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If you do, then you’ve landed on the right web page; here you’ll find every single category active deep web links.


We are not promoting any deep web links on this website, if someone use, given information for legal or illegal purpose then this is totally user responsibility. This website only has text content. Deep web browsing may be illegal, hence, all of your actions are 100% your own responsibility. 

If you already are aware of the deep web and know how you can access these onion links then you can directly scroll down to the table of content section.

But if you’re a newbie, or wish to learn what the Deep Web is? and/or how to access it safely, we’ve compiled a complete guide for the same.

Security Points for Beginner Deep Web Users:

  • Setup your secure deep web access network, For help, check out how to access the deep web guide.
  • Unplug your webcam or cover webcam with black tape.
  • Generate a second identity(Virtual Identity for Deep Web) that you can use them all over the dark web.
  • Don’t use any personal information for your second identity like the real name, address, mobile no, date of birth or etc.
  • Always use anonymous email service for account creation.

Recommendation: only use emails that offer client-end encryption or decryption. I am using protonmail.com or tutanota.com both are trusted email services and mostly users prefer both of these.

  • When accessing the deep web, close all other programs or software that are running on your system.


  • Always check for Updates on the Tor Browser, be quick to get the updates installed as soon as they’re available.
  • Check the Tor browser’s “Javascript Enable or Disable” status.

Recommended: always disable JavaScript when you are accessing any deep web sites. But in some cases, many sites only able to access in javascript enable environment, my suggestion doesn’t use that type onion links, find other alternative onion links.

  • Before you access any new onion links, you should use “New Identity” or “New Tor Circuit” setting

New Identity: Ctrl+Shift+U
New Tor Circuit for This Site: Ctrl+Shift+L

  • If 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) is being offered by any onion site or dark web marketplaces, make sure you use it. Most dark web markets allow PGP authentication If you are not aware of PGP and want to know more then check out PGP Guide for beginner users.
  • Only access the deep web on trusted devices, don’t use any other person’s laptop or desktop to access the Deep web.
  •  Highly recommended point: For your security, first run your Nord VPN software client and only after a connection is established start Tor browser.

The reason I recommend NordVPN is it’s based in Panama, one of the safest countries on the planet for dark web browsing and favors other digital laws. Secondly, its “no log policy” is independently verified by a third-party auditor. Also, it’s the only VPN which offers “onion over VPN” for dark web browsing. It’s also extremely fast, and cheap! 

Note: If you are a security geek and wish to protect the security of all the members who are using your home internet network then you should use a VPN router for a VPN protected wireless network.  This is the best solution for protect your privacy or anonymity.


Now that we’ve discussed the mandatory key points, now its time to get down to the Table of contents, down here I’ve categorized onion links according to site status and services. You can select any one category, and visit the sites of that type.

If you wish to learn how to setup for access the deep web then click here.

Also, you can read sequentially the following  quick Overview if you wish to access the onion links.

Anyway, here are the top dark web links according to categories, That you can explore right now!

Dark Web Links 2023 Updated

After quick table, Now I am showing only top onion links on this page, if you will need more alternative deep web links then you need to click on given “more links” text that you can find every every category bottom side. Let’s start.

Note: Never explore the dark web links without NordVPN + Tor Browser. You’re being tracked, even with Tor browser, especially with Tor browser (The govt. red-flags Tor users).

Deep Web Marketplace Links

Why the”deep web marketplaces links” title?

Marketplaces are where is  users can buy or sell items in categories  like drugs, weapons, counterfeit, carding, Data dumps and etc.

Secondly, these are “marketplaces” because these aren’t single-admin owned. Rather, anyone cal sell here, the marketplace acts as an escrow and facilitates safe transactions.

Sellers list their products on these marketplaces in the related categories and buyers buy the required item. If both  parties complete their end of the deals, the marketplace charge some fee to the seller and releases the funds held in escrow from the buyer.

Let’s start then?

http://t5h72uz4hvyvwx6xyiyy6kpdoqyvyrg5yhe2ffxetb4lhn53onva5bad.onion  – Darkweb marketTor2door Market – This is a multisig market with about 15,000 products listed for now. Most of its listings are in the “drugs” category, although, jewels, software, counterfeit items etc. too are available. Accepts both BTC and XMR. Isn’t wallet-less. Vendors are accepted for $500.00. A 5% commission too is required on all sales from the vendors. PIN, 2-FA and login phrase available.

For Alternative Mirrors Visit Here>>

http://hn2paw7zaahbikbejiv6h22zwtijlam65y2c77xj2ypbilm2xs4bnbid.onionDarknet MarketWeTheNorth – This dark web market is Canada-exclusive. Boasts over 5000 listed products plus 2 separate autoshops for credit cards and profile information. Both BTC and XMR accepted. Vendors are accepted for a $300 fee (non-refundable). Registration is mandatory. Accounts can be protected using 2-FA and a security PIN.

kingdomm7v6yed55o2rbspvs4exn5bzfxdizqaav27tw6gw4zc65vdad.onion – Tor Market Kingdom Market – Everything from drugs, carded items, jewellery, fake documents, to services such as hacking and carding are sold on Kingdom Market. 27000+ listings. These can be bought using BTC/LTC/XMR. Deposits required to on-market wallet, not wallet-less. Very advanced security features available.  EUR 500.00 vendor fee.

Alternative Mirror:

  • http://kingdom6txlkrt7wba5r4lfiimfvueyzxnjfpmzutb4fqoxr6qaxajyd.onion

i2p Mirror:

  • http://kngdmbfjfb4ry5jjn7mqphi3pzzxc37bro5gpcitcpmt5piflpva.b32.i2p
  • http://kngdm77i2e4o2dl7tchkhx4qtrwcjfuchf322i62fragbtvlpuea.b32.i2p

Extra Mirror:  kingdommarket.so

torzon4kv5swfazrziqvel2imhxcckc4otcvopiv5lnxzpqu4v4m5iydDarknet MarketTorZon Market – Probably the newest market on the block. Vendors are charged just $25.00 for signing up. Accepts both Bitcoin and Monero for payments. Leftover funds can be withdrawn (equal to or over $10.00). Raffle lets you win a portion of the market’s total revenue for just $1.50. Has an in-built mixer, lets you clean funds during withdrawal (charged at 2%).

torbuyxpe6auueywlctu4wz6ur3o5n2meybt6tyi4rmeudtjsysayqyd.onionDigital Market TorBuy – It’s a “digital market” because almost all of its products are delivered digitally, except “Electronic” goods. You can buy cards, transfers, gift cards, services etc. One of the most expensive vendor-bonds, charges $750.00 (refundable). No advance deposits required, completely wallet-less.

jppr7cpe7m5fndlehgz2c76qgsgi4p4yrwrusqkdcsu76gtd7wpr5fid.onionDarknet Market UnderMarketReloaded – For some reason, the product-stock is extremely low. Less than 50 listings found. Drugs, weapons, fake items, tobacco, data, collectibles etc. available. Only accepts payments via Bitcoin. Not wallet-less, deposits required. Vendor accounts are absolutely free, has 2 vendor levels. Deposits require 3 confirmations.

Check Out More Marketplaces

Anonymous Tor Emails | Email Onion Sites Links

Now time for some popular deep web emails sites, inside this section you can find top 5 onion email links, that you can use for your primary email service, one thing is very good in all listed email service that is PGP encryption, only authorized user can decrypt emails. Let’s check out listed links.

https://protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion/ – Anonymous Email SitesProtonmail – These days Protonmail is most secure and trusted anonymous email service, Protonmail offer free or premium accounts, you can choose anyone according to you, Protonmail offer end to end encryption, custom domain support, password protection, email expire time, PGP support, 2FA support. One point that I always like in protonmail anonymous service is no IP logs and VPN support. If you want to know more about protonmail.com then you need to check out protonmail review article.

https://tutanota.com/Anonymous Email ServiceTutanota – Still searching another anonymous email alternative then tutanota.com is best alternative that offer full protection but one thing your need to know, when new user creates his account then tutanota team will approve new created account when email account will be approved then use can send or receive emails. Here the user can also join a premium subscription for more features or email security. This site not available on the dark web environment. tutanota is open source project that you can download from GitHub, for more information please explore given site link.

danielas3rtn54uwmofdo3x2bsdifr47huasnmbgqzfrec5ubupvtpid.onion/mail/Anonymous Email / XMPP –  Daniel – E-mail and XMPP –  Looking v3 dark web anonymous email service or XMPP/Jabber account, Daniel offers both services without any fee. Every email inbox offer 50MB disk space also support PGP mail encryption for privacy and anonymity. Mailbox support SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 protocol, and user can easily access their inbox from any email client. The User can create his account any king fake username or password.

torbox36ijlcevujx7mjb4oiusvwgvmue7jfn2cvutwa6kl6to3uyqad.onion –  Tor Email –  Torbox –  Hidden email service that user only can access on the tor network, without tor network users can’t send and receive emails to each other.

tormailgkzt4aisvaoiym5x2prqlnptca3wyqpffxjn67mpiejts3wyd.onion –  Tor Emails –  Tormail.io –  Anonymous privacy email service that offers inbox in suitable price, Tormail.io inbox support asymmetric encryption that was highly secure and anonymous. Users can buy annual and lifetime mailboxes for under $200.

shsaarrdrvbmvkn3jo2swe6gysfykorovfwibenhqa6ilsztg3yzpiyd.onion –  Dark Web EmailBitemail.net – Bitemail is not allowing registration these days. This is an invite-only signup process. Need Bitemail inbox then users need to contact to admin manually for invitation.

vww6ybp33oul5sbftripnlhtmplth275naeynu3nf6cfnoddf76sj2id.onion –  Tor Email Service –  Riseup.net –  Trusted anonymous tor mailbox that offers 1 GB space and mailbox trash automatically delete 21 days and 7 days. Riseup.net support every popular open source mail client like thunderbird, delta chat, evolution and etc.  Riseup also offers VPN service.

paranoid2ezdphvm – Anonymous email service@Paranoid – This is open PGP encryption based email service, but site only offers invitation based mailbox, if you want to join then you need to generate request for invitation, if you will get invitation then you can set up your email, @Paranoid also offer 2 different encrypted mailbox alias like @2018.email and @4096.email bot offer world class most secure encryption.

sinbox4irsyaauzo – Tor Email ServiceSinBox – This decentralized email service, which only access by unique key that every users get when they will create new email account on Sinbox. without this unique key you can’t login your account. Sinbox user can receive or send unlimited messages but maximum attached file size should be less than 5 MB.

Check Out More Anonymous Email Links

Tor Chat Room Deep Web Links

Want to chat with stranger on the deep web looking tor chat server onion links that offer discussion service about anything anonymously without registration, here I am listing top 5 most using Tor Chat Room onion links for you.

chatorcvcl25nskltysozugy36pplnrwpbgwovh6mbwwzy2bzgq2hkyd.onionTor Chat RoomChaTor based online chat room for such type users that need highly secure, encrypted, and anonymous environment. The user can’t access his chat room with various open source clients because Chator allows tor-based web clients for access.  On the tor browser, the user needs to disable javascript first for access this tor chat service.

fyaxjvg5puabd6je4av5r2eix55l5buzelwma3hlli3oemuqx47xy3id.onionTor ChatChat –  Anonymous chat service that has some policy for every chat users directly, that policy is “ No Kids, No Pedo, and price the chat and etc ” For chat access, user need to register first with anonymous information. Chat also supports multilingualism. Right now support more than 14+ language.

dkforestseeaaq2dqz2uflmlsybvnq2irzn4ygyvu53oazyorednviid.onion –  Tor Chat –  DarkForest –  Anonymous chat room that look like ChaTor chat room.  For registration, the user need a char username and password. After successfully signup, the user can contribute in the chat board with any random topics.

chatorcvcl25nskltysozugy36pplnrwpbgwovh6mbwwzy2bzgq2hkyd.onionChat Service –  Black Hat Chat –  Anonymous chat service for communicating with anyone (strangers). Every time user wants to explore the black hat chat service, The user can create a new account with any random information. Chat strict role is “Keep it legal and enjoy your stay,” and the javascript should be disabled.

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Forums/Community Deep Web Links

This section is totally dedicated to deep web Forums, Communities or Chan board onion links, but you already know the dark web has various forums that delivering services like marketplace means a member can buy or sell his products on these forums. But some forums/Community only offers threads related to all popular categories like drugs, tutorials, hacking, service, gadgets, data dumps, carding. If you are looking that type forum link then make sure selected forums supported escrow service. Let’s check out top 5 working forums and Chan Board links.

