Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets

The Bitcoin forking process builds a separate new cryptocurrency that is called Bitcoin cash, If some users holding his bitcoins in his bitcoin wallet then that type users can claim the same amount of Bitcoins Cash. But for claiming process, users need to hold bitcoin cash in different wallets. That’s the main reason I am writing ” best bitcoin cash wallets ” post for you, That post can guide you, which bitcoin cash wallet you need to use and which not.

And now that you’ve decided to give Bitcoin cash a try, you’re trying to get your hands on the best Bitcoin cash wallets. Isn’t that right?

Well, luck seems to be on your side cause you’ve landed exactly where you should’ve. By the end of this page, you will know every nook and cranny about every popular Bitcoin cash wallets out there, we will be going through every single feature each of these wallets offers, and then you can be the judge and jury of which wallet suits your needs best.

Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets

Bitcoin cash wallets are just wallets which let you store/spend and manage your Bitcoin cash funds. Just like the traditional Bitcoin wallets, the Bitcoin Cash wallets too are available for Desktops, Mobile or as Hardware wallets.

The wallets we have garnered with us for today’s review are. Before anything, One thing I want to tell you, Always hold your bitcoin cash or Bitcoin in separate wallets. That can help you to secure from any fund transfer miss happenings.

My first choice wallets always hardware wallets that’s can protect you any type hacking fraud. But you can choose any one soft wallet or hardware wallets that will be fit for your requirements.

Bitcoin Cash Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are the wallets which are programmed onto a hardware device, something that generally looks like a USB device (although other shapes are available as well for Example: Ledger Blue (Look like a smartphone)).

These are literally the best, most secure ways to store any kind of Cryptocurrency, that’s so because it’s nearly impossible to hack into these devices because they aren’t software, but based on hardware.

Also, they have their own iron-clad security features. So here are some of the best Hardware wallets which support Bitcoin cash.

1. Ledger Blue Hardware Wallet


Ledger Blue literally is the best existing hardware wallet in the industry. The only wallet which comes with a touch-supportive, interactive screen.

So unlike most other hardware wallets, you can use it in the same way as you use your Smartphone, and that’s a first as far as hardware wallets are concerned.

It supports Bitcoin cash as one of its supported currencies; you can simply install the Bitcoin cash app (yeah it’s an app-based wallet) and get secure as well as store your Bitcoin cash funds on Ledger.

So without beating around the bush let’s list down all the features that the Ledger Blue has to offer:

  • 8 Digit PINs: It’s one of the few wallets in the industry which support 8-digit PINs for your hardware wallet.
  • 3 versions of recovery phrases: Obviously if we’ve termed it as the best hardware Bitcoin wallet, it’s bound to offer variety. So it lets you choose from 3 versions of recovery phrases, it can either be 12, 18 or 24 words long!
  • Digital Authentication: It features WYSIWYS, It’s the capability of verifying digital signatures and make sure they aren’t forged preventing a number of attacks. This is one of the most advanced security features that the Ledger Blue offers, which most other hardware wallets are void of.
  • Secret Vault: It supports a “passphrase” feature, basically it’s like a “key” which you can enter for your Hardware wallet which opens a secret vault. It protects you because unless you enter the specific passphrase, the secret vault remains secret.
  • Secondary PIN: The reason the Ledger Blue is totally the best wallet is because they’ve not cut any corners with this device, their team knows that entering the super secret passphrase is also super-long, so they’ve integrated this secondary PIN feature which is attached to your secret passphrase. So instead of entering the passphrase every time, you can simply enter this secondary PIN to access the secret vault.
  • 100% Isolated Setup: Again something that totally separates the Ledger Blue from almost every other hardware wallet in the industry is its setup process. It can be setup totally without ever connecting to a computer or the Internet. Hence your PIN, recovery phrase and all other sensitive data is as private as possible.

