How to Get Bitcoin Free

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Get Bitcoin by Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the last (and probably the most profitable) answers I’ll be covering as far as this How to get Bitcoin guide is concerned.

There are platforms and companies where you can signup as an Affiliate. Upon doing so you’re granted a unique “referral ID” (a hyperlink with your specific tag on it), so that when you refer customers or traffic to that platform they know it’s from you and you get paid.

The best Bitcoin Affiliate Networks are:

1. Paxful


Paxful is arguably “the” best Peer to Peer Bitcoin exchange on the globe as of today, primarily pertaining to its extremely long list of accepted payment modes, unrestricted global availability and no mandatory KYC-requirements.

It has a multi-tier Affiliate Program. So you earn commissions not just from your direct referrals, but also from the referrals made by your direct referrals (your affiliates). So if I refer you, you’re my Tier 1 affiliate. Then you refer your friend to Paxful, your friend would be my Tier-2 affiliate.


Paxful pays 50% of the “Escrow fee” (Standardized at 1% of the trade) that it charges to your Tier-1 affiliates, and 10% of the Escrow fee charged to your Tier-2 affiliates.

Note that the commissions are only paid out if your affiliates “Buy Bitcoins“. If your affiliates Sell bitcoins, you do not earn a commission normally. (However it can be changed by contacting support).

It’s so generous that it even pays a 25% commission (instead of the standard 50%) if two of your Tier-1 affiliates trade with one another.

Payout Frequency and Minimum Threshold:

The affiliate commissions are credited instantly as soon as a trade is completed. Although they can be transferred from the Affiliate wallet to the normal Paxful wallet once they reach USD $10.00 worth of BTC value.

Payout Duration:

The commissions have a lifetime validity. Although once a user reaches USD $300.00 worth of affiliate commissions, they’re required to submit identifications.


Website: doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to crypto-currency trade, being one of the rare platforms on the web which allows buying Bitcoins on credit!

Their affiliate program is equally rewarding as well:


You make 30% of the “fee” on the trade transactions. Meaning if a person spends $100 and the fee he has paid is 0.50USD (it’s just an example, the original rates might differ), then you’ll make 30% of that 0.50USD fee.

Payout Frequency and Minimum Threshold:

You get paid once every 30 days, and again there’s no minimum payout threshold just like LocalBitcoins.

Payout Duration:

The best part about is that you keep getting paid forever, as long as the client keeps using the platform.



Virwox is one of the best ways to buy Bitcoins using Paypal, being probably the most trusted platform to let people do so, there’s already a “trust factor” established which helps you reach unbelievable conversions.


You make 20% of anything and everything your clients pay to Virwox while trading or using Virwox in anyway.

Note that you don’t get paid of 20% of whatever they spend, rather the commissions comes from 20% of whatever Virwox makes from your clients.

Payout Frequency and Minimum Threshold:

You’re paid once every month (30 days), and the minimum threshold differs based on the different payout methods you use. (They support Paypal, Visa, OKPay, Maestro etc apart from Bitcoins).

Payout Duration:

Virwox affiliates commissions are paid forever, till the client keeps using Virwox.

4. Executium


The way Executium offers Bitcoins isn’t exactly an “affiliate program“, but that’s the closest category it resembles to and hence we’ve listed it over here.

The concept is pretty simple, Executium is a trading platform and they give away 0.002 BTC for all new Signups. They also mention that there’s “no catch“, however that’s not something we’ve verified.

Users need to register on the platform and then there’s an automatic credit of 0.002 BTC in the user accounts.



LocalBitcoins is one of the best and most popular Bitcoin buying and selling marketplace.


You make 0.20% of each trade done by any customer you’ve referred. And if the person spends $100 you get paid 0.20 USD worth of BTC as an added bonus.

Payout Frequency and Minimum threshold:

They payout on a daily basis, and the best part is that there’s no “minimum threshold”. Meaning whatever amount you make gets instantly accumulated in your LocalBitcoins wallet which can then be transferred to any other Bitcoin wallet of your choice, anytime.

Payout Duration:

You keep earning the commission for each referral for one year, after which the transactions from that person do not forward any other commissions to you.