Forums onion links

bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onion – Chemical forum and marketplace –  Breaking Bad – The forum is primarily an educational forum. I say that because it has a library, Wiki and a drug combination page. All of these are completely non-profit and educate you on various drugs, their usage, manufacturing process etc. However, it does have a marketplace. The marketplace sells Opioids, Stimulants, Cannabis etc. An escrow is available and is optional, it charge a 5% fee, set at a minimum $10.00.

hiddenp757uyg7vzxm47zcj7ihczajim5m4uwjpolee3yxsad3tj7aid.onionDark Web ForumHidden Answers – Popular Dark Web Forums which every day more than thousands of users used for question and answers. If do you have any questions related to anything and want to ask anonymously on the dark web, Hidden Answer can help you to find the right solution within a very short time. Hidden Answers have more than 10 categories like Technology, Security, and Privacy, Cryptoanarchy, Marketplaces, Money, Jobs, Drugs, Food Cooking, Sad Times and etc.

avengersdutyk3xf – Deep Web ForumsDNM Avengers – Still remain any questions and not getting any reply on the Hidden Answers and looking alternatives tor forum link, DNM Avengers can help you to resolve your problem, but on the DNM Avengers you need to register your account, without registration you can not able to access the available threads.

suprbayoubiexnmp – Movies/Videos/Torrents ForumSuperBay – This is a sister site of ThePirateBay Torrent sites, if you want to request any video/Movies/Music related request then you can post on this forum, if any member will have that torrent file then he will share with you. Right now SuperBay has more than 25000+ register member on the dark web, which huge.

thundersplv36ecbSex Tor ForumThunder’s Place – Do you want to grow your Penish and looking Penish enlargement tutorials, videos, users review, popular tools, treatments, if yes then must explore Thunder’s Place. This forum has more than 1 million posts. it means you can easily find your all questions answers on a single place.

cnwv3ycmy4uc7vou – Dark Web ForumsCrimeNetwork – Unleased Scene – CrimenNetwork is the German or English mixed language forum and have mostly crime related threads like drugs, hacking, Warez, Marketplaces, Carding, Paypal accounts and etc. CrimeNetwork have more than 12000 registered members.

Chan Board Onion Links

brchanansdnhvvnmChan BoardLoliFox – Best chan board that have all popular categories boards like Software, Porn, Art, Video Games, My little Pony, Game Dev, Education, Random, Russian Language and etc. CP and Child Abuse strictly not allowed on this chan board.

paynus.oniichanylo2tsi4 – Dark Web Chan BoardWeb.Oniichan.onion – That chan board has more than 50+ chan board where users can participate anonymously, available boards are memos, lyrics, science, hackers, blog, Islam, i2p.dev, movies, video games, tech, politics, weapons, cum and much more.

gurochanocizhuhg – Dark Web Guro Chan BoardGuroChan Board – This Japanese hentai chan board that have hentai toon images according to related categories like if you will select rap chan then that rape chan board have only rap related toon images.

endchan5doxvprs5 – Tor Chan BoardEndChan – This is a very old chan board and still working fine, that have art, advice, anime & Manga, Entertainment, International, politics and tech categories.

oxwugzccvk3dk6tj – Onion Chan Board Link8Chan’s Board – if you are dark web holic then you already know about 8chan board, this is a most popular board which have all categories and most engaging contents. According to the website homepage, this has more than 200 various categories boards and each board have huge amount of information.

Check out more Forums/Community/Chan Board onion links

Drugs Deep Web Links

Dark web is mostly dedicated to illegal or prescription drugs, more than 60% every day dark web users buy illegal drugs in the dark web, And every popular marketplaces like dreams markets, empire markets, wallstreet markets offering service for drugs sell or buy.

If you are looking drugs deep web link, below you can find only top 5 vendors or store who dealing with drugs items.

Note: I am not listing below onion links based on my experience, writing because they offering legit service since from long time. Take you decision based on your research.

rxwhlsaleuqx3iu3Deep Web Marketplace – Rxwholesale – Rxwholesale is a much simpler marketplace in the sense that it keeps itself limited to the trade of “Drugs”. Currently, it’s product-arsenal comprises of 41 products, divided in 8 primary categories. Payments can be made only in Bitcoin. A seamless automated order-process, much like clearnet e-commerce sites is available. Registration is optional. A search-feature is available which only offers a “category” filter. Ships worldwide.

zvz4ruc5b5q5yqzsDrugsGlobal Dreams – Anonymous payments using Bitcoin; no mandatory registration; absolutely no logs and automated orders that about sums up Golden Dreams. A marketplace which boasts as many as 100 individual listings in the categories of MDMA, Hash, Weed, LSDs etc.
Worldwide shipping is available as well; although no tracking info is provided. All communication is encrypted by the platform (PGP).

ermiqnrw7ygijtoo5li5cs3sguqo3e67plpqbptczq7jrgy4pwmsg4ydLSD TabletsNew Shit – The website is probably individually-owned. It sells tablets. Only 1 type of tabs, namely, LSDs seem to be available. Multiple listings are available, they offer different quantities of the same product. Shipments do not come with tracking numbers, however, another “priority mail” can be ordered for $8.00 which includes the tracking number.

dmt4allz7lniccvzpp6jm6axf4kfq6l362yqmnv2phuzfskgnogxjgqd Drugs – DMT 4 ALL – The shop calls itself “Tryptycon-Shop”. That’s clearly what it sells, right? It sells quite a few different types/strains of the product. Product prices are displayed in euros, however, payments are accepted only via Bitcoin. Ordering is completely automated. However, the “cart” may at times be down and then E-mails may be used.

2dr2hqrtj7mnipcjjpw6jjwkyvfk5ew4koprkjazf3gorysy2w2pqddarkweb drug marketcmoney345 cocaine & meth shop – One of the cheapest dark web markets selling drugs on the planet.  Cocaine, Meth, Weed, and pills listed currently. Doesn’t accept independent vendors and only the admin sells on the market. Registration isn’t mandatory. Accepts BTC by default, e-mailing the admin may let you use other cryptocurrencies.

adjwur2fmmuxfpk7fluanwxdv6k4cqrnntiay7fqwxogxnrsc7ow67qd Drugs – Tor Market – The site sells everything that’s related to drugs. This include “hardware”such as vaping devices, potentiators, oils, tablets, etc. Other product cateogries include Opoids, Benzos, Cannabis etc. The website demands registrations if you wish to purchase a product. Only accepts payments via Bitcoin and Litecoin. Also has a “multipay” feature, pay to a single address for multiple orders. Accepts third-party vendors.

pharmauoq6wnqp7q Tablets Pharma 4378 – The site sells tablets, pills and capsules. Xanax, Opioids, Oxy are some of the available products. Ordering isn’t automated. Manual E-mails required.Only accepts Bitcoins for payment. All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail. May only ship to USA and Canada. Also accepts custom orders.

cocainelgxrulzxjvms3if2rivrqcbleh64brs4gg77vmzgvf6bognad  – Single vendor drugs Cocaine Market – As the name suggests, the site sells Cocaine exclusively. Peruvian, uncut, synthetic, Colombian, fish scale are some of the available categories. BTC payments accepted. Registration is mandatory even for browsing products. Leftover funds can be withdrawn from wallets. Ships from the U.S and there’s an additional $30.00 shipping fee on all orders.

dnpshpmk763gkjowdlmuw6we34ggyp266qxyo7vus745bzc5fdrbkgid  – Pills PHARMMASTER  – The site claims to sell pills and guarantees they aren’t pressed or fake. Multiple cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XMR, LTC and BCH are accepted. Registration isn’t required however e-mails are the only way how orders can be placed.  Surprisingly, it even allows orders as small as 1 pill”

frhu3zq34tlil7eh  – Multi-vendor drugs  – EU Cartel  – As a multi-vendor marketplace, EU Cartel has a few hundred listings most of which are in the “Drugs” category. Free and paid shipping options available. Payment via BTC, DASH, XMR, DOGE, ETH, LTC, ZCash and many other Cryptocurrencies accepted. Registration required for placing orders. EUR 500.00 reward for reporting scammer vendors. EUR 1000.00 vendor fee required for a vendor-account.

mlj4iyalawb2ve2u – DrugsEU Benzos is a Darknet Market dedicated to Prescriptions; or in other words Tablets and Meds either illegal or not as easily available in most countries. It’s a site which can be commended for its extremely simplistic and newbie-friendly user-interface for starters. Secondly, even though it does require Signups in order to access the site the Signup process is exactly the same as the login process, meaning users only need to enter an E-mail ID and a password, just once and you’re all signed up. It support payment in all the Cryptocurrencies that exist although only BTC payment is automated, for other currencies buyers need to manually contact the team for the deposit addresses. With easily over 50 different individual products, it seems to make for a good stop if you’re an user hunting for tabs, meds and injectables.

dopefruqgev5v4ul –  Drugs Store  –  DopeFarm  – According to this store, the vendor only making deals in weed or Hash, Store admin only delivering both products only in Europe, if you are from outside of Europe then this site can’t help you, payout by Bitcoin.

pharma5jbbmwjoo3 – Dark Web Drugs Store –  Onion Pharma (Scammer)  –  Dark web drugs store that dealing ins stimulants, Benzos, Opioids, Ecstasy, Dissociatives, Psychedelics etc. vendor selling all these products in Bitcoins, Right now store have more than 300 listed drugs, if you need products info then you may try to explore given drugs store link.

dedopedhvmcsxylb –  Drugs Store –  DeDope (German Weed Store) – This dark web drugs site totally dedicated to hash or weed, if you are from Germany and looking local drugs dealer then this site can help you. And Order shipped within only 48 hrs which is very quick.

Check out more Drugs Store Links

Blogs Tor Links

Do you want to read something latest on the dark web and looking active onion links, I and listing top 5 links for you, these links are most popular in deep web links community and most users explore these links everyday.

76ssfjn22svo4vyl – Deep web BlogsWikileaks – This is most popular dark web anonymous news site that improves freelance journalism quality, because website every day offers hidden information about government, organization, agencies data dumps, secret papers and leaks. If you these type information then you should explore this awesome link.

nytimes3xbfgraghNews SiteNew York Times – US biggest newspaper, that offers daily news about US, if you are from USA, and want to get USA news from Dark web anonymously the here is the right onion link that can provide you the right information.

e2byufqft24mg4wm –  Onion Blog –  Knowledge for Everyone  – Dark web blog which has technology hacks or guide related pdf with complete step by step instruction, if you are looking something information like that then you may need to explore given tor link and need to download a required PDF file.

deepdot35wvmeyd5 –  Deep Web Blog –  Deep Dot Web –  Old dark web blog, that publishing daily dark web related news and press release, these users also can get some dark web marketplaces links, but blog doesn’t offer general dark web links.

tinhat233xymse34 –  Deep Web Blog –  The Tin Hat – Deep web technology blog that is surviving since from long time and publishing privacy or tutorials based blogs posts, if you are looking such type content then you may try this deep web blog link.

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Deep Web Porn Links

Are you looking porn links on the deep web, if yes, this section can provide you active tor links that can provide your fresh porn stuff. By the way dark web have thousands on porn stuff links but some may work and some may not, one thing every one common can found on the dark web, which is mostly premium sites available on the dark web that offering illegal, rape, torture, porn stuff. But here I only sharing that type links that offering only free watchable stuff, let’s check out!

Note: Make sure never explore any onion links without NordVPN. Tor browser and NordVPN both will create double layer military-grade privacy protection for you.

xvideos24y74huqj – Deep Web Porn –  XVideos – This is most watchable porn site of the world, users use that site on both places regular internet or dark web, here you can download and watch millions of small or big duration porn movies, and every site updated thousands of new porn videos. You can filter videos based on tags, category, country, Also can subscribe any uploader for future notification. But these type advanced features like subscription, commenting, voting, messaging for the registered users.

32pbf32xi6ccm63z/sexymadama/Dark Web Porn –  Sexy Madama – Most using alternative porn dark web link that also has more than 100 thousands full-length videos, and all videos can steam live by the Tor browser. For the video filter, the user can use available sidebar tags or can search videos related to any specific keyword by search text box. Also can find most watchable videos information on the sidebar.

gjgbztmown7d6usl –  Dark Web PornRape and Murder – This premium dark website but site homepage offering a couple of videos, these you can enjoy free without any premium fee but if you want to watch more video then you need to buy download access from site admin. The webpage has mostly killing, torture, rape, various gore type pictures, and videos.

thundersplv36ecb –  Deep Web Porn –  Thunder’s Place – This dark web link offering penis enlargement tutorials, how to guide and instruction videos. If you want to increase your dick size and looking best place where you can discuss about penis size, penis hangers, penis extenders, penis enlargement cream, injuries and treatment, male supplements and etc.

mr6temcirwiezfyr –  Dark Web PornxPlay  –  Alternative porn onion link where you can watch adult videos, and most videos length are very short but xPlay has more than thousands of videos. That website has Hetero, Lesbian, Gay, Deviations category videos.