And like any other hardware wallet, the primary weapon in your arsenal is the fact that your private keys are always offline and stored on your hardware device, hence leaving no strings attached such as the Internet or any network connected to it which might result in your funds being compromised.

So if you go through the security features’ list, you’d notice that if you choose to store your Bitcoin cash funds on the Ledger Blue, there’s little to no chance of them being compromised whatsoever.

2. Ledger Nano S


The Ledger Nano S is the predecessor to the Ledger Blue. It’s not as feature-rich as the Ledger Blue, but apart from an interactive and touch screen, it does resemble its distant-cousin the Ledger Blue in quite a few ways.

Especially, when it comes to security, the Ledger Nano S does live up to the “Ledger” name. It too supports Bitcoin cash among other currencies, and here’s why your Bitcoin cash funds would be safe with the Ledger Nano S

  • It too supports 4 or 8 digit PINs just like the Ledger Blue.
  • It too offers 3 variations ( 12, 18 or 24 words) for your recovery phrase. The order and sequence of this recovery phrase of utmost importance, hence it’s nearly impossible to “guess” or even brute-force your hardware wallet with any of these recovery phrase versions.
  • Manual Transaction authentications: The Ledger Nano S doesn’t feature an interactive screen, so every transaction needs to be manually verified by pressing the two keys provided on the Hardware wallets.
  • It has this other security feature which let’s you “fool” others if and when needs arise. It’s termed as a “duress PIN” by the team. When you enter your duress PIN instead of the general PIN, you’re granted access to a different wallet, one which isn’t the same as your primary wallet.
  • Secure setup: The Ledger Nano S doesn’t offer an isolated setup as the Ledger Blue, but what it does offer is the ability to dance around the PINs on your hardware wallet after the selection of every digit, so the location of the digits change after every entry, making it nearly impossible for any trespasser to guess or hack into your wallet.
  • Considering how it might not be in your favor if someone gains access to your hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano S offers an auto-sleep timer, so after a preset amount of time, the device is locked and the PIN is required to re-activate it again.
  • And finally, the wallet acts as a firewall when plugged into your computer, meaning as long as the device is plugged in, no unsigned applications can be installed on your system without the wallet PIN.

Bottomline is, after the Ledger Blue, the Ledger Nano can totally be the best savior, bank vault or whatever else you wish to term it for your Bitcoin cash funds.

3. Trezor Bitcoin Cash Hardware Wallet


The final hardware wallet which can without an iota of doubt be included in this list of the best Bitcoin cash wallets is Trezor.

Primarily, it’s not shaped as a USB device but is rather of its own unique shape. And Secondly, it offers a wider-range of installation methods.

But overall, it does what any other device on this best Bitcoin cash wallets list would do, help you store your Bitcoin cash funds in a secure environment.

How secure? Let’s have a sneak-peek:

  • Double wallets: This is a feature similar to Ledger’s secret vault, it basically lets you have two wallets, one can be your primary while the other a wallet only you know exists.
  • Paper Wallets: The Trezor hardware wallet, like most other hardware wallets can be used to recover your paper wallets as well. The recovery seed provided by Trezor acts as the paper wallet when written down on your paper, write it down, and wipe your Trezor clean, so your funds will exist only on the paper which can then be recovered at your convenience using the wallet.
  • Recovery Phase: This isn’t something that only Trezor offers exclusively, but it does offer and hence it’s only fair we list it here. It provides you with a 24-word long recovery phrase, which can be used to recover your account and funds if lost.
  • Secure Setup: Not as isolated as the Ledger Blue, still it’s secure considering how the digits shuffle after the selection of each digit for the PIN.
  • Isolated Private Keys: Trezor has one of the best and most-secure private key encryption protocols, that’s so because it also acts as a password manager and for that purpose, it’s of utmost importance for it to offer the maximum security for your private keys.
  • 4-Digit PIN- It supports a 4 digit PIN to protect access to your wallet.
  • Passphrase: You can configure an additional passphrase along with your PIN which acts as an extra layer of security in case your wallet gets stolen.

