BMC Bitcoin Tumbler Service Review

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If you’re on this piece, I assume you own Bitcoins and are looking for a suitable, affordable and preferably a feature-rich Bitcoin mixer? If yes, this BMC Tumbler review should offer you a potential solution.

Note that throughout this review, We’d only lay out the mixer’s features and potential, and at times compare it with other industry leaders. The choice of going or not going with the mixer should be your own.

Apart from the traditional features a mixer offers, the two exclusive features offered by BMC mixer are its BTC -> XMR mixing and “Multiple Deposit Addresses” feature; both of which we’d discuss in detail in this BMC Tumbler review.

BMC Tumbler Overview

BMC Tumbler is a mixer which claims to be online since 2017.  “BMC Tumbler” is an Acronym which stands for “Bitcoin Monero Coin” Mixing, the name already suggests couple new features which we will discuss in the later sections.

Before that, here’s an outline of the mixer and its features:

No Registration Required

BMC Tumbler offers both a registered, as well as non-registered mixing feature. There seems to be no difference between the funds a registered user receives Vs. Those received by a non-registered users.

Benefits for Registered users:

  • Multiple deposit addresses.
  • 2-Factor authentication.
  • Monero(XMR) Conversions and mixing.
  • Access to Support Team.

Benefits for non-registered users:

  • A lot more anonymity.

User Interface

In the overview above, I’ve rated the UI 5/5, you may (and should ask) why? The reason being it offers the most automated, hassle-free mixing I’ve personally seen so far.

The mixing process (for registered users) goes like this: Users Deposit unclean funds > withdraw clean coins. As simple as that.

Simply login to your accounts, go to the “Deposits” tab, and deposit the funds to the address(s) provided.

Once the deposit is confirmed, go to the withdraw section and withdraw the funds.

Because there are no additional controls provided to the users, the process stays extremely simple, fast and straight-forward.

The website by itself is extremely simple, all the options a user would ever need are tabbed on the top-bar, and are pretty self-explanatory.

Quick-Mixing (No Registration Required)

The mixing process is slightly different for non-registered users. Users can mix their coins by going to the “quick-mix” tab.

The output addresses need to be provided and the maximum-delay should be chosen. Optionally, users can also input the quick-mix ID (if any).

The next page would display the deposit address where the funds ought to be sent. For quickmix, the time-limit is 6 hours. Meaning users need to make the payments within 6 hours, or the order expires and a new mix has to be created.

Anyway, once the funds are deposited and confirmed, they’re auto withdrawn to the output address(s) without requiring any further action from the user.

Monero Swaps and Deposits

One of the “exclusive” features we talked about in the initial sections of this BMC Tumbler review is its Monero (XMR) Integration.

There’s this “exchange” feature on the mixer, which allows users to exchange/swap their BTC for XMR. You can either withdraw the XMR instead of Bitcoins, or can convert the XMR back to Bitcoins.

In doing so, first your BTC is swapped for someone else’s XMR, and then the XMR is swapped back to yet another person’s Bitcoin. Hence facilitating a double-break from the Bitcoin trail between your input and output.

Deposits and Withdrawals too can be made directly in XMR. Infact, XMR deposits can be converted to BTC and then withdrawn as well.

5 Deposit/ 10 Output Additional Addresses

Another exclusive feature that BMC Tumbler boasts is that it allows multiple deposit addresses as well for the incoming, unclean coins.

All other mixers we’ve seen so far only allow multiple “output” addresses, but the deposit is made to one single address.

But with BMC Tumbler, users can send in their funds at different time-intervals, to different addresses.

This is why registration is asked for, so that all the multiple incoming funds can be grouped together for the users in the same account.

As many as 5 additional deposit addresses are supported.  As for output addresses, 10 of them are supported in total for each withdrawal.

So, each coin-set can be first broken into 5 different sets and sent to the mixer’s 5 deposit addresses. Then, the clean, unlinked coins can be broken down into 10 output sets. That’s 15 unlinked, separate transactions for each mix!

The same holds true for Monero (XMR) deposits as well, each profile allows for 5 separate XMR deposit addresses.


The platform isn’t big on time-delays. While most other mixers offer users a lot more control over time-delays, BMC Tumbler only allows for one single “maximum delay” for outputs/withdrawals.

It can be set in the “number of hours”, and is the maximum amount of time that’ll be required for all the outputs to be completed.

