Bitcoin Mixer Review

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John sent X amount of Bitcoins to Adam. Guess what, the exact amount of Bitcoins sent, the time when they were sent and other details related with the transaction are public-knowledge! It takes seconds to simply search for the transaction ID on the Blockchain and get a hold of a lot of private data. That’s what this Bitcoin Mixer review aims at solving.

You don’t have to be a criminal or a tax-evader to use a Bitcoin Mixer. Anyone with basic sense and need of Privacy is the perfect fit for someone who needs a Bitcoin Mixer.

Bitcoin Mixer Explained

The subject of this Bitcoin Mixer Review is named “Bitcoin Mixer” as well, not very subtle with their job eh? So we can explain what a Bitcoin Mixer in general is, as well as what this company of ours does.

In the simplest of words, a Bitcoin Mixer is a platform which accepts your Bitcoins, keeps them with itself, and sends you a new set of Bitcoins completely unrelated to your input.

So you can use these new coins you received in any way you see fit. They can’t be linked back to your original coins because you don’t own them anymore.

Bitcoin Mixer Overview

Let’s make things easier for you. Here’s an overview of the company, with all its primary features before you get deeper in this Bitcoin Mixer Review:

  • Website: btcmixnqyq7kljrr.onion
  • User-Experience: 4/5
  • Registration: Not Required.
  • Time-Delays: Yes
  • Fund-Distribution: Yes.
  • Fee: 0.25% fixed + 0.00001 BTC/extra address.
  • Total Addresses: 5
  • Logs: Not Stored.

Let’s have a closer look at this Bitcoin Mixer review then?

Bitmixer User-Interface

So how much of an “expertise” do you need exactly in order to mix your coins? Not much. The interface is pretty straight-forward, and comprises of nothing more than a couple fields to fill up.

Everything else which can be customized for a mix is easily understandable and indicated. Clicking on the “Add Address” button adds one more address for the output.

The time-delays too are indicated on the right-side, and a choice for the same can be easily made.

Even the deposit page is pretty simple. A deposit address is displayed, along with all the other customization made to the output. This transparency helps us avoid any mistakes before finalizing the deposit.

Simply make a deposit and the order gets processed on the pre-specified time.

7 Additional Addresses

A primary feature that any Bitcoin Mixer offers is the number of “additional addresses”. The more additional addresses offered, the better.

These addresses are basically the payout addresses, or receiving  addresses to which a user receives their clean, new Bitcoins.

The more addresses a mixer supports, the more anonymous it can be. Simply because your initial input can be broken down into more parts, and sent to more addresses. This also means each part of your total fund will differ widely from the actual total input.

Hence all the more hardship of linking the bigger, larger input of unclean coins, to the smaller parts of these clean coins.

Bitcoin Mixer supports 7 output addresses in total. While this isn’t the highest number of addresses we’ve ever seen, it’s still acceptable. Even deposits as small as USD $21 can be broken down into unrecognizable parts of USD $3.00 each, keeping anonymity intact.


We just said the funds can be broken down into multiple parts, didn’t we? But who decides which address gets how much of the funds exactly? Fortunately, it’s you (the user).

Right on the mixing page, a user can input the exact % of funds they wish the corresponding address to receive. Comparatively, this is a rare feature most other mixers either do not allow customized distribution, or do not let users specify the distribution.

So all in all, so far it seems like a pretty feature-rich Bitcoin Mixer, doesn’t it?


What’s better than sending your clean coins to multiple addresses? Sending them at different time-intervals, and not all at the same time.

By doing this, you get a three-layer disconnect from your initial input and the cleaner outputs. First the addresses differ, then the amounts in each address differ from one another, and then the time when they receive these amounts differ!

Bitcoin Mixer allows users to choose from a number of pre-specified time-delays. Rapid, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 4 Hours, 8 Hours, 12 Hours, and 24 Hours are the available choices.

Bitcoin mixer review

Earlier, the mixer featured an “Instant” delay option. It now has been changed to “Rapid”. Note that only the term has changed, not what the option does. In other words, choosing “Rapid” marks the mix for zero delay. So as soon as the mix reached the minimum required confirmations, it’s sent out. The confirmations, as mentioned later in this Bitcoin Mixer review depend on the mixing-amount. 

