20 Creepy Websites You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Deep Web, which is ill famous for quite a few reasons, one of them is its collection and availability of creepy websites.

Not that the surface web doesn’t have these, but those on the Deep Web exceed all known definitions of “scary websites” and have put themselves in the list of the scariest websites to have ever existed on the internet.

I promise I’ll get you some of the creepiest websites (along with their links) but before that let’s get you a run-up before actually taking you full throttle of what you ought to expect here.

What do I Mean by Creepy Websites?

By definition, creepy simple means something that’s unpleasant, or arouses fear in our minds.

Can I ask you to multiply the intensity of that definition by 10 times or so? Because then you’ll get an idea of what the creepy websites we’re taking about have in store for you.

Ranging from photos of dead babies, last cries of dying people, and summoning ghosts, to live-torture, rape, or even murder nothing is out of the box here.

There even are websites which claim to have cameras in abandoned hospitals which showcase all kinds of paranormal activities in real-time, or websites which let you play interactive scary games.

How real are these activities and actions is debatable. There’s a group of people which believes it’s all fake and is just for show.

Others, however, are firm believers and are sure whatever’s being shown is totally real.

There’s a third group of people as well, which is oblivious to the existence of these sites and believes these sites do not exist.

Let me tell you, the one thing I’m sure about, in all certainty, is the existence of these disturbing websites, at least at some point of time even if it was in the past when it was much easier to “not get caught” on the internet.

Daisy’s Destruction” (a website where Peter Scully sexually and physically abused children) is one of the most concrete evidence of these creepy sites’ existence, followed by hundreds of others.

So yeah, unfortunately, they’re all too real, here are some of the most creepy websites people have ever come across, brace yourselves!

1. Red Rooms (Human Experiments)

Website: http://redroomfing27toi.onion/

You can read any article on the Internet or magazines about scary websites, the Red Rooms always occupy the first position.

These are basically websites where experiments and torture are done on animals or Humans (mostly humans), by Humans and streamed live or the clips are put up for sale post-recording.

The worst part? You can get in for as low as 0.01BTC, and the even worse news is, spectators actually control what happens in the rooms.

E.g. there are chat boxes on the sites, and people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get things done to the victim.

You can (but you shouldn’t, ever) request a toe or a finger to be chopped off, send in the BTC, and your request will be carried out, in real-time.

Or, there can be other variations a well, e.g. you may be required to pre-pay and send in your “requirements” beforehand.

Although 90% of the websites claiming to be these are fakes. And the actual authentic ones aren’t really “advertised” for obvious reasons.

You either need to know the URL by yourself, or can get “invited in” by an existing member, probably that’s why most people do not believe in their existence, cause hey even if your friend is in on these, they won’t exactly boast of it to you, right?

*The URL provided above is an example, it may or may not be an actual red-room, because hey I don’t have the guts to check if it is.

2. Webkay

Website: https://webkay.robinlinus.com/

Need creepy, eh? Just visit this website. It’ll tell you extremely private and personal information about yourself. You know what’s creepier? Every website you’ve ever visited has this information about you!

Essentially, the shown information generally includes your location, browser plugins, operating system, battery level, charging status, Internet speed, social media accounts, local network, and much more.

Now, malicious websites collect this data and sell it to the highest bidder. (You’d be surprised to know data gathering is a billion-dollar industry!)

That’s exactly why you need a VPN. More specifically, I’d recommend getting NordVPN. I’ll tell you why, “VPNs” have created a data-selling business as well. They claim of not keeping logs, but they actually do and sell/share this data with third-parties.

NordVPN on the other hand proved its “no log policy” via an independent, third-party audit Also, when using a VPN, websites wouldn’t have access to your IP address, location, or other personal data.

Moreover, you totally should check our article on how to prevent Facebook from spying on you. And, as far as the Operating System goes, here are the most anonymous Operating Systems you can use.

3. Hacker’s Bay – Hire A Hacker

Website: http://huomyxhpzx6mw74e6jfxtj5kmxov6wdmc62ylk6oc7feht5gntuawaqd.onion/

Need to get the messages, media files, or just access to your girlfriend’s cell phone? Or maybe Change your grades on the school system? Or DDoS attack a rival’s website? These are just some of the tasks Hacker’s Bay is capable of carrying out.