Apart from these core-features, the basics are nearly the same as the other two hardware wallets we’ve just discussed.

You might find shuttling yourselves between the Ledger Nano S and the Trezor, we did too. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal choice. You might like the design of one better than the other, feature-wise they aren’t much different.

Bottomline? Trezor is one of the most trusted Bitcoin cash wallets (also supporting other currencies) in the industry, show some faith and go with it in case you aren’t going with the other two options discussed above.

Desktop Bitcoin Cash Wallets

Desktop Wallets are wallets which can be downloaded on your desktops. These aren’t as secure as “Hardware Wallets” but are without doubt the next best thing.

These come in the shape and sizes of executable software which can be run on just about any major operating system out there.

1). Electron Cash

Supports: Windows/OsX/Linux/Android

This is first soft software wallet that fully dedicated to Bitcoin cash, because these days most users prefer electrum bitcoin wallets for the daily transaction that why after forking process, Electrum launched his new wallet that accessing all available bitcoin cash wallets.

For Example: If your electrum wallet has 10 BTC and you want to get access available bitcoins cash then you need to install Electron Cash wallet in your PC then you can easily get available 10 Bitcoin Cash and can perform the required transaction.

You can use electron cash wallets for your all Bitcoin cash transaction because this is trusted source. These days Electrum is leading source for soft wallets.

It’s crafted in the image of “Electrum” (Yeah the popular Bitcoin wallet) and is a fork of the same, the only difference is it provides nearly the same features, but for Bitcoin Cash.

Electron Cash Wallet Features:

  • Mnemonic Recovery Seed: Electron cash starts off by providing us with a Mnemonic recovery seed. This basically is the same thing as any other Recovery seed, a 12, 18 or 24 word sentence comprised of random words. The order of these words is what makes this a “password’ even though the words might be of common knowledge.
  • SPV Validation: Like most other Desktop Bitcoin wallet clients, it uses SPV Validation to validate the transactions. Note that it’s not the most secure, trusted, and reliable validation method, because it still requires some trust in third-parties, but it’s the next best thing you get to a full-node validation (without needing a lot of bandwidth, or hard-disk space to download and run the complete blockchain). So as far as validation goes, I’d say it does a pretty decent job.
  • Cold Storage: Your funds are stored locally on your computer along with your private key, they at no moment are online or at the risk of being intercepted by any third-party.
  • Multi-Sig: The Electron cash wallet is also a multi-sig wallet, which means the funds aren’t ever held by one single third-party, instead multiple signatures (2 of 2, or 2 of 3 ) are required to transfer or spend the funds.
  • 100% uptime: Similar to Electrum, the Electron cash too provides for a 100% uptime guarantee so you can always gain access to your funs no matter what.

2. Bitcoin Unlimited

Supports: iOS/Windows/Linux

Bitcoin Unlimited is the second contender on this list of the best Bitcoin cash wallets, more than a wallet, it’s a revolution in itself whose primary aim is to reduce transaction fee, as well as confirmation time.

Without getting into the technicalities, the best way we can explain Bitcoin unlimited is that it’s used to create “signals” or “votes” on steps which will lead to a better future for Bitcoin.

The primary issue being addressed by the Bitcoin Unlimited team and supports is the issue of “Block size”. Currently, only developers get a say on “block size determination”, but Bitcoin Unlimited wishes to transfer this power over to Miners as well as users!

Some of the key features of the wallet are:

  • XThin Support: It’s a feature which saves you bandwidth while downloading the Blockchain!
  • Parallel Validation: One of the very few wallets supporting this feature! It ensures a faster and safer validation.
  • Full control over your money: You get 100% control of the funds on your wallet, neither the Bitcoin unlimited team nor any other third party ever is granted access.
  • Decentralized Validation: There’s absolutely no need of trusting any third-party while validating a transaction because Bitcoin unlimited uses the most secure and reliable validation system- Downloading of the blockchain on your system. It’s definitely more hardcore and requires more space but it literally is the best existing transaction validation system out there.
  • 100% Uptime: Of course, just like Bitcoin core or any other wallet being offered from this team, Bitcoin unlimited too boasts a 100% uptime.

