Deep Web Search Engine List 2021

Deep Web Search Engine

This article is about Deep web search engines. We are going to shed light on Deep Web Search. What are deep web search engines? What makes them different? Why do you need deep web search engines? We’ll clear all of that, and more.

Recently, I shared about deep web links and best VPN services in depth.

What is Deep Web or Dark Web?

The content is available on the Internet or the World Wide Web which is not usually indexed by traditional search engines. By traditional search engines, we mean search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

The Dark web is, in simple words, the “illegal” subset of the deep web. The actual differences are a bit more complex, you can learn more about the dark web here.

However, do note that these deep web search engines are also called dark web search engines. Simply because, everything on the dark web is automatically and forever also the “deep web” (but, the vice-versa isn’t true.)

One more thing about the Deep Web Search is that it also means to browse the web anonymously.

What is Deep Web Search?

Traditional search engines will only display results which are on the “clearnet”. Clearnet is the normal internet we all use. Facebook, Twitter, this website, and basically most of what you know as “Internet” is the clearnet.

Fun fact: The Deep web is actually exponentially larger than the clearnet. It’s just not known to many. You can read more deep web facts here.

A deep web search will let you explore a lot more than what’s available on the clearnet. Meaning, websites not indexed on Google/Yahoo/Bing and other clearnet sites can be accessed with a deep web search engine. This may include financial records, school databases, and other data which necessarily isn’t illegal, but just “unindexed”.

You don’t need anything extra to search the deep web:

Many deep web search engines are available on the clearnet. You can access these using Google Chrome and search for results.

However, most deep web links are on the Tor network. So, in order to “access” those links, you’ll need Tor browser.

What are Deep Web Search Engines?

There are various types of Deep Web Search Engines to research or simply search for different types of content.

Some Deep Web Search engines are meant to simply find the deep web textual content and some are to find deep web media content.

According to some sources, the size and the volume of content of the Deep Web are much more than the normal web which browses in general from day to day.

But why we are unable to find this kind of web information? The simple answer it is deeply packed, protected, or even hacked.

Why Deep Web is Not Indexed by Traditional Search Engines?

Some of the more reasons why traditional Search Engines do not index these types of content are described below.

These Deep Web resources may contain complex databases which are not easily understood by the Search Engine bots and thus not indexed also. Such Non-Indexed Content may include Contextual Web, Dynamic Content, Limited Access Content, Non-HTML Content, Private Web Content, Software, Archives, etc.

Coming a little out from the world of Deep Web Search Engine, and reviewing the Deep Web Search.

There is no such thing as a Deep Web Search Engine necessary to browse the Deep Web but it is the only Best option to browse the Deep Web. We can also browse the Deep Web using a lot of other ways or methods.

In other words, we may say that Deep Web Search Engines are one of the best options to choose to search the Web Deeply.

10+ Deep Web Search Engine List

As there are hundreds of Deep Web Search Engines, I am going to list and describe in detail only a few so that you can have a complete idea of how Deep Web Search Engines works? How are they different from just surfing the web using Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Before proceeding further with the list let me quickly list out a few benefits of the Deep Web Search Engines. We can make use of Deep Web Search Engines in the following ways:

  1. To find data in various formats.
  2. To explore the history of Information Technology and the Internet World.
  3. To know about the conclusions of various researched done over time.
  4. To know and research about the regional data and the statics released by various organizations.
  5. To explore about the deep contents such as the libraries of the World.

And Deep Web Search Engines may be used in many other ways. Here is the list of best Deep Web Search Engines which I’ve found after a lot of research as the Best 10 to mention here. Each of these Deep Web Search Engine and are unique in its kind and are the collection of the tremendous amount of data.

1. notEvil

Link:  ybzlxo7r5agiyfvugtsi4peepjzad57cqm57h65a6xzcwd6grfuhxvqd.onion

notEvil is the biggest search engine on the deep web that’s why I put this search engine on top position in the Deep web search engine list,  This search engine provides all types of search results with the help of Query or URL, which means if you have a query and want to find result related to your query then notEvil can help you.

notEvil also can search by the help URL and can find your result very quickly.

Tagline of notEvil deep web search engine: Don’t be Evil: no ads, no logs, just search.
Indexed Deep Web Links: 12654367 links

One more thing when you will search any query on this search engine, and you not found any good result, then this search engine chat service can help you.

How to search by notEvil dark web search engine?