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Hitman Deep Web Links

Looking Hitman service that can help you to resolve your all human problems, also these can full fill your all require that you want to deals with victim candidate.

marak2kjeehrao5s Hire a HitmanMara Salvatrucha Gang – Need someone kidnapped, killed, raped, burned or just hurt in other ways? This platform claims to offer just that. Bitcoin payments accepted. 2 of 2 multisig wallet available on-site wallet available. No identification required, 100% anonymous. Refunds available. Does accept individuals interested in selling similar services. Is capable of conducting operations in all the countries, no restrictions whatsoever.

eaoqg26po24xcw2gHire a HitmanAzerbaijani Eagles (scammer) – Azerbaijani Eagles is a site which lets people order Killing, rape, arson, beating up a person and other similar services. Bitcoin and Monero accepted. Does require registrations on the site. Communication can be PGP encrypted. No limits, VIP orders accepted as well for USD $35,000. Proof of completion can be provided upon request.

ygrqgcnoodnqdmlc –  Hire A HitmanHitman Connect – This is an undercover organization which has well trained, experience, intelligent assassins. This organization offers his service more than 37 countries, The Hitman Connect offers Snipers, Knife Attack, Poison Attack, Severe Torture to death, Bio Attack, Paralyzing, Depriving of Vision, Brutal Attack, Torture, Kidnapping, Beating.

darkmambawopntdk –  Hire A Hitman –  Hitman Connect –  Private Military Company – Another hire a hitman service which offering ex-military corps and ex-special forces. They can execute some services like for you, services like Killing, kidnapping, stealth work, Heavy Work, Injure, Particular requests. But this site has some rules also follow escrow service.

yo4jmu6dsfaeekt3 –  Hire A Hitman –  Veniceman Killer Hitman Service – Still searching hitman service here I have another tor links which offers Hitman Killer, Damages, Fires, For more information and sites rules you may visit this site link.

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Rent A Hacker Onion Links

Looking onion link that offering services in hacking, if yes, this section service three working onion links, that showing, they can resolve your technology-related issues, you can hire these sites for server hacking, tracking, background check, password, social media accounts, Virus building, keylogger, DDoS attack and etc. Let’s check out available dark web links.

zjuhnrnaz573362iwpqm2peoozwd37yfeohyzdymmn2xlewr5li3zpqd.onion  Rent a hacker –  Mitnicklens Hackers  – It’s a hacker for hire site (obviously) which offers its services that include database hacking, social media hacking, website hacking, computer hacking and basically everything else. Orders placed via e-mail, clearly mentions that it ignores data requests even from courts. Prices aren’t mentioned but are claimed to be “reasonable”. Special  requirements entertained as well.

huomyxhpzx6mw74e6jfxtj5kmxov6wdmc62ylk6oc7feht5gntuawaqd.onion – Rent A Hacker –  HackerBay – This is an open community who have skilled hackers who have to resolve any technical problem. According to site homepage, This group can resolve your website hacking issue, PC hacking, grades changing, cell phones, DDoS attack on protected or unprotected sites,  email hacking, social media hacking and etc., for pricing information, you may visit HackersBay, but payment fee receives only in BTC(Bitcoin).

vscvkdcnjpwkdumrrnxsfhmx5shkztqzehnkvelpfrzj7sqkra7bcjid.onionHire A HackerPundit Hackers’ Group is a Darknet Market which sells “Hacking Services” exclusively. They market themselves as an all round hacking solution. A number of listed hacks include Social media hacks, Websites, School Records, Phones, Computer, Databases etc. Offer custom services, beyond what’s listed on the site. Payments will probably be in Bitcoins. No Automated order or Payment interface found. Manual E-mails required to order services. No restrictive-list found indicating all and any types of hacks are possible, and welcome. No refund, or team-information available.

2ogmrlfzdthnwkez – Rent A HackerRent-A-Hacker – Are you looking hacking service on the dark web. Get here working onion link that claiming, they can resolve your mostly technology related problems. The site admin offering his service since when he was 16 years old and have the very good amount of experience in hacking industry, if you have any task and need help you may content this site admin.

hackerrljqhmq6jb – Hacking ServiceHack Group –  Another vendor on the dark web that offer service in all hacking related field like locate missing people, SSN Trace, Online dating scams, Background check,  hacking social media threads, Remove a bed links from any sites, computer spying and surveillance, tracking, password, cyber fraud and etc.  for pricing information you can explore price page

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Bitcoin Escrow Service Links

Bitcoin Escrow services are platforms on the Deep/Dark web, which act and function like any other Escrow, but just with extreme anonymity. These also are a lot more liberal towards the kind of trades allowed on the platform.

In other words, these platforms let users buy/sell goods and commodities, which may not always be on the legal side of the law and ensure no one party scams the other. These do not ask for identification of a user (buyer/seller) either.

They often charge a commission. These aren’t “licensed” (obviously) and hence the only trust-factors which work in their favor are their reputation and security features such as Multisig transactions. Multisig may not be available on all Dark Web Escrow services.

escrowytu7s7rlqnBitcoin Escrow ServiceDark Locker – Dark Locker is arguably one of the Darkest Bitcoin Escrow services available out there, primarily because it publicly mentions allowing trades of Guns, Drugs, Credit Cards and some other most illegal goods. Offers Multisig escrow. Extremely customizable for expected delivery dates, and further actions. Charges 1% fee, which can be split 50/50 among both parties,  or paid individually by any one party. Is transparent. Offers a “Locker Code” for fund-related actions. Escrow status can be checked transparently.

escrowq5tus5jpgwBitcoin Escrow ServiceEscrow Defense– The platform is slightly more expensive and charges a 2% escrow fee. The fee must be split among both parties 50-50. Escrow-initiator chooses a delivery-time, as well as a suitable inspection period after the delivery. A “secret word” is used to access all confidential  escrow data. Offers a small payment window of 1 hour. Claims to be based out of Norway however that’s not verified.

escrow3e7meryzm5Deepweb Escrow ServiceSafePayBTC– SafePayBTC charges a 1.5% fee on its Escrow services, however the UI is slightly more complex as compared to the other two options above. The fee can be paid by either one party, but not by both the parties jointly. Delivery-date/Release-date of the funds can be selected manually. Access multiple payments to the same deposit address. Offers a 24-hour payment window. Escrow data can be verified transparently by either party.

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Fraud Documents, Passport, ID Cards, Driving License Links

Fake Documents are arguably the second most-popular commodity on the Dark Web after Drugs.

The sites listed below (claim to) offer one or other type of fake/fraud document including Passports, Licenses, Government Ids, College reports etc.

Some sites offer physical, real documents which can be used in real-life such as at airports, offices, job applications etc.

While others offer a “Digital mock-up” of the document which is primarily to be used in e-mails and other such digital mediums. The T&C may vary depending on these sites, some may ask for a 100% advance, others settle for 50% of it.

fakeidskhfik46uxFake DocumentsFake ID– The site claims to offer just about every kind of document that there is, including Driving Licenses, Ids, and even Visa and Passports. It has a country-list for which the documents can be ordered. Even educational documents such as IELTS, TOEFL, and ESOL documents are up for sale. The documents are real and physical, and are made from all the original special raw materials. Does have a couple samples on the site. Bitcoin payments.

cmarketsiuhtiix5Fake Document/InformationCMarket– This Darkweb site claims to offer “digital” information and documents. Govt.  documents, personal information about individuals, hospital records, credit card information and mock-ups etc. are sold. Only accepts Bitcoin as the mode of payment. Requires advance payment. Does agree to send a smaller-sized “sample” of the file/document for establishing trust. Orders are placed via e-mails.

vfqnd6mieccqyiitFake DocumentsUK Passports – As the name suggests, this marketplace is very specific about what it sells- “UK Passports”. They claim to be able to get the passport-data entered into UK’s official passport database. Additionally, UK bank accounts along with Credit cards are sold as well. Payment accepted in BTC. 50% advance payment required, the other needs to be sent once a digital mock-up is shown.

Counterfeit Links (USD, EURO)

These links on the Darkweb specialize in, and exclusively provide “Counterfeit currency notes”. These are physical and can be used in the real-world.

These notes can either be in USD/EUR or even some other currencies. Some offer automated orders (as on clearnet sites), while other require manually e-mailing the team.

The modes of payments (currencies) too vary depending on each platform. Also not all of these platforms ship worldwide.  Moreover, some platforms also accept other individuals who’re willing to sell Counterfeits on the platform. Not all marketplaces provide “tracking information”.

FakebillkelmwaosCounterfeit CurrencyFake Bills – FakeBills only  sells USD and EUR notes. Batches start at 2 X USD $100.00 notes, @40% of their value, while 100 X USD $100 notes can be purchased @25% value. There’s a fixed BTC wallet for payments. UPS shipping, does provide tracking ID. Offers three source-locations (US, France, Germany). Manual orders via e-mail. Claims all-test-passed products and authentic material.

cfactoryxecooa6lCounterfeit CurrencyCounterfeit Factory  -This probably is the most variety-offering Counterfeit marketplace. It offers USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, CNY, AUD, CHF, RUB and SGD. Manual orders. Only Bitcoin accepted for payments. Ships worldwide. Does have couple samples on the site. Lowest EUR batches available for 0.0303BTC, most expensive batch costs BTC 0.3006 for EUR 10,000.

o6klk2vxlpunyqt6Counterfeit CurrencyCheap Euros (Scammer) – Claims to offer UV and Pen test passed notes. Is limited to EUR. Only sells 20 EUR bills. Very basic, single-page interface. There are no additional shipping fee, but ships only to Europe. Payment only in BTC to a permanent BTC wallet listed on site. Manual e-mails required for orders. Currencies claimed to work at vending machines as well.

counter5y4he3hnyCounterfeit CurrencyCounterfeit USD – As the name suggests, only offers USD counterfeit notes. Requires registration for orders. UV and Pen-test passed notes. Not wallet-less, requires deposits in wallets before purchasing. Withdrawals possible. No shipping fee for U.S customers. Only accepts BTC payments. Contact form available after purchasing items. Only two batches available, 2X50USD Bills, and 100 X 50 USD Bills.

Carding Links (Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa Cards, Gifts Card)

Carding Dark Web links offer exactly what the name sounds like- Carding services/products.

Mostly, these platforms sell stolen/hacked/cloned Credit Cards (physical, as well as digital card details), Bank details, Online accounts and transfers (Paypal, Skrill etc) . Other products include Western Union transfers, Cashout services, prepaid cards etc.

At times, Gift cards too can be purchased (which are carded) and generally offer slightly more anonymity than directly carding items. Some sites also accept orders on products directly (phones, laptops, jewellery etc). which they purchase using Carded details and then ship to the buyer.

Registration is rarely required on these platforms. Some platforms accept Escrow, others don’t.

am5bby7wzlbkbv6opf3uqlfxwulxvcudxulrikcsfea4edjdclh43qqdFinancial ServicesBig One – If you need money/finance-related products, “Big One” is where you get it. Everything from cards, fund transfers, to PayPal transfers are available. Being single-admin, it doesn’t let you use Escrows. Losses are rather covered with a refund or exchange option. Even if you’re a complete newbie, the market actually helps you cash out funds from PayPal, WU,Wire, MG, you can get it sent to Bitcoin, other PayPal accounts or to bank accounts!

d5ubjv46kownm4jlCardingDark Labs – DarkLabs is only accessible to registered users. It sells everything from Paypal, Western Union, Card information to Wire transfers. The offered information isn’t just Digital, but also sells Physical, real cards. Offers three shipping choices are provided. BTC is the only accepted payment mode. No demo/free cards. Doesn’t accept Escrow.

pwqjuqhj4humjwxgqryg5s4mblu3acqfphqhjvb3k6m5lx2eup45cpid.onion Carding – Light Money – Transfers and gift cards- This is a platform which sells the whole financial package, including cards, gift cards, and transfers. Visa, Mastercard and American Express available. Gift cards for Amazon, eBay, and Asos are available. Transfers for MoneyGram, Payeer sold.Has dozens of “proofs” posted. Only Bitcoin accepted.

juxvsx23ud7ck7qroro5mdqam23v6hgesob66ki7cnrauf33skhvfvid.onion Transfers & gifting cards – MoneyWave – One of the few darknet carding sites which offers “full refunds” on faulty orders. Primarily sells transfers for Western Union, PayPal, Moneygram etc. Also has a stock of Google Play gift cards, and for iTunes and Amazon. It’s automated, and accepts  ZEC, DOGE, BTC, ETH, DASH and a few others.

