How to Get Bitcoin Free

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5. Get Bitcoin with Ads

Ads are one of the most professional and serious ways to make some Bitcoins which would actually make an impact and not just pocket change.

The concept is simple, if you own a platform where you can insert ads (Blogs, Websites, Pages etc), you signup at the platforms listed below, and they pay you either based on a PPC or CPM structure. (It differs for each platform!)

1. A-Ads


I love them because they value our privacy. No signup is required in order to create an ad unit and start earning Bitcoins.

Land on the platform, and click on “Earn” button.

Fill in the Size and URL of your site in the first box.

Specify the filters for your site.

And finally set your Withdrawal parameters.

The best part is you get to set your own Withdrawal threshold. Anyway once it’s done, click on Create ad unit.

The next screen would let you know that the ad unit has been successfully created, and you’d be presented with the HTML code for the ad as well as the “Account information” (which you should save and download) for your ad.

Just place this HTML code on your site/blog/page, and you’re done!

You can access your “Info” by using the account info you downloaded couple seconds ago. This page will have all the details regarding your ad.

Once you reach the pre-set threshold, you can expect the Bitcoins to be dispatched to your Bitcoin address.

2. BitMedia


BitMedia is another ad-serving platform which pays you for your digital real estate via Bitcoins.

It has advanced anti-fraud algorithms, source tracking and other features which make sure you see high conversion rates, “genuine” conversions to be specific, which means more money both for you as well as the publishers.

The best part is you get to choose your own price for the impressions although there’s an automated system in place to guide you in case you’ve chosen a price that’s too high or too low.

You’re paid on a PPC (Pay Per Click) basis, and the minimum withdrawal threshold is 0.001BTC.

Although there’s a 7-day period from the time of the click to the amount being dispatched to your account in order to verify that the clicks are legit. Once they’ve been sent, you’re free to send those coins to any wallet you like.

3. MellowAds


MellowAds is yet another solution to your “ How to get Bitcoin ” problem. They let you utilize your web-space in a number of ways, by offering a number of different ad-types you can opt for and make money.

My personal favorites are CPM ads, that’s so because you can sell a specific number of “popups” or “views” to your advertisers. Although the best part is that this ad-type has a 0% fee, meaning whatever the price you’ve set and is paid by the advertisers reaches directly into your accounts.

Although CPC and Network ads are available as well, and a low 10% fee is charged by MellowAds for their services from whatever you make from the ads.

Bonus:- MellowAds also has a Faucet in place with potential to make 3000-30,000 Satoshis everyday along with an affiliate program for earning commissions as well.