First of all select, any one resources by which you want to search on notEvil search engine, which means any query or url, If you select any then type on search engine text box and select your search term relevant option means if you type url into text box then select url radio button or if you type query then select titles.

Not: Here the recommended option is all.

notEvil chat option:

Direct Chat page link: hss3uro2hsxfogfq/chat/

After searched your query, when you got result on your tor browsers display, you can see one line after search engine text. Here one link is available on “chat to others” text, hit this link and holla new notEvil anonymous chat box is open front of you.

2. Torch Search Engine

Link:  torchdeedp3i2jigzjdmfpn5ttjhthh5wbmda2rr3jvqjg5p77c54dqd.onion

Now time for next search engine from deep web search engine list , here I am sharing Torch search engine,  Here I am giving this place for torch because every day lot of people use torch for dark net links searching.

Same as notEvil this search engine also having very easy layout, only having one text box for searching  one button.

Here you only need put your query on search engine box and hit search button, holla result on front of your eyes.

Torch is working just like as Google search engine,  when you searched any query the  you will got good no or result like as bellow given screenshot.

Indexed Links Database (5/28/2016):  415397

3. Ahmia Search Engine

Link:  juhanurmihxlp77nkq76byazcldy2hlmovfu2epvl5ankdibsot4csyd.onion

Ahmia is another top deep web search engine, which deep web users like to find their required results, I also used Ahmia many times for search.

Same as other deep web search engines, Ahmia also offers a query searching service, which means putting your query into the search text box and pressing the search button, and get results.

I love ahmia search engine because this is offering some great services, like Ahmia viewer, add .onion links into Ahmia database, I2P Seraching.

Ahmia automatically detects bad .onion links and blacklisted in his database, and also maintain his most link visit charts which you can see by the help of http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/stats/viewer links.

How  to add .onion deep websites into Ahmia search database?

Link: juhanurmihxlp77nkq76byazcldy2hlmovfu2epvl5ankdibsot4csyd.onion/add/

If you are the owner of any deep websites and want to submit your websites into the Ahmia search database then it’s so simple to go on top navigation option and click on “Add Service” link.

Put your .onion site links into available text box then press “add” button.

Ahmia I2P link Searching

Link: juhanurmihxlp77nkq76byazcldy2hlmovfu2epvl5ankdibsot4csyd.onion/i2p/

If you want to search query with I2P network then this service can help you, put your query and get your result.

4. Candle Search Engine

Website: gjobqjj7wyczbqie.onion

Candle is another alternative for deep web search engine; this is also popular into deep web community, everyday people use this search engine, and I also try this search engine many time for deep web searching.

A candle search engine does not allow parentheses, boolean operators; or any type of quote into a search query, if you put any of these types of things into a search query,  then you wouldn’t get the required results.

Only you can try simple words, For Example, Today I am searching query “deep web links” then I put my query into the search box then hit enter, now I am getting some results on my computer screen, but results have only those type sites which have .onion extension domain.

5. QUO

Website: quosl6t6c64mnn7d.onion

QUO in many ways is the definition of what a deep web search engine should be like. It goes by the tagline -“The smartest dark web search engine“.

Searching on QUO is extremely easy, just type your text on the search box provided on the homepage.  The interface is actually one of the cleanest and most professional of all darkweb search engines.

Along with the title and meta-description, it also displays a thumbnail of the websites on the result page.

Quo darkweb search engine

It also has a “random onion” button on its homepage. If you just need to find deep web sites without having specific needs, this button can be used to find random Tor sites.

One of its most impressive features is that it doesn’t display results from the same site dozens of times. It’s also probably the only Tor search engine which supports the “site:” dork and Robots.txt files.

It automatically detects and blocks illegal porn links. It’s extremely secure because it doesn’t require JavaScript. It’s also anonymous because no logs or cookies are stored.

Users can also submit sites manually. Bottom line? One of the most advanced dark web search engines, period.

6. Phobos

Website: phobosxilamwcg75xt22id7aywkzol6q6rfl2flipcqoc4e4ahima5id.onion

I recently found Phobos, and there’s a very simple reason why I believe it’s one of the best deep web search engines.

It doesn’t display “mirrors”.

Meaning, most other darknet search engines display multiple results, sometimes over 10 for the exact same URL. These are practically useless.

Phobos only displays one or two URLs for a keyword.

This gets us unique, practically useful links.

Also, the interface is a lot cleaner and more professional than most other Darknet search engines.