2qblwn6scp63c42f – Financial market Protonix – The usual products include credit cards, PayPal transfers, Western Union transfers and Bank accounts. Claims to be functional since 1996. Has a 5-day refund policy for unsuccessful orders. A minimum of 5 cards can be bought at a time. No registration required and it’s completely automated. BTC only, requires 2 confirmations

buyccoq36hlj6etg Carding  Buy CC Shop  -Primarily a Credit-Card shop, selling physical cards both in U.S and EU currencies. Minimum USD $2500 balance claimed. Also sells card-producing machine and tools. Western Union / Moneygram transfers, BTC cashouts etc. available. Also offers real, anonymous, new bank accounts with VISA cards. Automated order-process, payments via Bitcoin. No registration required.

sn2vwdleom47kzqpCardingE-Shop  – E-shop too is product-rich, sells WU transfers, Cards, and Bitcoin to Bank, Card and Western Union cashout services. Claims to have been operating from 2015. Both digital and physical cards available. Again, three shipping modes (Normal/ Express and Overnight) offered. Only BTC accepted. Semi-automated orders via forms.

acteam2nmbucjnht CardingAC Team – A group of carders who limit their services to Cards, and PayPal accounts only. Offers both Physical cards, as well as digital card details. Accepts payments only via Bitcoin. One of the rare markets which accepts Escrow. Both USD and EUR cards available. Offers a cashout guide. Orders require manual e-mailing.

aannwx6fzpwniruqFinanceBeRich, as the name suggests specializes in making people richer. They sell everything starting from PayPal accounts, Western Union, Bank Wires to Cards. The site mentions a long personal journey of the owners, of how the platform came into being. Items can only be bought after registration, which is free. BTC is the only accepted form of payment. Physical cards are shipped as well.

pdf6uqyd4nxmghgwCarding/PayPalDeepDeal – As shown in movies, buying Card details and PayPal accounts off the Dark Web isn’t just a reel-thing. It exists, and Deep Deal is a site which claims to offer the same. You can purchase PayPal accounts with funds in them, or physical cards. The cards can be both from US as well as EU. Funds more than USD $5,000 is generally to be expected in either of these. Cryptocurrency payments accepted.

Bitcoin Tumbler/Mixing Links

Bitcoin Mixers are Cryptocurrency mixing services on the Deep/Dark web which allow users to make their Cryptocurrencies more anonymous.

They basically take a user’s coin, and send different coins owned by them in return. Primary feature differences include the fee, time-delays, and percentage distribution.

Some mixers also provide much better and extensive controls over the above features as compared to others. Also, a mixer may be limited only to Bitcoin or support mixing of other Cryptocurrencies as well.

Mixing Cryptocurrencies isn’t illegal, but doing so for illegal activities (Darknet purchases, avoiding taxes etc). is, don’t do that.

sinbadiovkigdbafpqvwfwjh2tfrisahtxmrskiovt62nirragcnkcadBitcoin tumblerSinbadSinbad mixer can be accessed on both Tor as well as using normal browsers. It allows 8 output addresses/transaction. You get to control the fee, the lowest possible fee is 0.5%. The smallest mixing amount is 0.001BTC. You also control the delay and distribution for every output address. Over 100 BTC reserve.

smartmixnjmuoixjCrypto MixingSmart Mix – Smart Mix allows mixing of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Charges a 0.5% static fee/transaction + 0.0001BTC for every extra address. Supports 5 additional addresses. Doesn’t require registrations, and doesn’t keep logs. Offers user-controlled delays as well as fund-distribution. The minimum mixing amounts are 0.001 BTC / 0.01 BCH.

btcmixnqyq7kljrr – Crypto Mixing – Bitcoin Mixer – Bitcoin mixer allows mixing Bitcoins, and sending them out to a maximum of 5 output addressees. Each extra address is charged at 0.000001 BTC in addition to the 1% fixed fee for mixing. Doesn’t need registrations. Doesn’t store logs permanently, and deletes them after 7 days of order-completion. Time-Delays for each address, as well as distribution of funds available and user-controlled.

smrtmxdxognxhv64Crypto MixingSmart Mixer  -Advanced user interface. Allows mixing BTC, BTCH, LTC and ETH (soon). Strict no logs policy. No registration required. Requires 3 Blockchain confirmations. Extremely extensive user-control on fee, time-delays as well as fund-distribution. Uses three separate coin-pools for coin output. Minimum accepted fee 1%, maximum 5%.

foxmixer4dw2zluv7gy4pgqrpp2ab6p323s5clcyt7i5csbpk2pzezidBTC Mixer Fox Mixer –  It’s a BTC mixer that’s also available on the Tor network. Has advanced features such as Origin Randomization and Deep Mempool Analysis. 1% fee, supports 3 output addresses, 0.0007BTC/additional address. Time-delays and fund-distribution features exist and completely user-controlled. No registration or personal information required. Smallest mix amount: 0.002BTC.

https://ultramixer.net/Bitcoin Tumbling UltraMixer –  It’s a crypto mixer. Only 1 output address is supported. Manual time-delay is possible, it’s entered in “hours”, any no. of hours can be set. The fee is completely user-controlled, 0.5% is the minimum fee 3% is the maximum fee. It does offer a mixing code. Letter of Guarantee too is available. Allows mixes as small as 0.001BTC, the maximum being 200 BTC.

mixerqpxchohuxlfCrypto MixingBest BTC Cleaner  – BTC Cleaner cleans only Bitcoins. Claims an “unique algorithm” which prevents dirty coins. No fee control, charges a randomized fee between 0.5%-0.1%. Minimum 0.001 BTC mix required. Maximum output possible is 100BTC. Basic interface. Supports 10 additional addresses. Doesn’t store logs.

bitmixbizymuphkcCrypto MixingBit Mix– Bit Mix allows mixing Bitcoin and Litecoin, ETH support may be incorporated soon. Allows 5 Additional addresses. Users completely and fully control the time-delays, percentage distribution and fee (minimum-0.4%, maximum 4%). Colour-coded interface. Logs are auto-deleted after 72 hours. No registrations required. Only 1 confirmation required.

Torrent Deep Web Links and Movies Tor Links

One of the most common uses of the Internet is to download Movies, and Torrents have been a facilitator of the same since time immemorial.

The links listed below provide users with ways to download movies, either via Torrents or directly. These sites are probably the second most popular sites on the Dark Web after Darknet Markets .

Most of these sites aren’t just limited to Movies either and also let you download Games, songs, TV Shows and other such content. Because they’re on the Dark web they provide a lot more anonymity than their clearnet counterparts and contemporaries.

Note that downloading Pirated content is illegal. These links are only presented here “as is” or as “what’s claimed” to be offered by them.

piratebayo3klnzokct3wt5yyxb2vpebbuyjl7m623iaxmqhsd52coid.onion Torrent/MoviesThe Pirate Bay Torrent– Arguably the most popular live Torrent site. Offers Torrents for Movies, Songs, TV Shows, Games, Software and everything else. Simple interface. Free to use. Accepts donations. Probably over half a million torrents available. Pretty active in terms of Seeders and Leechers.

rutordeepeib6lopqoor55gfbnvh2zbsyxqpv5hnjg2qcji2x7sookqd.onion Torrent/MoviesRutor Torrent -Rutor is a site in Russian but it can be used by non-Russians as well if you’ve the basic idea of using a Torrent site. Not very crowded Seeder presence. Quantitatively is torrent-rich. Download-pages offer information about the movie/show (in Russian). No hidden ads.

btdigggink2pdqzqrik3blmqemsbntpzwxottujilcdjfz56jumzfsyd.onion Torrent/MoviesBtDig Torrent – One of the most seeder-rich Torrent sites on the Dark web. Extremely rich in the number of available Torrents. Offers categories such as Anime, Apps, Books, Movies, Comics and even Porn. Very active with every-minute updates. Offers screenshots for quality-check before downloading.

wc4kl7eq4gkaguhkck63x7jldzihpxluziutcazi3lfz4ylq4tn4dtid.onionTorrent/AnimeAnime Torrent– A torrent site exclusively for Anime. Has exactly 19 Anime, and 404 total episodes so far. All content is offered in 720P and 1080P qualities. Uses a very basic, simple text-page-like interface and offers One-click downloads, absolutely 0 ads. Not very actively updated.

Weapons Store Links

Weapons Store sell weapons, plain and simple. Most Darknet today have banned the sale of Weapons on their platforms. That’s what resulted in a rise of these individual weapon stores.

Some of these platforms require registrations, most don’t. Mostly only Bitcoin is accepted, some may accept XMR and other currencies. The order-process is automated in most cases while others may require a bit more manual touch.

As for deposits, not all of these Weapon Stores support wallet-less deposits. Not all platforms ship globally either, while most “established” ones do. Some stores include free Add-ons with the weapons. Primary benefit for buyers is that the weapons are unregistered and untraceable.

armoryohajjhou5mWeaponsArmory– It’s a registration-requiring site, which is anonymous and instant. Not wallet-less, requires deposits to an account-wallet. Only BTC is accepted for payments. Provides as many as 50 Bullets for free with all weapons. Ships worldwide. Replacements available. Multiple weapon types.

weapon5cd6o72mnyWeaponsBlack Market  – Good interface, multiple product photos. Market price, as well as Darknet prices are displayed. Only BTC accepted. Automated, form-based order process. 7-day replacement. Wallet-less. Offers 10 free bullets. Does provide tracking ID. No registrations needed.

2kka4f23pcxgqkpvWeaponsEuro Guns–  Only offers 3 weapons for purchase, hand-gun exclusive. Does require registrations and isn’t wallet-less. Ships from Netherlands and Germany. Global shipping available. No free bullets offered, bullets can’t be purchased individually (without gun). Only Bitcoin payments.

gunsdtk47tolcrreWeapons- UK Guns and Ammo Store– Similar interface alike EURO Guns. Limited to 2 handguns only. Does require registrations. Ships from UK. Manual e-mailing required for orders. BTC deposits to wallets required pre-purchase. No refund or free bullet info available. Prices start at 0.0797 BTC.

Software/ Technology

The sites mentioned below provide/sell one or other type of software. In most cases these tools are either related to Hacking or providing anonymity from the govt. Given their nature, these have to be hosted on the untraceable onion network.

There really is no limit to what you can find on these links or what you can do with them. From advanced anonymous OS, to customized hacking modules and packages everything’s available.

You can even refer to some of the links above in the “Torrent” section if you’re looking for any specific software; those can be found there.

qubesosfasa4zl44o4tws22di6kepyzfeqv3tg4e3ztknltfxqrymdad.onion Anonymous OSQubes– Qubes is an anonymous Operating system which uses isolated compartments called “Qubes” for all activities. Similar to air-gapping each task individually. Sanitizing files too possible. Recommend by Edward Snowden.

sdolvtfhatvsysc6l34d65ymdwxcujausv7k5jk4cy5ttzhjoi6fzvyd.onion WhistleblowingSecure Drop  – A Whistleblowing software which allows sharing of documents/files/media securely and anonymously. Direct access to The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Intercept and multiple news outlets. Free and open-source, encrypted. “No Data logging” policy. Every print media journal have his own SecureDrop page, where anyone can deposit any leak documents or any king evidences. Her are some major secure drop links.

jw545nmps6xzusfhhct5t64agtnsrujppbfvfwzwxtfmpjfzu645i5ad.onionDisk Encryption Software –  TrueCrypt – Truecrypt is disk encryption and decryption software that can protect data in internet and external hard disk. Truecrypt can also help create virtual disks and hidden partitions and automatically mount partitions at the operating system boot time. But Now TrueCrypt is out of support, and a fork of Truecrypt is available, which you can found at https://www.veracrypt.fr/en/Home.html

www.dds6qkxpwdeubwucdiaord2xgbbeyds25rbsgr73tbfpqpt4a6vjwsyd.onion –  Pentesting Operating System –  Whonix is the most secure pentesting operating system that internet communication based on Tor routing protocol. Users can run the whonix operating system on an external flash drive. Whonix offers hidden IP, leak shield, no logging, virus and malware protection, open source, and Free to use.

ecggysd4a6gzlqwtrwbyadjflkh2g3ermgs3fbkevw7bswe3ss2qvjyd.onion –  Remote Administration Tool –  Venom Software –  Remote administration tools that can help to the user to get any system access with the help of HVNC and can help in monitoring user action with the help of Keylogger. Venom offers tons of plugins for various extra features like Monitor on/off, Open and Close CD, Enable and Disable Task Manager,  Password Recovery, etc.

jt4tpfflmrb7jfpk6jcwxewqmmzids4syg4sjyecqhdj2oc43ib3adid.onionRansomwareRanion –  Sells  custom Ransomware+ Decrypter seller.  Offers free C&C Dashboard. Payments accepted via BTC. Order-process requires making the payment in advance, and then contacting the team via E-mail. Additional paid add-ons such as Obfuscator, Unkillable process,  sub-banners etc. available.

j77vay55or2d4xztgqwagodilnzrrjhbbhbkwaho2f3sthfangkyfhqd.onion Marketplace– Dark Web Solution – This is a marketplace created exclusively for selling software. Claims to research and discover the licensing method used in programs to provide licenses for software. Primarily stocked with “Graphic-related” tools such as BTC.cart, BTC.play, BTC.Bundle, BTC.vChat, DWS.phpCounter, DWS.httpServer and other tools however states them to be expensive.