Although in addition, it also is capable of Hacking into E-mails, Social media accounts, computers and websites.
Or if there’s a more complicated attack or task, they do have a “specialized team” as long as you’re willing to shell out couple extra bucks.

Orders can be made using Cryptocurrencies and need to be placed by manually E-mailing the team on their official mail ID.

4. Numbers Station

Website: http://tutdwuh7mlji5we3.onion/

Please don’t have your headphones on when on this page, you’ll regret it! Because all of a sudden, out of nowhere you’ll start hearing a lot of blabbers, in different languages, dialects, and even numbers.

What makes it more creepier is, it’s not at all random or blabber. Instead they’re “secret messages” sent by spies and military which the common folks would not make heads or toes of.

How old, or of what exactly these messages are, no one knows. But hey, someone whispering words I can’t understand in my ears sure as hell creeps me out.

5. Sentimental Corp

Website: http://sentimentalcorp.org/

A static website it is. Well, if you think there’s nothing creepy about that, you’re so wrong!

A man is sitting with his wife, or girlfriend maybe, with a television in front of him with the words “Nothing” written on it.

Some really (really) weird and “ghostly” images pass by, and after couple minutes on the site, you’re going to have to pinch yourselves to make sure you aren’t going crazy for real.

It doesn’t do anything serious, but go over there and I bet you’ll admit it’s all sorts of creepy.

6. Summon Demons

Website: http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/HOME.html

Human experiments or meat is one thing, but Demons? That’s a different realm altogether!

It shows you how to summon demons, why Christianity according to them is the false religion, and they even accept donations to advance Satanism.

Just in case you’re wondering, they’re legal, and their arguments seem well researched if nothing else.

There are E-groups you can join in order to get a deeper understanding of Satanism and after some hours on the page, it gets real intense and all creepy like.

7. Dead Babies

Website: http://www.stillborn-angels.memory-of.com/photos.aspx

Babies are supposed to be cute. But this site topples that notion upside down. It’s basically a website where mothers or relatives post photos of their dead babies.

The photos aren’t just “dead”, in most cases they’re gruesome to look at. And creepy enough to give you a “no-sleep” night, literally, trust me I’m speaking from experience.

It’s supposed to somehow “immortalize” the babies, and there are “digital candles” on the sidebar that people burn and write memoirs for them.

8. Creepy Pasta

Website: https://www.creepypasta.com/

Well, the name explains itself, doesn’t it? Although nope, you can’t order pasta there. Instead, it’s a site for stories.

Ah, simple. What’s creepy about that? Huh?

The stories! That’s what creepy about it. It deals with horror stories, and let me tell you they feel very real, and well-written, almost with a novelist’s expertise.

Are these stories real? My take on it is no, they aren’t. They are user-generated and their intention is to scare readers, just that.

But then again, there are people who do believe in these being real, which if true, will make this probably the most creepy website in this list. And even if not, simply going through the stories is enough to give you a chill for life.

9. White Enamel

Website: http://www.whiteenamel.com/

Talking of creepy websites, I can’t just not talk about White Enamel. This is the “total package” if you’re in for some scary experiences.

It’s a website which lets you play a “click and point” game. Ah, sounds fun? It isn’t!

The environment, first of all, seems totally real, that of an abandoned, haunted hospital! Then there’s the super creepy music.

Simply watching the videos being played will scare the hell out of you, trust me I was shook. You can also click on various objects on the screen such as a video-recorder to grab and use it and so on.

Bottomline, if you need a 3D, interactive scary experience, this is it.

Try this – Click on Part-2 of the game, and wait 5 seconds. You’ll never go back to this site again!

10. Best Gore

Website: http://www.bestgore.com/all-the-gore/

Do not click on the above link if you can’t bear the sight of bones being sawn through, people being shot in the most brutal ways, or anything similar to that.

Because that’s what the Best Gore site is about. You can find extremely graphic video content there, content which will haunt you for days.

Although it’s not all extreme, and slightly mild content such as people being beaten in public, dangerous real stunts leading to dead etc. are also available.

Let me tell you it’s not a “red-room”, because the content isn’t created or owned by the site, they just manage to get a hold of the videos and share it with their readers.

11. Ghost Island of Japan

Website: http://hashima-island.co.uk/

Ever wanted to stroll around a haunted, dead-like zone all alone? If you said yes (although I wish you don’t) this is one of the most creepy websites to visit.

It lets you enter “Hashima Island”, a very real place in Japan, and walk around it using Google street view.

