How to Buy Bitcoins With Cash

How to buy Bitcoins with Cash

Bitcoins are skyrocketing by the second, but despite them being in wide-demand, questions like “ How to buy Bitcoins with Cash ” aren’t public knowledge. Well that’s one question which gets answered right here, right now.

Now there are various reasons why you might be searching for ways to buy Bitcoins with cash. Primarily, it’s the traditional method, dealing in cash. Secondly, you don’t have to “trust” the other person or make any kind of advance payment if you’re not sure about the trader.

And third, the lack of a digital trail as compared to other payment methods.

Well, here are 6+ ways to buy Bitcoins with cash.

Table of Content:

So let’s walk you through some of the best How to buy Bitcoins with Cash, step-by-step.

1. LocalCryptos


LocalCryptos is replacing Paxful here (we moved Paxful to #2 because they can freez user’s account any time for unclear interval times). That’s primarily because it’s one of the very few places which still allow buying Bitcoin with cash, without KYC! Well yes, it’s a 100% anonymous crypto exchange!

Here’s how to buy Bitcoin using Cash in 2022:

Step 1-> Visit LocalCryptos and click on “View the Marketplace”.

How to buy Bitcoin with cash in 2022

Step 2-> Next, simply choose the following from the left-sidebar:

How to buy Bitcoin with cash in 2022

  1. Choose Bitcoin (BTC) from the crypto list.
  2. Select your country.
  3. Choose your currency. It’s basically the native currency for your country.
  4. Finally, select “cash” for the payment method.

Step 3-> On the right, you’ll see all the available offers. Look for a vendor with decent number of trades (about 50+ minimum). Click “buy” when you find a vendor who looks legit.

Buy BTC using Cash

Step 4-> Next, enter the amount of funds you’d like to buy. You can also optionally sent the seller a message. Maybe ask your preferred locations? Click on “Open trade” to proceed.

Step by step guide on buying Bitcoin with cash in 2022

Step 5-> A chat-box opens up. Use it to confirm the meet location or any other mode of cash payment with the seller.

Step 6-> Deliver the cash to the seller via the agreed mode/location. Once done, the seller will release your funds. It’s best to get it done live, as soon as you deliver the cash.

Note: The moment you click on “open trade”, LocalCryptos reserves your share of funds from the seller with it, on its escrow. Hence, after making the cash payment, the seller can’t refuse to release the funds.

LocalCryptos pros:

  • Non-custodial wallets: LocalCryptos can not access your funds or your wallet at any time. You can download your private keys.
  • 100% anonymous: No documents or identification is required.
  • Wallet-sign in: You can use your ETH wallets such as Metamask, Ledger walletconnect or others to sign-in instead of an e-mail ID.
  • Reputation import: Reputation can be imported from other P2P exchanges so you get deals faster.
  • Detailed vendor profiles: You can check a seller’s total sales, disputes and other data before opening a trade.
  • 2-FA available for security.

LocalCryptos cons:

  • No major cons

2. PaxFul


Paxful, is now a choice that comes first for me even before LocalBitcoins , primarily because LocalBitcoins now has a mandatory KYC policy, while Paxful can still be used to buy Bitcoins with Cash (or any other payment method) without mandatory KYC.

The reason being, it works more or less similar to LocalBitcoins and serves as a portal where you can find people willing to meet you in person, and sell their Bitcoins for cash.

Just head over to Paxful and click on “Buy Bitcoins”.

Buy btc with Cash

Click on “Show All” to reveal all the available modes of payment because now you need to select find and select “Cash” as your payment mode.

Buy btc with Cash

Click on “Cash” from this top-bar. It would bring up all the available “cash” modes of payments.

Buy btc with Cash

Choose a method which suits you best. You probably are searching for in-person cash, simply type that in the search-bar and then select it.

Buy btc with Cash

Enter an amount of cash you’d like to buy Bitcoins for, and the currency you’re paying in. And then click on “Search for Offers

Buy btc with Cash

(This next step is only applicable if you selected “in-person Cash” as the mode of payment. For all the other cash payment modes, simply skip to the next step).

Now you’d be required to select a “country” and a “city” so Paxful can match you with sellers from the area, whom you can meet and deliver the cash in person.

