Daisy Destruction – The Complete Truth, In Detail!

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Daisy Destruction is the name of one of the most horrifying, CP snuff video series ever created. It’s also used as an example for human experiment sites, and considering how it gained quite a bit of mainstream media attention, here I’m scribbling this piece on the same.

I’ve researched quite a bit on just about everything that there is to Daisy Destruction and I aim to share all of it with you, although beware it’s not a pretty sight.

What is Daisy Destruction?

It’s a snuff film as I already said, created in 2012  consisting of a series of 3-4 videos. The videos show a masked girl torturing toddlers aged 18 months – 4 years in the most extreme possible ways.

The masked girl was later found to be Peter Scully’s 19-year-old girlfriend, a former prostitute, while Peter was the guy supposedly directing the videos and actually responsible for the whole thing.

Although, this girlfriend of his named Liezyl Margallo was the only one ever seen actually carrying the tortures out (with Daisy), and in an introductory scene to the videos, was referred to as the “mistress” of the victims.

(Image: Liz Margallo, after being arrested).

The introductory scene invited the viewers to witness the “mental ruin” of Daisy, the toddler and that in itself is horrifying from my perspective and I’m sure you’ll agree.

The introductory text read “Come see a Child’s Mental ruin, her innocence lost, used as a tool, she’ll learn how to please her mistress, her body will be ravaged, her dignity stolen”.

(Image source: Youtube).

The film was named Daisy’s Destruction because the name of one of the girls tortured in the videos was Daisy and she was destroyed, quite literally.

These clips were then uploaded on the web on a site called “Hurtcore” and sold, reportedly for as high as $10,000 /clip!

Now that’s what Daisy’s Destruction was, pure and simple, but there’s a  lot more to the story than just Daisy.

What did the Videos Consist Of?

It is probably the most horrifying real torture video the world has ever seen, it’s worse than child porn according to the actual witnesses of the videos.

The videos didn’t consist of just one victim, although Daisy was the youngest of them all, aged just 18 months, while the other victims were Liza aged 12 and Cindy aged 11 (Source: Wikipedia). Liza and Cindy were voluntarily given to Peter by their parents in the hope of better food and living conditions.

The videos supposedly are of 5-9 minutes of duration.

According to the witnesses, the videos consisted of the girl torturing the baby in a number of different ways, for e.g. clipping her private parts with cloth-clips, dropping hot wax (again on her private parts), using the baby to satisfy her own personal sexual needs etc.

She even tied the baby upside down and beat her with rope and various other material for hours, Liza and Cindy too suffered these tortures although their videos were slightly different in type and torture than what Daisy suffered. (Scroll down for details).

It just suffices to say that, even the policemen who captured Scully and saw the video; cried, went into shock, and some had nightmare for months, and that’s not very common in the case of policemen who’re trained to cope with these kind of things in advance.

Background of Daisy Destruction

Scully was the mastermind behind a giant Paedophile ring, which he ran from a corner of the world where he thought his chances of getting caught were nill, Philippines.

He recruited his girlfriends to help him out, Carme Ann Alvarez was the first of them, and he asked her “Can we recruit some street-kids”?  To which Alverez said “I’m not sure, what if we bring my sister to live with us”. (Source: Alverez’s Interview in the jail)

But with his ulterior motives, Peter replied he wanted to help only street-kids (cause hey, no one blinks an eye when an orphan goes missing, specially in countries like Philippines and it’s a sad truth).

 Alverez was instructed to bring in kids aged only 9 and 12 specifically, it was quite easy to lure the kids in cause a hungry stomach will follow you just about anywhere, won’t it? So she picked the kids up, and dropped them off with Peter.

The two kids were Rozy and her cousin, aged 9 & 12 and according to them, they were fed and then asked to strip for the camera. Peter then took some pictures and recorded a video.

Then the girls were asked to perform sex acts on one another. These videos were then uploaded on the Dark web and sold to various individual pedophiles and groups.

(Image: The window of the house where Peter lived and tortured the girls).

If you think these girls were going through hell, you’re so wrong. Hell was yet to come.

