Agartha Darkweb Market Review

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Since the shutdown/seize of popular Darknet markets such as Alphabay traderoute or Hansa, a number of alternatives presented themselves in the industry, Agartha is one such marketplace and that’s what this Agartha Market review is about.

The options available now, such as Dream market, Empire Market, WallSt. Market or even Agartha weren’t necessarily created after the collapse of those giants, but these marketplace did exist prior to the events they just didn’t get enough of the spotlight which they enjoy now.

Note that this Agartha Market review is purely for educational purposes, any use, including legal or otherwise is completely and solely your own responsibility.

Disclaimer: Do not Buy/Sell/Trade in anyway on any Darknet Market, including Agartha. That’s completely illegal. This review is purely to show what the darknet and their marketplaces offer.

Agartha Market Overview

This section should get you an insight into the marketplace and all its primary features and numbers which should get you a pretty good idea of the marketplace’s capabilities before diving right into this Agartha Market review:

  • Primary URL: agarthaourmnyhq3
  • Registration: Mandatory.
  • Supports Escrow, Multisig, Login Phrase, and Security PIN.
  • Vendor Bond: 0.02BTC.
  • Currency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Vertcoin.
  • 136 Products available.
  • Marketplace fee: 2.5% for buyers.

Alternative Agartha Darkweb Market Mirrors:

  • agarthaourmnyhq3
  • agarthafcidkiwas
  • agarthazdeeoph2a
  • agarthasicurl56p
  • agarthaangodtcz3
  • agarthafw2cock27
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  • 6y7lwwnawu3qxpfwuzc6gkrbktwgvx2pevaqgrxzuwz3sxqxkeddplad

Agartha Market Registration

Agartha Market is a registration-only marketplace meaning it can only be accessed if you register on the marketplace either as a buyer, or a vendor. No part of the platform can be accessed without registration.

The registration process however is completely anonymous, it asks for a username, password, a 4-digit pin and a security phrase.

Agartha Market

As is evident, nothing which can be linked back to your real-life identity is asked for, no documents or E-mail verification is required either.

Post-registration the platform provides users with a 10-12 digit mnemonic code which can be used to recover the account in case the password is forgotten.

Agartha Marketplace User Interface

Agartha Marketplace isn’t the most graphic-rich marketplace when it comes to it, but is it still easy enough for newbies and first-timers to use and order from? That’s what I’ll dissect to its core throughout this section of the Agartha Marketpalce review.

Once logged in, here’s what users are presented with:

Agartha Marketplace User Interface

The left-sidebar has a categories section which can be used to narrow down the search for the products you’re trying to get to, while there’s a top-bar with all the navigational links.

Those links can be used to reach the other parts of the website, such as Profile, Wallet, Orders, Forum etc.

The top-right corner of the website displays your balance, messages and provides for an option to log out.

And all of the remaining screen is used for product display. The products catalogue too is pretty detailed, and includes the most important information about the products such as its price, shipping source, currencies accepted, and the vendor reputation right there.

So far, it seems pretty easy to understand, anyone who has any experience using the internet, or a social media platform per say will easily understand how to navigate around the platform without a lot of hassle.

What Products are Available on Agartha Marketplace?

Keeping honesty intact for this Agartha Market review let me say that despite being a multi-vendor marketplace, Agartha isn’t as well-stocked as some of us may want it to be, as of today (20th Jan, 2019) it has exactly 136 products available on the marketplace.

Update: As of September 06th, 2019, the platform literally skyrocketed its products quantitatively. From just 136 products just 8 months ago, today it boasts an individual listing of 69660 products! 

The products are divided into a number of categories which can be chosen from the left-sidebar as already mentioned, the available categories are:

Agartha MArket revie

  • Cannabis
  • Dissociative
  • Psychedelics
  • Performance
  • Stimulants
  • Opiates
  • Pills
  • Paraphernalia
  • Services
  • And Digital Items.

As is evident, the categories are primarily dominated by Drugs or Narcotic related products as is the case with just about any other DNMs (Darknet Markets) in the industry.

The primary categories are further sub-divided into a number of smaller categories, for e.g. Cannabis still (after update) is the leader when it comes to stock and has a total of 34 14986 products today, it’s divided into buds, concentrates, Cartridges, Clones, Keef, Oil, Hash, Resin, Shatter, Seeds, Shakes, Wax etc.

Psychedelics has divided its 7221 listings into 2-Cx, DMT, Entheogens, Spore Prints, Mushrooms, Mescaline, Acid-LSD etc.

Dissociatives has 11  1890 individual listings and consists of sub-divisions which include DXm, GHB, Ibogain, Ketamine, MXE and PCP.

