Apple Market Review – Dark Web Store for Drugs, Digital Products

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Continuing our series of Dark web market reviews, the next contestant up is Apple market. Even though it’s not as popular or authoritative as Hansa market, Dream Market, Alphabay Market, it’s in no way “less capable” to cater to your needs.

We will discuss the pros and cons of the Apple marketplace, as well as my own personal experience over it in detail in the later section, for now let’s take off with an overview.

Apple Market Overview:

Apple dark web market was off to a slow start when it first came into being, with not so great support, lack of enough threads in the forum, and somewhat an overall not a great experience in its early days.

Also it’s somewhat of a new marketplace so it doesn’t have the kind of trust or reputation that the leaders in the industry hold.

Hansa Market Banner

But over the past couple months, positive reviews have begun to surface, satisfied customers leaving feedbacks and the support team too has started paying attention

  • Apple Market Total Listings: 49,866 (as on 06.07.2017)
  • Primary URL: 254iloft5cheh2y2
  • Subreddit:
  • Universal Official Forum:  ubw577imrzpcixiq
  • Alternative URLs: NIL

User Interface 3/5

As soon as we login to Apple deep web drugs market, we find ourselves on the dashboard. It’s one of the simplest user-interfaces I’ve witnessed till date.

There’s zero level of complexity with Apple market’s user-interface. On the left sidebar, you can see the listings neatly placed along with their total number of products.

The top-most bar holds important information related to your account, balance, escrow coins, settings, messages etc.

Then there’s another top bar which holds General links such as “Vendor” “Forum” “Wiki” etc.

And if you scroll down, you can find the search bar just below the product listings.

It’s simple no doubt, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be more elegant. The reason I rated it 3/5 can be found if you go over our Hansa Market ReviewAlphabay Market review or even that of Dream Market, the difference is spot on.

Services and Goods Offered: 3/5

As far as listings go, Apple market has exactly 50% listings compared to that of Dream market, but over 60% of that listing is dominated solely by “Drugs”. Other products are somewhat ignored or not “Categorised” in the very least.

As already mentioned, Apple market’s listings are primarily dominated with “Drugs” which is in sync with the listings of any other Dark-web market out there, what makes it different is its lack of other products.

But with 17,152 products under “drugs”  at least it’s the one product you’ll find in abundance over Apple market.

Unlike other darknet markets, Apple market doesn’t “sub-categorise” drugs, instead, all the different types of drugs are individual categorise within themselves.

Some of the other drugs available at Apple market are:

  • Benzos
  • Cannabis
  • Ecstacy
  • Opioids
  • Stimulants
  • Steroids
  • And a dozen others!

After drugs, there are only two other categories:

  • Digital – with 12,194 listings!
  • Others- 3502 listings.

“Digital” is sub-categorised into:

Honestly enough, I couldn’t figure out what “accounts drops” is for. It had everything ranging from a Magnum gun, to brazzers accounts.

But as far as I could gather, it’s primarily for “online accounts”, most popularly for Porn, Bank details and other hacked data.

Although they sure could use better diversification, cause I can very well swere I even saw drugs there! Considering there’s already a separate listing for that, why should it appear here?

Now finally moving on to the “Other” listings. These are for “Fake” documents to be specific. You can buy pretty much anything that’s a “document” and a “fake”.

Ranging from driving licenses, passports to even a job history! Everything is available. And not just that! They’re breaking all limits by selling “Fake bills” over there. So you can pretty much “buy money” at Apple market’s “other” section.

Security: 3/5

This is probably the “strongest” factor or aspect Apple market is proud of. And rightly so, considering no matter what kind of products are being offered, and how well-categorised they are,  if the market isn’t secure, it’s of no use.

Again, it’s not as impressive or secure as Hansa Market or Alphabay, but it’s not completely open-season either.