The next day, Peter asked the girls to dig two graves, and he told them beforehand that they’d be buried in those graves (Two 9 – 12 year olds going through this and having to live with this for the rest of their lives?  Yeah that’s what hell looks like)

Till this point, Alverez wasn’t aware of Peter’s motives, but when she returned 2 days later to Peter, she found the girls tied with dog-collars and they told her that Peter had hurt them.

Although not immediately, but eventually after 5 days, Carme Alverez felt pity for the girls, and freed them. It was this event, which would finally lead to the capture of Peter as the girls went to the police leading to an eventual capture of Alverez and forcing Peter to flee.

Alverez also confessed to carrying out tortures and abuses on some of the other girls, but when or how isn’t known and it’s hard to place a timeline on it with our limited knowledge of the Peter Scully Daisy Destruction case.

On the other hand, Peter also acquired Daisy and the other girls somehow and was making the actual Daisy Destruction videos along with these other “side-projects” of his.

Later, Daisy was luckily found alive and Liza too, although the fate of Cindy wasn’t so fortunate and her body was discovered buried in the same grave she was forced to dig for herself.

And according to his girlfriend cum accomplish Liz, he video-taped the murder and even sold it across the globe.

It was actually  Liezyl herself (Liz, the girl who actually tortured the kids in the videos) who came forward and pointed the police at the exact house where Cindy was buried.

(Image: Cindy’s grave).

Dutch Police was the one which isolated the location of these crimes and Peter’s whereabouts to Philippines, and it took another couple days to identify him as an Australian because of his accent.

Although, he was finally caught and is currently facing trial (I don’t get why he even gets one) in Philippines.

Peter as an Individual

So I’ve tried to present the whole Daisy Destruction urband-legend turned truth to you with as much detail and facts as possible, and we can’t complete this discussion without talking about Peter.

After reading through all this, you probably would think of Peter as a loner, a sociopath, with no friends and family.

Well, I did too, and I was wrong.

Peter actually had a good family, and has two children of his own. On the outside, he looked, talked and socialized with people just as easily or as tactfully as any other common passerby you meet everyday.

Infact, he is a very intelligent individual and was successful in scheming 2.6Million USD before fleeing Australia (source: The Age), and his interviews in jail too show his intellect and personality, he’s calm, his words are well chosen, and he answers his questions in a very explanatory manner.

Bottomline, he had a normal life before he turned into the Daisy Destruction creator.

Why did Peter do It?

When Peter was asked why he did it, he said, and I quote “What I’m looking for, is the reason to it, and what drove me to it”.

He also said that he wasn’t like that in Australia, and even in the Philippines for the first 6-12 months, he was just another common man.

He said “It’s not like a hungry dog who needs to feed every 3 hours”¸ explaining that he was not hungry for killing or torturing the girls, and that he himself is utterly confused with what happened.

Now, it obviously wasn’t because of money, that might have been “a” reason but not the primary one, because as I’ve already mentioned,  the prime reason why Peter fled Australia in the first place was cause he schemed his investors out of millions, so it wasn’t like he was in desperate need of money.

Probably it was just his mental condition, the state he existed in, cause in his interview too he didn’t seem remorseful, not at all, and when asked “Do you feel remorse?, he joked around saying “It’s a good question, very good question, well done and things like that.

Even if his past life is to be taken into account, there was nothing there which could’ve ignited Daisy Destruction in any way.

So the world probably would’ve to wait till Peter’s book comes out, which he is working on from inside the prison talking about everything from Australia to his current situation, which he also admits will be a confession for his Daisy Destruction crimes or atleast involvement in them.

Peter’s Current Situation

He is facing 75 charges as of now, out of which he has pleaded not guilty to the first 6.  He supposedly tortured and involved atleast 14 girls in his crimes.

His Daisy Destruction crimes were so heinous that the Philippines govt. is hinting towards bringing back the Death Penalty (Source:  The Independent)  just so it can rid this planet of Scully.

