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This ASAP Market review will introduce you to the primary pillars the market stands on. It has at least 3 unique and exclusive features which caught our eye.

If you like researching on darknet markets, or ordering legal and yet hard-to-find items off darknet, you’ve landed at the right runway.

Let’s see what we’re covering throughout ASAP Market review?

  • What are ASAP Market registration policies?
  • What products does ASAP Market sell?
  • How can you pay on ASAP Market?
  • Is ASAP Market wallet-less?
  • What is the “Scam Hunter” and “FRD” on ASAP Market?
  • What are ASAP Market’s vendor policies?
  • What are the ASAP Market security features?
  • Does ASAP Market offer DeadDrops?
  • Can I Access ASAP Market on the clearnet?
  • What are ASAP Market mirrors?

Disclaimer: Any and all your actions on ASAP Market are 100% your own responsibility. Buying/selling illegal goods isn’t encouraged by us.

ASAP Market overview

It’s best if you get an Eagle’s-eye view before we start, isn’t it? Well, here it is for you:

Jump right in for a much more detailed idea of the market.

What are ASAP Market mirrors?

As mentioned above, the market is (alike all darknet markets) under constant attack. Although, at least one of these mirrors remains working most often than not.

  • asap2u4pvplnkzl7ecle45wajojnftja45wvovl3jrvhangeyq67ziid.onion
  • asap4u2ihsunfdsumm66pmado3mt3lemdiu3fbx5b7wj5hb3xpgmwkqd.onion
  • asap4u7rq4tyakf5gdahmj2c77blwc4noxnsppp5lzlhk7x34x2e22yd.onion

Any of these can be used to access the darknet market in case the primary URL isn’t working.

What are ASAP Market registration policies?

It’s one of those very rare markets which do not force registrations upon users. ASAP Market grants almost complete and full access to the market without registration.

A user may browse products, read the updates, go through the rules and everything else without having to sign up.

Obviously, the registration will be required if and when a purchase is to be made. That’s not an obstacle either, like a number of other darknet markets, ASAP Market doesn’t require an “invite code” or “referral code”.

Anyone can simply visit the registration page, and sign up! The only details required during registration are:

  • An username
  • A password
  • And a PIN.

We’d say that’s pretty minimal and not at all personally-identifiable, is it?

Tip: Never use any username that’s even remotely related to your real-life. This includes your nickname, your cat’s name, your girlfriend’s name or anyone you know in real life!

What products does ASAP Market sell?

This probably is the most important, obvious and yet the easiest question for any darknet market, isn’t it? They all sell items that the govt. doesn’t want them selling, period.

To make things simpler, let us just list the items that it “doesn’t” sell? Anything not in the list below is allowed.

If you’re new to the whole darknet market thing and would like a simpler answer, well, the market sells drugs, fake money, fake documents, services such as hacking and carding, and other similar items.

As far as the number of products go, ASAP Market is currently one of the most well-stocked markets in the industry. Its total listings add up to over 7,000. That’s not a number most existing markets have touched so far!

The “Digital Goods” is the category with maximum products on the market with over 3800+ listings. Drugs comes second and has over 1200+ listings followed by “Fraud” items boasting 1154 items for now.

How can you pay on ASAP Market?

The payments on ASAP Market are accepted both via Bitcoins as well as Monero. We did check quite a few listings, nearly all the vendors are open to both the Cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, there still may be a few who’re only comfortable with one of the mentioned Cryptocurrencies. However, the market sure is a dual-Cryptocurrency market.

Is ASAP Market wallet-less?

No, ASAP Market isn’t a wallet-less market. It has in-built wallets which are to be used to deposit funds. These funds can be used for purchases, and whatever funds are left can be withdrawn. (The market surprisingly advocates and encourages withdrawal of leftover funds at the earliest possible convenience!)

Feeble as it may be, it’s still a trust-booster, isn’t it?