Some of Apple Marketplace security features are:

  • MultiSig Transactions – MultiSig transactions basically make sure that the transaction is never at complete mercy of any one party. There are three parties involved in any transaction, the Buyer, the Seller and the marketplace. MultiSig transactions make sure that at any given time, the keys responsible for releasing the funds aren’t all concentrated in the same hands. They’re either shared by a minimum of two or all three parties. In simpler English, they provide for safe transactions.
  • Escrow Supported – Apple market also supports escrow. So you don’t have to deposit the funds directly to the vendor, but to a neutral escrow service. And only after the successful delivery of the product are the funds transferred to the vendor.
  • PGP Encryption – Its one of the easiest and simplest methods for you to encrypt your messages. Every vendor and user can set a special PGP key for his account, whenever the message sender uses this key to encrypt the messages, only the owners of this PGP key are allowed to decrypt the message. So even if the marketplace gets hacked, your communications are intercepted or anything else, with PGP encryption your communications remain safe. This comes in handy when sending crucial data like contact information or deliver drop-off points.
  • Two-factor login – Just like any other 2-FA authentication, Apple market’s 2FA too makes sure that something else is required in order to login to your account apart from your password. Considering the obvious reasons of anonymity and privacy they can’t use “SMS” messages, so they use your PGP key instead. A message needs to be decrypted using your personal PGP key which authenticates your identity and only then is login allowed.

If you’ve gone through our Hansa market review you’ll probably realize that Apple market provides just about half the security features provided by Hansa or even Alphabay, but then again we never did claim it as the “best” dark web market, did we?

Search Functionalities – 3/5

The listings with Apple market aren’t very “diverse” in a manner of speaking, but maybe the search panel holds some miracles? We will see.

There’s a keyword box, and then a drop-down list for product selection. This list is pretty “specific” so that’s a plus.

After that there is the option of Payment type which basically let you choose from “Escrow” “MultiSig” or “Finalize Early”.

And finally, you can choose shipping destination and vendor level.

Considering how I’ve seen much better search boxes with Alphabay or Dream market, I’d say 3/5 is a pretty decent score for Apple market.

Currencies Supported – 2/5

Bitcoin is the only currency supported, and there are no other “advanced” features like tumbling fast confirmations for me to rate it any higher.

Although it rated it 2 instead of 1 for the fact that it lets you generate a fresh, encrypted address everytime you need to deposit funds to your wallet.

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Apple Market Pros and Cons


  • Satisfactory security features.
  • Satisfactory user-interface.
  • Acceptable product availability.


  • Vendor Stars: It’s like a “vendor reputation level” kind of thing. The more stars the vendor has, the better he can be trusted. Although there’s no explanation so as to “how” these stars are awarded. Even vendors with 0 products and 0 ratings had 5 stars! So no I wouldn’t exactly trust Apple market’s rating systems just yet.
  • Finalize Early: While it’s beneficial on marketplaces like Alphabay Marketplace or Hansa market than where vendor reputation is verified via explainable, and logical It’s more of a “loophole” on Apple market as it lets vendors ask for “early release” of their funds from the escrow without waiting for a confirmation. So unless you absolutely trust the vendor and have history with them, I’d suggest going only for “escrow” or “multi-sig” transactions

Apple Market Final Verdict: 3/5

There have been mixed reviews out there for Apple market, and honestly enough their support might not be anywhere near those other leading markets, but as far as “buying something” goes, and if you stick strictly to that specific need, it’s a satisfactory marketplace.

The security even though isn’t “top-notch”, is more than satisfactory. The same holds true for its product listings as well.

So overall, I’d not put it on my top go-to destinations list just yet, but if something I’m searching for isn’t available on those other markets I wouldn’t pass out an opportunity to check Apple market out.

So that’s a wrap up for this Apple market review folks. Hope it was detailed and insightful enough, that was the goal anyway.

Do let me know what you think of the market, and also spare couple seconds for our other dark web market reviews.