Inside Hashima Island, you can select from 5 different locations, and walk around.

These locations aren’t computer generated but are real, and on the right sidebar, you also get information related to the location.

Not creepy enough? Get your headphones on. They’ve made sure they top any list on creepy websites by embedding some really eerie music to the whole thing.

12. Inside of a Violent Sexual Offender’s Mind

Website: http://5nconfessions.blogspot.in/?zx=62cb471a2c7e3335

Ever wondered what goes on inside a violent sexual offender’s mind? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to know, I don’t either.

But Joseph E. Duncan III, a prisoner reportedly wrote his confessions, dreams, desires and what not, and sent them to a colleague who printed and published it out on the blog.

The blog is still live and has over 30 entries. On the surface level it might not be as weird as the other creepy websites on this list, but reading the blog for some time does give you the creeps.

13. Shocking Surprise

Website: http://www.shafou.com/

If I reveal what happens on this website, the surprise is dead, and it won’t really fit the bill of creepy websites anymore.

So can you just trust me, and go over there, check it out for yourselves? But let me warn you, try not to wear your headphones, and do not check it out if you’re prone to seizures (it’s not a joke, seriously it has shock-inducing capabilities).

Anyway, I feel and believe it’s probably one of the most creepy websites that I’ve included in this whole list.

14. Scary for Kids

Website: http://www.scaryforkids.com/

Kids? Well, do not get fooled by the title. Scary for Kids, Even scarier for Adults. That’s what their tagline says. Basically, the homepage is like a directory.

A compilation of nearly everything we’ve talked about so far in this list of creepy websites.

They’ve got stories, videos, photos, games, movies and what not, all related to ghosts or paranormal activities.

Initially, I thought it’s not really creepy and was about to exclude it from this list, but then I stumbled upon some more of their posts, and well that changed my mind to say the least.

15. X-Rider

Website: http://x-rider.com/

Okay this is taking things too far, I mean I’m writing this piece at around 1:30, in a dark room, and trust me it was a mistake I opened the site up.

It basically has a short video, of a blood-stained girl and even creepier music accompanying it.

Looking for a reason not to sleep tonight? Sure, be my guest, all it needs is one click to the website and your sleep is gone, for more than one night in some cases.

16. Heaven’s Gate

Website: http://heavensgate.com

The level of creep this website gives you, depends on how focused you were when reading what’s there.

Also, how strongly you believe in Heaven, Hell and God.

Most of you reading this here probably do believe, and the site forces you to think about Doom’s day, how Earth was created, why it’s going to be destructed (soon) and so on.

Although the most creepy part of the website is its “Last chance to evacuate earth” section.

You’ll find more topics such as “How to transcend beyond humans” and what not. Bottomline, it is creepy.

17. Survive the Outbreak

Website: http://survivetheoutbreak.com

Interactive games are getting more and more popular on the web, that was the white enamel that we talked about earlier.

Survive the Outbreak too is a similar, yet different website. It’s interactive, so you get to choose your “actions” for the characters, the path (option) you take, defines what happens next in the game.

It can lead to better, or worse ends. Either way, it’s ghostly, horror, and the cut scenes were more than I could handle.

18. The House

Website: http://www.gameshed.com/Scary-Games/The-House/play.html

Games seem to dominate the web when it comes to creepy websites, maybe because a passive website may or may not creep us out, but when our actions control what’s happening on the screen, well yeah it’s scary.

The House is another of those interactive games, but it’s better (as far as scaring me goes), it gives us more control over the game, we need to not only choose the path as with Survive the Outbreak.

Instead, we need to choose clues, understand them and proceed likewise with The House, which makes it more fun (and creepy).

19. The House 2

Website: http://www.gameshed.com/Scary-Games/The-House-2/

The House 1 wasn’t scary enough for you? Probably not for the developers of the game either, so they came up with The House’s sequel.

It’s a story of a house in which all its family members committed suicide (damn, I’m literally getting the chills) and we (the players) have to play the game interactively with the various elements in it.

What I noticed in House 2 was that they’ve significantly upgraded the “scary” part. There’s a lot more scare, hint of paranormal presence and the graphics too is somewhat upgraded.

Even though it’s on #17 on this list, this is just a list, this should very well be one of the top 3 creepy websites here.

20. The Cell

Website: http://www.uscary.com/play/the-cell

The Cell is yet another game creepy enough to ruin your nights. The primary point which interested me here was its ability to connect the game to real-life.