Get Bitcoins by Cloud Mining

This is a more advanced and more effective and trustworthy solution if you’re searching for ways to get free Bitcoin. The two companies you can use to mine Bitcoin without having to buy expensive hardware are:

The reason it’s one of the best ways to get Bitcoins is because the user doesn’t have to do anything manually, they simply have to leave their system running.

While Mining is one of the best and easiest ways to earn free Bitcoins, it also is arguably the most expensive. That’s what these two companies (among many others) aim to change. The process on either company is exactly the same.

You simply Signup on either platform, download the software and start mining Bitcoins. These software use a person’s CPU/GPU to mine the Coins and shares a fraction of the profit (mined coins) with them.

How to get Free Bitcoins

Note that HoneyMiner mines not just Bitcoins, but also other Cryptocurrencies. It automatically detects the most profitable-to-mine Cryptocurrenicy and starts mining it. However to the user, it’s always sent as “Bitcoins” after automatically converting from whatever coin was mined.

How much money you make completely depends on your computer’s Hardware (primarily GPU).

Each of the above mentioned companies have a “profit calculator” which shows how much profit you’re estimated to make depending on your electricity cost, and hardware. For e.g. I personally have a Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti which cost me around USD $1000. Electricity cost at my place is less than 0.1 USD/kWH. In this scenario, I stand to make USD $24.42 USD Profit, excluding the electricity bill!

Get Bitcoin by Staking

If you already have some Bitcoins, you can get more Bitcoins for free (pretty profitable margins).

This is the most passive, no-work-required way to get free Bitcoins.

In the simplest of words, Staking is the process of earning interest on your Bitcoins.

You simply deposit your Bitcoins at an exchange, and the exchange pays you an interest on the coins.

Now, it’s of utmost importance to only use the most trusted Bitcoin exchanges for this.



Cex is one of the most trusted and established exchanges on the planet.

Currently, it offers staking of the following coins: NEO, ONT, TRX, MHC, XTZ, and ATOM.

There’s an advanced calculator which lets you calculate exactly how much money you’ll make on your deposit.

Each coin has a different interest rate.


MHC is the most profitable, with a 20% interest.

So basically, even if you deposit just $4000.00 worth of MHC, you’ll make an extra $800.00 on your deposit. Your initial deposit still remains intact and completely your own.

The lowest possible deposit is lower than $8.00 for most coins!

The profits are sent to your accounts every single month.

There’s no lock-in either. You can trade/withdraw your coins any time you wish!

b. Binance


Binance is without a doubt one of the most trustworthy and well-established Bitcoin exchanges on the planet. It too offers staking.

Actually, it lets you stake more coins than or almost any other Cryptocurrency exchange out there. Binance currently supoprts staking TOMO, SXP, KNC, Ark, EOS, ATOM, TRON, NEO and many other coins.

The profits are massive as well. E.g. Staking TROY for a year could get you up to 16% interest and that’s pretty impressive considering how most other coins offer low, one-digit interests.

Don’t own any Cryptocurrency yet? You can buy Bitcoins directly on Binance using your cards and many other modes of payment.

c. Coinbase (Staking + free Crypto for learning Crypto)


Coinbase is for those who do not have a problem with identity verification. That’s a mandatory requirement for staking on Coinbase.

It’s not as currency-rich when it comes to staking options as or Binance though. Currently, it only supports staking Tezos.

However, there’s another way to get free Bitcoins (or, other Cryptocurrency) on Coinbase. It offers “courses”. These are free to watch. They’re mostly about specific Cryptocurrencies, their uses, potential and other such information.

You then have to take a quiz based on what you just learnt. After that, you get free Cryptocurrencies in your Coinbase wallet. They pay good, e.g. the EOS course pays $50.00 after the course. Start here.

Final Words

So that’s all I had in my “ How to get Bitcoin ” arsenal folks. Hope this piece helped.

I’ve discussed as many as 21 different Bitcoin earning methods and all of which can be implemented right from this second, with 0 investment. I do believe there can’t be any simpler way to get Bitcoins.

Anyway do let me know your experience on this piece, and if you think there’s a platform that should’ve made it up to this “ How to get Bitcoin ” list but didn’t, just leave a comment and I’ll see to it.