Buy btc with Cash

Choose one of the available offers if they meet your requirements (ID verification, limits etc).

Buy btc with Cash

Verify the payment amount one last time and click on “Buy Now“.

Buy btc with Cash

Make the payment, and click on “Paid” to receive your coins from Paxful Escrow.

Buy btc with Cash

Paxful Pros:

  • No fee! This is the best thing about Paxful. You do not have to pay any fee as a buyer. Only the trader/seller is charged a fee of 1%.
  • Global currency and countries support.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Escrow service to protect your money.
  • Trader reputation can be verified.
  • Multiple ways and methods to pay “cash”.

Paxful Cons:

  • No specific cons.

3. Local Bitcoins


For almost all the Bitcoin buying guides I’ve written, Local Bitcoins has dominated the article by being my first choice.

That’s simply because it offers every single payment method on this planet, for every single country, and that holds true for cash as well.

So head over to and enter the amount of traditional currency you’d like to exchange for BTC.

Then select your currency and country. As far as the payment method is concerned, choose “In-Person Cash” from the list.

Once you click on search, you’d get a list of all the traders who’re exchanging BTC for cash. So select the most trusted trader from the list. (You can use our article on How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal to gather how to calculate and verify the trust of the seller!)

Anyway click on “Buy” on the seller’s link.

You can see the meeting preferences on the right-sidebar, if you agree on the meeting locations, timings and everything else you can proceed to the next step.

Send the trader a message regarding your intentions, and click on “Send trade request”.

Once they accept your request, you can chat with them using the message panel and zero-in on a mutually accepted location. Once that’s done, meet the person and make the payment.

After doing that, click on “Mark Payment Complete” option on the spot.

After you’ve marked the payment complete, the trader would confirm your payment on this device, and the Bitcoins would get released from LocalBitcoins escrow to you.

Done! This truly is the best, easiest and simplest method to buy Bitcoins using Cash.

LocalBitcoins Pros:

  • Escrow service guarantees successful trades.
  • Global Support – (99% countries supported).
  • Supports 99% global currencies.
  • Trader level, reputation, history and trust can be verified. (It’s all based on their previous transactions and activities).
  • No identity verification required.
  • Low fee: 1% of the transaction.

LocalBitcoins Cons:

  • No Specific cons.

4. Wall of Coins


Wall Of Coins is another platform which lets us Buy Bitcoins with Cash. However its working infrastructure varies greatly from both the other options listed above.

In the above options, we were directly dealing with individual sellers. In this case, we’d be dealing mostly with their banks.

Although note it’s not a platform for you if it’s “anonymity” you seek while buying Bitcoin with Cash.

Without further adieu, lets get started.

So the first step you need to take is, go to the website’s homepage and click on “Buy“.

buy bitcoin with cash

The next page would ask you to enter your Bitcoin address, this is where you’d receive the funds once a purchase is completed.

buy bitcoin with cash

Then you need to enter the amount of cash you’d like to trade for Bitcoins.

buy bitcoin with cash

The next page would then ask for your Zip Code, even though it says it’s not “mandatory” to enter a Zip code, in my experience it is. Nothing comes up without the Zip Code so do enter your area’s zip code.

buy bitcoin with cash

And then finally a list of all available options which can be used to buy Bitcoins with cash are shown. Note that these are banks not individuals.

Sellers on the platform have listed these banks as their deposit accounts. The results are most likely based on your zip code. Simply select the bank account you can deposit to most comfortably.

buy bitcoin with cash

If this is the first time you’re ordering, the next page would ask for your E-mail ID. Do enter it.

buy bitcoin with cash

Then you’d also need to enter your Cell phone number. This is where a purchase code is sent. This step is what -makes Wall of coins one of the least anonymous BTC-with-cash buying options on this list.

buy bitcoin with cash

The next page would ask you to create a password. This password is used to check the status of your purchase.

buy bitcoin with cash

The platform would then send a purchase code to your cell phone. Enter it on the next screen to verify your number and the purchase.

buy bitcoin with cash

And finally, the bank details are shown. This is where you need to send your cash. Get the funds deposited to the account and click on “Deposit is done” button once you’ve made the deposit.

buy bitcoin with cash

Then you simply need to send the “proof of deposit” receipt to the company at [email protected] along with your cell phone number (and any other information you see fit to identify your payment and order). Once the platform verifies your payment you get your Bitcoins, plain and simple.