There just one performance booster listed are as many as 1128 individual products listed in the Performance category today.  Stimulants came only after Cannabis earlier when it came to stock quantity and only offered  26 individual products, they’re broken down into Cocaine, Kratom, Nicotine, PVP, Prescriptions etc. Today, “Stimulants” has a total individual listing of 8039 products! 

Pills lists 13 12908 products to be exact which include solutions for Sexual problems, sleep, pain management, muscle problems and so on.

Opiates even though has only a single available product currently, still has a number of sub-divisions which indicate the possibilities of those products being added to it at a later time or by other vendors.

As of today, Opiates went on to become the second most well-populated category on the marketplace with as many as 10093 products to be exact! The categories too expanded and it now claims to offer Morphine, Codeine, Methadone, Naloxone, Tramadol, Oxycodone etc.

Paraphernalia is another category which earlier didn’t have any products (when we first reviewed Agartha Market) but today has 198 of them. Ironically, this is the lowest number of products in any individual cateogry on the platform,

Apart from these drug or Nacrotic related products, Agartha marketplace also has taken care of, and allows the trade of Digital Goods, which include products such as Security, Erotica, E-books, How to guides etc.

Then there are services which can be procured, services such as E-currency, Exchanges, cashouts etc. are available. From non-existent numbers earlier, the marketplace seems to be taking bigger strides and now offers as many as 8230 listings in total in this particular category.

The “Other” Category too made its presence and hosts  4020 products in all today. It sells products such as IDs, Electronics, Apparel, Alcohol, Self Defense products etc.

It’s safe to assume that Agartha could very well be the top 3, if not the most extensively stocked marketplace in the industry today.

What’s not Allowed:

So far I’ve explained with utmost details the products available on the marketplace and their quantity, but does Agartha let you buy and sell just about anything? Fortunately, no.

As a general rule, no products or services which can “harm” others are allowed, which include weapons of mass destruction, services such as Kidnapping or murder, torture and so on.

Weapons however are allowed, although they must be non-lethal, and fall under the self-defense usage category.

Apart from lethal weapons, products such as Fentanyl, Heroine, Crystal Meth, DNP, Crack etc. too have been banned from being traded on the platform. Porn or anything related to Fraud isn’t allowed either.

My verdict on the products? They aren’t a lot quantitatively but acceptable especially if it’s drugs you’re after, the ban on certain products on the other hand keeps the marketplace above a certain line which shouldn’t be crossed simply speaking from both legal, as well as humanities’ point of view.

Payment Methods

Agartha market makes sure you can pay for your orders using a variety of Cryptocurrencies and not just Bitcoin, while BTC is accepted other currencies which can be used are:

  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • And Vertcoin.

The extensive list makes sure you get to choose the speed, transaction fee as well as the transaction time you’d like to spend while making a purchase off the marketplace.

Being a Vendor

Agartha Marketplace does accept third-party vendors. Unlike most other marketplaces, Agartha marketplace asks users to specify the type of account they want on the registration page, i.e. a buyer account, or a vendor.

Creating the account is absolutely free, however to activate the account, add a listing or do anything else with it a vendor bond of 0.04 BTC is required.

They do however waive the vendor-bond for established vendors on other marketplaces. The vendor account can’t be used to make purchases.


The basic security measures offered by any other DNM today are present at Agartha; which include Escrow, Multisig Transactions, 2-FA, Security Pin, and Login Phrase.

Escrow makes sure no party (neither the vendor nor the buyer) scams the other. Multisig transactions on the other hand require the signature of atleast 2 out of 3 parties (the vendor, buyer and the marketplace) for funds to be moved acting as a security firewall.

It does support 2-FA, a PGP based security authentication which requires users to decode a PGP encrypted message in order to login along with the password. The security PIN further adds to security by making sure no major changes, neither a purchase can be made using the account without the security PIN.

And finally the Login phrase is available as well; it’s a personal, secret phrase displayed everytime after login. Making sure users are on the real Agartha marketplace and not on a cloned phishing website.

Final Words on Agartha Market review

So that’s me dropping the pen as far as this Agartha Market review goes folks. So far we’ve talked about its overview, registration, UI, products,  payment methods, selling on the marketplace and also security.

I guess that encompasses just about everything any DNM is made up of, don’t you agree?

Now for my final verdict, if I’m being honest I’d say Agartha will only be my first choice when it’s Drugs or Narcotics I’m after, that’s something the marketplace is pretty well-stocked on.

Apart from that, if I need anything else I’d probably check some other marketplaces out first. For e.g. Cards or accounts are one of the hottest selling items on DNMs and that’s something Agartha has banned.

The security features are all there so it’s not funds or account I’m worried about; the interface too is as easy as can be expected.

Bottomline? It’s a pretty impressive marketplace, only lacking slightly when it comes to “variety” of products.

But hey that’s just what I think, why don’t you drop your opinions about the marketplace as well as this Agartha Market review in the comments?