Hacking Software/Hacks/Malware/Virus Link

As shown in movies, Hacks and custom-made malware/viruses are indeed available on the Dark Web. Infact, they’re much easier to obtain than most would anticipate or expect.

While strolling through the Dark Web, we found a handful of links which “Claimed” to provide one or the other kind of Hacking services. Some were offering 1-on-1 hacking services, other sites were offering download links to hacking software, and yet other platforms had automated “hack accounts in seconds” kinds of scripts/tools available.

While most services and custom-made tools are paid, there are indeed a few sites offering free download links. But then again, due to the nature of the Dark Web, no one can verify (not even us) the legitimacy, authenticity or the actual nature of these sites.

jokeroodgo3ylvedCustom RansomwareINPIVX– Has multiple mentions on clearnet sites, claims to offer custom-made randomware for each client. Has multiple “live-preview” snapshots. Customizable dashboard and payment variables. Package includes Decryption tool + Exe files + Dashboard + Ransomware + How to use guide + Source code. Payment accepted- BTC/DASH/XMR and ZCash.

mvfjfugdwgc5uwhoHacking Tools0Day Exploit  – A forum-like platform, offers (largely) free exploits, tools, malware etc. Remote hacking tools, Web apps, DDoS, and direct social media hacking tools available. Paid exploits available. Payment via BTC, LTC, Perfect Money, WebMoney, WU, OKPay, BTC, DOGE, Cards, Qiwi etc. Seems very active.

fsv2bgli7wk4hkvlHackingTeam Hacking–  Is a Darknet Hacker’s Team. Organizes Hacking tournaments and competitions. Completely in Spanish. Offers free Dumps/Leaks and hacking related info. The Dumps and other data is directly downloadable in a txt file (although may contain backdoors).

hashcrack25qkmjyHacking Crack MD5 HASH- This is an individualistic service, which offers to crack MD5, SHA1 hashes for a price. The Hash can be reviewed free of charge, the team then informs the customer if they can crack it. If they can, an account needs to be registered, and a payment needs to be made. “Coins” are bought using the payment, 20 coins are charged for each successful decryption. Free <7 char. Decryption. Only BTC accepted.

Red Room Deep Web Links

Red Rooms are arguably the most illegal content on the Dark Web. So much so, that even Joining one may be considered a crime!

These are websites which claim to upload real rape, snuff, torture videos and even Child-Porn. At times, the content is even claimed to be live-streamed. Furthermore, some more advanced Red Rooms even let viewers “Command” certain actions which are carried out on the victims.

None of these are free, the sites do not grant access without an advance payment. There hasn’t been any clear evidence of these sites being legit so far, but we wouldn’t dare find out the truth anyway.

shadowdvttuvtxfdSnuff/KillingShadow Web- The available content is said to be underage/extreme porn, killing videos, Snuff etc. Has a homepage which answers a number of questions regarding ShadowWeb. Only accepts Bitcoin payments, mandatory to join. A payment of 0.1 BTC required, provides a 24-hour payment window.

redroomfing27toiRed RoomRed Room  – This site has been live for a really long time. Everytime I check the homepage, there’s a timer displayed, showing X number of Days, Hours and Minutes. Has two options- “Join” or “Leave”. Isn’t free, the Join button would probably asks users to make a payment. Grants “roles” depending on the amount paid.

snuffyknz5eb6spvSnuffSnuff Real–  The website has a picture of a naked girl who has been tortured on the homepage. Only one functional link is available which says “Join Now”, it redirects users to a registration page. An account is auto-generated and the details presented to the users. Account activation requires 0.01999 BTC payment, other payment modes include ETH, DASH, LTC and XMR.

Web Design/Developer Links

The links listed below should help you find a person/group who offer their services for Web Design and Developing on the Onion network. Just like you can find people on the Clearnet (job sites, Social networks etc). these platforms too help you find a person(s) offering his/her/their skill sets for a price.

Although because these are on the Onion network, most often than not the offered services are open to jobs which may not be exactly on the legal side of the law. Hence in most cases you may be provided with a Pseudonym and a payment address instead of the person’s real-life details.

Some of these sites accept custom offers (build a site, build a blog, system administration etc). while others may have a very specific kind of project (a marketplace for example) up for sale.

shopsat2dotfotbsMarketplace DesignTor Shops- Can be used to get your own marketplaces designed. Provides integrated BTC wallet, user-chosen .onion address, custom logos,  a tracking system etc. Is priced at a one-time 100USD fee + 6% of all sales. Additional addons include completely custom-made shop, and an additional forum.

market7ow7cuw2hzPre-Made MarketplaceMarket– Unique concept, sells three products- 1. Megapack 2. Marketplace (6months) 3. Marketplace (1 year). Megapack contains tons of goods and services which can be purchased directly for 130.00USD. Or, the contents of the Megapack can be resold at a custom shop, sub-domained at Market. Everyone sells the same products. Costs $200.00 USD for 6 months, $280.00 USD for a year. Only BTC accepted.

nsimondyhzfm26dqPersonal Services  – Nicholas Simon–  An individual showcasing and selling his skills. Claims to be fluent in French, Italian and English. Primarily offers System administration, Backup Management, Network design etc. Listed specialities are Windows, Debian and Web-admin. Has HTML, CSS, PHP, VMWare NSX, Exchange Server, HyperV Clusters, GNU/Linux skills. Seems to be strictly legal.

Social Media Deep Web Links

Social Media originated as a place to meet and connect with our friends and family digitally. But over time, it became this massive surveillance hub that it is today. Facebook literally has the Photo, Address, Phone number, likes/dislikes/ location history/ contacts and every other piece of data for a majority of the world’s population!

And it’s not limited just to Facebook, other social media platforms are no more anonymous. That’s where these Deep Web social media links come in handy. These platforms are on the Onion network, offer a lot more anonymity than those clearnet sites and are mostly legal as well.

Obviously they may not always be as feature-rich as clearnet social media platforms, but they do serve the purpose.

facebookwkhpilnemxj7asaniu7vnjjbiltxjqhye3mhbshg7kx5tfyd.onion – Social MediaFacebook – This is the Deep Web onion URL for the official Facebook. Obviously it’s a bit more anonymous considering how the IP address can’t be traced over Tor, but apart from that it’s basically the same thing. Is definitely feature-rich, and can be used if used with caution.

twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion Social MediaThe Twitter  – A transparent and anonymous social media network. Requires registration. Shows all activities (Follow Anyone and Read Anyone Tweet) publicly (even to non-friends).  Can add friends and send personal messages. Is extremely active. Supports direct file sharing; poll and blog creation features available. Completely free.

societyc7422zz3aiso5hakhf24m2n47qhcwmwfrdir5z5d74ldbmoid.onion Social NetworkSociety Social Community –  Society too is free and anonymous social network. Has a public-timeline displaying activities from other users. Requires registrations via Torbox mail ID only. Offers groups (primarily consist of sexual content).Active users and groups can be found easily. Not a very modern interface.

PasteBin/ Pastepad Deep Web Links

PasteBin is arguably the most popular “Text-paste” platform. It lets users paste text and links, and share it freely with anyone on the Internet. Although what makes it popular is its “anonymity”. In most cases, these platforms do not have a mandatory requirement of “registering” on the platform.

Once pasted, the user can apply a number of advanced settings to the such as auto-expiry of the text, pre-defined text destruction options,  add folders,  and so on. These are often used by hackers to partially reveal hacked content to prove legitimacy of the data, and then demand ransom or find buyers.

If the IP Address is masked using a VPN and/or TOR, the possibility of the user being identified are almost nullified. The following links provide almost the same features, on the Tor network hence the added anonymity.  All the following platforms are absolutely free to use.

4m6omb3gmrmnwzxi PastebinDeep Paste- The Tagline says “A Deep Shit Hoster for Special Shit”. No restrictions except child-porn related text/links. Has three publish modes, Public, Unlisted and Self-Destruct. Can also be accessed from depastedihrn3jtw. Others can add comment. Date of time of publishing the text shown. No registration required. No logs or data stored. Completely coded from scratch. No default auto-deletion time.

nzxj65x32vh2fkhkPrePastebinStronghold Paste – Offers password-protected pastes. Paste-time can be selected, minimum 30 minutes maximum 1 year. No illegal pastes allowed. Public pastes older than an hour are auto-deleted. No mandatory registrations required, although option available. No other anonymity-features mentioned.

zerobinqmdqd236y–  Pastebin  – ZeroBin–  Zero-knowledge server (client-side encryption, server has no access to pasted information). Uses AES 256 bit encryption. Expiry times can be set from 5minutes, to “never”. Self-destruction after reading possible. Comments can be allowed/banned. Password protection available. Three formats available- Source Code, Plain Text, Markdown. No registration required.

Extra Links (Fun, Chat, Service, Travel, Medical) Deep Web Links

The links which follow next do not fit in any one specific category. They’re either miscellaneous or just vague in their “type”. The good news however is most of these are legal to visit, and probably also to use.

Some of these links would let you chat with strangers for fun, others may be providing some services such as Travel plans, packages, medical help or guides and so on.

In most cases, these links are not made with a “for-profit” intent, however there are exceptions.  These sites are often individual-run, and showcase personal interests, ideologies, or desires.

badcopszmq7ygc73 Anti-Police – Bad Cops- Some would say Cops are the legal gangsters, the admin of this site clearly agrees. He/she posts news and information about cops who’ve been bad. Filed cases, false charges, and even bodycam videos can be found. Often redirects to other third-parties, however also offers downloading of some files which may be of interest.

ncidetf3j26mdtvf Law EnforcementNCIDE – The NCIDE is a Law Enforcement site which run by a Californian Task force, it’s tasked with interpreting, arresting and basically taking action against illegal and illicit digital trades, its scope includes Cryptocurrencies as well as Darknet markets. Publishes a list of arrested vendors publicly. A separate list of “identified vendors” (but not yet arrested) is published as well.

lexhvbws72xq3737suc7o7sznwej4pdem4iaj7xukvt4743mfi5dgyqd –  Extra  – Maestro–  The site has been live for over a year, although  its purpose is still unclear to me. Has exactly three elements on the site, the word “Master”, and two buttons- Guardar and Guadando, they mean “Save” and “Looking” in Italian respectively, however none of those buttons work. No other information or content available.

2l3tctashiu5knp2 MarketingBrandMaker– Is probably a Marketing Agency, although completely and solely in Russian. Seems to offer Shadow Marketing, Positioning, Design as some of its services among others. Showcases “Google Drugs”, “Telegram Drugs”, “Family Guy” etc. as some of its successful clients. Seems professional, however most links redirect to a 403 error page.

Hosting Service Deep Web Links

The TOR network is famous for its anonymity, that combined with the power of “Servers” is what the following links are all about. In other words, the links listed below would let you purchase servers on the Tor Network, For the Network.

Although obviously at times some of these companies also allow hosting on the Clearnet. The prime objective in most cases is to provide users with extreme anonymity and liberty with the content being hosted on the servers.

