Cloudbet Review – Is Legit or Scam?

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This Cloudbet review is another addition to our newest addition of the “casino” section on this website. Throughout this Cloudbet review and the entire series of Casino reviews over here, we aim to share our experience and a transparent insight into how good(or bad) the casino(s) is and its true potential are.

How do we decide that? Well, we take in lots of factors into accounts, such as trust level which we establish based on the companies’ license and registration, the security measures for the users, fairness of the games, the payment methods along with the supported currencies, and the bonuses that the Bitcoin casino is offering.

Apart from all this, we first test out every single casino and only then we move forward to sharing the experience here with you folks. Up till this point, we’ve reviewed Fortunejack casino, as well as mBit casino.

So without further beating around the bush, let’s get along with this Cloudbet casino review.

Cloudbet Casino Overview

Before starting on this Cloudbet review, here’s an introduction; Cloudbet isn’t a new player to the game, it has been around since 2013, and it does offer good enough odds along with great deposit and withdrawal limits, but how much exactly and how good they are is what I’ll be covering in detail in this Cloudbet review.

This section is meant for those of you who’re in a hurry and need to get the crux of this whole Cloudbet review in the next couple seconds, and a glance at the following points should in most cases be enough to get you an idea of the casino.

  • Website:
  • Sign up: Instant, Anonymous.
  • Games: Approx. 200
  • Currencies: Only Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash.
  • Provably Fair.
  • Licensed under E-gambling Montenegro.
  • Support: Live Chat / Emails.
  • Rating: 4./5

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At this point of this Cloudbet review I think it’s important to mention that unlike most other similar platforms out there, Cloudbet isn’t just a Bitcoin gambling site, rather it’s a “gambling and betting” site in general, which also has sections for live sports betting such as for Basketball and soccer.

Although we won’t be covering those sections in this Cloudbet review and will limit ourselves to the features and powers of its Bitcoin casino exclusively.


I bring this in at the very #1 spot because not everyone is a tech-geek, and even if they were, how simple, easy to use and newbie-friendly any platform is certainly helps determine its overall value, doesn’t it?

The user interface at cloudbet is as simple as it can be. Basically, it’s a no B.S page, as soon as your page opens you see all the games listed in a row, you can simply click on any of the games to start playing them.

The game playing interface too is simple, there are clear buttons and options you need to press to perform any action as indicated on the button itself. And the user dashboard page too is minimal as well as self-explanatory.

So in short, even though it’s your first day at an online casino ever, you wouldn’t get into trouble or wouldn’t have to hunt for options and features, it’s really easy and I’ll give it that.

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Promotional Offers

Every Bitcoin lottery site offers some kind of promotional offers to enhance your gameplay, it basically is free money, which platform provides how much bonus goes on to say a lot about the platform doesn’t make it?

Well generally casinos offer handsome bonuses to new members, but Cloudbet doesn’t seem too eager about it, so there’s just one signup bonus (100% of your first deposit)  that’s being offered, while other bonuses such as weekly bonuses, loyalty bonuses, second-third deposit bonuses etc seem missing.

Also note that, the offer seems kind of confusing, you don’t instantly get “double” of your deposited money, rather you’ll have to earn “loyalty points” by playing games, and for every 800 points, you’ll be provided 0.01BTC as bonus, upto your deposit amount’s limit or 5BTC!

Also, there’s a time-limit of 365 days for you to claim all of your bonus amounts, or else it expires. (And it means you’ll have to play A LOT of games).

So in my opinion, it’s pretty lengthy, and seems more like a smokescreen rather than a genuine “bonus”, although yes you totally will get the money if you complete their terms and earn the loyalty points, but even then I’m not too happy about the whole process.

Not Provably Fair

For those who don’t know what Provably fair is, it’s basically a process by which any Bitcoin betting site proves its “fairness” to its users, so the users know that the site won’t cheat or isn’t programmed to always make the players lose.

In the cases of casinos which are probably fair, they generally include a link to their provably fair page for users to check the algorithm and verify the games for themselves.

In the case of Cloudbet, no such link could be found, indicating that it isn’t a Provably fair casino. But that doesn’t mean that the games aren’t fair, or that you’ll always lose. Considering how it’s been around for over half a decade now since Cloudbet was born, I’d say it’s fair enough.

It’s Still Fair

While it’s not “Provably Fair”, as in a user can’t independently verify the legitimacy of its results, it’s still fair. Its games use a RNG (Random number Generator) to generate their results and other number-sequences.