So those two are the best available options for Desktop best Bitcoin cash wallets, let’s move forward towards the hardware wallets which let you store Bitcoin cash.

3. Exodus


Best Bitcoin Cash WalletSupports: Windows / Mac / Linux / Hardware / Android / iOS.

Exodus is a wallet which is available across not just Desktops, but also mobile devices and Hardware wallets. It supports over 100 currencies, and Bitcoin Cash sure is one of them which makes it one of the best Bitcoin Cash wallets.

It also features an in-built trading exchange which can be used to swap on coin for another. We’ve explained in-depth the features of its Mobile app in our Exodus Wallet review.

Exodus Wallet Features:

  • No Registration/Verification required: Using Exodus wallet is 100% anonymous. No identity/E-mail verification required whatsoever.
  • Client-side Encryption: The keys as well as the transaction data is encrypted on the user’s device and are never accessed by the Exodus team.
  • In-built exchange: The platform allows users to trade within the wallet without any registrations as well.
  • Paper Backups: The 12Digit mnemonic key can be backed up on paper (or digitally) and used to restore funds and wallet later.
  • Trezor Integration: Exodus can be integrated with Trezor Hardware wallet (you can read our detailed Trezor review here) which further adds to security.

The platform even though doesn’t have live-chat, does feature a support which replies via e-mail and in the on-site chatbox.

Mobile Bitcoin Cash Wallets

Mobile wallets are simply wallets which can be downloaded on Mobile devices as an App and then can be used to store your Bitcoin cash funds.


Supports:  Android/iOS/Windows/Linux

Starting with the user-interface, we don’t think it could be any simpler. It simply has multiple screens to show you your funds, transaction history and everything else. If you’ve used the Facebook app, or even just any Smartphone in general, you’ll find your way around the wallet.

It’s the official Bitcoin cash wallet from Obviously, it also supports nearly every other cryptocurrency out there, but for the scope of this article, let’s keep it limited to its Bitcoin cash wallet functionalities.

Well, the one feature which grants it an extent of marketing edge is its capability to let you buy Bitcoins directly from within the wallet. Something that very few wallets in the industry support.

As far as security features go, here’s what it offers:

  • Decentralized: You and only you have access to your wallet funds in general. At no point of time is your wallet controlled or intercepted by any third-party.
  • No logins required: Another feature is that it’s embedded to your device, so there are no messy passwords to remember, simply hit the app and voila you’re in. (Although we personally view it as a flaw rather than a feature!)
  • Open-source: The code can be verified at any time by anyone to gauge its anonymity, security or any other claims.
  • 12-word Recovery Seed: They support a 12-word recovery phrase which can be used to recover your funds and private keys. This recovery seed is exclusive to you and your device.
  • Advanced Settings: It let’s you manually set your transactions’ priority level hence letting you determine your fee and other details associated with it.

Bottomline is, it’s one of the best Bitcoin cash wallets you’ll ever cross paths with, especially for your mobile devices, period.

2. Coinomi

Supports: Android/iOS

Coinomi’s primary selling point is its extensive currency support, it supports nearly every cryptocurrency and altcoin out there.

And that list most obviously includes Bitcoin cash as well. Considering it’s a mobile-wallet, we did give its user-interface a hard time while testing it out, but we must admit it passed with flying colors. Accounting for easy, simple and “first-timer friendly” user-interface.