All of these accept payments via multiple Cryptocurrencies, and often ignore DMCA requests as well. Although Child Porn and Terrorism are still banned considering their extreme illegal and immoral nature.

servnetshsztndci BulletProof HostingServNet- A Tor network hosting service which markets itself as “BulletProof Hosting”. Meaning, it doesn’t pay attention to court orders or other legal constraints and lets admins host most if not all types of content. Payment is accepted via Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin , Ethereum, and Monero. Also offers .onion domain registrations.

torvps7kzis5ujfz Free VPSTOR VPS– Earlier offered paid hosting plans, although now permanently suspended. Now the site offers Free VPS servers for those services which do not yet exist on the .onion network. Also offers to manage the site (optional). Has never been contacted by Law enforcement, and claims to be the oldest running Tor host.

spore64i5sofqlfz5gq2ju4msgzojjwifls7rok2cti624zyq3fcelad –  Hosting  – Spore Stack–  A legal hosting service on the Tor network. Doesn’t allow Torrenting or copyrighted content. Accepts payments via BTC, BTCH, BSV, and XMR. Is a U.S registered company, and also has a clearnet URL.

shyserversmg4gfe Cloud HostingShyServers-  Claims to be extremely privacy-friendly. Offers Tor hosting servers. Has partnered up with DigitalOcean for its servers so it’s anonymous sure, but still not completely lawless. Probably won’t allow DMCA, ChildPorn, Terrorism, Darknet Markets and other such illegal content. Only BTC accepted. Plans range from USD $7.00/month to USD $26.00/month.

dhosting4okcs22v Free hostingDaniel’s Hosting- The guy named “Daniel” is offering free hosting servers not just for the Tor network, but also the clearnet.  Offers 10GB space and 100K files at a maximum, although can be extended by contacting Daniel. File-managers, automatic E-mail redirections, FTP access etc. available.

aivnsjq66nqvedxe HostingPrivate Hosting- Professional Hosting company offering free .onion domains along with paid servers. No automated or direct access, files need to be sent manually to an e-mail ID. Only BTC accepted. Payments range from 0.0060BTC (3months) to 0.0384BTC (2years). Paid 8-letter domains can be ordered as well.

Books Sites Deep Web Links

The following Deep web sites links will take you to sites and platforms offering you “Books” for free. The books either can be copyrighted, or just rare.

The reason these sites are on the Tor network is in some cases these platforms even offers books which are banned either for political or religious reasons and are unavailable in a specific geographic area.

Also Tor network allows the uploaders as well as downloaders to remain anonymous and safe even if there are copyright disputes. All of these sites are free to use, also registration isn’t required in most cases either.

The download mostly is provided off the same site, however at times there may be redirections to third-party websites. What’s best is these sites are void of ads and popups.

5h5ps743nnqsjq4lBooks (German)Calibre Web- A Deep Web Site boasting a couple thousand books in its arsenal. All the content seems to be in German, so the Titles are all there but their availability in English isn’t guaranteed. Most content can either be downloaded for offline reading, or read online on ePub using the provided links. Optional registration available. Has a basic and an advanced search filter allowing language, author, publisher and date filters.

xfmro77i3lixucjaBooksImperial Library– A Darkweb library  flaunting exactly 353042 books in its collection as of today. Offers tag-filters such as Children, Horror, War, Mystery and so on. Again seems dominated by books in the German language. Offers download + Online reading options (no third-party redirects). Also allows anonymous uploads. Registrations aren’t mandatory but available.

r6rfy5zlifbsiiym–  Books (Comics)  – Comic Book Library–  Not extremely rich in quantity, but still offers 1345 comics currently. Can be searched by Title, Publisher, Writer, Scanner. Recently added or Random comic options help users discover new titles. Primarily dominated by Classics (1900s). Can’t be read online, only download options available.

avaxhome5lcpcok5Books/AudiobooksAvaxHome-  A Register-to-Download site which offers games, movies, music and ofcourse Books. Also offers Audiobooks for some of the most popular titles on the planet. Features a torrent-like interface. Almost all links redirect to third-party download sites. Not extremely content-rich. Offers filters based on languages for comics. Is free to use although accepts BTC donations.

Search Engine Deep Web Links

The TOR Network obviously isn’t indexed on Google or other clearnet search engines, that’s where these Search Engine Links come to the rescue. These help us discover Tor sites (.onion links) just like we search for clearnet sites on Google/Yahoo and other search engines.

Additionally, Clearnet search engines are overloaded with trackers, ads and follow you, your searches, browsing habits, and even time spent on individual sites around the web.

These Tor Search Engine links are completely anonymous, do not log data or browsing habits. However, these search engines may at times show ads to make money and keep themselves afloat.

3bbad7fauom4d6sgppalyqddsqbf5u5p56b5k5uk2zxsy3d6ey2jobad.onionSearch EngineOnion Land – Onion Land somewhat resembles Google in the sense that it too has a “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Shows 5-7 banner ads on the homepage. Is extremely fast, heavily indexed, and also shows sponsored search engine results. Additionally also includes a site’s Live/Offline status and description. Also features an image database.

juhanurmihxlp77nkq76byazcldy2hlmovfu2epvl5ankdibsot4csyd.onionTor Search Engine Ahmia Global Search – This is a unique platform, dedicated only to tor network and has the biggest .onion links database, Ahmia is an open source project, anyone developer who wants to contribute in this community easily can contribute.

duckduckgogg42xjoc72x3sjasowoarfbgcmvfimaftt6twagswzczad.onion –  Search Engine  – Duckduckgo –  DuckDuckGo is another Tor Search Engine that allows searching for .onion links and normal links too.  It too can be used to display ads for a price. Most search results are void of a description. Links can be shared directly from the Bing community and other supportive search engine directories. Websites can also be reported.

torchdeedp3i2jigzjdmfpn5ttjhthh5wbmda2rr3jvqjg5p77c54dqd.onionSearch Engine – Torch search engine –  One of the oldest Tor Search engines. Extremely basic, but detailed interface. Displays page size, last-checked status, and the complete URL. Even offers a “Cached version” displaying the site without having to actually visit it. Is overloaded with graphic ads. A huge database of indexed sites.

tordexu73joywapk2txdr54jed4imqledpcvcuf75qsas2gwdgksvnyd.onion/Search Engine TorDex- A Search Engine on the Dark web which also has its own Wiki linking to multiple sites on the Dark web. Does accept manual site submissions. Can be used for Adverts which cost a flat USD $50.00/month. It Shows the BTC price on the right sidebar. Does include a site description, and doesn’t trim/hide URLs. Moderately indexed.

Deep Web Links directory

These are pages with a list of links. These aren’t the same as search-engines. Search-engines “crawl” the internet for new links, and show you results based on what you’re searching for.

Link directories have a pre-defined list on them. These need to be updated manually. However, link directories are more trustworthy. The admin can add his/her experiences and opinions with each link. Search engines only fetch the metadata that the website has put up for itself, which is often promotional and even misleading at times.

This very page is a perfect example of a link directory.

dirt2rkid2xkg4ahwiuvstpve3l6hjg6hhghpuaivv6rxtwk4budyrad link directory Directorio Tor 2.0 – A simple yet link-rich darknet link directory is what this is. It has links to pastebins, chans, boards, forums, other link directories and other Tor sites. It has a very basic, one-page interface. Although no description for the sites is displayed,  it does show the date of including the links on the list, helps avoid very old or dead links.

russianvii3zs27lht5jvwuppli77k47567bbv5o3bsos4qxxbu67sid Link collection Russian Road – The site has 100 or so darknet links. It uses both Russian and English language so can be understood by anyone. Weapon stores, hosting servers, online Bitcoin gambling platforms, counterfeits etc. links are available. Most links are live and working.  No registrations/other details or donations demanded.

3vhdtqp4jzllcn3fczzx5locmfllicoimvk4xzthfuqdcefjkumgcnad Links and tutorials Baobab – In addition to being a link directory, it’s a tutorials site. You can learn how to block websites easily, install various software etc. It does have a list of a few sites however most of these redirect to clearnet sites and not to onion domains. You won’t really find many illegal darknet links here.

PayPal Deep Web Links

We’ve included a larger pool of similar links above, the Hacking Links or Carding Links. The links listed below are of a very specific micro-niche, i.e. Dark Web PayPal accounts and funds. These are sites which deal in one exclusive product and that’s PayPal. They either sell direct transfers, hacked PayPal accounts or even Cards loaded with cash.

Payment obviously is made primarily in Bitcoins, although some sites may accept other Cryptocurrencies. Delivery is (claimed to be) almost always instant. These being extremely anonymous never require registration or any other personally-identifiable data.

tmhbdsndtaseb6xdhvgetuuera6hfvozqmnlfyy37lfib2k53wql7iad PayPal LinksPayPal Plaza- Markets itself as a “Tor Marketplace for Buying and Selling PayPal accounts”, although no “sell” option seems to be available. Shows balance, price as well as the profit amount before purchase. Accounts start as low as USD $8.00. Also includes a cashout guide, as well as location information of the account. Only BTC accepted. Minimum 3 confirmations required.

uujpz6aszhnrxyix PayPal Links (PP to BTC)TorVendor– It offers PayPal and Bank accounts, although instead of directly cashing it out, provides a cashout guide to convert the funds to BTC before liquidation. Does inform of the balance, location and profit-margin before purchase. Identical interface to PayPal Plaza. Accounts are temporarily reserved once added to cart. BTC accepted.

ugtech6yot3p5n3u PayPal Links  – Underground Technology –  A Dark Web PayPal Links site which offers not just PayPal-related services but also Cards and iPhones (Physically shipped). It doesn’t sell “accounts”, and rather only sells funds which are directly transferred to the buyer’s accounts. Uses Clearnet Coinbase Commerce payment gateway and hence buyers probably use additional security (such as NordVPN) while accessing the site. Accepts BTC, LTC and ETH. Offers 1-hour payment window.

Games Deep Web Links

The links included below are related to Games in one or the other way. Although most of these will redirect you to one or other kind of betting website, where you can play a game and at times even win money!

In most cases these aren’t illegal either, although there are Darkweb games links which offer advanced game-results for popular matches such as Football, Baseball, Basketball etc. via fixing.

Playing games for fun is free, although buying game-results, or betting on 100% assured games either requires a one-time fee, or even recurring subscription.

4uswvjcisj6r3te2Games553 Minesweeper – If you’ve got Bitcoin and would like to bet it on a game, 553 Minesweeper is a good place to start. A 5×5 grid houses “Greens” and “mines”. The greens multiple what you bet, the mines will make you lose your money. A colourful and easy to understand interface welcomes you, with “Quick play” options. So you can easily bet 10%, 20%, 50% or 100% of your deposited funds. 1 confirmation required for deposits to be considered successful. Automated, one-click registrations required. Login facilitated via auto-generated hash. Minimum stake amount is USD $1.00

bettorzztykidrx2Games (Fixed Games)Bettor- Bettor, as the name suggests is a website which supplies information about bets. Basically the results of a match are shared with the customers before it’s made public or is known to anyone else. Requires subscription, starts at 0.0219 ฿ and goes upto 0.4071 ฿ depending on the type of game and coefficient. Requires advance payment. Semi-automated order process.

footballsge4ocq3Games (Fixed Results) Football Money– Sells results for fixed Football matches. No subscription plan available, plans are based on individual matches. Offers “free matches” once a month to establish trust. Also accepts Escrow! Claims 100% accuracy. Accepts Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, XRP, DASH, NEM and also XMR. Manually sending mails required for orders.

xmatchesfmhuzgfbGames (Fixed Games)  – XMatches–  Offers fixed-game results, although offers a “Match for Trust” mode, where you only pay after the match! Dates and Odds of the match are displayed, individual matches can be ordered/bought, or a recurring plan can be subscribed. Plans are priced depending on the amount of profit that can be earned on those matches, start at USD $190.00 and go upto USD $700.00. Accepts both BTC and ETH.

betcoinahk4j27ybGames (Bitcoin Betting) Hidden Betcoin-  Is a site that lets users bet using Bitcoins. Minimum bet amount is 0.005BTC, highest being 7BTC. Has numbers from 1 to 9 which are colour-coded with Red and Yellow, a user can bet “Same” or “Diff”. If the two numbers both come up of the same colour, you win and make a 195% profit. If the colours don’t match, you lose. Claims being Provably fair, and a reserve of 16BTC. No country restrictions.

Gadget/Tech Product Links

Darknet Markets are without doubt probably the biggest niche on the Dark Web, a micro-niche of the same are “Gadget shops”. These Dark web Gadget/Tech Product links too are Darknet Markets, but dedicated to one specific product, i.e. Tech products and gadgets.

In most cases, they keep themselves restricted to high end brands, for e.g. Apples. But obviously products from other brands too are available. The main USP here is to provide users Tech gadgets at a much lower price than their actual market-price.