As far as deposits go, ASAP Market allows Bitcoin deposits to be as small as 0.0005 BTC. Monero deposits too only need to be 0.06 XMR minimum.

Withdrawals are allowed at 0.0009BTC and 0.06 XMR for both the Cryptocurrencies respectively.

What is the “Scam Hunter” and “FRD” on ASAP Market?

The market markets itself big on these two features, and rightly so simply because it’s the only market we’ve seen so far offer both these features.

So, the “Scam Hunter” is something that tracks users who scam others. It tracks both vendors and buyers equally. If and when a scammer is found, all available details are posted on forums and threads on top of all their assets being refunded to the other party when possible.

The FRD stands for “Fake Review Detector”. Vendors quite often use fake reviews on their listings to get more sales. This feature detects such reviews, deletes them and fines the vendors.

It’s pretty transparent and hence the evidence of such fake reviews too is posted publicly, just so the viewers know the accusations are fact-based.

What are ASAP Market’s vendor policies?

ASAP Market isn’t a single-admin marketplace. Being so, it allows any individual to apply for, and obtain a vendor account.

The account is currently priced at $400.00. Do note that the price may (more likely) go up and possibly even down by the time you read this ASAP Market review.

The vendor fee isn’t refundable (this is why we said it’s a “fee” and not a “bond” in the first place).

On top of this one-time fee, there’s also a 5% commission per sale. That’s standard for the other markets in the industry as well.

Unlike most other markets, ASAP Market doesn’t seem to offer a free vendor account for established vendors (there may be some exceptions). However, it does allow them a lower commission on the sales.

What are the ASAP Market security features?

I believe the Scam Hunter and FRD features mentioned earlier also count as “security” features. However, there sure are more direct measures.

For starters, you remember the “security PIN” required during signing up, don’t you? Well, that’s basically your “fund protection”. Even when someone gains access to your password, they can’t withdraw your funds without this security PIN.

Talking of gaining access, that door too can be bolted using 2-FA (PGP). This will make sure even when your password is compromised, your account stays unbreakable.

If you go to your “Profile > Security” tab, the market also displays the “Last login” date and time. That too can be used to detect fraud logins, right?

The “Escrow” too is available which protects both the parties from scams. Although, F.E isn’t absent either but fortunately that’s only offered to established and reputed vendors.

Does ASAP Market offer DeadDrops?

It does, in fact, it’s the only market which does. It offers a map-integrated DeadDrop feature.

This includes reports on camera surveillance, identity protection features for both the parties (authorization code, aliases and secret phrases), safe shipments and deliveries!

It even supports custom dropzone settings and vendor availability around a 100 mile radius. There’s even a mobile app planned!

We aren’t sure how successful this endeavour would be, however, the market sure gets points for innovation!

Can I access ASAP Market on the clearnet?

This is the one aspect we didn’t expect to cover on this ASAP Market review. Apparently, you CAN access ASAP Market on the clearnet.

The market, frustrated with all its onion mirrors being down the last few days finally launched its clearnet version.

The URL for that is- But, wait!

It’s best not to access the clearnet URL for any purposes whatsoever. That’s extremely anti-privacy and risky.

However, if and when you do wish to do that, never use a traditional browser to do so.  Make sure you’re using Tor even to access this clearnet URL.

Moreover, never access it without NordVPN either. It’s the only VPN we’ve seen offer “onion over VPN” servers. Not to mention its independently audited “no-log” policy protects you as well.

ASAP Market review final verdict – Is it worth your time?

Let’s conclude this ASAP Market review then? On the surface, it’s a very product-rich market with adequate security features and payment policies.

The DeadDrop is not just an exclusive but also a very practical and useful feature! The security features are equally strong both for the market as well as DeadDrops!

Sure, we regret that it’s not wallet-less. But, being practical, we can’t expect everything to be perfect now, can we?

All in all, ASAP Market seems pretty serious about its future. Do come back to this ASAP Market review later for updates!