As far as the security and performance of the Bitcoin cash wallets goes, here’s what Coinomi offers:

  • Offline private keys: The private keys are always and forever hosted on your mobile device, at no point of time they leave your device or are intercepted by any other third-party.
  • Extreme Anonymity: Apart from the fact that Coinomi doesn’t ask for any KYC verification, it also employs its additional IP-masking service to keep your identity safe.
  • HD Wallet: It supports Hierarchical Deterministic wallets which provide you with fort-Knox alike security.
  • Open-source: The fact that it’s completely open-source wallets accounts for the fact that all these claims are true and transparent hence they can be verified by anyone with the knowledge to do so.
  • Instant-Exchange: It also let’s you exchange between the altcoins within the app itself.

Even when compared to the wallet, it doesn’t come up short and proves to be a good alternative.

3. Guarda


best bitcoin cash walletsSupports: Desktop/ Web/ Android/iOS

Guarda launched back in 2017, that’s 3 years from today. It’s registered in the EU as “Guardarian OÜ”  and also has a FIU license – FVR000109. Even though it’s not exclusively a “Bitcoin Cash” wallet, it sure supports the Cryptocurrency in addition to hundred others.

The wallet is available for Desktop, Android, iOS devices, and even as a web-wallet (browser extensions). Here are the primary features which make it one of the best Bitcoin Cash wallets:

  • Open-Source: Hence its security and anonymity can be verified by any independent person/group and nothing remains hidden.
  • Non-Custodial: Only the owner of the coins holds the power to make transactions or access the coins.
  • Anonymous: No registration required (for storage).
  • In-built Exchange and Buying: The wallet can also be used to buy Cryptocurrencies directly, and/or exchange one Currency for another.
  • Ledger Nano S Compatible: Guarda can be integrated and used with Ledger Nano S hardware wallet as well.
  • Import/Export: Like most other wallets on this list, Guarda too allows users to import private keys from other wallets/paper backups and export the same.

In a nutshell,  it may not be the absolute best but sure is up there in the list.

Popular selected cryptocurrency wallets review:

Best Bitcoin  Cash Wallets- Hardware vs. Desktop vs. Mobile

With so many options, you’re bound to get a bit confused.

If you simply need the most secure Bitcoin cash wallet, go with Ledger Blue. 

Let me break it down for you-

  • Hardware wallets: Maximum security, best for larger funds and long-term holding.
  • Desktop wallets: Very secure. Best for medium fund-sizes and daily transactions.
  • Mobile wallets: If you need “simplicity”. Best for transactional funds. Not good for holding. 

Hardware wallets may not be the “simplest” to use, but they’re certainly the most secure.

Primarily because they’re air-gapped. 

As in, no one can just turn on the Internet on your Ledger Blue or any other hardware wallet and steal your coins.

Then, the Hardware wallet funds can be accessed only after multiple layers of authorization.

Even when lost or stolen, your coins remain safe because of the passwords, and hidden wallets.

These are literally like bank vaults. Just, personal. 

Desktop wallets are for you if you do not wish to invest in a hardware wallet, and yet need the maximum security.

However, there are multiple loopholes using which desktop wallets can be hacked. 

These can be used both for daily transactions, as well as long-term holding.

Mobile wallets too are secure, and are arguably the simplest of these three.

However, they too, alike Desktop wallets can be hacked.

They’re best for everyday transactions, or storing small amounts of funds.  

Finally, there are web-wallets. These may be simplest of all, but the least-secure. Never store Bitcoin Cash (or any other Cryptocurrency) in web-wallets. 

Final Verdict:

So finally, which wallet actually wins the crown as the best Bitcoin cash wallet? I won’t point out any single wallet here, but as a general rule Hardware wallets are the most-secure, so if you’ve got a good enough sum to hold, that’s what I’d suggest you to go with.

But, if the sum isn’t as large, and you do not wish to invest in a hardware wallet, do give Electron cash a try for your desktops. Electron cash wallet can manage your all daily Bitcoin Cash transaction with privacy.

And for the mobile devices, both the wallets we’ve talked about serve the purpose.

Bottomline is, every Bitcoin cash wallets on this list is secure and feature-rich, so do let us know which wallet you zero-in on, and why.