Basically, the player wakes up in the cell, with no knowledge of the past, then there are calls, you have to listen to the voice at the other end of the phone, take the hints and make your way out.

The thing is, the music, the environment and especially the phone calls are so realistic, I actually started getting scared picking up my real-life calls. So the game kind of remains with us even when we close it.

This is a very distinct, and remarkable feature I’ve never seen with any of the other creepy websites we’ve talked about so far.

21. Correspondence From Mark Condry

Website: http://www.dionaea-house.com/

It’s about E-mails! Wow, you must be thinking what can be scary about E-mails, right? And why on earth is it on this list of creepy websites?

Is it about one of those creepy websites that know everything about you? No.

But, E-mails too can be scary, when they’re between two people, real people, who discuss the events of a supposedly haunted house.

The “reality” of the conversation is what gives me Goosebumps. They didn’t make it up, they experienced those events and shared it with one another. Well, surely that’s creepy.

22. The Last Meals Project

Website: http://lastmealsproject.com/

The thought of “dead-people” alone is enough to shake me up (Yeah I’m a weak-hearted person).

But, The Last Meals Project takes it one notch further and gives us the mugshots of people on the death-row, and their last meals.

In my experience, just knowing that none of the people whose photos I’m staring at are alive anymore is creepy enough, in addition, the pictures of their last meals, knowing this is the last time they tasted food just adds to the experience.

It also gives us a closer perspective on life, it’s strange, but I personally started taking the small things seriously after visiting it, for e.g. bathing, looking at my parents, and definitely taking a meal, cause what if it’s my last?

23. Magibon

Website: http://magibon.com/

This is the final addition to this list of creepy websites, cause hey honestly, I’m scared by now. And it’s 2:30 a.m at my place.

Magibon basically is a website, where a woman uploaded videos. What kind? The scary!

She stared at the video for some seconds in most of them. Although there was a second video-stream as well, of a man scratching the floor madly.

As if the content of the website wasn’t scary enough by itself, and even though Magibon received immense popularity, and even her very own Wikipedia page, she suddenly stopped uploading one day.

Well, that’s another reason multiplying the creepiness of the website, and no one knows where she went or what happened to her.

24. Naver Comics

Website: comic.naver.com

Like reading comics? Well that may change after going through this site, it basically is a Korean Comic site, “horror” comic site to be more specific; with pretty rich and detailed graphics, and best of all it’s almost interactive!

To add it to all, they also include real-life ghost stories, such as suicide-victims seen walking around with their exact name and locality!

If that doesn’t qualify for a load of “Creep” I don’t know what does!

25. Plane Crash Info

Website: http://www.planecrashinfo.com/lastwords.htm

Unfortunately, the “info” provided isn’t informative. Rather, it’s the last words from plane crashes! Alike the last meal project listed above, this website too lets you hear and read the last words of people before their planes crashed.

In my experience, most of the content there was text-only and I couldn’t find any audio files. It however could be an internal glitch with my system. The last words are organized based on the date of the crash, name of the Airline, and flight number. Crashes as recent as 2010 are available.

Detailed reports of the accident, probably causes and other information is available as well. The homepage has other plane crash reports, as recent as 2019!

26. Simulation Argument

Website: https://www.simulation-argument.com/

We’re talking of the creepiest websites on the internet, aren’t we? Well this one is equal parts creepy and interesting (Especially for Elon Musk!).

So the website has tons of research papers, theories, data and other information all pointing towards the fact that we’re living in a simulation (hence the Musk reference).

Sure, it won’t interest you all. But after spending a couple hours on the website you can’t but think (for days) what if we indeed are in a simulation! Tell me that’s not creepy?

27. Death Date

Website: https://www.deathdate.info

I doubt there’s anything creepier than “death”! Is there? If you agree there isn’t, this site is literally the epitome of Creepiness. The site has a ghastly look to begin with, and has no disclaimer anywhere saying it’s “just for fun”. So what if the owner is some kind of black magician and can actually predict deaths?

Anyway, the site comprises of a form which needs to be filled. Details such as Name, Age, Sex, Height, Weight etc. are asked for. The data isn’t stored. It auto-converts the entered data into a more easily recognizable form, so ft. is converted to cm and lbs into Kg(s).