This number is really random and can’t be predicted or pre-defined by the Casino or any other third-party. Obviously, why should we believe that?

Because it has been verified by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) and the certification is issued through Curacao eGaming. So even though the fairness of the games can’t be verified independently, the results still are trustworthy.

But it just probably doesn’t wish to share its algorithm or method by which it decides the results of a game, either way in my personal experience too, you don’t always lose, and obviously don’t always win either, it’s random, just like it should be.

Availability and Types of Games Available

This is a major section of this Cloudbet review, because hey “games” are what people go to casinos for, don’t they? How many games are available on any specific casino, and of what type again helps us decide the worth of any casino out there.

As for Cloudbet, it has over 7 types of games available as of now, namely:

  • Slots
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Table Games
  • Instant Win
  • Bingo and Keno
  • Live Games

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Since our last update to this Cloudbet review, the casino has added nearly a thousand games to its arsenal.

Slots, as is the case with any real-life casino as well are the most popular game type on Cloudbet, with 1220 games in the category. And in my  “not so brief” experience as an online Bitcoin gambler, I’d say 1220 is a good enough number for any type and not just slots.

Then there’s Jackpot slots which are played as “slots” but hold jackpot rewards in case you win, there are just around 59 games in the category but considering how the rewards are huge, I’d say it’s acceptable.

Video Poker is exactly what the name claims it to be, it’s poker, but in the video form. As for the number of games, it’s 48 too be exact followed by 18 games in the Table Games category. Then there’s Instant win with 35 games, I personally haven’t tried this type yet, but if I’m not wrong it would be something like cricket, or “spin” and let you win (or lose) instantly without a lengthy game.

Finally, there’s the Bingo and Keno type, with eight games and they hold miscellaneous games . So basically the total number of games on this Bitcoin gambling site comes around to 1300+ (excluding Live games, what they are? Scroll down!)

Now 1300 isn’t a “huge” number, nope it isn’t considering how FortuneJack or mBit casino both over 1,000 games to their credits as well, but as an individual platform yes the games are interesting, rewarding, and enjoyable in my personal opinion.

Live Casino

For some reasons, Cloudbet hasn’t included Live Casino under the same game types as the above categories we talked about, rather they’ve another option on their top-bar, linking to a separate page for the Live Casino games.

Live Casino games are my personal favorites, they’re basically real life, physical, actually existing casino-games, where a real dealer deals your cards or other casino elements, you place your bets using your computers, and the video is streamed to you in real-time.

So basically you can play with a real person, on a real table, and in some cases in a real casino, from the comfort of your homes. Also because there’s no “algorithm” involved, there’s also no doubt of the games being “not fair” or wrongly coded!

The game types included in a live casino are:

  • Roulette
  • Baccarats
  • Blackjack
  • Table Games
  • And Others.

Each of these sections has 4-8 games, so that furthers the total number of games available on the casino to around 200. Again, isn’t a lot but is enough for most people to get started, and you won’t run out of games anytime soon.

Although note that, you’ll need a good enough internet connection to stream the games, because the quality is good enough, and you can’t lower it, so if your internet isn’t fast enough, you’ll just lose money or misplace your bets.

Free Games

This is something that makes Cloudbet one of the best Bitcoin gambling site in the industry, not even the top-most gambling platforms let you play games for “Free”, but Cloudbet does.

Meaning, you do not have to signup, register, or even deposit any money. You can simply head over to the platform, and start playing a game of your choice. Obviously, you can’t win money in these games, but it’s a great time-killer, and let’s you learn the rules and regulations of games before risking actual money! (Or Bitcoins in this case).

Registration Process

Another aspect I’d like to review in this Cloudbet review is its registration process. If the process is too long, or asks for too much data, I generally ask you guys to avoid it, don’t I?

Well here’s the registration page that Cloudbet is currently using:

As you can see, it’s extremely simple, and minimum data-demanding. None of the data asked for compromises your privacy or identity in any way, and it’s pretty basic as well.

The registration process took me around 120 seconds (2 minutes) in total, and I’d say that’s just as fast as I can expect it to be.So yes I conclude that the registration process on Cloudbet is extremely easy, simply and fast.

Apart from the Registration, deposits as well as Withdrawals too are equally privacy-respecting and generally do not require any identity documents.

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Trust Factors

This is my most-favourite section for any Bitcoin gambling site that I review. In this section, I establish why you should, or shouldn’t trust the casino is question, and I put in real research into all of that.

Generally, casinos which provide their registration and license number openly are in my “good guys” list, Cloudbet too has a link to its “license” page on its homepage.