This is possible as the devices are mostly stolen, carded or acquired via other non-legal means. Payment is accepted in Cryptocurrencies. Registrations may or may not be require depending on the site.

35flmpspwpnarbos Apple DevicesApple World– The marketplace offers iPads, Macbooks, Apple Watches, iPhones and other Apple products. All products are claimed to be new, original (from Apple) and unlocked (no feature restrictions). Even claims that the devices have their warranties intact. Orders are saved, the platform then contacts the buyers on their e-mails for payments and delivery. No registration required.

mobileay2syyw6qf Mobile Phones  – Mobile Store – The platform sells mobile devices from all popular brands including Apple, Samsung. Multiple colour options and variations (RAM/Space etc). are offered. Registration mandatory to place orders. Advance, wallet-deposits required before placing orders. Only Bitcoin accepted. Transaction fee 0.0001 ฿/deposit. Additional USD $30.00 shipping fee/item.

qorzg7cwgbtpjmkj Apple Devices- Apple Jesus- As the name hints, is an Apple-exclusive marketplace. Sells iPhones, TVs, iPads, Watches and Macs all from Apple. Again, colour and spec-variations available. Needs additional VPN protection as payments are made via clearnet processor (Bittnexx.com). Payments accepted only via Bitcoin. 20-minute payment windows.

electrotev3tgo2p Electronic DevicesElectronion- Isn’t partial or exclusive to any one brand but primarily dominated by Mobile Phones. Devices from Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony are available. Custom orders accepted. Advance payments required via Bitcoin. 2-hour payment window. Multiple payments (in installments) accepted to increase anonymity. Delivery info demanded after payment. Doesn’t ship worldwide and has some country-limitations.

Music/Radio Deep Web Links

These links would take you to sites related to Music in one way or another, on the Tor network. While there’s no practical necessity of listening to Music on the Tor network, it sure becomes a requirement when you’re trying to do more than just “listen”.

For example downloading pirated music content off the Dark Web sure would need anonymity, won’t it? Although you should check our “Torrent” section above if you need to see how Torrent sites look like which offer music downloads.

The links included below are mostly legal, or just directly music streaming platforms. None of these require registrations/payments or any other such commitments. Radio stations are something else you may find hidden within these links.

kiy52zq46nqu426lMusicNo Tone – No Tone is a one-page website with over 50 cover songs and music from individual  producers. You won’t find very “popular” songs here but music sure is available. Each link displays the run-time and name of the song/music. Clicking on it would take you to a music player on the same site which offers basic playback settings and a full-screen mode (why?)

iid44nizvqih2dmkoqopi2xpnt35cm6pai7u37q7yzyshpddxsyawgqdMusicMusic on Air– A rather creepy-looking site and equally confusing.  The background image keeps switching between two pre-specified images. Weirdly, no music plays. It’s either a glitch, some browser issue or something broke. The images however look like they’re in sync with some kind of music which we can’t hear! No clickable elements available.

artifaxdeep.torpress2sarn7xw Virual-World MusicArtifax Deep Radio- One of the longest-running radio stations on the Tor network. Is advanced and offers radio stations to virtual-world games (for e.g. Second life). Also can be integrated, and played from normal music players such as Quick Time, Real-Player, Winmp, Windows Media Player etc. A Live-DJ is also available from 10 a.m to 4 p.m (EST) and they even allow and accept live song requests.

Image Hosting Service Links

While hosting images isn’t generally illegal, there may be special cases where you’d rather not divulge your identity/personal information as the uploader of a certain image.

That’s where these platforms come to the rescue, these allow hosting/uploading images, sharing the links with other users and all of this without requiring a signup or payment of any kind.

Some of these have time-limits (the number of days for which the images will remain online) while others are a lot more generous and keep the images forever. Some sites provide additional services (such as pasting text) along with the images, while others may be limited only to images.

All in all, if you need to share images online without revealing your identity, or leaving a footprint these sites may help.

3b6clio4syptsnvvtzyxifqvtizyazgyowpp3v5f7dj3mzmfhyoy4iyd Image HostingHDD Oro – A simple site allowing image uploads in one single click. Supports both JPG and PNG formats. Maximum upload size is limited at 40Mb for each image. No registration and/or payment required. Uploads are fast. Only 1 direct link provided.

felixxxboni3mk4a Image Hosting  – Felixxx – A site which offers text-pasting (pastebin like services) in addition to image uploads. Again, no registration required. No minimum size mentioned either. Offers a direct link + HTML link + a HTML & Thumbnail preview link after upload. Has a 30-day storage time limit. Supports JPG, PNG and GIF files. Has a low maximum-file allowance of 5MB.

pic2torxpvv5qxqp Image HostingPic2Tor- A site in Russian and hence slightly harder to understand. Allows any and all kinds of images without any restrictions. If an image link isn’t used/requested for 60 days, the image is deleted. Has some kind of pixel-specifying feature but the language-barrier made things hard to understand. Allowed formats are JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG. Allowed file size is a maximum of 20MB and 5000X5000 px.

File Hosting Service Links

The links that follow are what you should use when you wish to upload files (any type and format), anonymously. These are best used when you wish to leak secrets against powerful organizations or government.

Simply because with the help of a VPN + Tor, you’re pretty anonymous. And these platforms do not ask users to register, neither divulge any personal information. You can just upload a file and share it wherever you want.

Moreover, some of these services also encrypt the files using various encryption protocols which further ensures their security. Some other sites make the process fun by ranking users according to their number of uploads.

Most often these have a auto-delete date/period, at times the receiver of the files too is provided control of the delete feature.

uo5ncae3hgdpjjpmFile HostingSimple File Sharer– A file hosting service which allows uploading any file for a period of 14-days. After which it’s auto-deleted. The maximum allowed file-size is 15MB. Available in English and Dutch languages. Takes extremely long to finalize the upload.

filegxngeeag634pFile Hosting  Upload Your Files – The name of the site actually is “Upload your Files”. It’s probably hosted in Bangladesh and hence doesn’t allow any illegal content according to the Bangladeshi laws. No porn is allowed either. Maximum upload size is 10.24MB/file. Not very active, only 16 files hosted so far. No deletion possible.

turbod44gwmvxnu3File HostingTurbo.me- Advanced site, allows multiple file-uploads. Maximum 300Mb file-sizes allowed. Auto-deletes meta tags from image files. Custom message can be attached to uploads (is auto encrypted). Auto-deletion can be set from 1-week to 40days. Files are auto-renamed, unless specified otherwise using an inbuilt option.

dropperibhaerr2mFile HostingFile Drop- Single-file uploads allowed. Retention period can be set from 1-day, to “Unlimited” (so it’s never deleted). Files encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption. Maximum file upload size is 50MB. No extra link provided, the URL on the successful upload-page is to be used for sharing.

Bitcoin Casino Links

While there are Bitcoin Casinos on the Clearnet, they are most often regulated and govt. authorized. Being so, they need to follow a ton of rules, regulations, restrictions and censorship from the authorities.

Most often, these Casinos have a “restricted country list” and do not allow players from specific countries. At other times, these require intensive identity verification from users before allowing them to gamble.

Also, the clearnet Casinos most often have limits and special requirements for Withdrawal. All of these problems are nullified with Onion network Bitcoin Casinos. However note that the fairness or legitimacy of these Casinos can’t be absolutely guaranteed.

d7shwhjlrs45ooux Online CasinoNinja’s LR Casino – A Casino which accepts BTC, ETH, RDD, LTC, XRP, USDT, and even fiat payments via WebMoney, Yandex money etc. Claims to offer instant withdrawals. The minimum accepted bet is $0.01. The minimum deposit too is USD $0.01.

by5oe7gmrt3pmn7p Online Casino Perfect Money Casino – Offers both Demo as well as real-money games. Minimum deposit and minimum bet is USD $0.01. Minimum withdrawal is USD $0.05.Offers games such as Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, HD Slots etc. No Live-Games seem to be available.

6gua6qlq3scz7jam Online CasinoClockpay Gold Games – Recently introduced XVG payments. BTC, ETH, DASH, DOGE, USDT, BTCH and many other Crypto+ fiat payments accepted. No deposit/Withdrawal fee. $0.01 bets and deposits accepted. No licensing/Provability info available.

t3e6ly3uoif4zcw2 –  Drugs Marketplace –  Dream Markets (Shut Down) – This is most trusted marketplace which have all type drugs products for buying, marketplace running since from last 5 year and user every day bought more than thousands of products, and getting his products all over the world. For payment, marketplace receives Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash crypto coins. If you are highly interested on the dark web for commercial use then you need to explore the dream market. At this time, dream market has more than 150 K+ listed items. For more information, you can check out my dream market review.

wallstyizjhkrvmj – Dark Web Drugs Store  –  WallStreet Marketplace (Seized) – second source of the dark web that also trusted, have huge amount drugs products like cocaine, hash, weed, marijuana, steroids, stimulants, prescription drugs and etc. There use also can get counterfeit, jewelry & gold, carding ware, services, software & malware, fraud, digital goods, guides and tutorials items. Marketplace support PGP Key encryption, Escrow service. More info. Explore Wallstreet Market review.

paxromanarx4qxjb Deep Web Marketplace Pax Romana Marketplace (Exit Scam) – Everything that a deep web marketplace ought to sell can be found on Pax Romana. This includes Drugs, Cards, Fraud-related items, Art, Books, many illegal services etc. Illegal porn and human trafficking are fortunately banned. Accepts vendors for a refundable USD $150.00 vendor fee. Registrations are mandatory. Offers Mnemonic code for account recovery and allows settings a “withdrawal PIN”. Payments accepted in BTC/LTC and XMR. Escrow and 2/3 Multisig available.

wallstyizjhkrvmj – Deep Web MarketplaceWallstreet Market (Seized) is also trusted place which still surviving since from last 5 years, And this marketplace have approx 5000+ listing products, all available major categories are drugs, counterfeit, jewelry & gold, carding ware, services, software & malware, security and hosting, fraud, digital goods, guided & tutorials and etc. One thing I like on the wall street market, which is the top vendor section on the left sidebar, their a user can easily get the most trusted vendor information and can deal with him. WallStreet supported crypto coins are Monero and Bitcoins.

paxromanarx4qxjb Deep Web Marketplace Pax Romana Marketplace (Exit Scam) – Everything that a deep web marketplace ought to sell can be found on Pax Romana. This includes Drugs, Cards, Fraud-related items, Art, Books, many illegal services etc. Illegal porn and human trafficking are fortunately banned. Accepts vendors for a refundable USD $150.00 vendor fee. Registrations are mandatory. Offers Mnemonic code for account recovery and allows settings a “withdrawal PIN”. Payments accepted in BTC/LTC and XMR. Escrow and 2/3 Multisig available.

wallstyizjhkrvmj – Deep Web MarketplaceWallstreet Market (Seized) is also trusted place which still surviving since from last 5 years, And this marketplace have approx 5000+ listing products, all available major categories are drugs, counterfeit, jewelry & gold, carding ware, services, software & malware, security and hosting, fraud, digital goods, guided & tutorials and etc. One thing I like on the wall street market, which is the top vendor section on the left sidebar, their a user can easily get the most trusted vendor information and can deal with him. WallStreet supported crypto coins are Monero and Bitcoins.

a3lfvi25b732nf4djou63nw7k4fnzwfe753gva6zxew2ygj3e43ff3adDarknet Marketplace – DarkMarket (Seized)- DarkMarket is one of the most product-rich marketplaces on this list. It boasts over 15,000 products as of today. Isn’t wallet-less and requires advance deposits. Has a rationally-priced vendor-bond, priced at $100.00. Helps keep scammers away. Accepts both BTC and XMR. 2-FA, PGP and Escrow available for security. Doesn’t allow registration from UAE and Russia. No vending/buying at these two locations allowed.

mgybzfrldjn5drzv537skh7kgwgbq45dwha67r4elda4vl7m6qul5xqd Dark web market – Cartel Market – It’s a market with 7000 individual listings.  Accepts payments via both BTC and XMR. Not wallet-less. Multisig transactions available. Independent vendors accepted, $500.00 vendor-fee. Physical product photos must be attached for proof before vendor accounts are granted. 2-FA, login phrase,  PIN, mnemonic and auto-logout available for security.

yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd Darknet MarketplaceTorrez Market (Shut Down) The only darkweb marketplace which offers both a centralized, as well as a wallet-less mode. Multiple Cryptocurrencies including BTC, ZEC,  XMR, and LTC accepted. Vending is allowed, the vendor bond is priced at $250.00. Nearly 5,000 individual listings available. TOTPs supported. 2-FA via PGP and a security PIN available as well. Doesn’t provide a login phrase.