As far as the database goes, that too is pretty impressive. The results do help find sites I’m looking for.

Also has a clearnet version however that doesn’t display .onion results (obviously).

7. Searx Search Engine

Website: 5s4zu5bt7ndw7axniiz6ypvgxpy6bpsslyfr2uhmrnwbehisxcc3vvid.onion

Searx is another alternative search engine for deep web, This search engine also working on free information, if you search here anything then Searx not maintain your log file.

This simply means no one can trace your all activity which you will perform on the Searx search engine, Here you can search anything which you want.

One thing is very good about Searx, This search engine is an open-source search engine, you can modify Searx source code according to you and also you can participate in search engine functions to enhance the program.

For Searx search engine information visit http://searchb5a7tmimez.onion/about

How to Searx search engine works?

Searx search engine is a great program which collects data from multiple popular search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. But here I saw one common thing if any website has a high ranking in multiple search engine then searx give the top position in search result.

Note: Searx search engine is not able to search .onion domain sites. If you try to search anything about .onion sites related then you can not get the required result.

Searx search engine offer one great feature which is file related search, you can select any file related option which type results you want to get.

For Example, Today you want to watch the video then select the video option and put your query into the search box, press enters then result.



Maybe this was the very first Deep Web Search Engine, I ever found. And also is the top of the most useful websites ever available on the Internet.

According to them, they are the non-profit library of millions of this like books, movies, software, music etc.

As mentioned on their homepage, they have about 466 billion web pages saved in their database.

They have the screenshot of almost every website ever visited on the Internet. You can just image how big this database.

Owing to its bigness, how precious and valuable it is.

On this search engine, you can know how different websites, which are now touching the heights of the Internet were actually looks like when they were in the starting days. You can see how Google looks when it was started. You can see how Bing looks when it was started. Similarly, you can see almost each and every site’s history web pages. This feature of this ultimate search engine is popularly known as the WayBackMachine, which may took you to the olden times of the Internet.

Let me quickly demonstrate this with the help of an example on the WayBackMachine search. Let us see how Google Search Engine looks like in 1998. I will simply search with the Google Domain, which is on the WayBackMachine and it will display me the dates on the calendar of various years when was this site captured as shown in the screenshot below. (Screenshot showing Google’s Homepage on 2 December 1998)

Moreover, you can search a lot of more things using this Deep Web Search Database or Deep Web Search Engine.

9. The WWW Virtual Library (


This is also a Deep Web Search Engine with a very much vast Database. You can browse through a lot of categories which includes Agriculture, Information and Libraries, Computing and Computer Science, Regional Studies and much more. This is also one of the oldest deep web search engine on the Internet.

So, let us quickly make use of the WWW Virtual library as an Example. In the Computing and Computer Science Section, I searched for ‘Internet’ and it’s displaying the results as shown in the following screenshot. I noted that I took some time longer than usual to find the results.


10. Wolfram Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine


This Deep Web Search Engine one of the Best ever website I have ever found on the Internet which impressed me in the first visit. As mentioned, it is computational knowledge search engine which will show you the results based on the things related to calculation and computational things. On the official homepage, there have given a lot of things that we can do with Wolfram Alpha. Some of them are mentioned below.

Mathematics, Step by Step Solutions, Statistical & Data Analysis, History, Media, Finance, Physics, Engineering, Geography, Chemistry, Education, Web and Computers and much more. Here is an example search made in the Mathematics section of the Wolfram Alpha Deep Web Search Engine.

11. Google Books (


Google Books may also be considered as one of the biggest deep web database. Google Books contains the collection of thousands of full text books from all over the world libraries. It is a digital library of Works. According to a source, Google has scanned more than 25 million books which may be available via Google Books. You can image from this count how vast the library of Google books is. They have a lot of plans to scan as many books as they can.

The vastness of Google Books surprised. It may be called as the biggest collection of Books ever present in this world. Here below, I have added up a screenshot in which I have made a search on Google Books Deep Web Search Engine. I made this search, India. You can see it is displaying some full text books regarding the searched keyword India.

12. Deep Web Tech (


This is one another example of the Deep Web Search Engine. In this deep web search engine, you may browse multiple other deep web search engines such as the is also one of the most popular deep web search engine where you can find the information and resources related to US federal science.

Let us make the search of keyword, “Solar System” on the Deep Web Search Engine, Deep Web Tech and see what it displays up. Here below is the screenshot of what it displays up.