What I liked best about Bitcoin Mixer is, it allows users to choose the delay for each individual output address. While most other similar companies out there do not offer such liberty.

Minimum-Maximum Mixing Limits

Do you need to mix Millions of Dollars? Fortunately not. Bitcoin Mixer is one of those mixers which accommodates the needs of even the average users.

The lowest deposit which is accepted and mixed is just 0.0002 BTC. Which by today’s rates is just USD $1.57. I doubt I’ve ever seen a mixer which accommodates lower deposits than this to be honest.

As for the maximum limit, there’s some confusion. The mixer on the deposit page mentions a “Maximum deposit” of just 1.0 BTC. If that’s true, the limit is pretty low. Because well we’ve seen mixers offering 200 BTC+ Mixes.

But then again, just below the 1.0 BTC limit, it also mentions that it requires 6 confirmations for 20 BTC+ deposits. This should technically mean the mixer accepts mixes bigger than 20 BTC.

So in my opinion, if the limit is 20 BTC+ it’s impressive. But if it’s just 1 BTC I’m not impressed.

Required Confirmations

The number of confirmations required effect the speed of the overall transaction.  Bitcoin Mixer is pretty accommodating when it comes to confirmations.

For mixes below 20 BTC (approx. USD$ 157,000.00 @current rates) it requires only 1 confirmations. I doubt most of us are trying to mix coins more than that.

Although if you do mix coins 20 BTC+, the confirmation requirement is 6. This may take time, but then again it’s acceptable considering the volume of the transaction.

No Logs Policy

None of the features would make sense if the company didn’t adhere to a “No Logs” policy. Simply because the entire reason of using a Mixer is to promote anonymity, isn’t it?

So if any logs are kept, even the clean coins can be linked back to the user. Fortunately, Bitcoin Mixer doesn’t keep any logs permanently.

They do store logs upto 7 days, so support can be provided in case something goes awry with the transaction. And then the logs are permanently deleted.  This applies to output addresses, amounts, or basically anything else which can link the unclean coins to the clean ones.

Although wait, that’s not all.  In case a user wishes to delete the logs prior to the 7-day period, that’s totally possible. It’s one of the very few Bitcoin mixers which offers its users the control over logs.

They can be deleted manually as soon as a session is complete. Although make sure the transaction is completely correct before deleting, as support regarding the mix may be harder or unavailable without the logs.


For the final section of this Bitcoin Mixer review, let’s talk briefly about the fee the platform charges?

Unfortunately the fee on Bitcoin Mixer isn’t user-controlled. This is something that I personally seek in a mixer, but life isn’t very hard without it as well.

The platform charges a static 0.25% fee on all its transactions. It’s pretty cheap considering how some other similar platforms charge  as much as 5% on their mixes.

The additional addresses are charged at a 0.000001 BTC/extra address. This too is one of the lowest fee we’ve ever seen.

Mix-ID offered

When a new mix is initiated, the company offers a mix-ID. It’s a long string of numbers which is an identifier for the mix. Because there are no registrations involved, this is how a user is able to access the status of the mix.

Or in case you need to contact support, the Mix-ID is the only way you can identify which mix you need help with. If the mix-ID is lost chances of getting back information on the mix or being able to get support for it get pretty thin. 

However note that the mix-ID unlike mix-IDs on other mixers isn’t used to prevent re-receiving your own coins. On some mixers, this mix-ID is used to tell the mixer that you’ve previously mixed with the mixer, and those coins shouldn’t be sent back for your current mix because you’re the same user. That feature seems mixing with Bitcoin Mixer. 

Final Verdict on Bitcoin Mixer

Wrapping this Bitcoin Mixer review up, let’s sum it all up? The UI for starters is easy and newbie friendly, and the fee extremely cheap.

The overall user-control (on Time-delays, Fund-Distribution) too was impressive. Sure fee lacked such control, but that’s about the only downer I could find for the company.

The limits make it pretty usable by just about everyone. And it’s as anonymous as they come. Bottomline, if I’m looking for a new BTC mixer, Bitcoin Mixer sure is an option I’d give a try.

Although this was all us. Do drop what you think of this Bitcoin Mixer review and the company in the comments?