How to Get Bitcoin Free

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4. Get Bitcoin by No Deposit Games

Although it’s not a secret anymore that you can make money playing Games, still that being an answer to the question “ How to get Bitcoin ” is fairly new!

The concept is simple, you get to play games for free (hence the “no-deposit” term), and if you win or cross levels or complete any value set by the company or game, you get paid Bitcoins.



One of the simplest concepts as far as no-deposit gaming platforms are concerned. The platform is filled with a number of “mini-games”.

All you’ve to do is, win the maximum number of games in a straight streak (in a row). The player who holds the maximum winnings in a straight row every 30 minutes is selected as the winner of that session and then a new session starts for the next half hour.

Just go to the website, and click on “PLAY”.

You can see the leader’s winning streak on the left-sidebar, as well as the time left for the current session till it ends and the amount the winner will take home.

Make sure you beat the streak and come out on top! If you do so, you’re bits will be added to your Cashclamber account, which will be paid out once every 24 hours to your personal Bitcoin wallet.

It even lets you create your own game just in case you fall in love with the platform!



Type in the URL, and simply click on any game available from the list.

Proceed as suggested on the next page (it might differ according to different game portals!) In my case I’m being offered free 5mBTC which I’ll gladly claim.

Then I’m taken to a Signup page (most no-deposit games require Signups, while some don’t!)

Once login is successful, I get a list of available games.

And then as you can see, we can place bets and win bits as we progress in the game.

3. Stream and Earn –


This is one of my favorite answers to “ How to get Bitcoin ”. Simply because it’s a process which lets you stream yourselves, doing basically anything you can think of, and make some money in the process.

You even get to control your own price, and it’s fairly simple.

Just head over to the site, enter your Bitcoin Address where you’d like to get paid, set a price/hour for yourselves, and click on Start streaming!

Additional Details:

  • Extremely Private: – Streamium doesn’t “host’ your videos, neither are they hosted by any other third-party!
  • 100% free
  • No fee: – Whatever you charge, is yours to keep. Streamium doesn’t charge any fee for its services.
  • No Signup Required. You get paid directly to your Bitcoin wallet.