The withdrawals are sent within this time-frame, at random withdrawals.


The fee is the amount of funds any mixer deducts from each input for facilitating a mix.  General industry standard is from 0.5%-3%.

While BMC Tumbler is a slightly more expensive mixer and charges a randomized fee between 1-4%. The difference isn’t much however and can be accepted pertaining to its added features.

The users get no control over the fee. It’s automatically set by the mixer. This however increases anonymity for the mixes as there’s no specific parameter/pattern for Blockchain analysts to track and trace your coins.

All withdrawals are free, however users do need to pay a mining fee. The mining fee decides how fast or slow your transaction gets processed.

BMC Tumbler gives users the choice to select the speed of their transactions. The faster you want the transactions, the more mining fee each transaction will incur.

Minimum /Maximum Limits

Every mixer has a minimum deposit limit, and a minimum withdrawal requirement. Every Bitcoin deposit on BMC mixer must be a minimum of 0.002 BTC. This equals to around USD $20.00 at Bitcoin’s current rate (USD $9778.00).

Each Bitcoin withdrawal too must be a minimum of 0.0005 BTC (USD $4.89 @BTC=9778.00).

XMR withdrawal limit currently is 0.06275 XMR, which translates into exactly USD $5.00 at XMR=79.70USD.

It’s noteworthy that the XMR withdrawal rate isn’t dependent on the Crypto’s value, rather on the fiat. Meaning, it probably always will be USD $5.00 regardless of what the value is in XMR.

No Logs Policy

One of the most important aspects which warrants a mention in this BMC Tumbler review is its No logs policy. It states that the company doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever permanently.

All information related to a mix/transaction are stored upto a maximum of 10 days for support purposes.

Support messages too are deleted after 5 days of inactivity.

Other Mentionable Features

A couple extra features which the mixer brings with itself are:

  • 2-FA: Registered users may enable 2-FA for their accounts via PGP. Doing so would add an extra layer of security for the accounts and would require users to decrypt a PGP message each time they login.
  • Quick Mix ID to avoid confusion between earlier and later send-ins from the same user.
  • 2 Confirmations required for BTC deposits/10 for Monero.

Manual Controls

This is not an “official” feature as such, but can be utilised to increase anonymity while using BMC Mixer.

Because BMC mixer allows user profiles, even though there isn’t user-controlled time-delays and/or distribution control, both those features can actually be 100% controlled.

Users can simply withdraw multiple times, to different, individual addresses and specify the withdrawal amount manually each time.

The same holds true for time-delays as well. Login when you want, and withdraw at your own time-preferences.

Legalities of Mixing Bitcoin using BMC Mixer was recently seized for money-laundering and that caused a bit of distress in the Crypto-mixing industry. Although there’s no immediate need for panicking.

Note that mixing Bitcoins isn’t illegal, users can mix Bitcoins without any legal repercussions, as long as the Bitcoins come from a “clean source“. Clean Source here indicates coins which have not been obtained via any illegal means/purposes or for illegal reasons.

Also, from my research on the Bestmixer case, I uncovered that it’s best to avoid mixers which encourage or promote “money laundering” or “avoiding of taxes“. Mixing simply for the purposes of anonymity and keep your Bitcoin wallet safe is still completely safe.

That been said, even though most mixers claim to offer “No Logs Policy“, there’s no harm in taking precautions from your own end now, is there?  Note that the IP addresses used on were recovered by Europol.  So for starters, always ensure you use a mixer which offers a “Tor version“. In addition to Tor, employing a VPN can never hurt.

Tor would bounce your traffic off multiple nodes masking your IP address and location, however a VPN does (almost) the same job in a slightly different manner, providing an additional firewall. 

Wrap Up:

So that’s all I had to pour in for this BMC Tumbler review folks. Talking exclusively about its features, they’re majorly commendable. Especially the Monero support and Multi-deposit addresses.

Although, in order to gain more control over the time-delays and funds-distribution, the withdrawal process has to be manual and repeated many times.

The fee isn’t unacceptable either. Anonymity factors too tick all the right boxes such as the no logs policy, non-registered mixing and coin conversions.

In a nutshell, I’d say the mixer may be worth a try although that’s a decision YOU ought to make. Do let us know if you feel this BMC Tumbler review does justice to the platform?