Note: Payments need to be made within 2 hours of an order-creation, else the order gets auto-cancelled and you’d have to create a new order.

Wall of Coins Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Lots of options.
  • No involvement with individuals needed.
  • Escrow.


  • Not anonymous at all. Requires cell verification.

5. LibertyX


LibertyX is a platform with a slightly different concept than most other sites on this list. The site uses both an online, as well as an offline interface to get things done.

In other words, users Signup on the site (it’s mandatory), choose an offline location/method they wish to get their BTC from, and follow up the next steps.

Unfortunately, the method isn’t “anonymous” and requires users to complete the verification procedure on the website. The verification is divided into Mobile / Identity and Photos. Mobile verification is mandatory, however the other levels depend on the user if they wish to increase their limits.

Before doing anything else, Signup on the website and get yourself verified, only then is a user allowed to buy Bitcoins.

Here are the steps on How to buy Bitcoins using Cash on LibertyX:

Step 1-> Click on the “Buy Bitcoins” button on the left-sidebar.

buy bitcoin with cash

Step 2-> Enter the Zipcode of your area (or anywhere else you can travel to). The platform also lets you simply use the GPS or the Map to find your location instead of the Pin code.

Buy btc with cash

Step 3-> Choose an option which supports the method using which you’d like to purchase your BTC. You can choose from ATM/Cashier/ Debit Card (using Swipe Machines).

Buy btc with cash

Step 4-> The next page would show you the available times when the retailer is open. It’ll also show you the fee it charges for the transaction. It differs for each retailer so you can play with a bunch of options before making a descision.

Buy btc with cash

Step 5-> On the next page enter your BTC address, as well as specify the miner’s fee you’d like to go with.

Buy btc with cash

Step 6-> Simply note your order number down, head down to the offline retailer, pay for your Bitcoin using Cash or Debit card and you’ll receive the funds.

Buy btc with cash

Note that the funds are sent before a customer leaves the retailer premises hence there aren’t any trust issues.

LibertyX Pros

  • Available on Computers, as well as iOS/Android.
  • Extensive availability of offline retailers.
  • Multiple payment options.

LibertyX Cons

  • High fee.
  • Mandatory Mobile verification.

5. How to buy Bitcoins with Cash using Social Media

Social media offers more than just “chatting and connecting” features. The problem is we don’t utilize all the features showered upon us.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter etc. are a great way to meet any kind of people you wish for any kind of job. These aren’t “official” Bitcoin buying and selling platforms, but they get the job done, and that too without any mediator fee!

Meaning you do not have to pay the social media platforms any fee for arranging the sale which is definitely an edge you’re getting.

a. Facebook


Facebook is becoming more than just a “social network”. Among the many mindboggling features we’ve been introduced to recently, one of them is “Buy and sell” via Groups feature.

So well just head into any Bitcoin related group which receives good activity and click on the “add a new post section” and then choose “More> Sell something”

Then write up your post, for eg. In the headline describe how much you’re willing to exchange of traditional currency, enter your location, and any other kind of basic details.

Done! If the group is active enough, people nearby that location who’re interested and need to buy Bitcoin with cash will send you a message over inbox (or email if you’ve specified) and you can get the deal done.

b. Reddit


Reddit is one of the most popular and most engaging communities on the planet. You can find a subreddit for almost any topic on the globe, ranging from simple shoelaces to building spaceships.

Now this huge range of subreddits is what you can utilize to find compatible partners willing to sell Bitcoins to you on a P2P (person to person) basis.

Just head over to Reddit, and search for “Bitcons”, “Buy Bitcoins”, “Sell Bitcoins” or any other related term. It will get you a list of all the subreddits on the topic.

Head over to any subreddit and find the thread which seems most likely to fit your needs.

Once you’ve found the thread, read the thread description and if it suits you, you can leave a comment with your contact details for the seller to contact you.

c. Linkedin


Linkedin, probably the best and only “Professional” social-network on the planet is yet another platform for you to buy Bitcoins with cash. Just like Facebook groups, Linkedin too has “Groups”, a place where like-minded people come together.

All you’ve got to do is, search for “Bitcoins” on the search bar, and click on Groups.