Be fooled not, the form is smart enough and doesn’t take unrealistic data (a height of 1000ft. for example). You can also specify if you’re addicted to one of the three death-stimulants, i.e. Cigarettes, Alcohol or Drugs. Death is calculated in three type of death, Neutral, Optimistic and Pessimistic.

The date of your death, along with a stopwatch counting down to the last second is shown! A bar also shows how much of a user’s life has passed. In a nutshell, despite we knowing it’s a joke, try entering your name, looking at the timer and tell me it doesn’t creep the death out of you!

28. Columbine High School massacre

Website: http://www.acolumbinesite.com/

The tragic massacre incident at Columbine High school, in April 1999 remains one of the most gruesome acts of violence till date. This particular website can be used to gain intensive data about the massacre. It gets creepy when you get access to real videos related to the incident on top of photos, videos, statements and much more.

Real videos of bombs being shot, 911 call recordings, as well as photos from the security camera of the incident in-action are nothing short of unbelievable. Especially considering how the perpetrators were kids who hadn’t even aged 16 then!

29. “Help Us” SubReddit

Website: https://www.reddit.com/r/f04cb41f154db2f05a4a/

A bunch of encrypted reddit threads appeared on this subreddit nearly 8 years ago. What made them creepy and weird was not that they were encrypted, but that the two unencrypted threads read – “Help Us”, and “Please help us”.

Threads kept appearing over the years and the community started to notice. Although around 2 years back, someone finally decrypted the subreddit. The unencrypted texts too contained statements such as “All will die”, “No one will survive”, “Death will consume you all”, “DON’T LET THEM TAKE US NOT YET PLEASE NO” etc.

The username of the creator is still not decrypted. All in all, the mystery may be partially solved yet it gains its ranks as one of the creepiest content on the internet.

30. Death Row Last Words

Website: https://www.tdcj.texas.gov/death_row/dr_executed_offenders.html?

No matter what your mental strength is, death scares all. The Texas death row website presents death in its most conceivable form. You can read the last words of the inmates just before they were executed.

The website also shows the offender information, their last name, their age, country, and execution date. Additionally, it shows written notes when and if available.

The fact that those people were about to die minutes later is creepy by itself. But then you read what their last words were and it makes matters worse. So much so that you might even start getting nightmares and random breezes of shock.

31. Scary Maze Game

Website: https://www.playscarymazegame.net/play-scary-maze-game/

The name says it all, doesn’t it? It’s a game, which scares you. Well not really if you do not use your speakers. But it suggests and recommends that you turn them on. So why not, right?

I shouldn’t push any spoilers so I’d recommend go check it out for yourselves. But as far as the game itself is concerned, it’s a simple “move your mouse, carefully” game. There’s a maze, you need to use your mouse to guide the pointer to the end-point, without touching the borders of the maze.

The first level? Super easy, you can play with your eyes closed. The 4th though? That’s the real deal.

32. 99 Rooms

Website: http://cdn.99rooms.com/99rooms.html

If you’re searching for the creepiest websites, this one literally defines it.

Turn your volume up though.

The website shows 99 photos of abandoned buildings.

However, the images are interactive.

Meaning, you can click at random points /objects and they move!

In one of the rooms, clicking on the door opens it! And pretty eerily I must say.

You can move from one room to another without clicking on any object either.

Even without the interaction, the music and images are scary.

But the sudden interactions? Give it a try and tell me if it doesn’t creep you out.

33. Five Night at Freddy’s

Website: https://kbhgames.com/game/five-nights-freddys-3

FNAF is a horror game series.

A browser-based game so there are no downloads involved.

You’re just an average security guard.

Security cameras can be controlled, vents too can be sealed.

The game is fairly simple, try and spot unusual activities.

I won’t spoil the fun, just go have a look. You can also try the other games in the series.

34. Angel’s Heaven

Website: http://www.angels-heaven.org/

I wouldn’t say this is outright a creepy site, it’s more of a religious cult. The “god” or prime figure in this does look a bit like Jesus.

Why it’s on this list? The website seems to believe the Earth will be destroyed in the coming years. More importantly, it has a full evacuation plan! It’s hard to believe, but, there’s even a spaceship blueprint!

The website is no joke either. They’ve employed serious, custom-made graphics to illustrate their message, purpose, goal and everything they stand for! It’s their seriousness which makes this a whole lot creepier.