courier2w2hawxspntosy3wolvc7g7tcrwhitiu4irrupnpqub2bqxidDarknet Market Courier Market – It claims to be “world’s most advanced market”. There’s literally no censorship, sells everything on the planet except illegal porn. Vendors are invited and accepted for free, per-sale commission is 5%. Is wallet-less. Very extreme products such as stolen cars and kidnapping services too available. Can hire “people for work” such as chemist, grower, deadropper etc. 2-FA and mnemonic provided.

aurora7t7en7racqbytspft6myxds25hnczjk56tvqev2bziir74t4ydDarknet MarketAurora Market – It’s a dual-market wallet, in dual senses! First, it has both a centralized wallet as well as a wallet-less payment mode. Second, it accepts two cryptocurrencies, BTC and XMR. Over 12000+ active listings available. Products include drugs, fraud, services, digital goods, counterfeit items etc. Vendors are accepted for a $400.00 non-refundable vendor fee.

liberty6o7lubin4t2nzyebylmk4l4xfw6kk2o5xhg3fahqoatfiprqd Darknet Market Liberty Market – A wallet-less market, selling everything except illegal porn, weapons, personal info and fentanyl. Drugs is the most product-rich category. BTC and XMR payments. Not wallet-less. Third-party vendors accepted. Generates mnemonic post-registration for recovery, 2-FA and security PIN available. Vendor accounts free for reputed vendors. Minimum 0.0005BTC payments required.

coronhls55k7oo3mzzwf3xlketww6rgdpxtpoxv3yogtvjiboohytuqd Marketplace Corona Market – The market has a very unique and different interface. Surprisingly, offers both a wallet-less mode as well as centralized deposits. Accepts Bitcoin and Monero for payments. Has over 3,000 individual listings as of February, 2021. The only market with a “free” vendor-account and multiple paid plans, on monthly subscription!

p5eg3xsssjglu6tvwfazp2nqqwfpah55wr3ljil2bezp5shix5ruqsqd – Darkweb Market DarkFox – It is a darknet market that also features the rare autoshop for cards. It accepts deposits via Bitcoin. Not wallet-less. Multisig as well as traditional Escrow available. Vendor accounts sold for USD 150.00. Around 4500 individual listings currently available. Extremely transparent profiles for vendor and buyer legitimacy verification. Popular categories include drugs, guides & tutorials, digital products etc.

asap2u4pvplnkzl7ecle45wajojnftja45wvovl3jrvhangeyq67ziidDarknet Market ASAP Market – It’s a market which sells almost everything that’s illegal for Bitcoin and Monero. Escrow market, vendors pay a $400.00 signup fee with 2%-5% fee/sale. Multiple anti-scam measures available. 0.0005minimum deposit and 0.0009BTC minimum withdrawals. Registration not required for browsing. No “transfers”, poison, weapons, hitman services, illegal porn, or lab viruses allowed. Isn’t wallet-less.

n4kq7b3eguym4kf75g5msumwgh3ydeikxeh3r5ywcjmnlgryt5qd4nyd – Darknet Marketplace DeepSea Marketplace – Recently discovered marketplace, says is completely coded from scratch. Yet, a traditional easy to use interface available. BTC only. Not wallet-less. Needs 3 confirmations and 0.3% deposit fee. 1000 products currently available. Vendors accepted, vendor bond priced at $150.00. Escrow available. 2-FA via PGP, recovery code, secret phrase and secret PIN protect account. Unique, excusive URL offered to level 3 (or more) vendors.

empirez3ztqqze333ixnxs2kkwezibd6wves6cfs24hdfcin2a5xn2ad – Deep Web MarketplaceEmpire Markets – After Alphabay seized (july 2017), right now empire market reserving second place on the most choice alternative marketplace, This looks like alphabay markets, that marketplace has more than 4000+ listing and these products are categorized in fraud, drugs and chemicals, guides and tutorials, counterfeit items, digital products, jewels & gold, weapons, carded items, services, software, and malware, security and hosting and much more, for user security, marketplace offering escrow service, PGP encryption support, multiple crypto coin support.

worldehc62cgugrgj7oc76tcna45fme47oqjrei4d4aa7xorw7fyvcyd –  MarketplaceWorld Market– World Market came into being on November 9th, 2020. It’s a wallet-less marketplace which accepts Bitcoin deposits. Sells cards, drugs, counterfeit products, digital products and services. Vendor bonds cost $50.00.  Impressive vendor-transparency. Mnemonic code generated post-registration for account recovery. Also supports 2-FA and 6-digit PIN for added security. Withdrawals are charged at 0.5%/transaction. 2 confirmations required for deposits.

7zyl6ityktmfp5y2ilsb5dfnubkmoj3pqgvrqlayj4ogwjucn6xluwydDarknet Market – Gladiator Market – It’s a registration-only market. Drugs, carded items, accounts, fake money, fake documents, copyrighted software, malware and everything else is available. Vendor-fee is priced at 0.02BTC. It’s wallet-less. Only Bitcoin is accepted. 2-FA and Multisig transactions ensure security. Very transparent with its vendor details.

greymtqdzxqec5oxDeep Web Marketplace – Grey Market A Marketplace which despite being less than 4 months old, already has exactly 6366 products, 88469 Users, 546 vendors and as many as 15006 orders process till date, these numbers speak for its popularity. Then it’s secure and offers 2-FA along with PGP and PIN for account protection. Vending is allowed, vendor bond costs USD $99.00. Payments aren’t limited just to Bitcoin, rather Monero (XMR) can be used as well. Extreme vendor-transparency, as well as an advanced search-panel available.

samsaraccrn2jmin – Deep Web MarketplacesSamsara Markets – These days dream market is the most trusted dark web markets there user can find drugs, digital products, drugs paraphernalia, services, and others. Right now the dream market has more than 130K+ listing. Dream market support escrow and bitcoin tumbling service, user can paid product fee via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Monero. Looking trusted dark web link, here is the place for you.

4mxfbkdrtydsrfppyiuh3mqcg2k2w26acgi6foqhlv7eoj5khqqq25adDeep Web Marketplace – Cryptonia MarketCryptonia Market is a comparatively newer marketpalce in the industry, yet brings with itself all the security measures and then some. For starters, it offers a 2 of 3 multisig so every transaction needs to be authenticated by atleast two signatories. It also uses a wallet-less deposit procedure. So users only deposit funds on the order page, and don’t have to pre-deposit funds. Hence, there’s no minimum deposit as such either, and obviously no exit-scam possibilities as the platform doesn’t hold extra coins. Requires registrations. Accepted currencies include Bitcoin and Monero. Shows vendor levels and past history. There’s 2-factor authentication as well. Is a marketplace primarily focused on “Drugs”.

auzbdiguv5qtp37xoma3n4xfch62duxtdiu4cfrrwbxgckipd4aktxidDeep Web Marketplace –  White House Market – White House Market is a new marketplace which has already stocked up 550+ individual products. Available Products: Drugs, Software, Services, Counterfeit items/Forgeries etc. What’s not allowed- Tutorials, Child Porn, Weapons, Murder-for-hire services. Payment mode: Monero only. Escrow: Available. Mandatory 2-FA and PGP-encryption for all communications. Search-functionality available, not impressive but acceptable. Basic vendor transparency also available. Registrations: Required to browse/shop.

3rmybxbtkb5txmqvDeep Web Marketplace – Genesis Market – Genesis Market is an all-rounder, meaning you can find almost everything there except Child Porn, Weapons and Fentanyl. Registration is mandatory for purchases and product-browsing. Current product stock totals to an exact 1817 individual items. Has a “best Vendors” section enlisting established and trusted vendors. Digital Product dominate the marketplace with 1400+ listings. Payment can be made using Bitcoins. No deposits required beforehand, lets users pay directly at the time of purchase. A vendor bond of 199USD is required for vendors. They take a commission of 4% from new vendors. Vendor bond is refundable.

tochka3evlj3sxdv – Deep Web MarketplaceTockka Market – Alternative marketplace which also you can find on the dark web, like another marketplace this is very old marketplace still surviving but user not getting very good experience with that reason is people always prefer anyone first given source. but anything you didn’t find on the previous top 3 marketplaces then you may try Tockka Market, hope here you can find. Marketplace only support Bitcoin but user can enable PGP encryption on his account.

valhallaxmn3fydu – Dark Web MarketplaceValhalla is another marketplace what still working since very long time but these days users getting a lot of problems like user can’t able to withdraw his fee from the marketplace, My suggestion for you, never submit your fund on this marketplace. Here the user can get all popular categories like drugs, weapons, counterfeit, fraud, services and etc.

tjfr4vfwmq6df4hc Deep Web Marketplace Icarus MarketFor Bitcoin and/or Monero, you can buy anything and everything off Icarus except illegal porn and weapons. You can even sell products by depositing a $100.00 vendor-fee. Registration is mandatory. Not wallet-less. Requires a minimum advance deposit of 0.0007BTC or 0.02XMR. Withdrawals cost 1% of the total amount. Does feature 2-FA, secret passphrase, PIN, and Mnemonic codes. Currently limited at 156 listings, was launched very recently.

darkoddrkj3gqz7ke7nyjfkh7o72hlvr44uz5zl2xrapna4tribuorqd.onion – Darknet Marketplace – Dark0de Market (Scammer)- Dark0de market is a deep web link which sells everything that’s either illegal or you can’t find in your local friendly neighborhood shop. It sells drugs, counterfeit items, clothes, money-laundering services etc. A total of 3,000 items are currently available. BTC and XMR accepted. Escrow and F.E available. 3.5% fee is charged both to buyers and vendors. $200.00 vendor bond is required for vendor accounts.

castlee5janmtc5h6jiorit7lzdhgfuy43po4oddgi3qpm52ljyljyyd.onion Darknet drug market Castle Market (Scammer)–  This is a new market with very few product-restrictions. Everything else can be sold except illegal porn, Russian personal information, weapons, and murder service. Offers ultra-detailed vendor stats for legitimacy verification. Payments can be made using BTC, BTCH, LTC, XMR, DASH and ZCASH. Absolutely free vendor accounts, 2.5% commission levied on each sale. Even has an “automated notifications” feature.

elite6c3wh756biv7v2fyhnoitizvl2gmoisq7xgmp2b2c5ryicottyd.onionDeep Web MarketplaceElite Market– A darkweb marketplace which allows product-browsing without registration. Purchasing items does require registrations. Currently has a product-stock of 1198 products. All standard Darkmarket products allowed. Illegal porn, Weapons, Prostitution and Murder-for hire isn’t allowed. 2-FA, 6-digit PIN, Mnemonic code and welcome phrase are the available security features. Vending allowed for a USD $150.00 vendor fee. Extremely transparent with vendor details. Not wallet-less and does require advance deposits. Logs are auto-deleted in 14 days.

danschatjr7qbwip – Tor Chat RoomDaniel’s Chat – This onion chat server supports multiple languages, and have some strict rules like pornography, gore, violence or zoophilia links, make your check out your anonymity or safety if you are chatter on this chat room never explore your real identity with anyone. no hate speech, no flaming, bigotry or harassment. for join this tor network you need to type any nickname, password and captcha words then click on “enter chat” button.

infantilefb6ovh4 – Tor Chat RoomInfantile – No Rules – Dark web chat room that doesn’t has any roles for posting but here you need to create your account and join this chat server on your any chat IRC client. Infantile is fully featured XMPP server support also offers IMAP/POP3 mail accounts only $10 per month.

campfireagz2uf22 – Tor Chat RoomThe Campfire – Most using tor chat network on the dark web, right now when I tested they I saw more than 60 member live on this network and all these are discussing on his topics, if you have some free time and want to do some fun then you may explore given onion link. Before post anything make sure checkout chat room rules, there you can’t post videos or archive.

doggyfipznipbaia – Tor Chat RoomCryptoDog – Want to meet or chat with strangers and looking tor chat room there you don’t need to register your account. If yes, here is the deep web link that can give you all the things, only you need to put ” conversion topic name ” and ” you nickname ” the press connect button. one thing you need to know that cryptodog, they don’t support connection encryption. make sure when you will use CryptoDog always connect you computer by NORDVPN vps service.

csclonezdiriab5kTor Chat RoomCS Clone – Best deep web tor chat room where you can join previously created chat room or can create your own chat room, and each chat room will get any random onion link that you can share with your friends. And users not need to register his account on this site, only type any name that you want to create or want to join then type random name for your identification and select any color and click on any one button “Day these” or “Night Theme” and holla now you are on the chat room. This chat server supports Android or iOS device.

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