13. DuckDuckGo (


This is another search engine like Traditional Search Engine but has the power of a Deep Web Search Engine as it focus on Privacy and claims to be that it don’t trace anything. Here is the screenshot of the homepage of

DuckDuckGo Completely looks like a Normal Search Engine but is very much useful if used as a Deep Web Search Engine. I am searching DuckDuckGo for the keyword, “Environment Protection” and here below is the screenshot of the results what it displays up.

14. The Hidden Wiki

Website: zqktlwi4fecvo6ri/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Deep Web Search Engine

The Hidden Wiki is one of the most popular, most frequently used and the first websites most newcomers land on when arriving on, or embarking on the journey of the Deep/Dark web. More than a Deep web Search Engine, it’s a Deep web links‘ index, a page which lists over hundred deep web (.onion links).

Any page which indexes .onion URLs, or anything related to the Deep/Dark web can be considered a Deep web search engine, well by that definition The Hidden Wiki fits right in.  It lists the URLs along with a description of what the sites offer helping users know what they’re getting into before actually clicking on the links.

The links are well-organized into categories such as E-mails, Markets, Financial services and so on.  additionally, there’s also a category-sidebar helping users directly find the types of sites they’re looking for. Although, the directory isn’t updated frequently and hence not all the available links may be functional.

You can find a very big list of Deep Web Search engines to browse on the Internet by searching in simple means. However, I always find simple surfing enough for me to discover the things! Anyways, whatever it is, it is a part of the web. Let’s now conclude our research. Deep Web Search Engines may prove useful if advanced level of search is to be done. For example, the large-scale researches done by many of the companies, organizations and various startups to present a huge amount of data such as the historical data of the Web.

For normal or general audience Deep Web is something which may or may not be explored, it doesn’t matter. But still out of curiosity, if you want to explore the hidden world of internet, deep web search engines are always there to help you. Thanks for being here to explore about the world of Deep Web Search Engines.

15. 161 Deep Web Working Links


No, this isn’t self-promotion. What does a Search-Engine do? Help you find links. That’s exactly what the page above does.

Infact, The Hidden Wiki and some other options on this list aren’t updated frequently. Their last update was months, if not years ago. And Deep/Dark Web links have a bad habit of going offline or shifting URLs pretty frequently.

That actually was a primary reason why we compiled the page with 151 Deep Web Working Links. We manually visited each link, verified its status (online/offline) and only then included it in our list.

Furthermore, most search engines do not have any “opinion”, they simply show what the website claims. In our list of 151 Working Dark Web Links, we researched about the links, and included additional notes about them based on the research.

We also frequently update the list, and keep making edits. If you wish to search for something, it’s even easier than using those traditional search engines.

Just press “Control” (ctrl+ F) on your keyboard, and search for a category, for e.g. “Darknet Market”, “Bitcoin Tumbler”, “Search Engine” and you’d easily find the links all neatly grouped together.

16. Web Achieve

Website: http://archivecaslytosk.onion/

This website is a deep web search engine on multiple fronts. For starters, the search engine itself is hosted on the deep web. Secondly, it is an achieve for deep web sites, or .onion sites in other words.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the clearnet web achieve, this is a similar platform but for the deep web. In other words, it captures and stores snapshots of deep websites.

Anyone can enter an URL and snapshot it. It then remains on the achieve forever. Similarly there’s a search functionality. So you can search for (and even use) websites that either currently exist or do not exist. The captured snapshot is mostly functional.

Multiple types of search queries are supported. For e.g. you can search for a website’s subdomains, exact URLs, or just the homepage. Direct keywords can be searched for as well.

17. Kilos

Website: http://dnmugu4755642434.onion/

best deep web search engine list 2020

Kilos is a dark web search engine by all definitions. It was created with the sole purpose of letting users search for “Drugs” on the dark web.

It fetches results from all the indexed Darknet markets on the Dark web (currently 6) as well as from forums. Even displays “featured listings” on the left sidebar.

The captcha is a bit frustrating, you need to classify “comments” into “positive, very positive, negative” etc. It does take a bit of time. But the search panel offered next is sure worth it.

You can enter the keyword, set a price range (lowest/highest), select your source and destinations and search for a product. If you’ve got specific market preferences, you can also specify those, so only results from that marketplace are shown.

Cryptocurrency filters too available and you can select from BTC, BCH, LTC XMR.