Then, choose any group which seems to have a big enough audience and ask to join it.

Once you’re in the group, just leave a post/thread stating your intentions, locations and T&C. If it’s an active group, where buying & Selling isn’t banned or prohibited your post will get noticed by other interested parties who’re willing to let you buy Bitcoins with cash.

d. Google+ Communities


More or less similar to the Facebook Group concept, Google+ communities too let you search for a particular group, find and meet people, and then buy Bitcoins with cash.

Just enter “ Bitcoins/Buy Bitcoins ” or any other related term in the search bar.

Some search results such as buy Bitcoins with Credit Card / Debit Card / Paypal etc. pop up but try not to click on them, and instead just hit the enter button to execute your search. Now you’ll be shown a list of groups/people with your search term.

Now it’s up to you to find a group/individual over there and place a deal with them.

ProTip: Searching and landing a person willing enough to sell you Bitcoins instantly on Google+ communities is a tad bit hard.

Hence the best approach is to, join any other community which is related to Bitcoins, even the communities for buying Bitcoins with Paypal /Credit/Debit cards etc. interact with the folks there for some hours or days, try to get a feel of who’s who of the group and from where, and after getting a rough idea of the group there’s a better chance of you sending a message to someone and they letting you buy Bitcoins with cash from them.

Basically there are no “Steps” as such to buy Bitcoins with cash from Social media. In a nutshell, it’s just finding the right kind of person, and buying from them. You can either mail them, tweet them, inbox them over Facebook or use pigeons if you please; there’s no steadfast rule as to how you can get the deal done.

5. Buy Bitcoins with Cash using Self Hosted Websites and Local Communities

Social communities are slightly different than social networking platforms.

Basically on a Social community, there’s more of “finding and exploring” rather than “chatting and liking or commenting”.

There are basic communications features no doubt, but they’re primarily centered around bringing a group of individuals together rather than letting them chat throughout the days.

1. Meetup


Meetup is one of the best communities you can use to land some potential Bitcoin P2P deals.

It basically offers you the choice to join various different kinds of groups and interest-factions. All you’ve got to do is, join any group related to Bitcoins/Cryptocurrency or Digital Trading and find the people who might be willing to sell to you.

As the name already suggests, “Meetup” members meet-up on a pre-decided date & time to discuss, get together and exchange ideas.

The same opportunity couple be utilized to buy Bitcoins with cash without any risk as well, considering you won’t ever be “alone” or isolated, instead the whole group of attendees would be present at the location.

Security tips for buying Bitcoins with Cash

The primary reason you may wish to buy Bitcoins with cash is due to the “anonymity” offered, right?

Cash isn’t as easily traceable or linkable to a person as a card payment or PayPal transaction is.

However, it presents its own challenges.

Follow these precautions if you wish to be truly anonymous and secure during the transaction:

  • When dealing in-person (face to face), make sure you’ve got your friends around, specially with larger amounts. Walking around with a bag of cash when the other person knows you’ve got the money isn’t very secure.
  • Do not get the Bitcoins transferred to your primary wallet. Bitcoin wallets are 100% transparent. You wouldn’t show someone your primary bank account now, would you? Rather, use a temporary Bitcoin wallet and later transfer the funds to your main wallet.

You can (and should) use one of the best Bitcoin mixers before transferring the funds to your account. So that, the Bitcoin sender can’t follow it around and find your primary wallet, or link your funds to their final destination.

  • Even for in-person cash transactions, make sure the seller doesn’t require Identity documents. Quite a few sellers do and that kills all and any anonymity you may otherwise enjoy.
  • Wait for at least 2 confirmations on the transaction before handing over the cash.
  • Always deal in public places, e.g. Parks, Cafes.
  • It’s better to opt for the physical cash transactions rather than the Western Union/ Bank deposits or other such methods, as long as “anonymity” is your primary concern.

Final Words:

I do accept that most of the methods discussed throughout this guide weren’t conventional, but nevertheless they do help you buy Bitcoins with cash one way or another. In case LocalBitcoins or Paxful aren’t cutting it for you, Social media will surely prove to be a hidden weapon in the arsenal.

Do let me know which social media platform you’re going to try or have tried, your results help us carve out better articles for the future.

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