How to Get Bitcoin Free

Get Bitcoin by Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the last (and probably the most profitable) answers I’ll be covering as far as this How to get Bitcoin guide is concerned.

There are platforms and companies where you can signup as an Affiliate. Upon doing so you’re granted a unique “referral ID” (a hyperlink with your specific tag on it), so that when you refer customers or traffic to that platform they know it’s from you and you get paid.

The best Bitcoin Affiliate Networks are:



LocalBitcoins is one of the best and most popular Bitcoin buying and selling marketplace.


You make 0.20% of each trade done by any customer you’ve referred. And if the person spends $100 you get paid 0.20 USD worth of BTC as an added bonus.

Payout Frequency and Minimum threshold:

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They payout on a daily basis, and the best part is that there’s no “minimum threshold”. Meaning whatever amount you make gets instantly accumulated in your LocalBitcoins wallet which can then be transferred to any other Bitcoin wallet of your choice, anytime.

Payout Duration:

You keep earning the commission for each referral for one year, after which the transactions from that person do not forward any other commissions to you.


Website: doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to crypto-currency trade, being one of the rare platforms on the web which allows buying Bitcoins on credit!

Their affiliate program is equally rewarding as well:


You make 30% of the “fee” on the trade transactions. Meaning if a person spends $100 and the fee he has paid is 0.50USD (it’s just an example, the original rates might differ), then you’ll make 30% of that 0.50USD fee.

Payout Frequency and Minimum Threshold:

You get paid once every 30 days, and again there’s no minimum payout threshold just like LocalBitcoins.

Payout Duration:

The best part about is that you keep getting paid forever, as long as the client keeps using the platform.



Virwox is one of the best ways to buy Bitcoins using Paypal, being probably the most trusted platform to let people do so, there’s already a “trust factor” established which helps you reach unbelievable conversions.


You make 20% of anything and everything your clients pay to Virwox while trading or using Virwox in anyway.

Note that you don’t get paid of 20% of whatever they spend, rather the commissions comes from 20% of whatever Virwox makes from your clients.

Payout Frequency and Minimum Threshold:

You’re paid once every month (30 days), and the minimum threshold differs based on the different payout methods you use. (They support Paypal, Visa, OKPay, Maestro etc apart from Bitcoins).

Payout Duration:

Virwox affiliates commissions are paid forever, till the client keeps using Virwox.

Final Words:

So that’s all I had in my “ How to get Bitcoin ” arsenal folks. Hope this piece helped.

I’ve discussed as many as 21 different Bitcoin earning methods and all of which can be implemented right from this second, with 0 investment. I do believe there can’t be any simpler way to get Bitcoins.

Anyway do let me know your experience on this piece, and if you think there’s a platform that should’ve made it up to this “ How to get Bitcoin ” list but didn’t, just leave a comment and I’ll see to it.