Although mother nature somehow seems to side with Scully here, as all the evidence including the video camera, the memory card and all the photographs, basically every bit of physical evidence which could indict Scully were burnt in a fire!

So yeah, considering Scully still has access to his fortune, and if he gets a really good lawyer, he could not only doge the probable death penalty, he could even walk free! (All praise our justice system!)

Although the police and court is denying the fact and according to them they still do have the necessary evidence. And Liz’s testimony can still turn the wheel around regardless of the physical evidence being or not being available.

So, what becomes of Peter Scully is still to be seen when he takes the stands sometime soon.

Update: In June 2018 he was convicted of just one count of Human Trafficking, and 5 counts of rape; although he got lucky and escaped capital punishment as a result of some political bills being passed in Philippines which excluded RAPE from being a capital-punishment crime (what?)!

He’s serving life in Prison in an Australian Jail today.

Is Watching Daisy Destruction Videos Illegal?

These videos are the most extreme examples of child porn. And viewing child porn is illegal in most if not all countries.

Not just Child porn, it also features rape, torture and even murder, and although it wouldn’t make you an accomplish anymore, it still is illegal because of the content.

The good news is, these Daisy Destruction videos aren’t available on the clearnet anymore and are rather hard to find.

The bad news is, they still are available in some people’s personal collections and are known to be shared via Facebook, Whatsapp or other instant messengers. Recently I saw one link on the darkweb that has the torrent private collection, that collection has DD videos. more info cpmedialinks.com

Bottom line, do not watch these videos, no matter what kind of a person you are, you won’t sleep that night.

Is Daisy’s Destruction Red Room?

Daisy’s Destruction is often linked to Red Rooms. Well to be honest, it probably is the closest example of what a Red Room is. Although Red Rooms are (almost always) on the Onion network and not on the clearnet like Daisy’s Destruction was.

Also, DD primarily had a “pre-produced” business model. The videos were filmed in advance, and then uploaded to the site to be sold. Red Rooms are mostly live. Moreover, Red Rooms over its viewers quite  bit of control over the videos, and the actions happening in them.

While in the Daisy’s Destruction videos, no such control was offered. So going completely by definition, no DD Videos aren’t Red Room. They were videos, pure and simple.

However what happens on the Red Room can be understood to quite an extent if you know the overview of the DD videos, without having to actually take part in any of it.

How to secure yourself against illegal porn?

That’s what the DD videos were, illegal porn. If you’re searching for Daisy Destruction porn, or other related items, don’t! That’s illegal. 

However, do note that even when you’re just searching for “information” and not the actual videos, you may fall prey to traps.

Anyone can post on a Reddit forum, or a dark web porn site, or create a Tor website themselves. Hence, people create what’s known as “honeypots”. Even law enforcement does. They upload links claiming to be DD videos, or informative documents about the same.

Once you download that, you’ll either have the actual DD videos, or other extremely illegal videos. And, these uploaders get a hold of your IP address. (Yes, Tor doesn’t protect you unconditionally.)

You then start getting messages, notices about having to pay a ransom amount. That’s because the act of downloading those videos was indeed illegal.

Now, it’s rare for this to happen, but, it happens nonetheless. And, this isn’t just limited to DD videos. This is why you must have a VPN.

The VPN will make sure that even if your TOR circuit is compromised (which happens, more often than you’d like), your identity isn’t leaked whatsoever. You can get NordVPN for less  than $3.50/month (and, we’ve never seen a VPN as fast, or as feature-rich. Here’s a full review.)

Wrapping it Up

I believe that covers nearly everything known to the common, non-law enforcement individuals that there is to Daisy Destruction.

My prime agenda here was to answer one of the most asked questions on the topic- “Is Daisy’s Destruction real”? Well by now I’m sure you know the answer, I’m afraid so, yes.

The only think that this piece doesn’t include, is download links the to video, which I believe is a good thing, I do not have the video or its links and even if I did, I wouldn’t share it, not here, not on our Deep Web site, not anywhere.

Anyway, do let me know what you think of Peter and his act on our Facebook page, do you think it was fair for him to be spared with just life in Prison?