How to Get Bitcoin Free

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2. Get Bitcoin by Faucets

These are some of the least labor-involving ways to get Bitcoins. All you’ve got to do is, Signup (and that too is optional most of the time). Well yeah there’s no step 2!

Faucets are basically platforms which give-away some bits every couple minutes or hours to every Bitcoin address in their directory.

So just signup at any one or more than one Bitcoin faucets with your Bitcoin wallet address, and start claiming your bits.



With the potential of letting user’s earn as many as 100,000 Satoshis/5 minutes, it’s one of the highest paying Bitcoin faucets in the industry.

Just head over to the URL and solve the captcha > Enter your BTC Wallet address > Click on Claim reward.

Once you successfully do so, you’ll be notified of the bits you just made, your referral link and the time before you’re allowed to claim bits again.

2. Moon Bitcoin


Moon Bitcoin’s motto is “Bitcoin faucet with a difference”. The difference is that they answer your “ how to get Bitcoin ” question by paying you on a time-interval of “your” choice.

The steps are pretty simple and similar to the above platform. Just head over to the platform, enter your Bitcoin wallet and done!

Verify that you’re a human on the next page.

And simply click on “Claim now” button! As you can see I just got 148 Satoshi for investing couple seconds over the platform.

Well that’s not all! Moon Bitcoin pays you a number of other “bonuses” which add up to be quite an impressive amount (considering there’s no hardwork involved).

So as you can see, from 148 Satoshi, I was hiked up to 1270 Satoshi for doing absolutely nothing.

So that’s what makes it one of the best Bitcoin faucets to get Bitcoins for free!

Additional Details:

  • Moon Bitcoin pays through two primary payment methods: – Xapo wallet (in this case you can determine your payment intervals), or your personal Bitcoin wallet each Saturday/Sunday.
  • The minimum threshold is 25,000 satoshi for withdrawal.



CryptoGames makes earning Bitcoins enjoyable! As the name might have already suggested, you get to play games in order to get Bitcoins.

Enter the URL and chose any game you’re interested in.

Then click on “Faucet” on the top of the screen.

And then click on “Claim”.



A simple enough platform resembling Bitcoinker. No signup /login required. Just enter your Bitcoin wallet address, and click on claim.

Then simply click on Get free Bitcoin right now!

And for the final step, verify that you’re a human by solving the captcha.

You’ll get a success-screen like the following screenshot.

This probably is the simplest answer anyone would’ve ever given you for the question of How to get Bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin.Com Faucet


This is yet another faucet hosted on the most-official domain that exists in the industry. Obviously there’s no official “Bitcoin company“, this domain just is one of the most established and trustworthy ones when it comes to Bitcoins.

When Bitcoin forked into Bitcoin Cash, the platform started a faucet for giving away Bitcoin Cash for free (almost). All a user has to do is, go to PlayStore (Android), Appstore (iOS), or Windows Store and download the official app.

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Once done, simply click on “I have it” on the website. Then we’re required to Sign in with Google (if you wish to remain anonymous, simply create a new ID). This basically is an anti-spam measure.

get bitcoin free 2020

And then finally, simply entering the address where we’d want our funds to be delivered needs to be entered.

get bitcoin free 2020

Now obviously it won’t make anyone a Millionaire, but every free cent is still a cent isn’t it?

6. Free Faucet


Free Faucet is a Bitcoin Faucet which rewards users for completing basic tasks. It can be used both to get free Bitcoins, as well as to get more users/visits/attention to your website/project if you’re a developer.

It primarily offers 5 types of Faucets, namely:

  • Internal
  • External
  • PTC
  • E-mail
  • And GeoFaucets.

Internal Faucets are hosted on External Faucets need you to go to third-party websites to complete the tasks. PTC Faucets too are hosted on external websites, they pay to go through a website, spend a pre-specified time on the site and then answer a couple questions related to the website.

E-mail Faucets, as the name suggests are sent via e-mails. Geofaucets are more advanced, real-life faucets. A map displays the locations of available Geofaucets. You can go to the location, scan a QR Code and receive free Bitcoins (or other Cryptocurencies), as simple as that.

7. Cointiply


Cointiply seems to be made from “coin” and “multiply”. It’s a BTC faucet which offers free Bitcoins and claims to have paid over $1.2million in free Bitcoins so far.

Now it’s a bit more advanced than most faucets and offers a number of ways to get free BTC in 2021.

For starters, you can play its coin multiplier games. There even are offers you can complete for free BTC. Surveys and tasks can be completed daily and it offers Bitcoins even for watching videos.

The amount you earn can be increased by logging in daily, which increases the bonus to 100%. Then there are bonuses for reaching X number of coins.

All earned BTC can be withdrawn directly either to a BTC or Doge wallet.