35. Scary for Kids

Website: https://www.scaryforkids.com/

This is probably the most straight-forward creepy site of all. You need a good scare? Go read the stories here. It publishes original short stories exclusively in the horror genre.

Apart from the fiction, you can also read true horror stories, urban legends, or maybe you like riddles (with a pinch of horror)?

The website is completely free to access, read and use. It’s pretty active as well and publishes frequently. You can also engage with other readers via the comments.

36. 6

Onion: http://vimgz5uvlrr54oems4puq3n6z5ua3ypt5qspvsak7ume7q244ka5joid.onion

This is a deep websites links site, isn’t it? That’s literally our name. So, I decided to include a creepy dark web site here for you.

When you land on the site, you’ll see the message “Wanderer, are you lost”? Once you click on it, the next page will display the following text- “THE DISSOLVED SIXFOLD PATH”.

Now, you’ll be instructed on how to use the website. It hosts 6 audio files you have to listen to, while repeating mantras displayed on the site for a specific number of times.

It’s somehow supposed to let you experience death and rebirth! Self-discovery, gaining power are some other “benefits” the site claims this whole thing will do for you. Does it work? I’m too creeped to give it a try!

37. Castle of Spirits

Website: http://www.castleofspirits.com/

The fact that this website is over 20 years old says a lot about its merit, doesn’t it? What’s sad (and a bit creepy itself) is the fact that the owner, Rowena Gilbert herself has passed away nearly 12 years from now!

It’s basically a website which let users shares true stories about paranormal incidences. You can choose from “Ghost stories”, “Urban legends”, and even use-submitted, supposedly real ghost photos.

As of today, the site hosts over 4500 stories! The best part? They’re even available as audiobooks, free to listed.

Anyone can submit stores, it’s free. Reading these is 100% free as well. No signup required. It even has other related stuff such as a book collection, wallpapers, ghost tours and a lot more.

38. Purgotorium

Website: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/347396

This is a horror game, a user-submitted game to be specific. As a result, the developer of the game has self-declared that it’s a short, “not very interesting” game. I think this was done just to intensify the outcome! Because it’s anything but “not interesting”.

Despite being a browser game, you get full 3D movement. It’s basically like you land in a weird, spooky, ghastly place and try to find your way out.

Just when you think it’s not a horror game, it proves you wrong. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it’s worth it!

39. The Creepiest Truth

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’ve got your dose of “creepiness”. But, wait! The biggest scare is yet to come. You don’t even need to go to any specific website to get scared.

What if I told you that your every move on the internet is being watched, every second. Even when you’re reading this post on this website! Well, yes. Not by us, but by your web browser, your internet provider, and in some rare cases, individual agencies and agents as well.

What “moves” you ask? Well, let’s start with your complete list of “interests”. Which websites you visit, how much time you spend on them, what’s your location, which OS you’re using, what’s the size of your monitor, and sometimes even hardware specs of your system!

And, this is me being “conservative”. The actual list of what’s being watched is even scarier. That list includes your webcam, your mic (why do you think Mark Zuckerburg tapes his mic and webcam at all times?) Not just Zuck, even the director of FBI himself follows the practice.

In a nutshell, when you’re just sitting in your room, alone, a million algorithms, codes and real human eyes are still watching you. Scary, isn’t it?

So, what do you do? You get a VPN! Why? Well, the VPN will for starters make it impossible for your browser, or your Internet provider to track your actions!

As for the other elements, even when your web activity, interests, and other metrics are still traced, they won’t be “linked” to you now. Meaning, no one can prove that “you” visited a certain website or clicked on a certain link.

In my experience, NordVPN is the best VPN you can get your hands on. It’s based in Panama, has independently proved its no-log policy, is the fastest and most-secure VPN (in terms of encryption algorithms and protocols) and costs just around $3.50/month (via our special discount banner below)! A steal-deal in exchange of your privacy if you ask me.

NordVPN 2

Final Words:

So that’ll be all as far as creepy websites go folks. The one thing I’m sure of is if you visited even half of the sites on this list, you aren’t going to sleep tonight (I definitely won’t be able to).

So wrapping this up, all I’ll say is, do not believe or follow any and all links on the dark web no matter how lucrative they seem to be. Most are designed to scam you.

Although the clearnet websites we’ve included so far in this list of creepy websites are the real-deal as all of them are free, provide you the same creepiness but for free, and are legal as well.

Do let me know if you believe there are some other websites this list should have but is missing.