Dark0de Market Review (Scammer)

We’re scribbling this Dark0de market review today because it seems to be the most “unique” and feature-rich darknet market in existence as of today.

Unique as in, the market seems to try and put a twist to  almost every aspect of its existence (no exaggeration).

You’ll see this “uniqueness” right from its UI, seeping all the way into its payment modes, security, features, and even product-stock! If we’re being honest, “this is an unique feature” will probably be the least unique phrase throughout this Dark0de market review.

But hey, as a marketplace, does it have what you need? Well, we’ve covered every single aspect that you may want to know about the marketplace. Do go through this piece and make your own decision, eh?

Dark0de market overview

We’ve found that the best way to start is through an overview. So, here goes:

Marketplace is a scam and running for exit scam.

That should get you an idea of the marketplace, right? Let’s get a closer look then?


This is just one of the many other “unique” aspects on the marketplace. The interface isn’t like the other traditional darkweb marketplaces.

There are three top-bars for starters. The first is dedicated to funds and security. The second top-bar shows the market prices for currencies, has a search-bar, and links to user-account and cart.

The third and the bottom-most top-bar is what lists the product-categories. Then, there’s another section which lets you go to  the different sections on the marketplace, such as the forum, coin exchange, and coin mixer.

If you scroll down on the homepage, you’d see the featured listings. Then, there’s a filter which lets you choose your country for easily finding more relevant products.

The ordering process remains the same as on most other darkweb markets. Yes, it may take new users a bit of time to get a hold of it, but, it’s still a welcome change.

Available products

We did claim the market to be unique in the introductory lines of this Dark0de market review. Didn’t we? You’ll agree to the claims once you’ve gone through the available products.

How so? Because, we’ve not seen any other darknet market with product-categories such as chem. equipment, APT, shill marketing, racketeering, motor vehicle theft, corruption, camgirls etc.

If you’re seeking a marketplace for the traditional darknet products, those are available as well. By “traditional”, we mean drugs, forged documents, card details, databases etc.

In fact, these traditional product-categories are what make up for over 90% of the market’s total stock. Talking of that, it’s a bit disappointing that the market only has around 5,000 individual listings to offer for now.

That been said, the market is still pretty new and hence the product-stock isn’t all that bad. It’s only natural for it to grow exponentially by the time you read this Dark0de market review.

Payment modes

After the UI and products, it’s fair to assume “payment modes” are the next question you’ve got in mind?

The market didn’t fail to add its “unique” flavour to this as well. So, on the surface, it seems to accept Bitcoin and Monero for payments.

However, the truth is, only “Bitcoin” can be used to deposit and make a payment directly. If you use Monero, you’ll have to convert it back to Bitcoin using the in-built coin shifter the market offers (not free).

 The only disappointing, yet traditional aspect on the marketplace is that it’s not wallet-less. So, advance deposits are mandatory. Fortunately, withdrawals are allowed for  2.5% of the transaction amount. The good news however is that there’s no “minimum withdrawal limit”.

Dark0de took its “uniqueness” a bit too far though. It demands that a 3.5% fee be paid by both the buyer as well as the seller/transaction. Unique? Sure. Cheap? No.


Dark0de is a traditional marketplace in the sense that it connects third-party vendors and buyers. The marketplace may or may not sell products all by itself.

Vendor bonds are currently priced at $200.00. This will get users a Level 1 vendor account. There are total 3 levels, however, the entry must be at Level 1.

The bond may be waived for established vendors. Also, do note that if the account isn’t logged into for 56 days, the account and all activities related to it are permanently purged.

On the brighter side, it does have a username-retention policy. Meaning, if a user can prove his/her established username on other darknet markets, the username is made available to the vendor, regardless of it being already registered.


This is another aspect which has been touched by the market’s “unique-wand”. We noticed a “personal username” and a “public username” field on the registration form.

Dark0de market uses this as an anti-phishing measure. When logging in, users enter one username, and the other is displayed on the next page. If the username isn’t displayed, or is wrongly displayed, it indicates that the user is on a phishing page.

Apart from this, there also is the “security PIN” which is set during registration. It’s required for withdrawals.

And finally, 2-FA via PGP is available as well. It’s optional for buyers but mandatory for vendors.

Another feature, which isn’t unique but definitely rare is its “Multisig transactions” support. The market secures the funds for both the vendors and buyers by allowing multisig transactions.

All in all, no major security features seem missing. Sure, TOTP could still be added, but, less than 1% of darknet markets use the feature, and it’s not exactly 100%  privacy-friendly so we aren’t complaining.

In-built Coin Shifter

This probably is one of the biggest reasons why we claim Dark0de market to be unique. As mentioned earlier in this Dark0de market review, XMR deposits need to be converted to BTC before you can make a purchase on Darok0de market.

Well, you can also use the shifter to convert BTC to XMR. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to use the funds on the marketplace. You can only use the shifter, and then withdraw your funds to use somewhere else.

A minimum deposit of 0.001BTC is required for BTC to XMR conversion. The minimum requirement is 0.5XMR for XMR to BTC shifting.

The exchange fee is fixed at 1% in both the cases. Do note that the market also has a “Coin Mixer”, however, at the time of writing, the link isn’t working. But, it may be by the time you read this piece.

Furthermore, the market even has plan to integrate a “fiat to crypto” exchange! Even we’re surprised!

Buyer Request

Yet another feature which proves our statement of this being the most unique darknet market in the industry.

How many darknet markets do you know which let you “request” products? Dark0de market does.

It’s a feature which can be used by buyers to request custom items. On the other hand, vendors can check these custom requests and fulfil these requests when they can.

Do note that this feature isn’t free. Normal buyer accounts are unable to place requests. You’d need to upgrade to either the “Premium Buyer” account for $15.00 or the “Premium Buyer Plus” account for $20.00.

Bug Bounty Program

Ah, it’s as if the market was created with the prime idea of “we’ll have everything that other markets don’t”, right?

We’ve sure seen a few other darknet markets have a bug bounty program, but, this too is extremely rare.

The market offers a 0.1BTC bounty if sufficiently harmful bugs are found and reported. This is a way for security researchers to make money, while everyone else can be sure of the market  being secure and impregnable.


The market deletes all user messages (both sent and received) after 40 days. Support orders, shipping details etc. are kept as long as the order is valid, or required by the marketplace. During this time, the information is fully encrypted.

Do note that some information, especially those related to deposits, sign in, system messages are kept. However, these too are kept temporarily, only till they serve their purpose.

We liked the fact that the market is uprfront about their policies. It’s important to keep some information for the proper functioning of the market. Every market does this. However, most aren’t as transparent as Dark0de.

All in all, do note that nothing personally-identifiable is asked, or kept permanently on Dark0de.

Dark0de market review- Final verdict

So, is Dark0de the next Empire Market (minus the exit-scam), or the next Alphabay (minus the suicide, obviously). Well, probably.

We don’t generally say this, but, Dark0de does seem to have a very professional team, and “user-interest” at heart. If you’ve gone through the review, you’d notice how every single feature has something new, unique, exclusive to it.

Obviously, it’s still early to make a destiny-call for the market. But, potentially and hypothetically, it does seem like a market capable of shadowing the popularity of Empire, Alphabay or even Silk Road in the distant future.

And that’ll be all for this Dark0de market review folks. Before you hit the back, or close button, mind going through our other pieces? We promise you’ll learn something of interest.