As per the page, it’s a company licensed under E-gambling Montenegro, with serial number (AA 001588, numeric no. 133-01/15 5A i 1ERR) and approval number (no. 02/02-118/4).

You can find more details, agreement numbers and other data on its license page, Although let me be honest, I know not how far E-gambling Montenegro is to be trusted, cause I Googled them up, and there wasn’t a lot of data that came up except a basic-looking website.

Also, they seem to be involved in couple legal hiccups as well so that’s again something that keeps me from trusting them blindly

The Seals from Game-providers  are trustworthy, as well as the licensing seal too is functional and can be verified. Updating this review after nearly a year today,

Payment Methods and Limits

Cloudbet was earlier a Bitcoin-only crypto casino.

However, it recently integrated additional payment modes. So, as of today, the Crypto casino accepts:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • And Ethereum

It also recently started accepting direct fiat deposits.

In other words, now you can buy Cryptocurrencies directly on Cloudbet, and use that money to bet on the Casino.

The payment is processed via MoonPay.

You aren’t redirected to MoonPay directly.

Rather, a popup form is presented right on Cloudbet.

Unfortunately, the process isn’t quite as simple as buying Bitcoins from Paxful.

You’d have to enter your name, email address, physical address, and even an identity proof.

Basically, there will be 0 anonymity if you choose to buy Cryptocurrencies directly on Cloudbet.

However, it’s sure easy and straight-forward if you don’t care about anonymity much.

I wish to keep this Cloudbet review honest.

So, it’s worth a mention that the fiat to BTC price is significantly pumped up.

In other words, you’d be paying nearly 7% extra than the actual market price.

It’s better to buy Bitcoins using, which is a lot more trustworthy and allows Bitcoin purchases at a cheaper price.

The fund can then be easily transferred to Cloudbet for betting.

But then again, Bitcoin  is still the most secure type of cryptocurrency available so from the security point of view, it’s actually a good measure, although how you’d want to perceive that is completely your own choice.

As far as limits go, there’s no deposit limit, although for withdrawal you can only withdraw once you’ve played through 100% of your balance, but yes there’s no limit on maximum withdrawal amount either.

The fee for Bitcoin withdrawals has been adjusted from 0.000113BTC earlier, to BTC0.0002712/withdrawal as of now. They integrated Bitcoin Cash deposits recently so that’s an additional currency which can now be used to deposit funds.

Bitcoin Cash withdrawals on the other hand are priced at BCH0.00000226/withdrawal. The team has also informed us that soon more Cryptocurrencies are to be included as a mode of payment. Fiats aren’t accepted or allowed but that’s an anonymity-booster so I’m good with that.


How secure are your accounts? Or the funds that the casino has too is important. Well as for user-account security, it allows you to enable a 2-step authentication via Google authenticator, so yes that’s pretty secure.

As for the security of funds, Cloudbet seems to maintain both a hot, as well as a cold storage to store the funds of its users. The hot wallet is the wallet that’s online, and used for everyday games, while the cold storage is where the majority of user funds are kept, offline, somewhere safe which can’t be “hacked” because it isn’t online.

Cloudbet Supported countries

Cloudbet, despite being more than just a Bitcoin betting site, has fewer geo-restrictions than most other Crytpo casinos.

It simply lists the following countries in its T&C page:

  • US
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • And Hong Kong.

Players from these countries aren’t allow to use the website in any way.

No separate restrictions were found for Cryptocurrency gamblers.

However, it still is the responsibility of the players to ascertain the legalities of Bitcoin gambling in their country of residence.


Finally, support too plays a major role when it comes to a Bitcoin gambling site, doesn’t it? As for support, I was really impressed with Cloudbet’s “live chat” support.

I sent them a test-message to check their response time and quality of response, and they replied within seconds, here’s an actual screenshot from the conversation. They also solved my problem within seconds, so yes the live chat is great.

Cloudbet Review

Then, they also can be contacted via E-mails, which is a bit slower but I got my test-replies within 24 hours so it’s still acceptable. As of now, only the live chat, and E-mail is available to get support from them

Final Words

So wrapping his Cloudbet review up, all I can say is, everything is well and good about the platform except its “trust” factors and “bonuses”.

If those two points are improved, and couple more games added to the platform, I’m pretty sure it could climb to the top quicker, but hey that’s just my opinion.

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Do let me know what you think of this Cloudbet review as well as your own opinion about the platform, you can use our Facebook page to get in touch with us, yes we do reply!