

As is evident, it supports 2-FA. This can be enabled via PGP. Once set, a PGP-encrypted message must be decrypted for each login. This is required in addition to the password acting like a 2-FA.

On top of that, users are required to set a PIN during registration. This PIN needs to be entered during withdrawals. It also can be manually set to be required for each purchase. In other words, this acts like a 2-FA but specifically for fund-related activities.

Apart from those two direct security features, the market also offers an escrow (obviously). This is just to make sure neither the buyer nor the vendor get scammed by the other party.

Do note that Finalize-Early too is available. However, it’s only granted to vendors who’ve proven themselves to be legit. This becomes a security feature because F.E-enabled vendors are generally the more trustworthy vendors on a market.

Needless to mention, there’s PGP which can be used to encrypt communication between two parties.

All in all, we do not see many security features missing here. Sure, TOTPs are something which could be implemented. But hey, less than 1% of darknet markets offer  TOTPs so we’re not holding that against Liberty Market.

Vending on Liberty Market

Obviously, alike all major darknet markets, Liberty Market too isn’t a single-admin market. It does allow independent vendors to sell on the market.

In order to sell on the market, the user just has to follow a few basic rules. These include not spamming buyers, no tag abusing, not dealing directly with buyers etc.

Anyway, the market does have a vendor-fee which can be paid both in BTC and XMR. The exact bond would probably change with time and hence it’s best if you check it out personally.

Liberty Market support

There are two major support departments on Liberty Market. First, users can open a direct ticket for any and all problems.

The second is regarding disputes. These too are processed as  tickets. These help resolve issues between buyers and sellers.

Shipping policies

So, what are the available shipping policies you can opt for? It doesn’t matter much, but, let’s just be thorough?

So, these exclusively depend on a vendor you’re buying from and not the market in general. However, we did see a few vendors offer quite a few options.

There’s country-specific shipping and speed-based shipping with some vendors.

While some other vendors may offer shipments with or without a tracking ID.

The additional price too depends on the shipping mode you opt for.

Liberty Market Pros and Cons:

Hey, let’s tunnel this Liberty Market review down?


  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • Easy and traditional interface
  • Secure
  • Transparent vendor profiles


  • Not wallet-less.
  • No login phrase.

Liberty Market review – Final verdict

So, is it a market you should look out for? We’d say definitely. The basic framework is all there which may push it forward to the lead list of darknet markets.

Sure, for now, there’s a lot which can be improved. But then again, it’s a week old market, we’re sure it has updates planned or scheduled.

Purely as a darknet market, it seems to sell everything that the buyers generally look for and it offers them two payment options. That’s all a basic darknet market requires to start off, don’t you agree?

Do check back on this Liberty Market review in a month or so and you should see some changes.